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Marxism and
Graphics, Illustrations, and Drawings

Satire and Art Inspired by Socialist and Radical Ideas

Many of the high resolution digital records of publications and art, at the links below,
were created by Martin Goodman MD and the Riazanov Library digital archive project.
The European scans were digitized by Paul Saba.

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Graphics, Illustrations and Drawings From the 19th and 20th Century European Socialist Press

U.S. Authors/Illustrators

Jacob Burck:

Hunger and Revolt.
1935 – Book of cartoons by Jacob Burck. Published as a book by the Daily Worker newspaper.

Fred Ellis:

The Case of Sacco and Vanzetti in Cartoons from the Daily Worker.

Hugo Gellert:

Karl Marx’s Capital in Lithographs 1934 (95MB)
Comrade Gulliver 1935 (125MB)
Aesop Said So 1936 (30MB)

Lydia Gibson:

Fairy Tales for Workers Children 1925 51MB [This book is by Herminine Muhlen, who produced the line drawn graphics in it, and translated by Ida Dailes. It's listed here under "Lydia Gibson" because it also features by Lydia Gibson front and back full page cover art and four full page color plates of graphic art (one for each of the four stories in the book). This scan of the book is notable for its particularly high resolution, with color art rendered at 1200 dpi 24 bit color, and black and white line drawings rendered at 2400 dpi BW.]
The Teacup Whale" 1934 (8MB)

William Gropper:

A Collection of his cartoons from Revolutionary Age and other sources.
Link to Revolutionary Age Newspaper Archive with covers done by William Gropper.

Luís Seligson:

Caricatures. Throughout the 1960s these caricatures by "Luís" appeared in The Militant newspaper, published by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in the United States. Many also appeared in the SWP's monthly journal, International Socialist Review, and the magazine International Viewpoint published by the Fourth International. These images also appeared in the publication Intercontinental Press. Scanned from the original art, at1200dpi by Martin Goodman. 66MB.


The Ruling Clawss 1935. (With an introduction by Robert Forsythe.)

Boardman Robinson:

Boardman Robinson (1876 - 1952) was a prominent American radical artist. He worked for years doing editorial political cartoons for mainstream newspapers, such as the New York Daily Tribune, in the period of 1904 - 1915, and also did cartoons to support the woman suffrage cause. He and John Reed did reporting from Europe during WWI, and he began providing cartoons to The Masses, and later to The Liberator, which carry some of his most famous radical cartooning efforts. Below are only the files he did for the New York Daily Tribune for 1912. It is but a small sample of the artists' work.

Introduction and in Word format
Cartoons from 1911, New York Daily Tribune
January 1912, New York Daily Tribune
February 1912, New York Daily Tribune
March 1912, New York Daily Tribune
April 1912, New York Daily Tribune
May 1912, New York Daily Tribune
June 1912, New York Daily Tribune
July 1912, New York Daily Tribune

Ruth Shaw with H.A. Potamkin and William Siegel:

Our Lenin An illustration book for children on Lenin’s life.

Art Young:

Click here for information about Art Young's 3 Inferno books

Art Young produced, between 1892 and 1934, three different books Inspired by Dante's Inferno, and Heavily illustrated with many dozens of (often) leftist-perspective cartoons.
Hell Up To Date 1893 [600dpi version – fast display]
Hell Up To Date 1893 [1200dpi – higher resolution]
Through Hell With Hiprah Hunt 1901
Art Young’s Inferno 1934

Other illustrated books by Art Young:
Trees at Night 1927 [300 dpi version], for 1200 dpi version, Click here [163mb in size]
On My Way 1928
The Best of Art Young (1936)
His Life and Times 1939 (Obtained from

Illustrated pamphlets by Art Young:
The Campaign Primer 1920. (Socialist Party of America Pamphlet)
The Socialist Primer 1930. (Socialist Party of America Pamphlet)
Comparison of the above 2 similar pamphlets

Art Young’s Good Morning periodical page.

U.S. Publications with Notable Collections of Drawings and Illustrations

The Comrade 1901-1905
[This is a complete run of the journal]

The Masses 1911-1917
[Includes archive of all 50 two-page wide center cartoons, restored]

The Liberator 1918-1924
[Includes archive of specially restored 2 page wide center cartoons]

New Masses 1926-1948

With the above are pdf's with OCR of Theodore Watt's indexes to these publications, included with his personal permission.

Labor Herald 1922 - 1924
[Notable for the art on its covers]

Workers Monthly 1924 - 1927
[Notable color cover art]

Special Collections of Cartoons and Illustrations from Various U.S. Periodicals

Good Morning 1919 – 1924

The Daily Worker Cartoon Archive 1924 – 1926
[A massive number of cartoons from just 3 years of the Daily Worker.]

Red Cartoons
[from the Daily Worker (and from other periodicals) 1926, 1927, and 1928 [Four books, put out once a year, containing collections of cartoons, mostly from the Daily Worker, compiled and edited by Walt Cameron. The first book, published in 1926, includes cartoons from The Liberator and from Workers Monthly. Scanned by the Riazanov Library Project]

Red Portfolio [all pages scanned in color 280 MB]

Red Portfolio [higher contrast Black and White version 164 MB]

[Red Portfolio / Cartoons for Socialism 1912 36 page book. Cartoons largely by Ryan Walker, with some by Art Young, Walter Crane, and Balfour Ker. Selected from The Coming Nation and Appeal to Reason. Introduction by Eugene Debs. Two scans of this book are offered here. One entirely in 24 bit color, kindly made for us by Labadie Library of University of Michigan, and a second in which the cartoons, originally printed in black ink on white paper, have been rendered digitally in either high contrast gray scale or in single bit ("bitonal") black and white, by processing the color scans made for us by Labadie Library of their extremely rare copy of this book. Via the efforts of the Riazanov Library digital archive project. Both versions are at 600 dpi resolution. Both have color scans for the covers, which employed red ink.]

U.S. Communist publications about Art & Culture

Art Front 1934 – 1937
[Periodical of the Artists Union]

Workers Theatre 1931 – 1933, New Theatre 1933-1936, and New Theatre and Film 1937


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