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MAY 2017


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27 May 2017: Added to the Spanish-language section's reference archive for the works of Peruvian populist Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre:

Por la emancipación de América Latina (1927)
El antiimperialismo y el APRA (1935)
Treinta años de aprismo (1956)
Mensaje de la Europa nórdica (1956)
Carta a Rómulo Betancourt (1975)
[Thanks to Juan Fajardo, to, and to the webpage of the Comisión Especial Multipartidaria del Congreso de la República del Perú Encargada de Organizar los Actos Conmemorativos por el Trigésimo Aniversario del Fallecimiento de don Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre ]


27 May 2017: Added to the Spanish-language Leon Trotsky archive:

Trotsky aborda el gobierno provisional (1917)
Discurso en la reunión del Soviet de Petrogrado (1917)
Reunión de la conferencia municipal de Socialdemocratas unificados (1917)
[Thanks to Rodrigo Cisterna]


26 May, 2017: Added to the Finnish Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels Letters Archive:

Engels Joseph Weydemeyerille, 12. huhtikuuta 1853
Engels Marxille, noin 26. toukokuuta 1853
Marx Engelsille, 2. kesäkuuta 1853
Engels Marxille, 6. kesäkuuta 1853
Marx Engelsille, 14. kesäkuuta 1853
Marx Engelsille, 27. heinäkuuta 1854
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]



24 May, 2017: Added to the Finnish Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels Letters Archive:

Engels Marxille, lokakuun alku 1844
Engels Marxille, 19. marraskuuta 1844
Engels Marxille, 20. tammikuuta 1845
Engels Marxille, 17. maaliskuuta 1845
Marx Pierre-Joseph Proudhonille, 5. toukokuuta 1846
Engels Marxille, 18. syyskuuta 1846
Engels kommunistiselle kirjeenvaihtokomitealle, 23. lokakuuta 1846
Engels Marxille, noin 23. lokakuuta 1846
Engels Marxille, 23.–24. marraskuuta 1847
Engels Emil Blankille, 28. maaliskuuta 1848
Marx »L'Alba»-lehden päätoimittajalle, 29. kesäkuuta 1848
Engels Jenny Marxille, 25. heinäkuuta 1849
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


25 May, 2017: Added to the Finnish Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels Letters Archive:

Marx Lontoossa pidetyn emigranttikokouksen puheenjohtajalle, 30. kesäkuuta 1850
Marx Engelsille, 7. tammikuuta 1851
Engels Marxille, 17. heinäkuuta 1851
Engels Marxille, noin 20. heinäkuuta 1851
Marx Engelsille, 13. syyskuuta 1851
Engels Marxille, 23. syyskuuta 1851
Engels Marxille, 3. joulukuuta 1851
Marx Engelsille, 9. joulukuuta 1851
Engels Marxille, 11. joulukuuta 1851
Engels Jenny Marxille, 14. tammikuuta 1852
Engels Marxille, 18. maaliskuuta 1852
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


17 May, 2017: Added to the Finnish Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels Letters Archive:

Engels Florence Kelley-Wischnewetzkylle, 28. joulukuuta 1886
Engels Conrad Schmidtille, 5. elokuuta 1890
Engels Otto Boenigkille, 21. elokuuta 1890
Engels Joseph Blochille, 21. [–22.] syyskuuta 1890
Engels Conrad Schmidtille, 27. lokakuuta 1890
Engels Franz Mehringille, 14. heinäkuuta 1893
Engels Nikolai Frantsevitš Danielsonille, 17. lokakuuta 1893
Engels W. Borgiukselle, 25. tammikuuta 1894
Engels Werner Sombartille, 11. maaliskuuta 1895
Engels Karl Kautskylle, 23. helmikuuta 1891
Engels August Bebelille, 20. kesäkuuta 1873
Engels Friedrich Adolph Sorgelle, 12.[–17.] syyskuuta 1874
Engels Pjotr Lavrovitš Lavroville, 12.–17. marraskuuta 1875
Marx Wilhelm Blosille, 10. marraskuuta 1877
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


17 May, 2017: Added to the Finnish Friedrich Engels Archive:

Väkivallan osuus historiassa, 1888
»Työväenluokan asema Englannissa» -kirjan 2. saksankielisen painoksen esipuhe, 1892
Sosialististen opiskelijoiden kansainväliselle kongressille, 1894
Italian tuleva vallankumous ja sosialistinen puolue, 1894
Talonpoikaiskysymys Ranskassa ja Saksassa, 1895
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


17 May, 2017: Added to the Finnish Friedrich Engels Archive:

Kirje August Bebelille, 18.–28. maaliskuuta 1875
Anti-Dühring 1878
Suojelutullit ja vapaakauppa, 1888
Vuoden 1891 sosiaalidemokraattisen ohjelmanluonnoksen arvostelua, 1891
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


16 May 2017: Added to the Finnish Newspaper and Magazine Archive:

Sosialistinen aikakauslehti, numero 5 (pdf), maaliskuu 1906
Sosialistinen aikakauslehti, numero 6 (pdf), maaliskuu 1906
Sosialistinen aikakauslehti, numero 7 (pdf), huhtikuu 1906 [Thanks to Joonas Laine]


16 May 2017: Added to the French VI Lenin Archive :

Chose étrange et monstrueuse (1918)

[Thanks to Smolny]


14 May 2017: Added to the Swedish Leon Trotsky Internet Archive:

The Sure Road,1927
First Speech on the Chinese Question,1927
Second Speech on the Chinese Question,1927
[Thanks to Martin Fahlgren]


14 May 2017: Added to the Portuguese Trotsky Archive:

Contra o Nacional-Comunismo (as Lições do Plebiscito ''Vermelho''), 1931
[Thanks to Eduardo José and Fernando Araújo]


13 May 2017: Added, to the Spanish section's Archivo V. I. Lenin:

Vols. 28 & 29 of Obras Completas (1976, 1978)
[Thanks to Ediciones Emancipación]


11 May 2017: Added to the Soviet Government Archive:

Petrograd Soviet: Call to the Peoples of the World, March 14, 1917
[Thanks to Zdravko Saveski]


11 May 2017: Added to the new Archive of Documents and materials of the Russian Revolution:

Decree on the Right to Issue Laws , November 12, 1917
Decree on Transfer of Power and the Means of Production to the Toilers, November 18, 1917
Decree on Abolition of Class Distinctions and Civil Ranks, November 23, 1917
Decree on Workers' Control, November 27, 1917
Decree on Abolition of Existing Legal Institutions, December 7, 1917
Decree on Revolutionary Tribunals, January 1, 1918
Decree on the Rights and Duties of Soviets, January 7, 1918
[Thanks to Zdravko Saveski]


10 May 2017: Added to the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line Publication and Journal Page are an almost complete run of the British Socialist Labour League’s The Newsletter from 1957 through 1966. The Newsletter was the “Official Organ of the Central Committee of the Socialist Labour League”.
[Thanks to the Riazanov Library Project]


10 May 2017: The USA Publications Page are now complete for the run of New Masses 1926 through 1934 with all of 1934 added. The publication continued from this point onwards more as a political journal that an art and literary one until 1948.
[Thanks to the Riazanov Library Project]


10 May 2017: Added to the Nahuel Moreno Internet Archive are 18 new translations of Moreno's writings:

Two methods 1964
Peru Two Strategies 1964
Guevara Hero and Martyr 1967
The Militant Interview 1972
Our differences over Key Issues 1972
Memorandum for the reply of the PST(A) 1975
Spain with the Courts 1977
Capitulation to Eurocommnism 1977
Letter to the CC of the Spanish POSI
Central America Six Countries 1981
Opportunism and Trotskyism 1982
Why does Fidel negotiate in secret with Reagan 1982
On the historical Subjects: A talk-debate with Andre Gunder Frank, September 1984
Party Cadres School Argentina 1984
Speeches in the First Congress of the IWL-FI 1985
Speeches in the Second Congress of the MAS 1985
Our experience with Lambertism 1986
Thesis on Guerrilla Warfare 1986
[Thanks to Daniel Iglesias for the translations of these books and the Spanish publishers, Editorial Crux and for]


7 May 2016: Added to the Keith Narey Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL):

Trade Unions and the Labour Party (1982)
Bradford councillors oppose cuts (1982)
Pat Wall increases vote (1982)
Bradford – A future if we fight for it (1982)
Kraft – 100% Resistance (1983)
Local election reports – Bradford North (1983)
Workers give warning at Carter Gears (1983)
Police riot in Armthorpe (1984)
[Thanks to Iain Dalton]


7 May 2017: Added to the Spanish-language León Trotsky archive (all in PDF format):

Carta del camarada Trotsky a los camaradas franceses (1919)
Discurso del camarada Trotsky pronunciado el 7 de agosto de 1920 en el Segundo Congreso de la Internacional Comunista (1920)
¡En ruta de la construcción del socialismo Discurso de Trotsky a las secciones femeninas (1920)
Nuevo periodo, nuevos problemas (1920)
La situación económica mundial. Discurso en el Tercer Congreso de la Internacional Comunista el 23 de junio de 1921 (1921)
La revolución bolchevique se llevo a cabo en fecha fija (1921)
Discurso ante Ejecutivo de la Internacional Comunista sobre la crisis del PCF (1922)
Cuarto discurso de Trotsky. Extractos de los protocolos del Ejecutivo de la Internacional Comunista (1922)
[Thanks to Grupo Germinal and Edicions Internacionals Sedov]


6 May 2017: Added to the Peter Hadden Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL):

Class solutions vital (1981)
H-Block crisis – Tories to blame (1981)
No to War – No to Terrorism Shorts dispute not over yet (2003)
Support Dessian Strikers (2004)
Airport Workers – Hunger Strike Wins Inquiry (2004)
FE colleges close as lecturers fight for parity (2006)
Visteon – Industrial action forces concession on pay parity (2007)
[Thanks to Ciaran Crossey & Pat Lawlor]


6 May 2017: Added to the Socialist Review Archive Archive (1993–1996):

Notes of the Month: Elections – Vote of no confidence (No. 175 / 1994)
Notes of the Month: South Africa – Freedom now – and tomorrow? (No. 175 / 1994)
Notes of the Month: Bosnia – Powers of partition (No. 175 / 1994)
Chris Lineham: Broadcast blues (Np. 175 / 1994) (No. 175)
Dave Beecham: Italy’s past weighs on the present (No. 175 / 1994)
Andrea Butcher: Ignorance is bliss (No. 175 / 1994)
Suzanne Jeffrey: Little England, by (No. 175 / 1994)
Briefing: Prisons – The longest sentence (No. 175 / 1994)
Penny Kay: My favourite books (No. 175 / 1994)
Anna Gluckstein: Reaping the harvest (film review) (No. 175 / 1994)
John Beckley: Better late than never (film review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Clare Farmont: Free thinker (video review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Dave Treece: Songs of slavery (festival interview) (No. 175 / 1994)
Richard Chappell: Poems of protest (poetry review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Ian Bosworth & Ashlea Harris: Spokesman for generation X: Kurt Cobain (obituary) (No. 175 / 1994)
Clare Fermont: Voice of the depression (book review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Mike Hobart: Black Pride (book review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Kevin Orr: Tale of two tyrants (book review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Margot Hill: The diplomatic dance (book review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Brin Price: Revolutionary treatment (letter) (No. 175 / 1994)
Paul Baker: To rebel is to be ill (letter) (No. 175 / 1994)
Daran McFarland: Freedom to choose (letter) (No. 175 / 1994)
Dileep Bagnall: Enemy agents? (letter) (No. 175 / 1994)
Derek Howl: Sex, laws and consent (letter) (No. 175 / 1994)
James Drummond: Blanket ban (letter) (No. 175 / 1994)
Tom Delargy: Closet bigots (letter) (No. 175 / 1994)
Andy Russell: One law for them (1994)
Eamonn McCann: Worth fighting for (interview) (No. 175 / 1994)
Phil Marshall: A tale of two movements (No. 175 / 1994)
Sharon Smith: The war on the poor (column) (No. 175 / 1994)
Gareth Jenkins: The workers’ friend (film review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Pat Stack: Dream and reality (book review) (No. 175 / 1994)
John Newsinger: Close up on revolution (book review)(No. 175 / 1994)
Goretti Horgan: No going back (book review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Mike Gonzalez: Global warning (book review) (No. 175 / 1994)
Pat Stack: Bolshie bishops (column) (No. 175 / 1994)
[Thanks to the late Bob Cox, the Socialist Review Archive & Einde O’Callaghan]


4 May 2017: Added to the USA Publications page the complete digital scan of New Masses for 1934. This is the political-literary magazine of the Communist Party, USA. 1934 is an interesting 'cusp year' as it marks the beginning of the end of the Third Period which were marked by calls for insurrection and the building of red unions under Party control to the era of the Popular Front and the Communist Party's acquiescence to F.D.R. and the Democrats. Additionally this year starts the move away from an emphasis on art and literature to an almost strictly political magazine. We now have completed uploading all the issues of New Masses from 1926 through 1934.
[Thanks to the Riazanov scanning project]


4 May 2017: Added to the Archives of the Paris Communards:

The Pantheon’s About to Blow Up!
The Commune and the French Revolution
[Thanks to Mitchell Abidor]


3 May 2017: Opened the Harold Cruse archive in the Portuguese-language section, with:

Marxismo e o Negro (parte 1), 1964
[Thanks to Carlos Alberto Silva de Souza, Marcos Jundensaider Knijnik e Lars Moirai]


3 May 2017: Added to the Portuguese Marx/Engels Archive:

Reflexões de um Jovem sobre a Escolha de uma Profissão, 1835.
[Thanks to Lucas Fabricio and Fernando Araújo]



2 May 2017: Added to the Revolutionary Communist Party Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Some Lessons of July 4th: The Mass Line in Political Struggle
Conference Big Success: 2300 Meet On Int’l Situation
Hundreds Meet on World Situation. Discuss Threat of World War
Letter Responds To Call Distortions by C. Clark Kissinger
A Final Word On The OL’s Cowardice
Revolution Will Continue in China
USCPFA Convention: Build Peoples’ Friendship Broadly
Theoretical Struggle Crucial Part of Working Class Movement
Steelworker Elections – Time To Dump Abel Machine, Elect Sadlowski br /> Sadlowski Election Battle – Steelworkers Shake Abel
Local Steelworkers Make Gains in Sadlowski Campaign
Workers Viewpoint Organization – Theoretical Mishmash: Opportunism in its Own Right
[Thanks to the EROL team]


1 May 2017: Added to the Revolutionary Communist Party Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Int’l Conf. Provokes OL, Guardian
Mao Tsetung, 1893-1976 [special supplement to The Worker newspapers]
Black Liberation: A Mighty Force
Party Must Answer Questions of Masses On War
Editorial: Sadlowski for President The Steelworker, Vol. 1, No. 4 October 1976 [RCP paper]
Party Basic Organization Rooted in Making Revolution
The Worker Special National Supplement on the founding of the National United Workers Organization
Forward from Sadlowski Campaign: Steel Demo Kicks Off Contract Fight
First Time Tragedy Second Time Farce
Insect Report: Roaches Flee Light
Youth of America Dare to Say, Revolution is the Only Way!
Two Superpowers: Equally Enemies of the World’s Peoples
[Thanks to the EROL team]


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