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World Politics


World Politics was published by the International Marxist Group as a world news service for British readers. It sort of competed with World Outlook published by the United Secretariat of the Fourth International in Paris and edited by Joseph and Reba Hansen in Paris. Included are some misc. issues of other international publications of the USFI published in Britain by the International Group or IMG including the The Internationalist (1 issue) and Information Bulletin not to be confused with the other publication of the same name.

The Internationalist v4 no5 1960

Information Bulletin- International Secretariat of the FI

Information Bulletin v2 no5

World Politics- issued by British supporters of the USFI

World Politics v1 no2

World Politics v1 no4

World Politics v1 no6

World Politics Special Supplement June 1966

World Politics November 1966

World Politics December 1966

World Politics January 1967

World Politics February 1967

World Politics March 1967

World Politics April 1967



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