The Russo-German Alliance: August 1939 – June 1941, by A. Rossi (Angelo Tasca) 1949

The Russo-German Alliance: August 1939 – June 1941

Source: Book published in 1950 by Chapman and Hall of London. Originally published in French by Librairie Arthème Fayard in 1949, under the title of Deux Ans d'Alliance Germano-Soviétique. Translated into English by John and Micheline Cullen. Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.

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Note to the English Edition

Chapter I: The Suspicious Partners: Hitler’s Germany and Soviet Russia Approach Each Other Warily

Chapter II: The Agreement in the Making: March to July 1939

Chapter III: The Agreements of 23 August 1939

Chapter IV: The Polish Campaign

Chapter V: Ribbentrop’s Second Moscow Journey and the Fourth Partition of Poland

Chapter VI: German – Soviet Collaboration During the ‘Phoney War’

Chapter VII: The Clouds Gather

Chapter VIII: Germany and the USSR Quarrel Over the Balkans

Chapter IX: Molotov in Berlin (12-13 November 1940)

Chapter X: The Race into War

Chapter XI: By Way of Conclusion