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Documents of the Workers Party &
Independent Socialist League
1940 – 1959

The Workers Party was founded in 1940 by members of the US Socialist Workers Party who had developed differences over the class nature of the U.S.S.R. and the position the SWP should take should the war in Europe develop into a war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.


Labor Action

New International

Student Socialist


Internal Discussions, Bulletins, and Memorandum

Internal Bulletins 1940-1959

Party Builders 1946 – 1948

Miscellaneous Convention Reports, Constitutions, Letters and Memorandum

Young People’s Socialist League, & Socialist Youth League and Young Socialist League, 1940 – 1959


Plain Talk on War 1941

India in Revolt by Henry Judd, Introlduction by Max Shachtman, 1942

Conscription for What? An Open Letter to the President of the United States by “A Jobless Worker” , 1940

“My Friends” A Fireside Chat About the War by Native Son, 1940

This is not our War A Declaration by the Workers Party

For A Cost-Plus Wage Max Shachtman, 1945

Smash the Profiteers Workers Party Camapign Committee/Irving Howe, 1946

Jobs for All Workers Party 1946 Campaign for Mayor of NYC program, 1946

Socialism The Hope of Humanity Workers Party 1946 Campaign for Mayor of NYC program, 1946. Speech by Max Shachtman, Candidate

The Fight For Socialism The Principles and Program of the Workers Party by Max Shachtman, 1946

Plenty for ALL 2nd Ed June 1946

STOP Enemies of the Working People – Program for Detroit Elections Workers Party 1947 Detroit Mayorality Campaign.


C.L.R. James
James T. Farrell
Max Shachtman
James Burnham (very breifly in the WP)
Hal Draper
Albert Goldman
Felix Morrow

Encyclopedia of Trotskyism | Marxists’ Internet Archive