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Marxism and Ethics

A collection of articles by Marxists on the ethical problems of Marxism.


Ethics of Social-Democracy, Joseph Dietzgen 1875

E. Belfort Bax

Socialism and Religion, June 1884
Civil Law under Socialism, July 1886
The Ethics of Socialism, November 1889
Equality not Privilege, August 1893
Religion and Socialism, June 1895
The Ethics of Socialism, 1893
Wanted, A New Morality?, May 1900
Religion v. Ethics, September 1901
The Ethics of Socialism, September 1904
Beyond Selfish and Unselfish, December 1904
Christianity and Socialism, January 1905
Christianity and Socialism, February 1905
Christianity and Socialism, February 1906
Socialist Ethics and Private Charity, April 1906
Moral Book Keeping by Double Entry, August 1906
Why Attack Religion, August 1906
Socialism and Religion, September 1906
Patriotism and Ethics, July 1907
The Legal Subjection of Men, October 1909
Problems of Mind and Morals, 1912

The Ethics of New Unionism, by W. G. Spence 1892
The Rights of the Horse and the Rights of Man, Paul Lafargue 1900
The Socialist Ideal, Paul Lafargue 1900
Some Ethical Problems, May Wood Simmons 1900
Ethics and the Materialist conception of History, Kautsky 1906
Tactics and Ethics, Lukács 1919

The Bolsheviks

Communist Morality, Felix Dzerzhinsky, 1908-1926
Tasks of the Youth Leagues, Lenin, 1920
On Ethics, Nadezhda Krupskaya, 1924 - 1936
Marxism and Law, Evgeny Pashukanis, 1891 - 1937
The Moral Code of the Builder of Communism, by CPSU 1961

Alexandra Kollontai

The New Woman, 1920
Communism and the Family, 1920
Communist Morality in the Sphere of Marital Relations, 1921
Prostitution and ways of fighting it, 1921
Sexual Relations and the Class Struggle, 1921

Leon Trotsky

The Transformation of Morals 1923
What is Proletarian Culture and Is it Possible? 1923
Their Morals & Ours, 1936
Moralists and Sycophants Against Marxism, 1939
Petty-Bourgeois Moralists and the Proletarian Party, 1940

Lev Vygotsky

Ethical Behaviour, 1926
The Socialist alteration of Man, 1930

Christopher Caudwell

Pacifism and Violence. A Study in Bourgeois Ethics, c. 1935

Modern Writers

The Ethical Foundations of Marxism, Eugene Kamenka, 1962
Marxian Humanism & the Crisis in Socialist Ethics, Kamenka, 1965
Socialist Humanism, Paul Mattick, 1965
The Ethic of Knowledge & the Socialist Ideal, Jacques Monod, 1970

Recent Marxists

Marx's Ethic of Freedom, George Brenkert, 1983
The Controversy About Marx and Justice, Norman Geras, 1989
Ethical Marxism, Lawrence Wilde, 1998
Minimum Utopia: Ten Theses, Norman Geras, 2000

Marx & Engels on Ethics

Links to relevant and often quoted passages from Marx & Engels' works.

On the Thefts of Wood, Marx, 1842
On The Jewish Question, Marx, 1844
Human Needs & the Division of Labour, Marx, 1844
The German Ideology, Marx & Engels, 1845
Wage Labour & Capital, Marx, 1847
Communist Manifesto, Marx & Engels, 1848
Suppression of Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Marx & Engels, 1849
Letter from Marx to Engels. 4 November 1864
Capital Volume I, Marx, 1867
Capital Volume III, Marx
On the Housing Question, Engels, 1872
Critique of the Gotha Program, Marx, 1875
Anti-Dühring, Engels, 1877

Modern Ethics and Classics of Ethics, 1673-1913

The Magna Carta, 1215
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, 1789


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