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Document on the Struggle Inside the Communist Party of India (Marxist) [from World Revolution, published by the US Progressive Labor Party]

The Tasks of Indian Revolutionaries [from World Revolution, published by the US Progressive Labor Party]

The "Marxist" Leadership in its True Colors. Sham Critics of Soviet Revisionism, but Genuine Anti-China Counterrevolutionaries by an Indian Communist [Liberation, Vol. I, No 1]

Madurai Document Betrays Revisionist Understanding of the Nature of Contradictions by the Editorial Board, Deshabrati [Liberation, Vol. I, No 1]

Ranadive Tries To Deceive by Sushital Roy Choudhuri

Declaration of the Revolutionaries in the Communist Party of India (Marxist) [Liberation, Vol. I, No 2]

Madurai Document Raises Revisionist Slogan of Peaceful Transition by the Editorial Board, Deshabrati [Liberation, Vol. I, No 2]


Take Up the Task of Building a Revolutionary Party by Sushital Roy Choudhuri [Liberation, Vol. I, No 5]

The Principal Contradiction in the World Today. A Refutation of the CPI (M) Central Committee's Madurai Draft Resolution on the Issuue of Contradictions [Liberation, Vol. I, No 6]

"Unity of Action" with Whom - Revolutionary People or the Revisionist Clique? by Partha Choudhury [Liberation, Vol. I, No 6]

The Coordination Committee of the Revolutionaries of C.P.I.(M) - Its Nature and Object [Liberation, Vol. I, No 7]

The Revolutionary Path is the Only Path by Manab Mitra [Liberation, Vol. I, No 7]

Declaration of the All India Co-ordination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries [Liberation, Vol. I, No 8]

Resolution on Elections [Liberation, Vol. I, No 8]

The Andhra "Extremists" by H. Rao

Communist Revolutionaries Meet [Liberation, Vol. II, No 1]

On Naxalbari


Power Through Elections? by Abdul Gafar

The Other Path by Probodh Chandra Dutta

It Is Time to Form the Party [Liberation, Vol. II, No 5]

Resolution on Andhra State Co-ordination Committee [Liberation, Vol. II, No 5]

Draft Political Programme for the Revolutionary Student and Youth Movement [Liberation, Vol. II, No 6]

Naxalbari: Between Yesterday and Tomorrow by Sumanta Banerjee [Frontier, May 17-24, 1969]

Communique of the All India Co-ordination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries (on the founding of the CPI (M-L) [Liberation, Vol. II, No 7]

The Revolutionary Working Class Party is Born [Liberation, Vol. II, No 7]

Political Resolution of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

A Critique of the Political Resolution of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Resolution on Party Organization of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Politics of Parimal Dasgupta: On Some Current Political and Organizational Problems by Charu Mazumdar

The Srikakulam Story Part I; Part II, by Narayanmurthi

The Politics of Nagi Reddy by a journalist [Liberation, Vol. II, No 12]


A Few Words About Guerilla Actions by Charu Mazumdar [Liberation, Vol. III, No 2]

To Win Victory in the Revolution We Must Establish Revolutionary Authority [Liberation, Vol. III, No 4]

Communique of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) [on the Party Congress]

The Historic Party Congress [Liberation, Vol. III, No 7]

Programme of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Constitution of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Political-Organization Report Adopted at Party Congress [Liberation, Vol. III, No 7]

On the Political Organizational Report by Charu Mazumdar [Liberation, Vol. III, No 7]

Sources of Incorrect Ideas in Revolutionary Politics [reply to Sushital Roy Choudhury and Charu Mazumdar] by Parimal Dasgupta

Indian Maoism - Two Shades? by Mallikaranjan Rao [Frontier, 4 July 1970]

The Naxalite Tactical Line by Abhijnan Sen [Frontier, 4 July 1970]

Bihar State CP (ML) Report by N. K. Singh [Frontier, 9 July 1970]

Naxalite Tactics in Cities by Abhijnan Sen [Frontier, 3 October 1970]

Problems and Crises of Indian Revolution by Sushital Roy Choudhury


New Tactics in Andhra by Mallikaranjan Rao [Frontier, 23 January 1971]

Tripura: The Naxalite Challenge

Report on Srikakulam

Two Deaths by S. Roy

One Year Since the Party Congress by Charu Mazumdar [Liberation, Vol. IV, No 4]

Plunge Into Revolutionary Armed Agrarian Struggle [Excerpts]

Indira's Birbhum War by by Prabir Basu

Bihar: Naxalites in Mithila by by N. K. Singh

Bihar: Ideological Struggle by by N. K. Singh

The Story of a Naxalite by R.N.S. [Frontier, 18 September 1971]

Andhra Pradesh: Conspiracy Case Diaries

CPI (ML) at Crossroads by Sumanta Banerjee [Frontier, 20 November 1971]

Fight Against Revisionism: Party Letter from the Andhra State Committee of the CPI (Marxist-Leninist) to all Andhra Comrades [Liberation, Vol. V, No 1]


May Day in Jail by M.R. Vishakhapatnam

Mazumdar's Last Writing

Serious Mistakes (summary of part of a document released by the Revolutionary Communist Committee of Andhra Pradesh) [Frontier, 29 July 1972]

A Case for Inquiry [on the death of Charu Mazumdar]

A Dubious Character? [on the death of Charu Mazumdar] [Frontier, 5 August 1972]

Charu Mazumdar by Bikram Basu [Frontier, 5 August 1972]

Rejoinder to Bikram Basu's "Charu Mazumdar" by Phani Bhusan-Ghosh

On Charu Mazumdar by X.Y.Z., members of the CPI (ML)

Mazumdar's Last Writing by a Correspondent

Socialist Diplomacy and the CPI (M) by Moni Guha

The Lessons of Birbhum

Peking and CP (ML) by Kanu Sanyal and five others [Frontier, 4 November 1972]

A sympathizer on "Peking and the CP (ML)" [Frontier, 18 November 1972]

Arani Ghosh on "Peking and the CP (ML)" [Frontier, 2 December 1972]

Resolution Adopted at the Meeting of the Central Committee of the CPI(M-L) Held on December 5th & 6th, 1972

Jayanta Bhowal on "Peking and the CP (ML)" [Frontier, 9 December 1972]

Mallikarjuna Rao on "Peking and the CP (ML)"


Ajoy Roy on "Peking and the CP (ML)"

Andhra Pradesh: Analysis of a Split by a correspondent [Frontier, 27 January 1973]

Telengana and the Revisionists by Mallikarjuna Rao

More About Naxalbari by Kanu Sanyal

Naxalbari and After: An Appraisal by Prabhat Jana [Frontier, May 12-19, 1973]

'The Main Danger' by Pravat Jana [Frontier, July 21, 1973]

'The Main Danger' by Arun Goswami [Frontier, August 11, 1973]

What Is To Be Done? by K. G. [Frontier, August 18, 1973]

Class Struggle by Moni Guha [Frontier, September 8, 1973]

A Reply to Moni Guha by Arun Goswami [Frontier, September 22, 1973]

The Main Danger and the Main Errors by Rafikul Hassan [Frontier, September 29, 1973]


More on Andhra Politics by Sudhendu Roy [Frontier, 19 January 1974]

One Divides into Two by Subroto Datta

CP (ML) Congress [announcement from Lin Biaoist grouping]

Statement from the Central Organizing Committee, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Communique of the Assam-Tripura Zonal Committee of the CPI (ML)

A Statement by Ashim Chatterjee

On The Problems of Unification

On the Statement of the Central Organizing Committee of the CPI (ML) by a Member of the Central Committee

A Correction from Suniti Kumar Gosh, a Member of the Central Organizing Committee of the CPI (ML)

On Unification by Kolla Venkaiah Visakpapamam

On Unification by Santosh Rana and Some Other Comrades Lodged in West Bengal Jails

A Step in the Right Direction by Kranti Kumar and Other Comrades

New Controversies in the Name of "More about Naxalbari" by Kolla Venkaiah


On Unity - A Response by Ashim Chatterjee [Frontier, 4 January 1975]

Naxalite Politics in Punjab by an observer [Frontier, 11 January 1975]

"Unite to Build a Single Party" by Satyanarain Singh, General Secretary, CPI (ML); Paila Vasudeva Rao, CPI (ML); P. Ramanarsiah, Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Revolutionary Communist Party; and Chandra Pulla Reddy, leader, member, APRCP [Frontier, 8 March 1975]

On the Thought of Charu Majumdar by B. Upadhyay [Frontier, June 7, 1975]

Hold High the Genuine Lessons of Naxalbari by Ashim Chatterjee


Paper Written by Comrades in Bombay ML Group

On the Situation and Our Tasks [a section of the Political Report adopted by the Second Congress of the CPI(ML)]


Draft Resolution 'On Elections' by Satyanarain Singh


Editorial, Deshabrati

Continuity of Naxalbari by Bhabani Chaudhuri [Frontier, April 29, 1978]


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