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The Somali Democratic Republic


Constitution of the Somali Democratic Republic (1979)

Brief Theoretical Outline of 21st October Revolution


■ Mohamed Siad Barre (Archive ►)

My Country and My People. Selected Speeches of Jaalle Siad, Chairman of the SRC (1975)

Selected Speeches of Mohamed Siad Barre


■ Mohamed Ainanshe

Speech by Vice-President Mohamed Ainanshe during visit of Somali Government Delegation to Beijing (1970)


■ The Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP)

Party Statutes  (1976)

Program of the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (1984)

The Historical Evolution of the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (1984)

 ■ HALGAN ("The Struggle"). Organ of the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party



Zhou En-Lai, At Mogadishu Mass Rally - Premier Chou En-lai: Revolutionary Prospects in Africa Excellent! (1964)

Peking Review, Premier Chou En-lai in Somalia (1964)

Peking Review, Somali National Assembly Delegation Arrives in Peking (1966)

Peking Review, Chairman Mao and Vice-Chairman Lin Piao Meet Vice-President Ainanshe and All Members of The Somali Government Delegation (1970)

Peking Review, Vice-President Ainanshe Leads Somali Government Delegation on Visit to China (1970)

Peking Review, Report from Somalia: Mogadaishu Today (1973)

Peking Review, Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre Visits China (1972)

Peking Review, Seeds of Friendship - Chinese agricultural technicians help build rice and tobacco experimental station in Somalia (1969)






Articles on Particular Events in Somali History


On the Anglo-Somali War

British Army, Despatches Relative to the Operations of the Somaliland Field Force (1902)

Angus Hamilton, Somaliland (1911)



On the Ogaden War

Abyot (Information bulletin of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party), Editorial: The War in the Ogaden (1977)

Hussein M. Adan, Colonialism and Resistance: Historical Note on Western Somalia  (1977)

Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party, The legitimacy of the armed struggle of the people of Western Somalia (1977)

Aboud M. Aboud, The Issue of Western Somalia and the Principle of Territorial Integrity Sanctioned in the OAU Charter (1977)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Somali Democratic Republic, Background to the National Struggle of the Western Somali (1978)

Philadelphia Workers Organizing Committee, PWOC Political Committee Statement: The Horn of Africa (1978)

The Young Communist, War in the Horn of Africa (1978)

Tony Curzo, Eritreans and Somalis Fight for Self-Determination (1978)

Peking Review, Horn of Africa: Soviet Military Intervention Provokes World Indignation (1978)



On the Somalia Famine

Paul Clarke, Somali disaster created by West (1993)

Workers Vanguard, Imperialism Starves Africa: Somalia Famine (1992)



On the UN Intervention and Occupation

Salah Jaber, Somalia: Not the Salvation Army (1992)

Workers Vanguard, Navy Seals Take the Beach ... from the Press. Making Somalia Safe for Imperialism (1993)

Workers Vanguard, Clinton's Hit Squad in Somalia (1993)

Andy Pollack, Somalia: Operation Restore Hegemony, Part I (1993)

Sam Marcy, Somalia: the madness of the hit-and-run driver (1993)

Sam Marcy, Back to basics in Yugoslavia and Somalia (1993)

Against the Current, "Humanitarian" Intervention? (1993)

Erin Nacar, U.S. Military in Somalia: 'Restoring Hope' for Imperialism? (1993)

George Saunders, U.S. Troops in Somalia - Just a Relief Operation? (Or an East Africa Toehold for Washington's New World Order?) (1993)

George Saunders, The Somalia Operation: How "Humanitarian" Is It? (1993)

George Saunders, U.S. Out of Somalia - No Intervention in Haiti or Cuba! (1993)

Workers' Advocate, U.S./UN massacre Somalis: What kind of "humanitarism" is this? (1993)

In Defense of Marxism, Oil Interests in Somalia (1993)

Socialist Action, Somalia - racism and the new colonialism (1993)

Spartacist Canada, Canada's Somalia Murder Mission. Bloody Imperialist Hands Off Africa, the Balkans! (1994)

John Baxter, Is the UN an alternative to "humanitarian imperialism"? (1999)