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Marxism & War

Writings of Marxists on Imperialist War, Military Science, Revolutionary War, Insurrection and Guerilla Warfare.

Louise Michel arrested after the Paris Commune 1871

See the definition of Guerilla Warfare in the M.I.A. Encyclopedia.


Marx and Engels

Guerilla Warfare in Spain, 1809, Marx 1854.

from the US Civil War

Engels' Military Writings, 1850-1887.

Letters on War and Military Science, Marx and Engels 1851-1863.

Speeches by Marx:


The Art Of Insurrection and Revolutionary War

Trotsky's Military Writings:


On Street Fighting:


Guerilla Warfare

Guerilla Warfare in Russia, Lenin 1906.
The Question of Guerilla Warfare, Lenin 1906.

By proponents of guerilla warfare:

On “Urban Guerilla-ism” see also ...

For information on Mahır Çayan (1945-1972), founder of the Turkish People's Liberation Front, THKP-C, killed in a shoot-out on 30 March 1972, see Wikipedia or see his Turkish language archive.

Criticism of the strategy of guerilla warfare:

Bolshevik train during Civil War


On Imperialist War

On the underlying causes and nature of Imperialist War:

Sylvia Pankhurst on Imperialist War:

On Opposition to the First World War:

See also definitions of Imperialism, Zimmerwald, The Brest-Litovsk Treaty and The Russian Civil War in the M.I.A. Encyclopedia.

Lenin on War, 1915-1917:

Once more on Pacifism and Revolution, Trotsky 1926;

Trotsky on War, 1938-1940:

See also The Myth of Lenin’s “Revolutionary Defeatism”, Hal Draper 1953;


Eye-Witness Accounts

John Reed


From the History Archive:

See also definition of Neocolonialism in the M.I.A. Encyclopedia.


On Terrorism


Classics on the Art of War


See also definitions of Revolution, War and Pacifism in the M.I.A. Encyclopedia.