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As Nigel Harris is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Nigel Harris included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


Autumn 1960: Nasty men (book review)

Autumn 1960: Philosophical desiccation (book review)

Winter 1960/61: Capitalist to manager (book review)

Winter 1960/61: The psephological eye (book review)

Spring 1961: The Road Back (book review)

Spring 1961: Tamed (book review)

Summer 1961: An economist’s world (book review)

Autumn 1961: What does welfare mean? (book review)

Winter 1961: Tory Trends (book review)

Winter 1961: The Decline of Welfare

Summer 1962: H of C (book review)

Summer 1962: Marxism (book review)

Autumn 1962: Labour and the Bomb (forum with Tirril Harris, Jim Kincaid, Ross Pritchard & Noel Tracey)

Autumn 1962: Muddy Boots and Pressure Groups (book review)

Winter 1962: Paishism (book review)

Winter 1962: Political Paddling (book review)

Spring 1963: The Sociology of Knowledge (book review)

Summer 1963: Tories and Trade Unions (book review)

Autumn 1963: India (book review)

Autumn 1963: Japanese Politics (book review)

Spring 1964: Japanese Politics (book review)

Spring 1964: Potpourri (book review)

Summer 1964: India – Part One

Autumn 1964: India – A First Approximation II

Winter 1964/5: Quite Useful (book review)

Winter 1964/5: Stalin’s Boy (book review)

Spring 1965: Confucian Confusion (book review)

Spring 1965: White Collars (book review)

Summer 1965: Compendium (book review)

Summer 1965: Preface to Miracles (book review)

Summer 1965: The Reds (book review)

Autumn 1965: Economics and Reality (book review)

Autumn 1965: Philosophic Journalist (book review)

Winter 1965: Fascism (book review)

Winter 1965: God’s Agony and the Dialectic (review)

Winter 1965: The Trade Union Movement in Japan – Editor’s Introduction

Spring 1966: The Notebook – Counter-Revolution in Indonesia

Summer 1966: Class Struggle and Literature (book review)

Summer 1966: More China (book review)

Autumn 1966: Education and Development (book review)

Autumn 1966: Sinology (book review)

Autumn 1966: Toryism (book review)

Autumn 1966: Marxism – Leninism-Stalinism-Maoism

Autumn 1966: Philosophers at Work (book review)

Autumn 1966: The Notebook – Purge in China

Winter 1966/67: The Notebook – Czech Economy

Winter 1966/67: Right Where? (book review)

Spring 1967: China – What Price Culture?

Spring 1967: Old Russian Soldiers (book review)

Summer 1967: Prophet on the Right (book review)

Autumn 1967: Again, Hunting with the Hounds

Autumn 1967: Portrait of a System? (extended book review)

Winter 1967/68: Marxist Chinese (book review)

Winter 1967/68: The Nazis (book review)

Winter 1967/68: Not a Model (book review)

Summer 1968: Chinese Studies (book review)

Summer 1968: Egyptology (book review)

Summer 1968: Sad Histories (book review)

Autumn 1968: The Far East and Neo-Colonialism

Autumn 1968: Race and Nation

Winter 1968/69: China – Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom

8 February 1969: Japan’s battling students spearhead revolt against grip of the dollar

8 March 1969: Workers’ and peasants’ alliance – the only road for Pakistan ...

29 March 1969: Brutal purge may follow fall of Ayub

April 1969: Foundation and Empire (book review)

April 1969: Pakistan – Feb. 14

5 April 1969: Politicians gang up against Pakistan masses

26 June 1969: Keep off my patch – the Moscow brand of ‘internationalism’

October 1969: Agriculture, Peasants and Accumulation (extended book review)

December 1969: China and the Russian Offensive

December 1969: The Revolutionary Role of the Peasants

February 1970: Prospects for the Seventies – The Third World

February 1970: Indian Summer (book review)

16 May 1970: Nixon’s desert

April 1971: History and Class Consciousness (book review)

June 1971: Special Asian Survey – Ceylon

June 1971: Special Asian Survey – Chinese Policy

June 1971: The Naxalites and the Bangla-Deshi Left

July 1972: India – Capitalism and Revolution

October 1972: The ‘Marxist’ Left in India

January 1973: The Anarchist Argument (extended book review)

February 1973: China Since Lin Piao

March 1973: Bangladesh (Notes of the Month)

June 1973: India and China (book review)

July 1973: Economic growth in India and China

February 1974: Imperialism and Revolution in South Asia (book review)

April 1974: The Autumn of Central Paris (book review)

May 1974: South Asia on the Brink

March 1975: The Chinese Road to Socialism (book review)

May 1975: China and World Revolution

June 1975: Black Power and the ‘Third World’

June 1975: Rural Protest (book review)

February 1976: Two Notes on a Visit to the United States

February 1976: Chou En-lai (obituary)

June 1976: Marx and Mao (extended book review)

September 1976: China as a ‘Deformed Workers State’? (extended book review)

October 1976: Mao Tse-tung (extended obituary)

November 1976: Thailand – The Army Resumes Command

July 1977: World Crisis and the System

9 December 1978: Iran – Tanks and guns can’t stop us now

Winter 1978/79: The Asian boom economies and the ‘impossibility’ of national economic development

April 1979: C is for compete, cheat, CAPITALISM

29 September 1979: A Nicaragua diary

Winter 1980: Deindustrialisation

January 1980: 3 worlds or 2 classes (book review)

Spring 1980: The new untouchables – the international migration of labour

May 1980: The Socialist Case against Import Controls

Summer 1980: Cuba (letter)

Autumn 1980: Crisis and the core of the world system

February 1981: Daydreaming about ‘our’ Britain (extended book review)

January 1983: No end in sight

March 1983: Evading the problem (book review)

Summer 1984: Japanese workers’ struggles after the Second World War (book review)

March 1985: The Happiest Days of your Life

April 1985: Mexico diary

May 1985: The politics of famine

June 1985: Where is China going?

July 1985: Divide and rule

September 1985: Frontiers of control

October 1985: The year of anniversaries

November 1985: The eastern sun rises

December 1985: The killer from Manila

January 1986: The mobile industry

February 1986: Heart of darkness

March 1986: The last of the Keynesians

April 1986: A Big Bang?

May 1986: End of civilisation as we know it

July 1986: Thorn in the crown

September 1986: Mexican stand off

November 1986: Conqueror or conquered?

December 1986: The half open door

January 1987: The mountains of profit

March 1987: Store wars

April 1987: Debt as a threat

May 1987: Moscow’s migrants

November 1987: China & Tibet

2004: Duncan Hallas – Death of a Trotskyist (obituary)

2004: All praise war!

Autumn 2011: Tony Cliff rediscovered (book review) (with Christian Høgsbjerg)

Summer 2012: Characterising the period

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