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Volume VI No. 1 Saturday, January 3, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party


(Page 1)

How labor can strike Hitler a mortal blow, An Editorial

Churchill urges creation of new League of Nations—proposes plan that failed to halt present war—discredited system that grew out of first World War no hope for lasting peace

N.J. CIO votes support of 18—state council hits Minnesota convictions—call on affiliates to aid in the appeal and fight to free 18 Protesting priorities lay-offs (picture)

Stalin and Eden reach agreement on war policy, by Anthony Massini

War labor policy favors interests of employers—despite no-strike agreement, economic pressure will force workers to strike, by Don Dore

Auto profits soar; workers get laid off

Pope offers a peace program

(Page 2)

Albert Goldman explains to the jury the conditions under which the unionists organized defense guard— everyone knew that fascists and vigilant groups were preparing to attack union and its leaders

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Ernest Williams—Jim Crow in the blood bank—... And in the Nurse Corps too—Protest meeting for ex-soldiers

Churchill urges new league (continued from page 1)

Increasing pressure draws Vichy regime closer to Nazis, by Max Rosen

Where is this “New Order”?

Stalin and Britain agree (continued from page 1)

War labor policy favors interests of employers (continued from page 1)

Pope offers the world his peace program (continued from page 1)

Steel workers strike against pay-cut plan

Five men were lynched in 1941, says NAACP report

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Enemy of production

On guard against the Stalinist provocateurs!—whole labor movement must be alert to oppose Stalinist moves to incite lynch terror against working class opponents, by Albert Parker

Goldman’s article in the MARCH 29 Militant

AFL workers and our military policy

Island in dispute

Navy Jim Crow

How British bosses get rich on cost plus 10%

Volume VI No. 2 Saturday, January 10, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Fifty billion dollars at year, An Editorial

IWW defense committee and Pacific Coast unions aid 18—contribute money to assist appeal of case to higher courts

Jim Crow policy unchanged (picture)

Auto bosses demand more profits—seek ‘business as usual’ at OPM conference— corporation heads ignore union plans to convert auto industry for war production

Unions face run-arounds from War Labor Board, by Don Dore

Red Army wins victories with armed workers aid—worker detachments helped to drive the German armies back on all fronts, by John G. Wright

Jean Meichler shot by Nazis as a hostage—French Trotskyist lifelong fighter for social emancipation

’United Nations’ pledged against separate peace—but pact will be adhered to only so long as it serves interests of the signatories

(Page 2)

“The party and the trade union movement”—Albert Goldman tells the jury why Trotskyists are interested in unions and how they function in them

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Ernest Williams—What fascism means for the Negro—What does Hitler represent?—How the Negro people can fight fascism

Auto heads demand more profits (continued from page 1)

They fear revolts in Europe above everything else, by A. Roland

Stalin on the phone

Red Army wins victories with armed workers aid (continued from page 1)

’United Nations’ pledged against separate peace (continued from page 1)

Going up!

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

“Trouble’ with Hitler

On thin ice

Let the employers set an example

The same Jim Crow

Profits, prices outrun wages CIO paper shows—all wage gains since August 1939 wiped out by price rises; production costs down but bosses keep charging more and more

The bosses, not the workers, prevent rise in production, by Anthony Massini

War profits rise 44% in 1941, says Labor Dept.

Bills to register CP are blow at labor movement

Volume VI No. 3 Saturday, January 17, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

OPM parley rejects auto union plan—bosses, OPM are to blame for shut-down, by Don Dore

At the OPM conference (picture)

450,000 face long term of unemployment, by Joe Andrews

3 groups send money to aid 18—church relief group, unions, help defense in Minneapolis case

New board stacked against labor—majority of the war labor body is pro-employer—board is almost duplicate of discredited national defense mediation board attacked by the CIO for upholding the open shop

Youth play increasing role in USSR defense—gaining confidence as they bear brunt of struggle at front and behind the lines, by John G. Wright

Fred Beal is released on parole—leader of Gastonia strike served almost four years of term

On the 18th anniversary of Lenin’s death, by C. Charles

New tax plans hit workers most

(Page 2)

Goldman discusses the government witnesses—defense counsel analyzes testimony of government witnesses in the Minneapolis “sedition” trial

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker—15 other Negro heroes—The symbols of democracy—Joe Louis and the Navy

OPM parley rejects auto union plan—bosses, OPM are to blame for shut-down (continued from page 1)

450,000 face long term of unemployment (continued from page 1)

Relations between Great Britain and the U.S. in the war, by A. Roland

(Story with no headline about Youngstown)

Corporation profits rising in spite of taxes (graphic)

Contract negotiations break down at Kearny—U.S. Steel agains rejects “maintenance of membership” clause at federal shipyard

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Who really holds back production?

Jim-Crowed sailor may get a medal

Food prices rose 25% in last year

Pooling in auto

Dewey refutes Davies whitewashing of trial—chairman of international commission inquiry into Moscow trials objects to Davies’ new version of Stalinist frameups

On the eighteenth anniversary of the death of V. I. Lenin (continued from page 1)

Youth play increasing role in USSR defense (continued from page 1)

Marshall Field is not so liberal with own workers

“Fourth Int’l” features statement on the war

Volume VI No. 4 Saturday, January 24, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

What kind of labor unity is Lewis seeking? An Editorial

New Jersey L.N.P.L. votes support of 18

What Truman Report showed—dollar-a-year men aid war profiteers—auto bosses demand new plants as gift

All-out war profiteering exposed in Senate report—naming of Nelson offers no solution—same pro-monopoly government officials remain in control

Trotskyist leader issues a ‘statement on the war’—reaffirms previous characterization of the war, explains support of USSR-China, offers program for fighting fascism

War Dept. ‘favored’ 19 plane companies

Why USSR gets so few prisoners, by John G. Wright

The Truman Report had some effects

(Page 2)

Goldman analyzes real aim of the prosecution—chief defense counsel ends final argument to jury by clarifying issues in Minneapolis ‘sedition’ trial ’Militant’ Army

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle by Ernest Williams—The Alexandria “riot”

War profiteering exposed (continued from page 1)

What Truman Report showed—Navy contracts give ‘staggering’ profits—OPM offered ‘gift’ to Bethlehem Steel

Deep-going effects of war costs on American economy, by A. Roland

Reminder that race discrimination is not a new thing

C.P. Is out to ‘get’ Knitgood union leader

C.R.D.C. raises bail for 18

Bosses still control production in England

What ‘war for democracy’ is in colonies

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

What kind of unity is Lewis seeking? (continued from page 1)

Was it ‘bungling’?

Davies must endorse this too

Welles tries to line up So. American countries —with Vargas as his chief lieutenant, he uses economic pressure as well as words, by C. Charles

Davies’ book and the elimination of the ‘fifth column,’ by William F. Warde

Socialist party divided over policy toward war

CIO unionist discusses task of labor in war—James Peck of Newspaper Guild argues unions must continue fight against bosses

Volume VI No. 5 Saturday, January 31, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

Roosevelt plan shelves CIO-AFL unification, An Editorial

Layoffs mounting in auto (picture)

CIO seeks ‘substantial’ wage raises—wants more pay to meet rising cost of living—but CIO board fails to tell workers how they can compel bosses to come to terms

Partial victory for U.S. won at Rio conference—a compromise resolution on rupture with Axis adopted by American ministers, by C. Charles

Naval contractors reap stupendous war profits—House committee cites figures which confirm findings of the Truman Report

U.M.W. local protests trial

Court of Appeals turns down Waller petition

CIO leader and city councilman ask aid for 18

(Page 2)

Trotsky’s book: ‘edited’, then suppressed—Malamuth ‘edits’ the biography of Stalin to suit himself and State Dept. has its publication held up for the duration, by Albert Goldman

Same dollar-a-year men run new Nelson set-up—war production “czar” just changes a few titles; picks Ford man to head auto, by Don Dore

Facts on naval contracts

San Francisco hotel strikers holding firm

Partial victory for the U.S. at Rio (continued from page 1)

’Militant’ Army

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—Remember Sikeston, Missouri!—the cause of lynchings—again, the question of blood, by Ernest Williams

Stalinists open up a new slander campaign against the Trotskyists—their own statements refute their latest lies about Minneapolis trial

The Burmese people and their struggle for independence, by A. Roland

Typhus spread menaces all armies and peoples—300 deaths a day reported in Warsaw; all continental Europe is threatened, by Edith Kane

Grandizo Munis, answering charges of Mexican CP, warns against GPU moves, by Grandizo Munis

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

One thing to remember about Pearl Harbor

Behind the Vinson attack on unions

’Price-control’ bill

Production losses—what holds production back? (graphic)

The people’s front and the coming elections in Chile, by William F. Warde

How Lenin’s death was commemorated in Moscow—Stalin was silent, but his C.P. underling revealed, by what he left unsaid, Stalinist betrayal of Leninism, by John G. Wright

Teachings of Lenin discussed at N.Y. M\meeting

James P. Cannon chief speaker at L.A. Lenin memorial rally

A correction

Volume VI No. 6 Saturday, February 7, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

How to destroy one of Hitler’s chief weapons, An Editorial

New price bill is a fraud—will not halt or control rising prices— problem of war-time scarcity is unsolved in “control” bill

Nelson makes plaintive plea for $1-a-year men—says corporation agents can’t be expected to work for a mere $15,000 govt. salary

Cost no object

Irish government makes protest against A.E.F.—FDR’s failure to consult Eire branded a blow to Irish independence and neutrality

Dunne starts on national tour—to seek support for eighteen convicted in Minneapolis trial

Dope—”Western civilization’s” first and greatest gift to the Orient, by Marc Loris

(Page 2)

Nelson pleads plaintively for $1-a-year men (continued from page 1)

3 statements on the war

Workers’ Forum

Kentish miners strike despite prison threats

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Ernest Williams—”Lynching could have been prevented!”—Not yet the last word

GPU continues terror drive in Mexico—assassinations of anti-fascist refugees are feared as GPU forces are mobilized

Congressmen try to take Detroit housing project away from Negroes

Hawaii—the island where democracy is hard to locate, by Ruth Jeffrey

On the Defense Front— CIO, AFL unions contribute to defense of 18— Cannon speaks at meeting of C.R.D.C. in L.A.

Housing officials reverse Detroit decision

544-CIO on election ballot in NLRB

Bartlett fired by 544-AFL

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Churchill explains about Pacific war

On parasites

CIO wage demands

Epidemics of typhus are dread by-products of war—war supplies all conditions for disease: exposure, cold, fatigue, hunger, lowered resistance, filth —and lice, by Edith Kane

The Court Clown—some reflections on royalty and the war, by M. Stein

New ‘control’ fill will not check rising prices (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 7 Saturday, February 14, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

Mexican unions to give workers army training—convention of CTM casts unanimous vote to institute union-controlled training

Business as usual on international scale

Same ‘old gang’ is running war productions boards, An Editorial

CIO heads hand over key demands to WLB—depend on labor board alone to obtain demands—workers’ struggle for wage increases and union shop endangered by no-strike policy

V.R. Dunne explains trial of 18 to auto workers

G.M. auto union council maps contract demands, by Joe Andrews

Congress stalls priorities relief bill

Kelly postal acquitted by judge

(Page 2)

What colonial people think about the war—British get little aid now from their own subjects, by Art Preis

Mike Gold and his friend ‘Slim’ discuss the colonial situation, by M. Stein

How the democracies treat aliens and refugees—all non-citizens here are labelled ‘enemy aliens,’ by Michael Cort

British government hounds the anti-fascist refugees

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Ernest Williams—What is the outlook for Negro masses in World War II?—What happened in World War I?—Only socialism provides a solution

Murray report shows $1-a-year men aid growth of the monopolies—warns monopolies, through their chains will take over most businesses after war

Vladivostok—key to the Pacific war, by A. Roland

Spokesman of profiteers embarrasses senators—Barnes tells naval affairs committee it’s up to them to get profits back by taxes, by Don Dore

Super-exploitation is lot of Hawaiian masses, by Ruth Jeffrey

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

No forced labor!


’A privilege’ and ‘the four freedoms’


How Lenin explained the causes of World War I

Norman Thomas does not see ‘practical’ alternative to war, by William F. Warde

G. M. auto union council maps contract demands (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 8 Saturday, February 21, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

Political crisis in Britain, An Editorial

Fall of Singapore shakes empire—British rulers were afraid to arm the natives—refused to apply ‘scorched earth’ policy; turned property over to Japanese ‘intact’

Grace Carlson files as SWP candidate for mayor —will offer socialist program in St. Paul municipal campaign

Crisis growing in both England and colonies

WPB to ‘streamline’ contract letting

House committee knifes federal aid to jobless—governors also gang up against bill to increase relief for priorities victims

What are they fighting about?

United front in Singapore

WDL asks aid to save Odell Waller’s life

(Page 2)

AFL publication urges rising scale of wages—tie wages to price rises, say AFL heads; but oppose real struggle for this demand

Defeats shake the empire (continued from page 1)

How Britain scorched earth in Singapore

How a German worker might answer manifesto of German-Soviet committee

Ganging up on bill to aid unemployed (continued from page 1)

New pact puts Ethiopia under British control, by Mark Braden

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Ernest Williams—Cause of poverty in Harlem—Stalinist desertion

Two candidates for one job —Strasser and Grzesinski—torchbearers of German “democracy”

Clement opposition in S.P. is typical centrist group, by William F. Warde

Lessons of the last war, by A. Roland

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Churchill points to the Soviet Union

Nelson makes a very revealing admission

Supreme Court on war profiteering

’Enemy aliens’

160 protest C.P. Lynch moves against refugees—send letter to president of Mexico asking him to prevent deportation or violence against five opponents of fascism

How much longer can capitalism stand war strain? by John G. Wright

FEB. “4th International” one of best ever issued

Volume VI No. 9 February 28, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

Why Britain is bargaining with India, An Editorial

FDR asks sacrifices of labor but not of bosses—is silent about uninterrupted profits of bosses—”3 high purposes” would leave workers helpless against the open-shop employers

Bosses start offensive to block CIO’s demands

How Stalin greeted Red Army’s 24th anniversary, by John G. Wright

Churchill and the Soviet Union

Grace Carlson’s name to be put on ballot

Churchill shuffles war cabinet, adds Cripps—but he makes it clear he does not intend any change in his fundamental policies

V.R. Dunne to speak in N.Y. and Newark

(Page 2)

Congress throws out the bill to aid unemployed—Ways and Means secret session kills bill to aid priorities unemployed

Grace Carlson’s name to go on St. Paul ballot

On the Defense Front—More unions vote money to aid eighteen—New Haven—Boston—Remainder of Dunne’s tour

FDR asks sacrifices of labor but not of bosses (continued from page 1)

Latest developments in struggle of 544-CIO

How Stalin greeted Red Army’s 24th anniversary

Bosses start offensive to block CIO’s demands (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

Street scene in India (picture)

India, ‘Heart’ of the Empire—visitors reports conditions of oppressed native people, by William Ellis

Lessons of the last war, by A. Roland

New boards to control seas and shipping now—and after war, by Albert Parker

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Labor needs its own military policy

Anti-labor offensive

War secrets and civil liberties

Business background of Nelson, head of WPB—corporation he comes from is connected with powerful, labor-hating monopolies

Prime minister of an empire in state of decay, by M. Stein

Churchill shuffles war cabinet, adds Cripps (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 10 Saturday, March 7, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

Workers face crushing war taxes—Morgenthau asks doubled tax for masses—Treasury Dept. wants heavy increase for low-income groups; goes light on bosses

Carlson offers socialist program in primaries—advocates a workers and farmers gov’t

Statement by Grace Carlson

British fail to win aid of Burma natives—oppressed peoples are indifferent to fate of their rulers

Workers objecting to war profiteers are slandered as “tools of Nazism”

Landlords, K.K.K. behind housing ‘riot’ in Detroit—officials use mob violence as pretext to bar the Negro people from their homes

Ford local aroused

(Page 2)

CIO leaders speak at Dunne reception Newark—N.J. president and secretary say labor’s self-interests necessitate support of 18

Election platform of Socialist Workers Party of St. Paul

Civil rights menaced by anti-alien order—president gives army arbitrary power to force any individual from his home

New bill to deprive citizens of citizenship

Grace Carlson’s record is a record of militant struggle

Pennsylvania meetings for V. R. Dunne

Behind the anti-Japanese clamor in California

Carlson offers socialist program in primaries (continued from page 1)

’Militant’ Army

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Ernest Williams

British Labor Party leaders betray masses of both India and England—oppose national liberation for people of India, by Art Preis

British Labor Party leaders betray masses of both India and England —support Tories’ war aims and labor policies, by C. Charles

The United States is for free trade in British Empire, by A. Roland

Agrarian revolution is key to struggle in India—exploited Indian masses can achieve real freedom only through action independent of native propertied class, by John G. Wright

WDL pamphlet has article on Minneapolis case

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

’Militant’ endorses Carlson’s candidacy

“Protecting” labor, Negroes and aliens

Why German soldiers are not surrendering

Henderson advises pulling in of belts

American tells of Indian workers’ organizations—met with union groups and heard workers’ views on war and national independence, by William Ellis

A side show that almost stole the show, by M. Stein

Strong words . . . unanswered

Volume VI No. 11 Saturday, March 14, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

Churchill’s ‘offer’ is a rejection of India’s demand for independence—sends Cripps to bargain over undisclosed terms—makes no mention of agrarian revolution, the basic question for the Indian masses, 70 per cent of whom live off the soil

C.P. begins new lynch campaign in Cleveland, by Anthony Massini

We accuse Hitler’s agents at your gates! (picture)

Stalinists have revived plea for ‘second front’, by John G. Wright 1180 votes for Carlson—vote for Trotskyist candidate increases 89% over vote received in 1940 primaries

Wilkins describes Detroit housing ‘riot’

(Page 2)

Officials fail to act in Tobin gunmen case

Grace Carlson’s radio speech

Grace Carlson gets 1180 votes

Decide on write-in drive for Carlson

V. R. Dunne honored at New York CRDC dinner—CIO leader and anti-fascist editor speak on behalf of 18 convicted in Minneapolis

Workers Forum —no appreciation by War Department

New Haven local contributes

(Page 3)

Atlantic charter not intended for colonies—colonial people are told to have no illusions, by George Padmore

Indian masses must call for constituent assembly—independence can be gained and safeguarded through action of workers, peasants, city poor organized into councils

Black market diverts rations from workers—masses suffer, while rich live in usual luxury when capitalists control rationing, by Don Dore

Worried taxpayer gets cave ready

Soviet Union renews cry for second front (continued from page 1)

Churchill’s ‘offer’ denies independence to India (continued from page 1)

(Page 4)

Background of the French trials—shaky Vichy regime stages its juridical farce to give a false show of strength, by Marc Loris

GPU lynch campaign is on international scale—seeks to destroy anti-fascist opponents of Stalinism by incitations to violence, by William F. Warde

Murray opposes strikes as bosses hit at labor—radio talk emphasizes no-strike policy in midst of intensified anti-labor drive

C. P. begins lynch campaign in Cleveland (continued from page 1)

(Page 5)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker

The 59th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx, by Harry Frankel

American after the war—golden future or chaos?—Professor Hansen discusses post war problems in a pamphlet of the National Resources Planning Board, by A. Roland

Why Philippine masses have not been rallied to support of war, by C. Charles

Workers’ Forum —victory over Jim Crow at Flint Chevrolet

Judge refuses to quash writ of 544-CIO

(Page 6) Join us in fighting for:

Trade union wages for the soldiers

Another relief bill is turned down

Military training

Taxes and profits

Workers will honor Tom Mooney as a great labor martyr

The notebook of an agitator—good-bye, Tom Mooney!

New York school presents Cannon in Trotskyism series

Volume VI No. 12 Saturday, March 21, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

British suppress Far Eastern revolutionists—outlaw Fourth Internationalist Party in Ceylon—move aimed against Trotskyist struggle for national liberation of India and Ceylon

British fight Indian strikers, murder eight

Joint conferences will result only in speed-up—workers will be limited to “advising”; bosses still to run things their own way, by Don Dore

Imperialist etiquette

Labor’s rights menaced by open-shop Smith Bill—would prohibit union shop and overtime pay— congressman aiming new blows at workers under cover of more production

Another Negro lynched; more soldiers in ‘riot’—new lynching in Texas as Missouri jury whitewashes the lynching of Cleo Wright, by Albert Parker

Carlson vote highest in workers’ neighborhoods—one of every 30 voters supported her; plan write-in drive for April 28 election

’Pittsburgh Courier’ tells ‘Times’ about New Guinea

(Page 2)

CRDC expands activity as results of Dunne tour—new supporters rallied in 19 cities; plan extension of tour to western cities

Attorneys are preparing the mpls. appeal

The kind of ‘sacrifices’ N.A.M. Is eager to make—its tax program asks lower taxes for big business and 8% sales tax for the masses

Ruling on Sunday pay opens door to new GM move

Blum admits preserving rule of French bosses

Conferences only mean speed up (continue from page 1)

Outlaw Ceylon party of Fourth Internationalists (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—Another Negro lynched; more soldiers in ‘riot’ (continued from page 1)

British miners continue strike, win demands, free jailed leaders

Guthrie resignation shows bosses can’t plan production, by A. Roland

British lords express views on Struma tragedy

The role of Democratic demands in India today—such demands are necessary part of the struggle to unite the masses for the successful carrying out of agrarian revolution, by John G. Wright

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Program for Detroit labor movement

WLB offers study in contrasts

Commune charted way to workers’ freedom—after the French defeat of 1871, the workers of Paris set up the most democratic government modern history had ever seen, by C. Charles

The Jewish worker and the struggle for socialism, by M. Stein

Articles on India feature of MARCH ‘Fourth International’

Volume VI No. 13 Saturday, March 28, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

The bosses advance when the leaders of the union retreat, An Editorial

Dunne tour extended to include West Coast cities—speaks in behalf of 18 defendants

Bringing more chains (cartoon)

Union leaders yield to FDR threat—give up fight for week-end, holiday pay—administration pushed step-by-step drive to chisel away workers’ union standards

Flint workers denounce new speed-up campaign

Joint committees have power only to ‘advise’—and all they can advise the bosses about is new ways of speeding up the workers

CP attempts to halt distribution of the ‘Militant’

Waller gets executive stay

544-CIO contract is 10c an hour higher than Tobin’s, by Jack Ranger

(Page 2)

General Motors want to cut heart out of UAW, by Joe Andrews

More unions give support to CRDC

Bethlehem Corp. launches union-smashing campaign—union must educate new workers to meaning of unionism and take offensive against slanders of profiteering corporation

CP joins government in hiding truth about the Browder case—wants masses to forget who railroaded Browder to jail and keeps him there, by Anthony Massini

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker—N.J. CIO sets up a committee—two ways of not skinning the cat

Economist advocated junking of British ‘democracy’ for duration—says the ‘war for democracy’ can be won only if the trade unions are dissolved, by Larissa Reed

Natalia Trotsky’s views on Malamuth’s editing

Technocracy evolves openly toward fascism—new agitation timed to take advantage of growing discontent with failures of capitalist production, by A. Roland

British bayonets uphold rule of native princes—the brutal exploitation of the Indian peasants by the native princes and landlords is maintained by British imperialism, by John G. Wright

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

On guard against GPU lynch campaign

On sales taxes

Stalinists innovations

Toledano explains what ‘national unity’ means—in speech to CTM he advocates unity of the revolutionaries and reactionaries, by John Corbett

The Grand Illusion—Sir Stafford Cripps and Indian independence, by M. Stein

Union leaders yield to administration threat (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 14 Saturday, April 4, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

UAW meets in midst of open shop drive — auto union can lead the fight for all labor — militant program will inspire the workers and halt bosses’ union smashing onslaught, by Joe Andrews

Standard Oil-Nazi deal exposes boss patriotism — monopolies put profits before everything else — conspiracy with German chemical trust led to rubber shortage, crippled production, by Art Preis

Congress 6% profits proposal is a fraud

India congress heads reject Cripps’ plan — “Dominion Status” offer is fraudulent; would leave British rulers in control, by Anthony Massini

St. Louis CIO council endorses work of CRDC — calls on affiliates to give support to defendants

Stalin’s policy brings USSR little outside aid — C.P. press silent on lag in Allied aid; USSR isolated before Nazi spring drive, by John G. Wright

Rockefeller discusses war

Who impedes production?

(Page 2)

Stalinists try to suppress union militancy, speed up workers, ”finger” all opponents and “appease” bosses — Bridges wants the union to act as speed-up agents — blames union for Axis victories, urges workers not to worry about profiteers, by Philip Blake

C.P. Helps WLB fire 4 Cleveland union leaders — their only crime was that they tried to protect members from Alcoa speed-up drive

Try to halt distribution of Militant

What Stalinist demand for 15% speed-up means

Kearny workers label Stalinists as strikebreakers

Why the C.P. attacks the “Double V” campaign, by Albert Parker

UAW meets in the midst of open shop offensive (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — Democracy and the Army — the Right to Vote

Standard deal exposes bosses (continued from page 1)

The Russian phase of the Pacific war, by A. Roland

Tobin urges locals to hire some statisticians — his answer to offensive of employers is counterattack — with convincing figures, by Jack Ranger

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Stalinist drive against militants

They feel at home with the fascists

Bethlehem Steel to get $50,000,000 plant gift — far cry from $100,000,000 proposed to aid 165,000 small business firms

Is everybody happy? — the Soviet Union and its democratic allies, by M. Stein

India congress heads rejects Cripps’ plan (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 15 Saturday, April 11, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

War profiteering gets Senate O.K. — profits curbs voted down at administration demand — approval of “toothless”, “innocuous” bill is go-ahead sign for all-out profiteering

What boss press hides about the Cripps plan, An Editorial

Militant UAW delegates resist holiday pay cut — convention accepts administration demand under pressure of FDR and union leaders

FDR’s letter shows bosses caused holiday shutdowns

Standard Oil bosses lie about deal with Nazis — new evidence piles up despite efforts of company and boss press to stifle truth, by Art Preis

Negro soldiers killed in Jersey, Arkansas, Texas — Army Jim Crow responsible for new wave of violence that takes lives of 4 Negroes, by Albert Parker

(Page 2)

How can Hitler’s hold on German soldiers be broken? — says program of “Militant” is not practical — a sailor describes the attitude of German prisoners

AFL heads help company union to fight the CIO — AFL charter is given to Curtiss-Wright stooges after NLRB denies it recognition

A revolucionary [sic] policy can win soldiers, by Anthony Massini

Wage scales cut by auto bosses in the new plants

Negro soldiers killed in Jersey, Arkansas, Texas (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — Congressman threatens Negro people — War for what?

Standard Oil bosses lie (continued from page 1)

The new leader, the Dies committee and civil liberties, by A. Roland

Local proposes contract for the steel industry

L.A. Stalinists assault woman selling “Militant” — also attack ”labor action” salesgirl and severely beat up a young male worker

The special features of India’s agrarian problem, by John G. Wright

British C.P.’ers employ the same hoodlum tactics

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

”Profits limitation”

FDR’s court on maritime strikes

Why we demand Browder’s freedom

Controversy over the Jewish question — the case against Milton Mayer and his critics, Ingersoll and Hook, by M. Stein

Auto workers on guard over war pay-cut issue (continued from page 1)

A case for the FBI? by John Corbett

Harlem meeting to discuss war and Negro people

Volume VI No. 16 Saturday, April 18, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

Britain rejects Indian proposals — India denied right to control its own defense — Congress Party turns down plan brought by Cripps

UAW militants oppose yielding labor’s rights — 150 delegates fight surrender of union standards at auto workers conference, by Joe Andrews

Buffalo local backs stand of UAW opposition

”None of your counterfeit!” (cartoon)

Ship workers discuss holiday pay rates too

Nazi tieup holds back magnesium output — aluminum trust, getting new plants from government, conspires to further monopoly

SWP candidate prepares final campaign plans — Goldman and Carlson to make radio talks giving Socialist Workers Party platform

Wave of violence against Negro soldiers claims its fifth victim in two weeks — soldier shot dead in Virginia; others injured by police assault in Tuskegee

Record is filed for appeal in “sedition” case

(Page 2)

C.P. tries new scheme to halt sale of “Militant” — plans to use sound truck, signs, boxes, monitors and pressure on CIO members as well as violence against the distributors

UAW militants oppose surrender of labor rights and standards (continued from page 1)

The inspiring example of Thomas J. Watson

More unions give funds to support defense of 18

Cop murders Alabama Negro in cold blood

Stalinist “reincarnated”

Knox attacks union of radio ship men

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — New Jim Crow plans for the Navy — Lip service by Knox — “progress” — and some history

Doing business with Hitler — Alcoa-Nazi tie behind lag in metals output (continued from page 1)

Jones says Standard Oil blocked rubber industry — exposes lies of company heads but admits own agency is aiding Standard monopoly

The dilemma of the capitalist class of India, by A. Roland

”Woman’s Place” — it’s in the factories now, by Lydia Beidel

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

How to get friends in Washington

The fall of Bataan

Money for union wages for soldiers

A Stalinist discusses situation in Germany — denounces German workers; sees hope in generals, priests, foreign imperialists

The homeward journey — Sir Stafford’s mission to India and the ”New Masses,” by M. Stein

British Cabinet rejects India Congress proposal (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 17 Saturday, April 25, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

FDR, Congress seek to freeze wages — labor faces “voluntary” pay slashes

May Day manifesto of the Socialist Workers Party

Carlson runs for mayor on a fighting socialist program — opposes the boss-O.K.’D politicians

Maritime commission aims blow at unions

(Page 2)

Laval returns to power to help the German war — Hitler wants French manpower, resources and fleet to aid in his spring offensive

They still do business with Hitler — Dupont firm agreed to pay Nazi royalties on U.S. government’s ammunition

General Electric-Nazi tieup bared in Senate

FDR-Congress aim to freeze wages — (continued from page 1)

Maritime Commission aims blow at unions

Nazis order execution of Henricus Sneevliet

Standard’s pals

(Page 3)

Workers democracy or vigilante assault — which shall prevail?

War intensifies women’s role — transfer from kitchen sinks to factories will develop militant armies of class-conscious proletarian women

Communist Party betrays Indian people’s struggle — makes no objection to Cripps’ plan; aims their chief criticism at Indian leaders, by Felix Morrow

Attacks on Negro troops continue uninterrupted — mob assaults two soldiers in Tuskegee; Jim Crow conditions in camps revealed

(Page 4)

How spirit of May Day flamed in World War I — today as then, working-class internationalism will emerge triumphant over suppressions and betrayals, by Art Preis

An unforgettable May Day — Cleveland, 1919 — bosses taught workers and soldiers what kind of “democracy” they fought to save

Demand end to Indian serfdom (photo)

Labor’s first May Day martyrs were militant internationalists — their supreme sacrifice for the 8-hour day inspired the workers of the entire world, by Marvell Scholl

(Page 5)

The Trotskyists continue struggle for socialism in lands oppressed by both the Axis and “democracies” — seeks to create workers’ govt. In Great Britain

French Trotskyist paper (photo)

French party is growing despite Gestapo terror — forced to carry on illegal activities, group wins new members, including CPers, by Marc Loris

Masses alone will win independence for India — Ghandi, Nehru are incapable of leading successful struggle against imperialism, by John G. Wright

Lenin’s 1896 May Day manifesto

(Page 6)

Goldman speaks over radio for Grace Carlson — notes labor attorney asks St. Paul workers to support socialist program of write-in candidate for mayor

Election platform of St. Paul S.W.P.

Grace Carlson has always defended labor’s interests

Carlson for mayor (continued from page 1)

(Page 7)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — A Negro mother writes FDR — UAW opposes housing Jim Crow

Reader inquires about the role of China in the war

Character of China’s war — China is fighting against imperialist domination, by Anthony Massini

Laval will try to make France part of Hitlerite order, by A. Roland

When unionism conquered Ford — one year ago this April his open-shop kingdom fell, by Joe Andrews

Buick UAW local opposes surrender of overtime pay

Seek freedom for seamen framed ‘37 strike

(Page 8)

Join us in fighting for:

Getting “tough”

Pity the poor $1-a-year men!

Who protects the soldiers’ interests?

The two pamphlets that came out of the trial

Names and aims — some reflections on the president’s request, by M. Stein

Volume VI No. 18 Saturday, May 2, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

FDR plan hits workers hardest — freezes wages but lets bosses get off easy — program does not establish equality of sacrifice; union leaders are “dismayed”

Communist press whitewashes Nazi-U.S. business patent pools — an analysis of the Stalinist “national unity” defense of the monopolies, by Art Preis

Meetings, radio talks win up Carlson campaign — St. Paul voters were offered a fighting socialist program

War shipping board hits again at seamen — proposes new merchant fleet regulations permitting abrogation of union contracts

Kelly Postal convicted for abiding by union’s vote, by Jack Ranger

Who creates race bias in the Army?

(Page 2)

Dunne reaches West Coast on CRDC tour — secures support of liberals and unions in Seattle

FDR program hits workers the hardest (continued from page 1)

WLB finally hands down ruling in long-delayed shipyard case — grants maintenance of membership clause which gives no genuine union security

Montana groups form committees to carry on work

Kelly Postal convicted (continued from page 1)

CIO members in L.A. Read “Militant” in spite of CP attack

Negro workers win job equality in Flint plant — work on GM war production machines at the same rate of pay as white workers, by Jeff Thorne

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — Tennessee CIO miners fight boss Jim Crowism in union

They still do business with Hitler — Alcoa beats rap for Nazi deals

Role of passive resistance in the Indian struggle, by A. Roland

FDR seizure threat will not end patent monopolies

Another local is against giving up overtime wages

C.P. press whitewashes trusts (continued from page 1)

A note on Liebknecht

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Roosevelt’s “attack” on native fascists

Some minor items

The Stalinist I.L.D. and the Minneapolis trial, by Felix Morrow

British data shows war has not halted the class struggle, by Edith Kane

Low-paid women welcomed by industry, by Lydia Beidel

Volume VI No. 19 Saturday, May 9, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

FDR shipyard program shows “wage stabilization” means wage freezing — speaks against pay raises provided in union contract — FDR wires wage conference that increases are “irreconcilable with national policy,” by Art Preis

India Congress leaders advocate suicidal policy — urge masses not to organize struggle against Japanese and British oppressors

Price fixing won’t stop rise in cost of living — curtailment of consumers goods, cause of inflation, is not affected by new ruling, by Anthony Massini

House committee votes to go easy on profits taxes — brings out tax plan ignoring “equal sacrifice” by bosses

Another Standard Oil-Nazi deal is exposed in Senate — Rockefeller trust halted production of vital acids by agreement with I.G. Farben

Supreme Court refuses to act on Waller case

”Hope and expectation”

Kelly Postal sentenced up to five years, by Jack Ranger

(Page 2)

SWP holds meetings to celebrate May Day

Price fixing will not stop rise in cost of living (continued from page 1)

FDR shipyard plan shows “wage stabilizing” means wage freezing — FDR is against raises provided in union contract (continued from page 1)

150 hear Dunne in Los Angeles

Negroes march on capital, protest police brutality

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker

Stalinists attack workers — Communist Party defends monopolies, denounces unions and strikes

The question of peace feelers, by A. Roland

Why I left the ranks of the Young Communist League — statement of former member of the YCL in Los Angeles who joined the Trotskyist movement, by Albert Lapel

New Haven SWOC local votes aid to 18 defendants

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

What won the victory at Detroit?


Stalinism and Communism

Unions must set out to organize woman worker — experience shows that the women factory workers become militant union members, by Lydia Beidel

An open letter to the British workers, by an Indian revolutionist J.V.P. DeSilva

India Congress heads adopt suicidal policy (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 20 Saturday, May 16, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

(Page 1)

Steel union holds constitutional convention — wage raises, union shop are key issues facing the SWOC — delegates to adopt a wage policy to lay basis for negotiating future agreements

Living standards to sink to 1932 level — Henderson — advocates plan to make masses pay cost of war — price chief opposes general wage raises; wants “drastic” taxes on lowest incomes

This is the answer to “The Story of Carboloy” — exposing lies spread by General Electric in full-page ads throughout the land, by Walter Freeman

Two Trotskyist leaders escape from Ceylon jail — they were ”interned” by British officials as beginning of war

Odell Waller wins a stay of execution — U.S. Supreme Court is again petitioned to act on Negro’s case

Union-busting moves blocked by united front of seamen — maritime unions win guarantee protecting union hiring halls and existing contracts

(Page 2)

Black market to boost cost of living in U.S. — bosses will bootleg goods to beat price “control” as in Great Britain and Germany, by Larissa Reed

Chicago May frolic nets $115 for CRDC

Morgenthau for higher tax on lowest incomes — treasury secretary asks tax on wages of $11.60 a week; wants taxes on lowest incomes increased 250 to 1000%

Stalinists attack Trotskyists for defending labor’s rights — C.P. condemns Militant struggles against the employers as ”traitorous efforts,” by Philip Blake

Drive launched to repeal California income tax law, by Gordon Bailey

British M.P.’s hit Stalinist drive against refugees

Living standards to go to 1932 level — Henderson (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — “Jim Crow-as-usual” — No one reminded Edison — In the North, too — Not ready yet

Steel workers hold convention (continued from page 1)

A new political crisis is in the offing for France, by A. Roland

A novel about the great steel strike of 1919

SWOC locals donate aid to 18 defendants

Inflation and price fixing are analyzed in May issue of “Fourth International”

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

”Equal sacrifice”

How Churchill’s speech aids Hitler

Odell Waller and the Supreme Court

This is the answer to “The Story of Carboloy”

Stalin’s May First “Order of the Day,” by M. Stein

Union-busting moves blocked by seamen (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 21 Saturday, May 23, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow and Albert Goldman

(Page 1)

Steel workers establish international union — opposition to surrender of overtime pay is voiced on first day of convention, by Art Preis

”Equality of sacrifice” (cartoon)

WLB sets ceiling on wage raises — Canadian wage freezing plan also being adopted by govt. — new board to work out U.S. version of plan which freezes wages over $25 a wk.

Shipyard union offered half of wage raises due — Chicago conference decides not to grant pay increases called for in contracts

Why Burma fell — war correspondents reveal that British failed to arm native people and were afraid to use available Chinese troops, by George Breitman

Open letter to member of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party, from the Socialist Workers Party of Minnesota

DuPonts also do business with Hitler

(Page 2)

Browder release proves he was jailed for his “views” — Roosevelt’s explanation on why Stalinist leader was arrested is sheer hypocrisy, by Philip Blake

WLB is setting dangerous precedents — board opinion opens way to govt. intervention in unions

U.S. Steel uses decision in new attack on union

Wages not frozen in seamen’s agreement

Lynch campaign proves a flop in Flint union — workers show resentment of attempts to link union militants with fascism

Why Burma fell (continued from page 1)

Two UE locals vote against surrender of overtime rates

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker

Bob Harte was a GPU victim — secretary of Trotsky was assassinated by Stalin agents two years ago, by Joseph Hansen

The writings of Karl Max [sic] on India in 1853, by A. Roland

U.S. ports discriminate against Chinese seamen — citizens of America’s “brave ally” are not event permitted to leave their ships, by a Correspondent

Contents of the May issue of “Fourth International”

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Why Stalin doesn’t trust his allies

Canada YCL disbands

Hillman: used up

Open letter to members of Farmer-Labor Party (continued from page 1)

Stalin blames the Red Army ranks for early defeats, by M. Stein

CRDC dance frolic in New York nets $143 for defense

Steel workers establish union (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 22 Saturday, May 30, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow and Albert Goldman

(Page 1)

Steel union convention shows rising discontent — rank and file delegates voice growing dissatisfaction with leaders’ policies, by Art Preis

At the steel convention (picture)

Government acts to check pay raises — bosses get Roosevelt ”hint” to stall wage negotiations — administration putting pressure on union heads to accept “voluntary” wage freezing

Act now to save Waller’s life! An Editorial

Thousands strike at Budd plant

Bolivian government arrests Fourth International leaders

(Page 2)

Dunne returns to Washington in last lap of tour — speaks at banquet in Seattle, open meet’g in Tacoma

An open letter in defense of democracy in the labor movement

C.P. bookburners at work (picture)

Ceylon Trotskyist leaders escape British jailers — had been imprisoned for their struggles against imperialism

Workers’ Forum — wants to help in distribution of THE MILITANT — a correction — a loan

Discontent at steel convention (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — How to fight Army Jim Crow — Our sympathies lie with Sullivan — Would pose question of power

Behind the West Coast evacuations — bankers profit from driving Japanese-American citizens into concentration camps, by Gordon Bailey

On the Workers’ Bookshelf

King George’s face and his American subjects, by a Correspondent

African natives enslaved in name of “war for democracy”

What’s new about the “new order”?

Police add slander to Jim Crow brutality — Baltimore cops charge that drunkenness is responsible for Negro dissatisfaction

Belgian Labor Party adopts a program

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Memorial Day massacre — five years after

Who will lead France after the war? by A. Roland

Seamen overcome Navy gunners anti-union bias — union seamen win sailors’ confidence by showing them what unions can do

Roosevelt tips the Stalinists for service rendered, by M. Stein

Soldiers face barrage of anti-labor propaganda — press, radio and movies directing steady stream of fascists ideas at Army ranks, by David Warner

Volume VI No. 23 Saturday, June 6, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow and Albert Goldman

(Page 1)

Fight against deportation of Harry Bridges! — Biddle ruling is blow at whole labor movement — deportation order is part of long range govt.-boss plan to housebreak the unions, by Felix Morrow

Standard Oil officials lied about Nazi deals — Arnold’s statement to Truman committee nails false claims made by oil trust, by Walter Freeman

Dutch cops kill 18 Chinese for asking pay rise

Real prices keep rising — despite price-fixing bosses get more for their products — lowered quality and new labels cut down living standards of the working class, by Anthony Massini

Biddle rushes to defense of the monopolies

Phila. CIO council backs Budd strikers — strike started after lock-out of welders protesting pay cut

Local 544 fights to keep Kelly Postal from jail — union secretary was “guilty” of obeying members’ directives, by Jack Ranger

Bread prices are boosted by monopolies

British workers’ discontent shown at Labor Party parley — political truce maintained by slim majority

Trotskyist press has big sale at Labor Party meet

Negro columnist recommends “4th Intl.” Article

(Page 2)

Trotskyist paper faces suppression in England — MP asks ban because publication exposed atrocities on both sides in the Far East

Farm-Labor leaders act to join with Democrats — both conservative and Stalinist wings want to put end to independents action

Workers’ Forum — The speedup — A Stalinist on national unity

More unions vote aid to 18 defendants — four UAW locals act to help work of CRDC

”The Militant” is barred from British colony

Retail clerks are opposed to the Stalinist line

Real prices are still going up (continued from page 1)

Fights against Bridges’ deportation! (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — the right to vote, the Southern Democrats and the Communist Party

Portrait head of Leon Trotsky now available — pioneer to reproduce head sculptured by famous U.S. artist

Hitler explodes basic theory of Stalinism, by M. Morrison

Red Caps vote to affiliate to CIO

Welles lays groundwork for another Versailles, by A. Roland

They look the Nazis frankly in the eye. . .

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Biddle and the Stalinists

The attack on Heydrich

Mexico at war

Arguments on soldiers’ pay

Effects of the speedup on the workers’ health — union contracts should have provisions to protect workers under war conditions, by Grace Carlson

How the liberals argue against the ruling on Bridges, by M. Stein

Anti-labor propaganda makes progress in Army — soldier’s letter shows even unionists are being turned against labor movement, by David Warner

Volume VI No. 24 Saturday, June 13, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow and Albert Goldman

(Page 1)

The Murray-Lewis conflict, by Farrell Dobbs

Supreme Court again refuses to act on Odell Waller case — mass protest is needed to prevent June 19 execution

Soldiers’ families to get starvation allowances — House votes dependents aid lower than relief standard — new bill would give draft boards excuse to cancel deferments for dependency

Negro march group calls rallies to protest Jim Crow — Negro militants are waiting for Randolph to offer his program to achieve equality, by Albert Parker

Senate bill prohibits anti-trust prosecutions — monopolies given free rein under measure advocated by administration’s spokesmen, by Walter Freeman

Baldwin quits ILD because of stand on Mpls. case — ACLU head opposes Stalinist aid to federal prosecution

Bosses receive encouragement to fight union

(Page 2)

British shoot strikers at U.S. base in Bahamas — natives killed and jailed for trying to win an increase in their 80c-a-day wages

No-strike pledge debated at Mich. CIO convention

Murray-Lewis conflict (continued from page 1)

Shipyard Local 9 against giving up overtime pay rate, by James Dall

Cannon ends lectures on history of Trotskyism — plan to publish the series in book form

New union drive begun at Douglas plane plant

Rochester railroad council approves fight to free 18

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle — union stands firm for Negro rights — let’s not have any illusions

Economic crisis lays basis for revolution in Japan — “eight years of democracy” witnesses radicalization of masses, by A. Roland

Why U.S. corporations do business with the Nazis, by M. Morrison

March-on-Washington group calls anti-Jim Crow rallies (continued from page 1)

Labor freezing program threatens regimentation — McNutt’s order forbids workers to change jobs without sanction of the government

The March on Washington — one year after, by Albert Parker

A correction

Workers’ Forum — “Nothing short of right is right”

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

The Budd strike and the government

Louder than words

Lord Halifax helps Hitler

Farish’s oath

Favoritism and caste dominate armed forces — restrictions ban democratic relations between officers and ranks; congressmen grumble about “national scandal,” by David Warner

Roosevelt’s methods, Browder and Bridges, by M. Stein

British government to control coal industry — but labor protests because mines would still be run in interests of the bosses

Spills beans on profits

Volume VI No. 25 Saturday, June 20, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow and Albert Goldman

(Page 1)

The Soviet-U.S.-British pacts, by Felix Morrow

War Labor Board orders recruiting of strikebreakers

Duke “calms” Nassau workers after his troops kill three — blames strike against 80c-a-day wages on “outside agitators”; hands out free meal

Redcaps’ union votes support for eighteen

25,000 Negroes protest Jim Crowism — “we want democracy at home” is demand of huge N.Y. rally — March-on-Washington movement calls for full equality no, freedom for Waller

Women workers strike at Akron rubber plant — sit down in protest against new speed-up piece-work

Stalinists assassinate labor leader in Cuba

The Waller case — as we go to press

(Page 2)

Roosevelt signs bill protecting monopolies — ballyhooed as measure to aid small firms, bill contains rider to strengthen trusts, by Walter Freeman

”Go thru picket lines,” Tobin tells Teamsters — threatens expulsion for those who refuse to fink: militant workers to be hounded, by Jack Ranger

4 factions fight over Socialist party remains — Thomas Group turns to support of war; Clement-Symes remain faithful opposition, by C. Charles

Bosses provoke several strikes in Detroit

The new Soviet pacts (continued from page 1)

Hudson auto local stands firm on overtime issue

Portrait head now on sale (picture)

Tobin men, CPers get together in Minneapolis, by Jack Ranger

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle — Some signs of the times, by Albert Parker

How the Stalin-Hitler pact disarmed the Soviet people — Stalin feared to warn them of coming Nazi attack, by Art Preis

Professor Laski and a people’s peace, by M. Morrison

The March on Washington — one year after, by Albert Parker

25,000 Negroes protest against Jim Crow (continued from page 1)

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Masses themselves will avenge Lidice

U.S. court spikes wage-hour law

Problem of India far from “settled”

Anti-fascist federal employes [sic] terrorized — fascist-minded, anti-labor G men hound, victimize hundreds suspected of liberalism

Vitamin B1 and workers’ “morale,” by Grace Carlson

How Bridges fights against Biddle’s deportation order

Volume VI No. 26 Saturday, June 27, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow and Albert Goldman

(Page 1)

The new Soviet agreement and a second front, by Felix Morrow

Four more New Jersey union send aid for 18 — total rises to 39; Louisville CIO also vote to back CRDC

OPA fails to enforce own price regulations — no effective enforcement machinery to be set up, high official admits in speech

Mass pressure wins new stay of execution for Waller — but it must continue if he is to be kept from chair on July 2

Nelson attempts to suppress exposure of $1-a-year men — WPB head puts pressure on Truman Senate Committee to withhold critical report

”UE News” hits role of Army-Navy in industry — union paper says officer corps is filled with boss elements hostile to unionism, by Joe Edwards

Sudden treachery

Gestapo terror failed to uncover Heydrich killers — Czech masses defied “last warning” and kept silent despite murderous reprisals, by Art Preis

(Page 2)

Government fails to curb inflation at its source — profit system responsible for “pressure” which forces up wartime living costs, by A. Roland

Vera Figner 1852-1942

The Stalinists betray the Negro struggle — they attacked March-on-Washington rally and called another to counteract its effect, their silence on Waller explained, by Albert Parker

Soviet pacts and second front (continued from page 1)

This won’t get the bosses sore

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — What is changing — They want action now — Secret government survey — “Atmosphere of disillusion”

Bootleg market has already appeared here — experiences is Europe foretell new threats to living standards of masses, by Larissa Reed

Wallace wants imperialism ended — but not U.S. brand, by M. Morrison

”Temporary reverses”

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

The Hudson walkout and race prejudice

Their one aim

Why so few militants become Army officers — methods for picking officers effectively sift out all those with labor background, by David Warner

Troops are taught little about real background of war

The real cause of the “poor man’s disease” — medical studies find that it can be prevented and cured in simple manner, by Grace Carlson

Volume VI No. 27 Saturday, July 4, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Tax bill soaks masses, spares rich — Congress trying to unload war costs on the workers — House committee completes draft of plan to take billions from low-income earners

British defeats in North Africa, by Art Preis

Gov’t forces alien seamen to man death-ships — union men seized, made to sail rotten ships at scab wages

Little Steel can pay $1 more, says WLB panel — but does not make recommendation to grant wage increase

Waller must die, says Va. Governor — Negro leaders make a last appeal for action by Roosevelt

CRDC to support Postal defense — will also aid other 544-CIO leaders now under attack by state and Tobin forces

Henderson admits quality chiselers boost real prices — "Price control alone has failed to protect consumer," he says

Talk of a "long armistice" — and what is behind it, by C. Charles

(Page 2)

Murray charges steel bosses impede output — blames shortages on corporation "greed" and "almost criminal" WPB steel policy

Minnesota Farm-Labor Ass’n moves to right — Stalinists ready to support old party candidates if they lose in F-L primary

Talk of a "long armistice" — and what is behind it (continued from page 1)

New tax bill soaks masses, spares rich (continued from page 1)

15,000 Negroes protest Jim Crow in Chicago rally

Mass action wins gains at St. Louis arms plant

Portrait head now on sale

Shipyard workers object to overtime surrender

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker

How Stalin menaces the foundations of the USSR — his concessions to the "democracies" may undermine the monopoly of foreign trade, by A. Roland

Notes on the Soviet-U.S.-British pacts, by M. Morrison

Grievances exist in Army — but the soldiers can’t voice them — harsh discipline deprives the soldiers of all democratic rights in the U.S. Army, by David Warner

Make new threat to civil liberties on West Coast

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Darden’s decision

The Fourth of July

FDR’s bedfellows

A July 4th celebration in Vladivostok, 1918 — some Russian workers still had illusions about the real nature of U.S. "democracy"

Record of British rule in Egypt, by Howard Allen

The parasitic worm and the parasitic system — Southern "laziness" is not inherent trait but the product of economic conditions, by Grace Carlson

Volume VI No. 28 Saturday, July 11, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Odell Waller is dead, by Albert Parker

Petain statement bares role of French bosses — proves that capitalists preferred Nazi rule to a victorious workers’ France, by Marc Loris

Congress, OPA help to lower living standards — they oppose a rising scale of wages for the workers, and prevent the effective enforcement of the price ceilings

Bootleg rings in operation on both coasts — illegal sales of oil and tires give them millions in profit

Odell Waller’s last testament

C.P.’s scab-like role in Waller case, by Philip Blake

24,000 factories to be shut down, WPB says — war increases the monopolies’ control over production

Opposition to Hitler still fights on inside Germany, by B. Johnson

(Page 2)

Unions representing 1,000,000 workers have aided 18 — civil rights defense committee has conducted vigorous defense campaign

Unions representing 1,000,000 workers have aided 18 — list of central labor bodies and local unions which aided defense

Workers’ Forum

In Memoriam

Petain statement bares role of French bosses (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker

Niemoeller admits church helped Hitler to power, by A. Roland

Notes on the Soviet-U.S.-British pacts, by M. Morrison

Odell Waller is dead (continued from page 1)

The C.P.’s scab-like role in Waller case (continued from page 1)

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

One year after the indictment of the 18

The meaning of the fall of Sevastopol

British rule in Egypt during World War I — White Book reveals British atrocities terrorized nationalist movement in 1919, by Howard Allen

Churchill chides parliament for asking questions, by M. Stein

Hoover-Gibson present imperialist peace plan

British confess truth about Burma

Volume VI No. 29 Saturday, July 18, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

New Nazi drive puts USSR in gravest peril, by M. Morrison

Seamen ask for higher bonus as dangers increase — even insurance rates are raised

Steel, aircraft wage demand under attack — WLB is expected to reject $1-a-day rise for “Little Steel"

Senate committee votes to lift ceiling on bread — shows indifference to policing of the price regulations

WPB reshuffled, but still controlled by $1-a-year men

Only masses sacrifice under “equal sacrifice” program — equality promise is a fraud while boss agents rule — gov’t keeps its promises to bosses but not to workers

Negro is lynched in Texas, soldier killed in Arizona

Any caves today?

Puerto Rico is given an “after the war” promise — but people of the U.S. colony want their freedom from Wall St. Imperialism now, by Howard Allen

Union paper exposes huge rise in profits

(Page 2)

Army contracting agents favor anti-union firms — charge unemployment in New York is due to anti-labor bias of Army, WPB, by W. Gray

The Minneapolis drivers movement one year after the indictment — help is needed to defend union leaders from attacks by Tobin and government

Big victory for CIO in Southern textile mills — one year organizing campaign breaks vigorous boss resistance

Republicans help Democrats to bury anti-poll tax bill — both Roosevelt and GOP want to keep on good terms with the poll tax Democrats

"Crisis” article tells why natives won’t aid Britain

A new pamphlet — The March on Washington — one year after, by Albert Parker

New Nazi drive puts USSR in grave peril (continued from page 1)

Harlem meeting protests the execution of Odell Waller — Breitman calls for Negro-White unity to end Jim Crow terror

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — Browder speaks — “It’s all a little misunderstanding” — Stalinists to be more careful — speech changed: actions the same!

Letter from a worker in the German underground

We support the struggle of China, by M. Morrison

Britain since the air raids — an American visitor describes resurgence of the British working class movement, by L. Lawrence

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

What the latest losses mean for the USSR

France’s struggle

Tobin and Foster

Wallace can’t deliver a quart of milk a day — unless the working class intervenes, the same system that prevented it before the war will prevent it after the war, by Grace Carlson

What has happened since boss parties “adjourned politics,” by M. Stein

The apathetic Egyptians

Puerto Rico is given an “after the war” promise

Volume VI No. 30 Saturday, July 25, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

India’s demand for immediate independence

House passes new tax bill — places chief burdens of the war on low-income earners

Loss of vital regions menaces Soviet defense — fall of Caucasus would deprive Red Army of basic war materials, food and fuel, by John G. Wright

Steel workers denied $1-a-day raise — WLB would cheat unions of gains won in 1941 strikes — Murray’s acceptance of ruling encourages new drive against workers’ standards, by Joe Andrews

New York parade to protest legal murder of Waller

Anti-Trotskyist frameup launched in Great Britain — mine-owners and union bureaucrats answer “Socialist Appeal” charges with slanders, by Anthony Massini

Gallup poll shows most workers got no wage increases

(Page 2)

Bonus Army: “Heroes of 1917, bums of 1932” — ten years ago this week General MacArthur’s troops drove the veterans out of Washington, by Felix Morrow

Text of the all-India Congress’ resolution

Cannon pamphlet sells well among British workers — just what we were looking for, says British commando

Workers’ Forum — makes a good point — interesting news item

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — Randolph’s petition campaign

Telegraph combines hides inventions to cut time and costs of wiring messages, by A. Roland

Monopolies discourage better, cheaper methods — G.E. and power trust conspire to restrict wide-spread use of fluorescent lighting

Anti-Trotskyist frameup started in Great Britain (continued from page 1)

We support the struggle of China — 2, by M. Morrison

Steel workers denied $1-a-day wage increase

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

How to win the German workers

The Negro people in 1917 and 1942

Loss of vital regions menaces Soviet defense (continued from page 1)

New legislation is a threat to very life of unionism

Scientists hit Red Cross Jim Crow policy, by Grace Carlson

David Udell party builder

Volume VI No. 31 Saturday, August 1, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

After the fall of Rostov, by Anthony Massini

Most workers to be denied raises under WLB formula — board’s latest ruling clarifies meaning of Little Steel opinion

Government war aims bared in Secretary Hull’s speech — imperialists will decide for themselves which nations are “entitled” to freedom, by Philiph [sic] Blake

Defense of workers’ gains key issue as UAW convenes — officials’ “equal sacrifice” program stands in way of progress for union, by Joseph Andrews

Senate finance committee goes easy on wealthy

Henderson agrees to price increase at bosses’ request — OPA defends profits while denying wage raises to workers

Did Cripps outwit the India Congress leaders? by Felix Morrow

(Page 2)

Army men are trained to suppress revolts — government school prepared officers for the job of putting down workers’ attempts to establish socialism after the war

Henry Ford’s complaint

Why the UAW lost the Buffalo Curtiss vote — CIO leaders failed to offer the workers a militant program to improve conditions, by Patrick Kelly

Workers’ Forum — how bosses show their patriotism — civil rights denied at Calif. camp

Seamen jailed in ’37 strike win parole

Defense of workers’ gains key issue at UAW convention

Did Cripps outwit the India Congress leaders? (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle — how will Southern Jim Crow be abolished

A worker’s message from Poland and the Ghetto — “socialism lives and will dominate the world"

No hope for British workers except socialism, by M. Morrison

After the fall of Rostov (continued from page 1)

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

28 years since World War I began

British finds use for Indian C.P.

Democratic rights and armed forces

Puerto Ricans sick of Wall St. exploitation — landlessness oppression, empty promises, hunger, is record of U.S. rule in colony, by Howard Allen

Ronald Tearse and Edwin Jaffee — 19 years old

Death lurks in the city slums — rheumatic heart disease takes heavy toll among children of working class families, by Grace Carlson

Bosses turn down wage demands of aircraft workers

Department of Labor figures show wages are sub-standard

Volume VI No. 32 Saturday, August 8, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Stalin policy leads USSR to disaster, by Henry Collins

No ceiling on boss income — corporation officers pay selves big sums yet deny wage rises

U.S. seamen praise Soviet workers — workers carry on in spite of terrific aerial bombardment of Murmansk port

Torpedoed seamen contribute to CRDC

Delegates demand UAW retreats end — overtime and strike weapon are key convention issues — leaders program of “equal sacrifice” howled down by aroused delegates

Bulletin, Special to the Militant

Boss press lies about Indian independence, by Felix Morrow

Tank strike won at Flint — NLRB victory follows militant struggle by CIO auto workers, by John Thorne

(Page 2)

The Negro Struggle — job discrimination continues — poll tax bars soldier vote in South — Anti-Negro drive stepped up, by Albert Parker

Class struggles in Britain — British Trotskyists active in strikes; advance military program, by L. Lawrence

Do the German masses support Hitler? by M. Morrison

Chinese Stalinists advise repeating 1927 betrayal, by James Gilbert

(Page 3)

Slug food union militant; opposes Stalinist sell-out — Stalinists turn meeting into riot after steamrolling agreement over majority vote

UAW delegates oppose retreats (continued from page 1)

Workers’ Forum — protests segregation of Negro soldiers — the British I.L.P. and the colonies

Stalin policy means disaster (continued from page 1)

Tank strike won at Flint (continued from page 1)

Boss press lies about Indian independence (continued from page 1)

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Indian struggle nears showdown

The anniversary of a great betrayal

Book review

Chen Tu-Hsiu — pioneer Chinese Trotskyist dies

War profiteering — a streamlined 1942 model

U.S. seamen praise Soviet workers (continued from page 1)

No ceiling on boss income (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 33 Saturday, August 15, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Leon Trotsky defender of the USSR

Trotsky’s works live on in heroic Red Army (picture)

Indians follow advice Cripps gave Africans

Indian masses fight for freedom — mass actions spread despite British terror — but organized struggle required for victory — Congress Party program cannot mobilize workers who must play decisive part, by Felix Morrow

For Indian independence — statement of nat’l committee of Socialist Workers Party

(Page 2)

Auto militants preserve union democracy — convention delegates protest against union retreats but unable to develop independent policy, by Art Preis

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — Trotsky and the American Negro struggle

English workers move left — British Trotskyists raise slogan: “Labor to Power!"

Trotsky’s military policy and its critics, by M. Morrison

Black market flourishes in steel industry

August Fourth International features Trotsky memorial

ILGWU leaders surrender conditions to brass hats, by William Gray

(Page 4)

Indian masses fight for freedom (continued from page 1)

Wartime flu epidemic will take heavy toll, by Grace Carlson

Leon Trotsky’s last letter to the Indian workers

For Indian independence (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 34 Saturday, August 22, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1

3rd anniversary of the Stalin-Hitler Pact

Hitler bans Trotsky’s works in France

The four freedoms in India (cartoon)

India peasants join fight — “civil disobedience” spreads to villages at Gandhi’s call — all India demands release of congressmen and end of repressions against masses, by Felix Morrow

OPA permits new rise in food prices

Bayonne strike broken by FDR, union heads and WLB — “seizure” of plant is entirely in interests of the management

WLB acts against demands of Alcoa and GM workers

War adds number of trusts worth more than billion — 3 new billionaire outfits in 1941 as capitalists prosper

Who gets the cream!

Harlem workers to hold meeting in support of India

(Page 2)

File defense arguments for 18 in district court — decision in Minneapolis convictions may be handed down by December of this year

Spokesmen for bosses urge 10% sales tax — AFL representative echoes big business before Senate body

A wave of Jim Crow terror has begun in the South — landlords and employers have increased attacks on Negro rights in last six weeks

British government invokes flogging in West Indies

Peasants join the Indian struggle (continued from page 1)

Michigan bosses prepare for new drive against the unions, by Larissa Reed

The truth about war-time wages

British and the “scorched” earth

Problems of the Indian revolution

Seattle CRDC to hold affair to aid Postal

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — Negroes and the Indian struggle

War in Egypt provides some important lessons — British Trotskyists show how brass hats stifle the initiative of worker-soldiers

A discussion on military and economic imperialism

Workers’ Forum — it’s a different story now

Kournakaoff book rehashes Stalinist slanders about Red Army

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

India and the Atlantic charter

A free India can defeat Japan

1776 showed the way for India

Army paper discusses use of germs in war — only problem of effectiveness as war weapon interests military journal, by Grace Carlson

For centuries Britain has ruled and looted India, by Howard Allen

Negro leaders hit FDR’s transfer of FEPC to McNutt

Pioneer Issues new pamphlet by Leon Trotsky

Volume VI No. 35 Saturday, August 29, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Three years of World War II, by A. Roland

Death toll of the war

Indian peasants look to workers for leadership — the struggle for Indian independence is linked to the agrarian revolution, by John G. Wright

FDR plans new steps to block wage raises — expected to issue executive order around Labor Day

CIO union changes convention city

Nelson fires aide for exposing $1-a-year men, by C. Charles

Profits come first with the corporations — 9 firms conspire to get huge profits on wire sale to Navy

Profits come first with the corporations — power-saving lamps barred — no profits

Meat shortage looms as food prices climb

(Page 2)

New York AFL leaders attack the Indian masses, by Anthony Massini

The crisis in Detroit housing — the workers have gotten many promises but no action from government officials, by Larissa Reed

CP whitewashes resolution on China

SWP meetings honor the memory of Leon Trotsky

Corporations get 20 billions in profits this year

Food costs more in Harlem

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — a statement on the Negroes and India

Trotsky’s message — socialism is the only road for humanity — extracts from Albert Goldman’s speech at the New York Trotsky memorial meeting, August 21, 1942

Workers’ Forum — the case of major Horace Dodge

Indian peasants need workers aid (continued from page 1)

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

What’s wrong with the ALP

No more Sacco-Vanzetti cases!

Nelson fires aide for exposing $1-a-year men (continued from page 1)

Britain’s economic interest in India, by Howard Allen

Yugoslav masses fight Nazis and Mikhailovitch

A novel about the slum dwellers of Chicago

Volume VI No. 36 Saturday, September 5, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Roosevelt offers helping hand to fascist Franco, by Milton Alvin

U.S. bosses in Shanghai still “business as usual” with Japanese — State Department tried to suppress information, by Anthony Massini

FDR speech will set new drastic wage controls — nature of plan is foreshadowed by latest anti-labor moves of government agencies, by Joseph Andrews

All India opposes British rule, reporter admits — conservative elements find themselves forced to support independence demand, by Felix Morrow

A fifth freedom?

Postal defense motions are denied by judge

Meat to be rationed as shortage continues

(Page 2)

What “Pravda” reveals: Soviet youth duped by Stalin’s boast of victory in 1942, by John G. Wright

Workers’ Forum — Stalinist stand on Indian struggle

Detroit housing project blocked by auto bosses — workers given plenty of housing survey but a place to live in is hard to find, by Larissa Reed

$1-a-year men resign; replaced by $1-a-year men

Wright speaks on India at Harlem workers’ club

All India opposes British rule, reporter admits (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — the effect of racial epithets — Stalinist lies about our pamphlet

The story behind a frameup — British coal kings sabotage coal production; Trotskyists alone fight for miners’ interests

History repeats itself . . . by Milton Alvin

U.S. bosses in Shanghai still do business as usual with Japanese (continued from page 1)

Only German revolution can save Soviet Union

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

A basic truth

Vargas-dictator ally of U.S.

British Daily Worker ban lifted

UAW heads ask FDR to force general wage cut, by Joseph Andrews

British in India — from World War I to World War II, by Howard Allen

That old time religion

Geo-politics offers new myths for old

Volume VI No. 37 Saturday, September 12, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Stalingrad fights, by George Collins

Indian factory workers go out on political strikes — British censorship conceals facts about participation of workers in struggle, by Felix Morrow

Roosevelt threatens to assume dictatorial powers — will rule by decree unless Congress grants his demands — unprecedented ultimatum on Labor day is threat to masses’ rights and standards, by George Breitman

Breitman files as S.W.P. U.S. Senate candidate — N.J. Trotskyist calls for a workers’ and farmers’ government

India steel worker (picture)

Who benefits from price rises? by C. Charles

Negro group calls national conference — will discuss March on Washington after Roosevelt’s refusal to meet with Randolph, by A. Stein

(Page 2)

50,000 live in unheated trailers in Detroit area — and the prospects are that they will still be living in them next winter, by Larissa Reed

1942 election platform of Socialist Workers Party in New Jersey

Sniper Ludmilla Pavlichenko, by Milton Alvin

President Roosevelt threatens to assume dictatorial powers (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — the conference in Detroit on Sept. 26-27

Stalinists try to explain away pro-Franco proposal — poor Roosevelt is only a victim of the “appeasers", the “Daily Worker” explains, by Anthony Massini

Stalinists put socialism in cold storage, by M. Morrison

Indian factory workers go out on political strikes (continued from page 1)

Breitman files as S.W.P. candidate (continued from page 1)

Widespread protests follow Williams’ hanging in Ireland — Irish people are still opposed to partition of their country

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

The duty of the folks back home

Beginning of labor freezing

Dept. of labor head reveals low wages

Ed Parker, 1917-1942 — an active revolutionist

Who benefits from price rises? (continued from page 1)

A wealth of material is in bound volume of “F.I."

Volume VI No. 38 Saturday, September 19, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Stalingrad and the Churchill — Stalin talks, by George Collins

India’s struggle grows despite British terror — Churchill intends to try crushing India into submission — Washington irked by rejection of plea to reopen negotiations, by Felix Morrow

Anti-labor drive is facilitated by labor heads, CP

End premium pay; federal workers put under “czar,” by Joseph Andrews

F.D.R. decrees hit at labor — Congress prepares to give Roosevelt power he demands

Rubber production held up by boss greed for profits, by Howard Allen

Arnold’s aid indicts WPB

How to fight rising living costs

CRDC to give affair for 18 Mpls. defendants

(Page 2)

Stalin’s purges directly linked to defeats, by John G. Wright

Basic union problems remain unanswered at UE convention — Stalinists in control, interested only in speedup and curb on militancy; Careyites have fundamentally same false policy

DuPont conspiracy restricted output of war material

Govt. “cracks down” on farmer — not on bosses, by Larissa Reed

What happened in France under decree rule, by Miriam Carter

FDR abolished premium pay; govt. workers under “czar” (continued from page 1)

Anti-labor drive is facilitated by labor heads, CP (continued from page 1)

Articles on India feature latest issue of “F.I."

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker — three stories about Georgia

Masses are still bitterly opposed to Franco regime — workers’ revolutionary spirit has not been destroyed, by Grandizo Munis

Significance of trend to government by decree, by M. Morrison

UAW leaders are condemned by Allentown local

The plight of the Jews and the democracies — Secretary Hull makes hypocritical reply to taunt by Laval

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Roosevelt’s speech: study in contrasts

India’s struggle sharpens despite British terror (continued from page 1)

British union leader’s speech helps Hitler

Can’t save USSR by supporting program of the imperialists, by Anthony Massini

The Workers’ Bookshelf

Volume VI No. 39 Saturday, September 26, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Workers are most active fighters in India today — resistance to British oppression is strongest in war production centers, by Felix Morrow

Red soldiers fight back (picture)

Senate votes to freeze wages — authorizes Roosevelt to fix wages at Sept. 15 levels — House of Representatives also considers legislation to prevent increases in pay, by Joseph Andrews

Government office reject bargaining rights for ITU

Breitman analyzes N.J. primary vote — cites results to demonstrate need for workers to form independent labor party, by George Breitman

"Little Steel” rule means no raises for most workers

War Labor Board undermines fight for better conditions — grants less than one-third of GM unions’ demands

"Union Security” denied workers who go on strike

London denies promise of second front in ’42 — June agreements are dismissed as matter of poor phraseology — Stalin promised the Soviet masses help would come now, by John G. Wright

(Page 2)

Corporation officials named to key WPB jobs — Donald Nelson forces critics of dollar-a-year men to resign, by C. Charles

"Nothing left but pulp” if present tax bill passes

Meat monopolies create artificial shortages — one-third of nation hungers while meat packers boost prices, by Grace Carlson

London denies promise of second front in ’42 (continued from page 1)

Workers most active fighters in India (continued from page 1)

"Little Steel” rule means no raises for most workers (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

Masses fight against Hitler oppression — but struggle of workers and peasants has nothing in common with aims of Allied imperialist lackeys — sabotage, go on strike, conduct armed war

Open fascist is welcomed into DeGaulle ranks, by Michael Cort

The capitalist opponents of Roosevelt’s ultimatum, by M. Morrison

Breitman analyzes N.J. primary vote (continued from page 1)

Trotsky’s book on morals is weapon in workers’ struggle

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

The siege of Stalingrad

A feeler in the fascist direction

Carl Palmer 1919-1942, by Joan Wakefield

Hoare asks action to block post-war workers’ revolts, by A. Roland

Franco remains in power because of outside aid, by Grandizo Munis

Cripps answered his own foul alibis in 1940

Volume VI No. 40 Saturday, October 3, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Oral argument on Minneapolis appeal to be heard on Nov. 5

British attack Indian masses (picture)

Reactionary congressmen try to prevent vote on poll tax—labor forces must protest against threat of filibusters and technical maneuvers, by Albert Parker

“New Leader” story on Leon Trotsky’s assassin refuted

Labor is undefended in Congress price fight—wage-freezing is supported by all congress groups—farm bloc and administration aim blows at workers, by Joseph Andrews

Negroes vote to set up a militant organization—Detroit conference of March-on-Washington movement decides to establish a permanent organization to fight Jim Crowism, by Art Preis

Army arbitrarily fires unionist in Buick plant—precedent could be used to undermine all union activity

New Jersey SWP plans 3 election radio broadcasts

Willkie reveals extent of Soviet Union losses, by John G. Wright

“Democracy” in action in Bolivia

Grace Carlson is Trotskyist candidate for U.S. Senate—offers socialist program to end war and fascism

(Page 2)

More anti-Trotskyist slanders—Hollywood begins film “justifying” the Moscow trials,” by Joseph Hansen

Tory newspaper peddles GPU line in Great Britain

Willkie reveals Soviet losses (continued from page 1)

Shipyard workers union is now 200,000 strong

Negroes vote to set up a militant organization (continued from page 1)

Stalinist choice of “Best Man” in the U.S. Senate

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—can equality be won under capitalism? by Albert Parker

Why USSR and China are treated as 2nd class allies—propaganda about “equality of nations” after war is disproved by attitude to non-imperialist nations in midst of war

The question of the Second Front, by M. Morrison

An instructive discussion on the Mpls. defense policy

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Mediation in India

Labor needs own press and own party

Effect of price rises (graphic)

What is the farm bloc? by Howard Allen

Grace Carlson is Trotskyist candidate for U.S. Senate (continued from page 1)

Grace Carlson’s statement

Volume VI No. 41 Saturday, October 11, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Trotskyists hold tenth convention—reaffirm the socialist line on imperialist war—largest SWP convention marked by unanimous agreement on basic principles of the movement; delegates hear report of union work and organizational gains since last convention

On the Stalingrad front (picture)

Wages frozen, economic czar named, collective bargaining restricted—Roosevelt’s Oct. 3 order is blow at masses’ standards—next step in placing costs of war on the workers will be a stiff taxation program, by Joseph Andrews

Fourth International issues manifesto to masses of India—World Party of Socialist Revolution offers program to achieve independence

Nazis to try to hold what they have won—discontent shows “new order” is far from stabilization, by C. Charles

Stalin complains that USSR gets “little effective” aid from allies—this is also indictment of his policy of depending on imperialists to save USSR, by John G. Wright

Goldman protests film to lie about L. Trotsky

Cannon, Breitman to speak on radio in N.J. campaign

(Page 2)

Trotskyists hold 10th national convention (continued from page 1)

Roosevelt covers anti-labor moves with “liberal” veneer, by A. Roland

Concentration camp for United nations seamen

Navy admiral threatens unions with extinction—says we can “well live without them,” by Milton Alvin

Wages frozen, czar appointed, collective bargaining limited (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle, by Albert Parker

The present status of the “Jacson” case in Mexico—lawyer for Leon Trotsky’s assassin tried to postpone trial decision

Revolutionary perspectives in the Indian struggle, by M. Morrison

GPU assassin gets setback—higher court throws out charges of bias on part of trial judge, by Walter Rourke

Stalin complains that USSR gets “little effective” aid from allies (continued from page 1)

Every worker should support March-on-Washington movement, by Arthur Preis

(Page 4)

International ties in midst of the war

Roosevelt’s order and the labor leaders

Hitler says Nazis will hold what they have (continued from page 1)

Who is Byrnes? What is his labor record? by Howard Allen

The Workers’ Bookshelf

Volume VI No. 42 Saturday, October 17, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

The imperialist war and the road to world socialism—political resolution adopted by convention of SWP—editor’s note

British C.P. and strikebreaking

What Roosevelt didn’t say in his Columbus Day speech

Breitman speaks over WPAT

Senate loads taxes on workers; corporations are handled gently—"victory loan” cuts wages as lower incomes are taxed—boss class Senate ignores CIO protest: again points need for building Labor Party, by C. Charles

Negro people support Indian freedom fight

Economic czar’s first order hits unions’ rights, by J. Andrews

Labor-haters sound keynote at Toronto AFL convention, by Milton Alvin

OPA okays new food price rises

(Page 2)

The second imperialist world war and the road to international socialism—political resolution unanimously adopted by convention of the Socialist Workers Party (continued from page 1)

(Page 3)

“The workers and the colonial peoples will conquer power and make a socialist peace” (continued from page 1)

(Page 4)

John L. Lewis quits CIO

Roosevelt very generous with China’s property, by William E. Warde

New labor federation fills no real need—independent unions without program or unity, by E.R. Frank

Stalin abolishes the commissars in Soviet Army, by M. Morrison

Economic czar’s first order is blow at unions rights (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 43 Saturday, October 24, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Breitman calls for workers’ and farmer’s gov’t

Socialist answer to war given by Minn. candidate—Carlson radio talks to reach thousands in industrial areas

Discuss wage freezing plans (picture)

WLB acts to intimidate militants—labor board wants to coerce officers of local unions—WLB, with labor members concurring, orders its agents to check on the relations of local leaders to strikes, by Joseph Andrews

Labor baiter

Flint auto workers win fight against Jim Crow—union and March-on-Washington get production jobs for Negro unionists, by Jeff Thorne

Negro paper lauds “Fourth Internat’l article on India

WLB rejects Ford workers’ demand for wage raises

Not first time Breitman has opposed Smathers and Hawkes

First anniversary of the Minneapolis trial—prosecution was one of government’s first steps toward regimentation of labor movement, by Felix Morrow

Editor’s note

(Page 2)

An economic program for labor in wartime

No use for crop you raised, says gov’t—lack of planning, gov’t mismanagement to lose farmers $70,0000 cash income, by Howard Allen

For a socialist world—a statement by Grace Carlson

Short biography of Grace Carlson

Need workers’-farmers’ government, says N. J. candidate for Senate (continued from page 1)

Poor farmers express sharp dissatisfaction with government program at farmers’ union convention

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—the AFL convention—SWP convention, by Albert Parker

French unrest caused by social forces, not Allied propaganda—resistance in France is directed against native capitalists as well as Axis forces, by A. Roland

The partisan bands in Jugoslavia, by M. Morrison

Boss class enlists God and superstitions on their side, by L. Bennett

(Page 4)

Who will kill the poll tax

Yes, punish the war criminals

Two wars

First anniversary of the Minneapolis trial (continued from page 1)

Notes from England

Navy tries new trick to smash seamen unions

WLB denies union shop to union that had it, by J. Michaels

Volume VI No. 44 Saturday, October 31, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Workers still out on political strikes in India—"Daily Worker” boasts about strikebreaking activities of the Indian Communist Party, by Felix Morrow

It is time to build an independent labor party, An Editorial

Military experts report needless loss of life in Solomon Islands—reshuffling of officers is no guard against similar disasters—ordinary seamen know enough to avoid military blunders committed in Pacific, by George Collins

Anti-poll tax bill is threatened by delay in Senate—mass pressure is needed to force immediate vote

Tax law takes drastic cut in workers’ income

To celebrate 25th anniversary of Russian revolution on Nov. 8

Cannon to speak over radio for Breitman on October 31

Boss’ taxes are cut

New York school opens fall term on November 4

(Page 2)

Workers and the second imperialist war—stenographic record of James P. Cannon’s report at tenth convention of American Trotskyists, Oct. 2, 1942

(Page 3)

Cannon’s report to S.W.P. Convention

Sentiments of officer caste revealed by land, by M. Morrison

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Willkie’s speech

Leon Henderson fixes the consumers, by A. Roland

The New York elections—a statement by the national committee of the Socialist Workers Party

How to destroy fascism abroad and prevent it at home—excerpts from George Breitman’s radio address over station WPAT on October 24

How wages are cut by taxes (cartoon)

Military experts report needless loss of life (continued from page 1)

Volume VI No. 45 Saturday, November 7, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

25th anniversary of the Russian revolution, by George Collins

Stalinist attack SWP candidate in MInnesota

Defending the gains of October (picture)

Administration moves closer to regimentation of labor—right to change jobs would be limited under new plan—WMC committee asks for executive order requiring USES approval for job changes, by Anthony Massini

Admiral Lands aids shipowners in war profiteering—maritime commission accused of helping bosses cheat gov’t

Stalinist aid British against Indian masses—Stalinists’ own stories from India, printed in Daily Worker, show they openly acted as strikebreakers in political strikes, by Felix Morrow

Cannon to speak at N.Y. meeting on Russian revolut’n

(Page 2)

How to put an end to imperialist war—James P. Cannon’s radio speech over station WPAT on Saturday, October 31

Boss attacks on Local 9 have intensified since war began—gov’t agents, union leaders help destroy union hiring hall

Stalinists slander SWP candidate in Minnesota (continued from page 1)

Workers’ Forum—they know the tasks of a union

Russian revolution featured in Nov. “4th International"

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—the Russian revolution and the fight to achieve racial equality in this country, by John Saunders

Trotsky defends the revolution—a radio speech to the United States from Copenhagen in Nov. 1932

Why Willkie is worried, by Milton Alvin

Geller to speak at Harlem workers club

Stalinists aid British against India masses (continued from page 1)

International news

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Roosevelt answers Willkie

Quit stalling the anti-poll tax bill!

Italian fascism after twenty years of power, by John G. Wright

Why the bosses are happy about the new tax bill, by William F. Warde

The Social-Democrats in India’s struggle, by A. Roland

Volume VI No. 46 Saturday, November 14, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Belgian Trotskyist leader dies in prison at hands of the Nazis

OPA lets price rise (picture)

Breitman gets higher vote than in 1940—more New Jersey workers reached with SWP program than ever before

Election results show need for a Labor Party—many workers vote only with their feet—workers, having an independent labor choice, cast significant vote for ALP, by George Breitman

Boss unity

Stalin says imperialists will save the Soviet Union—African war shows imperialists’ aims differ from USSR’s, by Anthony Massini

Circuit court hears appeal on Minneapolis convictions—decision concerning trial of eighteen is expected in approximately six weeks

C.P. helped to elect MInnesota Republican—only the candidate of the Trotskyists presented correct working class program, by Vincent R. Dunne

Elections followed by sales tax talk

Labor papers threatened by government newsprint plan

(Page 2)

SWP celebrates Russian revolution anniversary

At the CIO convention—first day of CIO convention—Murray tries to distort Roosevelt’s labor record (continued from page 1)

Encouraging response to school’s first sessions

Second day of convention: delegates discuss ways of destroying Jim Crow, by Felix Morrow

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—the effect of the Nov. 3 elections on the fight to end Jim Crow and Judge Lynch, by John Saunders

Election results show need for nationwide labor party (continued from page 1)

We celebrate the Russian revolution—opening speech at SWP meeting in N.Y., by Joseph Hansen

Second front depends on political as well as military considerations, by Mark Braden

C. P. helped to elect Minnesota Republicans (continued from page 1)

Stalin says imperialists will save the Soviet Union (continued from page 1)

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Talking about stabs in the back . . .

The central aim

New he’s “our” S.O.B.

Election and the anti-poll tax bill

Old enough to fight? old enough to vote! by A. Roland

And they call it a “war for democracy"!

Workers’ Forum—soldiers and the elections—Bridges takes on job of censor

More on why bosses are happy about new tax bill, by C. Charles

German tax laws also go easy on capitalist class, by Howard Allen

Volume VI No. 47 Saturday, November 21, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Post office holds up two issues of “The Militant"—our only “crime” is loyalty to working class, An Editorial

U.S. “Democrats” find it easy to do business with French fascists—deals strengthen foes of the French masses—rulers of “liberated” North Africa picked from rogues gallery of reaction, by George Collins

Is the FBI concocting a frameup against the SWP?—an open letter to Attorney-General Biddle, by James B. Cannon

CIO convention reveals effects of support of the Roosevelt program, by Felix Morrow

Huge new tax bill planned for 1943

Shipowner-dominated gov’t board again strikes at maritime unions

British refuse to give up Hong Kong, by Albert Parker

(Page 2)

Military journal gives advice to the officers, by Howard Hogan

Tax bill handles bosses differently than workers

British Stalinists sabotage Tyne strike, by J. Haston

Workers’ Forum—non-union conditions at sea

Stalin’s policies hamper the European revolution, by Anthony Massini

(Page 3)

25th anniversary of the Russian revolution—text of James P. Cannon’s speech at New York anniversary meeting, Nov. 8

(Page 4)

Sidelights at the fifth annual convention of the CIO

Effects of subordinating CIO to Roosevelt (continued from page 1)

(Page 5)

The Negro Struggle—U.S. soldiers are Jim Crowed in Britain, by Albert Parker

The French masses and the U.S. political maneuvers, by A. Roland

We support all tendencies to independent labor politics, by M. Morrison

International Notes

More than a century of French rule in Africa, by Mark Braden

Persecuted worker appeals for funds to sue state

(Page 6)

Join us in fighting for:

Stop the filibuster!

The four freedoms in Algeria

Lawyer presents case for Trotsky’s assassin—sentence should be announced within next few weeks, by Walter Rourke

And they call it a “war for democracy"!

Profits come first

The Workers’ Bookshelf

Both imperialist camps fight among themselves, by John Bates

Volume VI No. 48 Saturday, November 28, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Help “The Militant” fight suppression!

Attack on “The Militant” is a blow at freedom of the press—collaborate with fascists abroad and persecute anti-fascists at home, by James P. Cannon

Post Office refuse to specify reasons—but its objections to “The Militant” are for its uncompromising pro-labor policy

“The power of Post Office censorship"

C.P. approves asks suppression of “call” also—wants gov’t action against all of its labor opponents

Post Office censorship during 1st World War

(Page 2)

Republicans join Democrats to save poll tax—deal was so dirty that gov’t censored news of it going abroad, by George Breitman

On the Caucasus front (picture)

List of Nazi victims is growing in Germany—Hitler considers revolutionists greater enemies of his Reich than foreign spies, by Michael Cort

Offer to bury the poll tax

Irish strike holds fast in face of boss threats, by Bob Armstrong

Cap union fights Arnold’s latest “anti-trust” suit

“New Leader’s” comment on Post Office action

Prices still rising

Aid asked for Negro striker framed in 1940

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—what kind of “progress” is being made? by Albert Parker

Production is sabotaged by big business, CIO charges—CIO convention reporters describe chaos in industry, by Felix Morrow

The liberalism of Wendell Willkie, by M. Morrison

Women in industry—double standard for war plant wages, by Marie Taylor

Carlson vote was not recorded by Minn. officials—canvass’s board did not even include official county vote

How Soviet Union conducted war under Lenin and Trotsky

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

A reminder to the FBI

They explode their own alibi

Manpower and the 40-hour week

Workers’ Forum—a delegate on the convent’n of the AFL distillery workers—wants to help THE MILITANT—Stalinist role in the UE

Empires fall, but AT&T carries on, by C. Charles

Workers’ Bookshelf

Franco and Roosevelt—friends for a long time

Newsmen denounce censors in Washington and London

Volume VI No. 49 Saturday, December 5, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

End overtime pay (but don’t touch mine) (cartoon)

Red Army’s offensive staggers Germans at Stalingrad and Rzhev—the task now is to arouse German revolt, by Michael Cort

American Civil Liberties Union protests attack on “militant"—declares banned issues do not violate Espionage Act properly construed in the light of previous decisions

Maritime labor defends right to sue shipowners—SIU, SUP conduct struggle to retain power of Jones Act

Both parties are condemned for defeat of poll tax bill—Randolph hits role of Roosevelt, GOP and Senate liberals—Negro leader urges increased fight for Democratic rights

CIO convention evaded lesson of the elections—facts reported by convention delegates lead to conclusion that workers need a labor party to protect their interests, by Felix Morrow

Bosses ride in rolling night club while railroads pack in workers 83 to a car, by B. Forrest

Shipbuilders’s graft is exposed by house body

Business booming

(Page 2)

The Bendix case—same boss who led fight against North American strikers is head of firm charged with conspiring with Axis employers, by C. Charles

Jim Crow still here (picture)

CIO convention evaded lesson of the elections (continued from page 1)

“Labor action” protests Post Office’s action

U.S. industrial accidents outnumber war casualties—speedup, fatigue, greed for profits result in heavy toll, by Larissa Reed

How the French came into domination of Morocco, by Mark Braden

Comment of “The Call” on the “Militant” ban

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—how the Post Office attack on our paper affects the struggle against Jim Crow, by Albert Parker

The military and political effects of the turn in war—a clear trend to the right is shown as capitalists see approach of victory, by A. Roland

Some lessons of the anti-poll tax defeat

Soviet drives stagger Germans on two fronts (continued from page 1)

Women in Industry—how to enforce the War Labor Board’s equal pay decision, by Marie Taylor

679 votes for Breitman

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

War aims one year after Pearl Harbor

What happens to the overtime pay?

Randolph’s statement

Workers’ Forum—false propaganda on 40-hour week—glad we intend to fight it out—sends contribution, wants farm articles—costs of living squeezes $16 worker—imperialists and their arguments

Why is the Times worries about Hitler’s weakness? by Anthony Massini

Workers’ Bookshelf

Inventions and fate of the “Joads” after the war, by C. Charles

Starvation in Puerto Rico and the new food program, by Howard Allen

Volume VI No. 50 Saturday, December 12, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Stalinist hand seen in postal ban on “Militant,” by Anthony Massini

McNutt appointment opens way to more regimentation—McNutt given power over all hiring, transfer of workers—"Hoosier Hitler” given greater power over U.S. labor than anyone ever had, by Joseph Andrews

“Fourth International” barred from the mails—contains articles condemning Darlan deal, Post Office ban and Stalinist union role

Tory poll tax senator (cartoon)

New book by Trotsky to be published Dec. 21

Union advertising labeled “subversive” by city officials

Beveridge does not solve problem of unemployment, by Michael Cort

CIO-AFL unity committees meet—agree to end jurisdictional disputes, but there is little prospect for unification, by Felix Morrow

NAM calls a war congress—to war against unions—denounce workers in new campaign for open shop conditions

Just a suggestion

(Page 2)

WLB hands down three reactionary rulings—hits wages, escalators and security clauses

Unity committees meet (continued from page 1)

Women in Industry—economic necessity—not always choice, by Marie Taylor

Stalinist hand is seen in Post Office attack (continued from page 1)

NAM calls a congress to war against unions (continued from page 1)

“Daily News” makes a fascist bid o win soldier support—in self-defense the unions must protect soldiers’ interests

Negro non-com. reduced to ranks for making anti-Jim Crow proposals

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—will McNutt appointment help the Negro?—General B.O. Davis is a busy man, by Albert Parker

The slaughter of the Jews—Hitler’s policy of extermination is intended to cow the workers everywhere, by A. Roland

They will try to suppress European Socialist revolts, by M. Morrison

International Notes, by Betty Keuhn

Why we broke with the left-wing Zionists—statement by four who left to join the Socialist Workers Party

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Another exception—the Dutch empire

The Communist Party and “The Militant"

Save Caballero!

Workers’ Forum—garment workers’ reaction to ban—seaman finds little democracy in Egypt

The Stalinist criterion on deals with fascists, by Philip Blake

Beveridge plan fails to solve unemployment (continued from page 1)

The record of Sir William

A and P is indicted for monopolistic practices, by C. Charles

Reading labor paper protests “Militant” ban

U.S. bosses eye Soviet Union in hunt for profit, by R. Freeman

Volume VI No. 51 Saturday, December 19, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

Post Office releases two issues of Militant, An Editorial

No-strike pledge is debated at N.J. CIO convention—discussion shows growing discontent in labor’s ranks

Exceptions noted (cartoon)

Detroit job freezing order aids corporation drive against labor—aimed to stop workers from seeking better paid jobs—employers approve freezing order; Army will be used to see that it is enforced, by Joseph Andrews

OPA permits price rises on beef, 16 grocery items

Treasury Dep’t plans new taxes on the workers—1943 burden will probably exceed that of this year

“Character of the war has changed"—Pearl Buck—"The war has ceased to be a fight for freedom,” winner of Nobel prize tells her fellow writers and scientists, by Felix Morrow

Officers fraternize with Soviet soldiers—Red Army’s great tradition is revived in struggle to defend conquests of October, by John G. Wright

Roosevelt put over the deal with Otto, says Drew Pearson

(Page 2)

Beveridge plan leads to baring of war aims—future of British economy looks bleak whoever wins war

Officers fraternize with Red soldiers (continued from page 1)

“Character of war has changed"—Pearl Buck (continued from page 1)

“The Nation” comments on “militant” ban

N.Y. SWP local meets in annual convention—encouraging progress noted in trade union and educat’l work, by Harry Frankel

Strikes lost in Belfast

French won Africa empire by brutal slaughter of natives, by Mark Brade

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—Jim Crow and the Camp Lee situation, by Albert Parker

DeGaulle and Darlan—two of a kind—British picked general for same “expediency” reason that U.S. picked admiral, by A. Roland

The lessons of 1918-20—revolutionary propaganda was a Soviet weapon of war, by Miriam Carter

International Notes, by Betty Keuhn

OPA permits rises on beef, 16 grocery items (continued from page 1)

WDL secures new trial for jailed unionist

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

Roosevelt’s appeal

The United Nations make a gesture

Workers’ Forum—British miner wants to receive paper—discusses “Harlem Charter” meeting—what workers think of German people

Workers’ bookshelf

Books banned in Germany; papers banned in the U.S., by C. Charles

U.S. labor freezing plan follows fascist pattern, by Howard Hogan

Detroit job freezing order aids corporation drive against labor (continued from page 1)

Hollywood must conform to the govt’s foreign policy, by John Bates

Volume VI No. 52 Saturday, December 26, 1942, New York, NY
The Militant
Official Weekly Organ of the Socialist Workers Party

Editor: George Breitman

    Felix Morrow

(Page 1)

WLB broadens powers to stifle union militancy—asserts the right to punish unions in new decisions, by Eloise Black

Important unions protest against WLB delay on grievances

Jurisdiction is extended over all civilian jobs

Eating horse meat too (picture)

Drive begun to send prices sky high—shortages threatened if prices are not raised—administration seen yielding to profiteers who are ready to stop milling flour for bread and to slaughter milk cows, by Anthony Massini

Post office cracks down on third labor paper—Dec. 21 “labor action” withheld from mails as protests increase against P. O.

How food prices have risen in last two years

Labor’s program to fight rising prices and shortages, An Editorial

Labor Dep’t report shows how bosses evade price laws

Prices keep on rising despite OPA ceilings

(Page 2)

Soviet railway systems faces winter strain—Pravda sounds alarm many roads unready for winter traffic, by John G. Wright

Gov’t is still building plans for the monopolies

New drive begun to send rices sky high (continued from page 1)

Why the “Times” thinks that Stalin can be relied on, by A. Roland

Stalinists ask gov’t for “labor representations,” by Philip Blake

What four other papers say about ban on “The Militant"

Complaint by two housewives, by A. Williams & M. Winters

(Page 3)

The Negro Struggle—Jim Crow news of the day, by Albert Parker

The allies attitude to China’s war—Lin Yutang charges sabotage of Chinese front, by Felix Morrow

What U.S. forces are protecting in Liberia, by Myra Ward

International Notes, by Betty Kuehn

Darlan says he will rule till at least end of war, by Michael Cort

(Page 4)

Join us in fighting for:

A new book by Trotsky

Democratic price committees needed

Civil war in Yugoslavia

Workers’ Forum—send money to fight P.O. ban—reports Jim Crow acts in Britain—liked article on CIO convention—ignore contract’s “escape clause"

Workers’ Bookshelf

How “courage to order” is produced by Army doctors, by Grace Carlson

Before and after the speech by Pearl Buck, by Two Stalinists

One reason why a milk shortage is threatened, by R. Freeman


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