MIA: Subjects: Czechoslovakia in 1968

Czechoslovakia in 1968

Collection of material on the history of Czechoslovakia during the rise of the dissident communist regime and eventual destruction by the invading forces of the U.S.S.R.

Czechoslovak leadership on 1968 May Day

Prague Spring

From M.I.A. Encyclopedia: Prague Spring

The Action Programme of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, April 5, 1968

Key figures:
Alexander Dubček
Ota Šik (Archive)


Soviet tanks in Prague

Official reactions to the Soviet intervention

Fidel Castro Comments on Czechoslovakia, August 24, 1968

Statement by the International Committee of the Fourth International, 21 October 1968

Anti-revisionist party reactions, Peking Review, #35, #36, #38, #39, #44, #48, August-November, 1968


A tank and a man

Czechoslovak response to "Normalization"

Manifesto of the Revolutionary Socialist Party Czechoslovakia, International Marxist Group, February 1970

Socialism lives in Czechoslovakia: Manifesto of the Socialist Movement of Czechoslovak Citizens, October 1970

The Crisis in the Czechoslovak Communist Party. A discussion between a Czechoslovak Communist, Ken Coates and Chris Farley, 1970

Interview with Jan Sling, Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management, 1973

The Revolutionary Left in Czechoslovakia, International Marxist Group, 1974?


Analyses and accounts

News & Letters

Eugene Walker Poland and Czechoslovakia: Communist Regimes Shaken by East European Student Demonstrations, April 1968

Czechoslovakia: Revolution and Counter Revolution, October 1968


Ivan Svitak, The Current Crisis

At the Crossroads of Two Worlds

Editorial Statement from News & Letters, August-September, 1968

Andrew Filak Total Czechoslovak Unity Defies Russian Invasion to Crush Marxism, October 1968

Prague Spring 1969: the National Squeeze Continues, Jun-July 1969

Czechoslovakia 1988: No Prague Spring, 1988



Hal Draper The Russian Invasion of Czechoslovakia, August 22, 1968

Michael Kidron Czech workers’ spring is crushed by the Russian ice-pack, September 21, 1968

Joseph Hansen Fidel Castro's Position on the Invasion and Occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact countries, 1968

Ernest Mandel Brief Analysis of Czech Crisis, August 10, 1968

Ernest Mandel The rationale of the Czech tragedy, November 1968

Ernest Mandel The Social, Economic and Political Background of the Czechoslovak Crisis, 1969

Ernest Mandel Why They Invaded Czechoslovakia, 1974

Chris Harman Russian bosses fear Czech lead will sweep east Europe, August 1968

Chris Harman Czech youth and workers step up fight for freedom, January 25, 1969

Chris Harman Dubcek’s downfall, April 26, 1969

Chris Harman Czechoslovakia, June 1969

Chris Harman Czech 'reformers' capitulate as resistance rises, August 28, 1969

Barbara Alden, Eric Langdon Repression Grows in Czechoslovakia, Workers' Power, 1972

Prague Spring: 20 years on, Workers Press, 1988



The Soviet Revisionists and Czechoslovakia, Zeri i Popullit, July 24, 1968

Shibdas Ghosh Soviet Military Intervention in Czechoslovakia and Revisionism, August 26, 1968

Defeat USSR Imperialism-Czechoslovak Revisionism, Progressive Labor, September 10, 1968

Soviet-Czechoslovak Treaty Legalizes Transformation of Czechoslovakia into Soviet Revisionist Colony, Zeri i Popullit, October 23, 1968

Soviet Revisionists Cooked Up Treaty for Long-Term Military Occupation of Czechoslovakia, Peking Review, October 25, 1968

Fan Hsiu-ping A Lame Alibi, Peking Review, November 1, 1968

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic Caught in the Grip of Soviet Revisionist Invaders, Zeri i Popullit, November 19, 1968

From Prague to Chenpao, The Marxist, April 1969

Chin Hai Spectre That Makes Occupiers Tremble with Fear, Peking Review,, January, 1974



John Boyd My Report on the 1968 Events in Czechoslovakia, September 15, 1968

Sam Marcy Czechoslovakia 1968: The Class Character of the Events

Andy Blunden The Prague Spring and Reaction of Communist Parties to the Prague Spring and its Suppression (from Stalinism: It's Origin and Future), 1993



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