—Hegel’s Works—

“Early Works”

Prospects for a Folk Religion, 1793 Tübingen

The Positivity of the Christian Religion, 1795 Berne

The German Constitution, 1798-1802 Frankfurt

The Critical Journal of Philosophy, 1801 Jena

The Difference Between Fichte’s and Schelling’s System of Philosophy, 1801 Jena

System of Ethical Life, 1803/4 Jena

Faith & Knowledge, 1802 Jena

Realphilosophie II, 1805/6 Jena

“Mature Works”

The Phenomenology of Spirit, 1807 Bamberg

Who Thinks Abstractly?, 1808 Bamberg

Philosophical Propadeutic, 1808-1811

Sections of the Encyclopaedia

The Science of Logic, 1812-16 Nuremberg

The Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences, 1817 Heidelberg

Philosophy of Nature, 1817 Heidelberg

Subjective Spirit, 1817 Heidelberg

Absolute Spirit, 1817 Heidelberg

Lectures on Aesthetics, 1817

Philosophy of Right, 1820 Berlin

Later Versions of the Encyclopaedia

Shorter Logic, 1830

Subjective Spirit, 1830

Objective Spirit, 1830

English Reform Bill, 1831

“Public Lectures”

Lectures on Art, 1823-29 Berlin

Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion

Lectures on the History of Philosophy, 1825-30 Berlin

Lectures on the Philosophy of History, 1830-31 Berlin

List of Hegel’s Works available in English