Hegel’s Critics



Essence of Christianity, Ludwig Feuerbach 1841

Attack on Hegel, by Friedrich Schelling, 1841

Schelling & Hegel, Engels 1841

The Concept of Dread, Søren Kierkegaard 1844

God & the State, Bakunin 1872

On Hegel, Peirce 1893

Prejudices of Philosophers, Nietzsche 1885

The Dialectic, Kautsky

For 60th Anniversary of Hegel's Death, Plekhanov 1891

Studies in the Hegelian Dialectic, McTaggart 1896

The Origin and Significance of Hegel’s Logic, Baillie 1901

Studies in Hegelian Cosmology, McTaggart 1901

Hegel’s Logic: An Essay in Interpretation, John Grier Hibben 1902

Hegelianism, George Herbert Mead 1901

Dialectic & Synthesis, Benadetto Croce 1906

Commentary on Hegel's Logic, McTaggart 1910

Thought and Reality In Hegel’s System, Cunningham 1910

Thing-in-Itself, Lenin 1908

Annotations on Hegel's Logic, Lenin 1915

History & Class Concsciousness, Georg Lukacs, 1923

Marxism & Philosophy, Karl Korsch, 1923

The Logical Influence of Hegel on Marx, Rebecca Cooper 1925

Hegel and Dialectical Materialism, Abram Deborin 1929

Hegel, Abram Deborin 1929

Hegel & Mathematics, Ernst Kol'man & Sonia Yanovskaya 1931

Dialectic of the Real, Alexandre Kojève 1934

Dialectical & Historical Materialism, Josef Stalin 1938

ABC of Materialist Dialectics, Leon Trotsky, 1939

On Contradiction, Mao Tse Tung 1937 ?

Hegel's First System, Herbert Marcuse 1941

Notes on Dialectics, C L R James 1948

Woman as Other, Simone de Beauvoir 1949

Marxism & Freedom, Raya Dunayevskaya 1957

Organisation of the Logic, Jean Hyppolite, 1952

On Marxism, Louis Althusser, 1953

The Hegel Myth and Its Method, Walter Kaufmann, 1959

Dogmatic & Critical Dialectic, Jean-Paul Sartre 1960

Abstract & Concrete, E V Ilyenkov 1960

Is Nature Dialectical?, George Novack 1962

Alienation, George Novack 1962

Lenin & Hegel, Cliff Slaughter 1962

Knowledge and Human Interests, by Jürgen Habermas 1968

Marx’s Theory of Alienation, Istvan Meszaros 1970

Speech & Writing for Hegel, Derrida 1971

The Idea of Hegel’s Logic, Gadamer 1971

Hegel's Theory of the Modern State, Shlomo Avineri 1972

Forword to the Shorter Logic, J N Findlay 1974

Analysis of the Phenomenology of Spirit, J N Findlay 1977

Dialectical Logic, E V Ilyenkov 1974

Riddle of Self, Mikhailov 1976

Concepts of Capital, Geoff Pilling 1980

Hegel's philosophy of state, Z Pelczynski 1984

Dialectic and the Rational State, David MacGregor 1984

Marx's Grundrisse and Hegel's Logic, Hiroshi Uchida 1988

Logic of Marx's Capital, Tony Smith 1990

Logic: Dialectic and contradiction, Lawrence Wilde 1991

The Struggle for Recognition, Axel Honneth 1992

Transformations, by Drucilla Cornell 1993

The Hegel Myths and Legends, Jon Stewart 1996

Reconciliation & Rejection, Ute Bublitz 1998

Marx at the Millenium, Cyril Smith 1998

Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition, Glenn Magee 2001

Hegel & the Metaphysical Frontiers of Political Theory, by Eric Goodfield 2014

Value of Knowledge - Library of texts from 140 philosophers.

Articles on Hegel, Andy Blunden