Lenin: Subjects: National Question

Lenin on the National Question

Source: В.И. Ленин. О национальном вопросе и национальной политике, 1989;
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1901: The Protest of the Finnish People
1903: On the Manifesto of the Armenian Social-Democrats
1903: Does the Jewish Proletariat Need an 'Independent Political Party'?
1903: The National Question in Our Programme
1903: The Latest Word in Bundist Nationalism
1903: The Position of the Bund in the Party
1905: To the Jewish Workers
1905: The Black Hundreds and the Organisation of an Uprising
1909: The Tsar against the Finnish People
1910: The Campaign against Finland
1912: A Disgraceful Resolution
1912: A New Chapter of World History
1912: Cadets and Nationalists
1912: The “Vexed Questions” of Our Party
1912: Concerning Certain Speeches by Workers' Deputies
1912: Concerning the Workers’ Deputies to the Duma and Their Declaration
1912: The Social Significance of the Serbo-Bulgarian Victories
1913: The Balkan War and Bourgeois Chauvinism
1913: Vekhi Contributors and Nationalism
1913: Separatists in Russia and Separatists in Austria
1913: The Working Class and the National Question
1913: Draft Platform for the Fourth Congress of Social-Democrats of the Latvian Area
1913: Theses on the National Question
1913: Cadets on the Question of the Ukraine
1913: The Nationalisation of Jewish Schools
1913: Class War in Dublin
1913: Liberals and Democrats on the Language Question
1913: How Does Bishop Nikon Defend the Ukrainians?
1913: Joint Conference of the Central Committee of the R.S.D.L.P. and Party Officials: Resolution on the National Question
1913: Critical Remarks on the National Question
1913: “Cultural-National” Autonomy
1913: The Cadets and 'The Right of Nations to Self-Determination'
1913: The Nationality of Pupils in Russian Schools
1913: The National Programme of the R.S.D.L.P.
1913: Once More on the Segregation of the Schools According to Nationality
1913: National-Liberalism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination
1913: Novoye Vremya and Rech on the Right of Nations to Self-Determination
1914: Is a Compulsory Official Language Needed?
1914: Theses for a Lecture on the National Question
1914: The Right of Nations to Self-Determination
1914: Editorial Comment on Veteran’s Article: “The National Question and the Lettish Proletariat”
1914: A Contribution to the History of the National Programme in Austria and in Russia
1914: More about 'Nationalism'
1914: The British Liberals and Ireland
1914: Political Lessons
1914: The National Equality Bill
1914: On the Question of National Policy
1914: National Equality
1914: Bill on the Equality of Nations and the Safeguarding of the Rights of National Minorities
1914: Corrupting the Workers with Refined Nationalism
1914: Clarity has been Achieved
1914: Letter to S. G. Shahumyan
1914: The War and Russian Social-Democracy
1914: On the National Pride of the Great Russians
1915: Editorial Note to the Article 'The Ukraine and the War'
1915: Socialism and War, ch. 1: The Right of Nations to Self-Determination
1915: Under a False Flag
1915: The Revolutionary Proletariat and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination
1916: The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination: Theses
1916: The Discussion on Self-Determination Summed Up
1917: The Seventh (April) All-Russia Conference of the R.S.D.L.P.(B.): Speech on the National Question
1917: The Seventh (April) All-Russia Conference of the R.S.D.L.P.(B.): Resolution on the National Question
1917: “Disgrace” as the Capitalists and the Proletarians Understand It
1917: Finland and Russia
1917: It Is Undemocratic, Citizen Kerensky!
1917: The Ukraine
1917: The Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution: The Agrarian and National Programmes
1917: Speech at the First All-Russia Congress of the Navy
1917: Manifesto to the Ukrainian People
1919: To the Communists of Turkestan
1920: To the Indian Revolutionary Association
1920: Draft Theses on National and Colonial Questions
1922: The Question of Nationalities or "Autonomisation"