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International was the theoretical journal of a section of British Trotskyism aligned with the Unified Secretariat of the Fourth International, a wing previously identified with the 1953-1963 International Secretariat identified closely with Michael Pablo and Ernest Mandel. Eventually this current in the late 1960s merged with The Week another Trotskyist journal from the same milieu. These activists formed the International Marxist Group that existed into the early 1980s. The magazine went through several permutations through it's 30 or so year history so there is a break with the numbering with the volume number being 'reset' in 1970 back to Volume 1 again. We want to thank the Red Mole Rising project in the UK for allowing us to copy their files to the Marxists Internet Archive. We employed a different file name scheme than Red Mole Rising but this should be transparrent to the users of either web site.

First Series

International v1 no1 May 1968
International v 1 no2 June 1968
International v1 no3 July 1968
International v1 no4 August 1968
International v1 no5 September 1968
International v1 no6 October 1968
International v1 no7 November 1968
International v1 no8 December 1968
International v2 no1 January 1969
International v2 no2 February 1969
International v2 no3 March 1969
International v2 no4 April 1969
International v2 no5 May 1969
International v2 no6 June 1969
International v 2 no7 August 1969
International v 2 no8 September 1969
International v 2 no9 October 1969
International v 2 no10 November 1969
International v 2 no11 December 1969
International v 3 no1 January 1970
International v 3 no2 February 1970
International v3 no3 March 1970

Second Series

International v1 no1 July-August, 1970
International v1 no2 September-October, 1970
International v1 no3 January-February 1971
International v1 no4 1971
International v1 no5
International v1 no6
International v1 no7 January-February 1972
International v1 no8 January 1973
International v2 no1 Spring 1973
International v2 no2 spring 1973
International v2 no3 summer 1974
International v2 no4 winter-spring 1975
(listed as "v2 no. 3") International v3 no 1 Spring 1976
(special double issue) International v3 no2 Winter 1976
International v3 no3 Winter-Spring 1977
International v3 no4 Summer 1977
International v4 no1 Autumn 1977
International v4 no2 Winter 1977
International v5 no1 Autumn 1979
International v5 no2 Spring 1980
International v6 no1 May 1981
International v6 no2 July 1981
International v6 no3 September 1981
International v6 no4 November 1981
International v7 no1 January 1982
International v7 no2 March 1982
International v7 no3 May-June 1982
International v7 no4 July-August 1982
International v7 no5 September-October 1982
International v7 no6 November-December 1982
International v8 no1/2 Marx centenary double issue
International v8 no3 May-June 1983
International v8 no4 July-August 1983
International v8 no5 November-December-1983
International v9 no1



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