Hegel’s Works

The Positivity of the Christian Religion, 1793
Love, 1797
The Magistrates should be Elected by the People, 1798
The Spirit of Christianity and its Fate, 1798
The German Constitution, 1798-1802
Fragment of a System, 1800
The Critical Journal of Philosophy, 1802
The Difference Between Fichte’s and Schelling’s System of Philosophy, 1801
System of Ethical Life, 1802-3
Faith & Knowledge, 1802
On the Scientific Ways of Treating Natural Law, 1803
The Philosophy of Spirit, (Jena Lectures) 1805-6
The History of Philosophy, 1805-6
The Phenomenology of Spirit, 1807
The Philosophical Propadeutic, 1808
Who Thinks Abstractly? 1808
On Classical Studies, 1809
* * *
Inaugural Address, Delivered at the University of Berlin 1818
The Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences, 1817-1830
Shorter Logic (Book 1 of the Encyclopedia) 1830
The Science of Logic, 1812-1816
The Philosophy of Nature (Book 2 of the Encyclopedia) 1817
The Subjective Spirit, 1817
The Subjective Spirit, 1830
The Philosophy of Right, 1821
The Philosophy of History, 1830
Absolute Spirit, 1817
Lectures on Aesthetics, 1823-29
The Philosophy of Religion, 1821
Address on the Tercentenary of the Submission of the Augsburg Confession, 1830
The English Reform Bill, 1831