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February 2017


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28 February 2017: Added to the new Socialist Review Archive Archive (1993–1996) (UK):

Notes of the Month: Labour Party – Mods and rockers (1993) (No. 168)
Notes of the Month: Trade Unions – The angry silence (1993) (No. 168)
Notes of the Month: Middle East – Through the eye of a needle (1993) (No. 168)
Notes of the Month: Russia – Thieves fall out (1993) (No. 168)
Notes of the Month: Poland – Thumbs down for market (1993) (No. 168)
Notes of the Month: Greece – Paper promises (1993) (No. 168)
Chris Nineham: Rotten borough (1993) (No. 168)
Briefing: Roads (1993) (No. 168)
Kit Hollerbach: My favourite books (1993) (No. 168)
David Beecham: Play on words (theatre review) (1993) (No. 168)
Hazel Croft: Fatal attraction (theatre review) (1993) (No. 168)
Shaun Doherty: Swamp Fever (film review) (1993) (No. 168)
Lee Humber: No causes left (film review) (1993) (No. 168)
Liz Rattue: Style wars (film review) (1993) (No. 168)
Lee Humber: Light in the darkness, by (book review) (1993) (No. 168)
Roger Green: The human cost (book review) (1993) (No. 168)
Judith Orr: Worlds apart (book review) (1993) (No. 168)
Clare Fermont: Journey in time (book review) (1993) (No. 168)
Phil Webster: Hunting our history (book review) (1993) (No. 168)
a href="../../history/etol/newspape/socrev/1993/sr168/delargy.html">Tom Delargy: Bigot’s corner (letter) (1993) (No. 168)
Felipe Molina: Superior brand of reformism (letter) (1993) (No. 168)
Jay Woolrich: The art of revolution (letter) (1993) (No. 168)
Stephanie Bridges: My brilliant career (1993) (No. 168)
Steve Emery: Sign of the times (1993) (No. 168)
Lindsey German: The crisis of British politics (1993) (No. 168)
Kieran Allen: From barricades to ballots (No. 168)
Alex Callinicos: An active process (1993) (No. 168)
Judy Cox: Riding through the glen (1993) (No. 168)
Sharon Smith: Burying the bosses (column) (1993) (No. 168)
Lindsey German: Hammer and thistle (theatre review) (1993) (No. 168)
Lindsey German: Dead souls (book review) (1993) (No. 168)
Alex Callinicos: Dance of death (book review) (1993) (No. 168)
Gareth Jenkins: Man in the middle (book review) (1993) (No. 168)
Pat Stack: The logic of compromise (column) (1993) (No. 168)
[Thanks to the late Bob Cox, the Socialist Review Archive & Einde O’Callaghan]


28 February 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Panos Garganas: Greece – a very different picture (interview) (2008) (No. 2:119)
Charlie Kimber: Livingstone pays the price for “triangulation” (2008) (No. 2:119)
Carlo Morelli: Behind the world food crisis (2008) (No. 2:119)
Chris Nineham: Benjamin’s emergency Marxism (2008) (No. 2:119)
Fred Moseley: Some notes on the crunch and the crisis (2008) (No. 2:119)
Kim Moody: The party that never was (book review) (2008) (No. 2:119)
Peter Wearden: Where we came from (book review) (2008) (No. 2:119)
Adrian Budd: Politics without enough economics (book review) (2008) (No. 2:119)
Sheila Cohen: Under pressure (book review) (2008) (No. 2:119)
Alan Kenny: Organic intellectual (book review) (2008) (No. 2:119)
Steve Roskams: A Marxist look at the legions (book review) (2008) (No. 2:119)
CH & JC: This quarter’s selection (magazine reviews) (2008) (No. 2:119)
John Molyneux: More than opium – Marxism and religion (2008) (No. 2:119)
Charlie Hore: China, Tibet and the left (No. 2:119)
Leo Zeilig: Zimbabwe – imperialism, hypocrisy and fake nationalism (2008) (No. 2:119)
John Rose: Karl Marx, Abram Leon and the Jewish Question – a reappraisal (2008) (No. 2:119)
Jim Kincaid: The world economy – a critical comment (2008) (No. 2:119)
Paul McGarr: What’s wrong, and what can be done (book review) (2008) (No. 2:119)
John Newsinger: Not all farmers were bad ... (book review) (2008) (No. 2:119)
Mike Haynes: Valuable but flawed (book review) (2008) (No. 2:119)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


26 February 2017: Added to the new Nick Howard Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL):

Witch-Hunter (book review) (1960)
The Notebook – Dockworkers Defeated (1966)
Steel’s State Cap (1966)
The Notebook – Council Rents (1967)
The lesser evil? (letter) (1988)
No mere tourist (letter) (1990)
The big chill (book review) (1994)
The rise and fall of socialism in one city (extended book review) (1997)
Phil Turner: Nick Howard 1933–2016, in Socialist Worker (2016)
Phil Turner: Nick Howard obituary, in The Guardian (2016)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan]


28 February 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Simon Assaf: The Iraq surge – glossing over the long defeat (2008) (No. 2:118)
Ian Taylor: New life for the new left (2008) (No. 2:118)
1968 Timeline (2008) (No. 2:118)
Archive – David Widgery: Forty years for Pandora (1978) (No. 2:118)
Matt Perry: May 1968 across the decades (2008) (No. 2:118)
Brian Kelly: Unfinished business – Martin Luther King in Memphis (2008) (No. 2:118)
Mustafa Bassiouny & Omar Said: A new workers’ movement – the strike wave of 2007 (2008) (No. 2:118)
Simon Gilbert: The first emperor and after – analysing Imperial China (2008) (No. 2:118)
Sue Sparks: Gender, class and liberation (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Pete Jackson: Another memorable year (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Sadie Robinson: Exposing racism (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Andy Stone: Capital and classroom (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Rachel Aldred & James Woodcock: Slam on the brakes (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Vladimir Unkovski-Korica: A flawed vision (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Bob Fotheringham: Gramsci goes global (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
George Paizis: Reserve army on the march (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Mark O’Brien: Putting the social back into history (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
India today Barry Pavier (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
JC & CH: This quarter’s selection (magazine reviews) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Neil Davidson: Scotland’s new road to reform? (2008) (No. 2:118)
Ian Birchall: Seizing the time – Tony Cliff and 1968 (No. 2:118)
John Newsinger: When old Labour went to war (2008) (No. 2:118)
Anne Alexander: Inside Egypt’s mass strikes (2008) (No. 2:118)
Charlie Hore: China’s growth pains (2008) (No. 2:118)
Colin Wilson: Michel Foucault – friend or foe of the left (2008) (No. 2:118)
Martin Empson: Right enemy, wrong strategy (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Colin Wilson: Imperialism and homophobia (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Phil Marfleet: Why millions are on the move (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
Jim Wolfreys: Won’t get fooled again? (book review) (2008) (No. 2:118)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


20 February 2017: Added to the Swedish Joseph Hansen Internet Archive:

Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution: An Answer to Hoy, Joseph Hansen, 1962
[Thanks to Martin Fahlgren]


18 February 2017: Added to the Michael Kidron Archive:

The Strikes I – The Economic Background (1961)
Tory ‘Planning’ (1961)
The Left and the Common Market (1962)
Budget Tricks (1962)
The coming wage freeze (1965)
All or One? (1965)
Workers’ Control? (1965)
The declaration of dependence (1965)
Counting Out the Bouncers (1965)
TU Top Brass and Wages Norm (1965)
Chips Off the Iceberg< (1965)
Normpolitik ... (1965)
We Are Not Peasants (1968)
The Injured Self (2002)
[Thanks to Ian Birchall, Nina Kidron & Richard Kuper]


17 February 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Costas Lapavitsas: The credit crunch (interview) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Joseph Choonara: The united front (2008) (No. 2:117)
Iain Ferguson: Neoliberalism, happiness and well-being (2008) (No. 2:117)
Joe Hartney: Shakespeare, literary history and Marxism (2008) (No. 2:117)
Chris Ealham: Revolution and reaction in Spain (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Joe Linehan: Tales from the land of the Basques (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Keith Flett: Chartism in one town (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Paul Blackledge: How humans make themselves (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Ken Olende: Lenin’s Petrograd (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Dan Swain: Marx misconstrued (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Matt Perry: Rescuing history (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
This quarter’s selection (magazine reviews) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Leo Zeilig & Claire Ceruti: Slums, resistance and the African working class (2008) (No. 2:117)
Neil Davidson: Reimagined Communities (No. 2:116)
Ian Birchall: Pioneers of internationalism (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Donny Gluckstein: The economics of barbarism (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
John Rose: Religious persuasion? (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Andy Durgan: Catalonian conflicts (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
Mike Haynes: Culture purged of revolution (book review) (2008) (No. 2:117)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


17 February 2017: Added to the Michael Kidron Archive:

Soccer for Suckers (1954)
Mr Big and Mr Small (1956)
Shop Action Can Beat Tories (1956)
Socialist Answer to Tory Economics (1956)
The Choice Before the People of Cyprus – Colony, Enosis or Independence (1956)
Have K and B Really Buried Stalin? (1956)
Robot Speedup (1956)
The Robot Front (1956)
Withdraw the Troops from Cyprus! (1956)
The Answer to Redundancy (1956)
The Industrial Struggle (1957)
Seymour Papert: “Errors” and Labour Leaders (1957)
The Criticism Criticized (1957)
Industrial Notes (with Ron Keating) (1957)
L.J. Atkins + 9 others: What sort of paper? (1958)
Reply (1958)
“Power at the Top” (book review) (1959)
Rosa Luxemburg the Revolutionary (book review) (1959)
[Thanks to Ian Birchall, Nina Kidron & Richard Kuper]


17 February 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Claire Ceruti: South Africa – rebirth of a mass movement (2007) (No. 2:116)
Sameh Naguib: Egypt’s strike wave (interview) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Stefan Bornost: Germany’s political earthquake (interview) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Gareth Dale: “On the menu or at the table” – corporations and climate change (2007) (No. 2:116)
Pepijn Brandon: The Dutch Revolt – a social analysis (2007) (No. 2:116)
Mike Wayne: Theses on realism and film (2007) (No. 2:116)
Sadie Robinson: Exposing the myths of Bush’s wars (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Adrian Budd: Saull’s Cold War: not such hot stuff (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Barry Pavier: Passionate impasse – subaltern studies (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Ben Selwyn: Workers’ power under global capitalism (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Jonathan Maunder: Return of the one-state solution (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Ruth Tenne: Rising of the oppressed – the second Intifada (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Tom Whittaker: Paris 1961 – a hidden massacre (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Matthew Beaumont: Sci-fi and struggle (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Vladimir Unkovski-Korica: Hello Lenin, goodbye Lenin! (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
This quarter’s selection (magazine reviews) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Mike Haynes: The uncertain return of Russian power (2007) (No. 2:116)
Neil Faulkner: Gordon Childe and Marxist archaeology (No. 2:116)
Mike Gonzalez: Venezuela – tensions within the process (interview) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Anne Alexander: Iraq’s women – more than victims (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Donny Gluckstein: Last writings of the party favourite (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Ian Birchall: Debray’s memoirs – tears of a clown, by (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Paul McGarr: Accounting for the environment (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
John Newsinger: Campbell’s blood money (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
Martin Empson: The rubbish barons (book review) (2007) (No. 2:116)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


17 February 2017: Announcing the new Socialist Review Index (1950–1962):

In 1950 a small band of revolutionaries expelled from the British Trotskyist movement by Gerry Healy for what was later called “state capitalist revisionism” established a group and brought out a duplicated magazine called Socialist Review. Later it was printed and eventually came out in newspaper format. The group became known as the Socialist Review Group and although during the period of publication the group never numbered more than about 100 members, it nevertheless nurtured a number of people who went on to play an influential role in British politics and elsewhere. In addition to the theoreticians Tony Cliff and Michael Kidron, who laid the basis for the International Socialist tradition, these included the labour historian Raymond Challinor, the translator Peter Sedgwick, the mathematician Seymour Papert, the philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre, the trade unionist Bernard Dix and the politicians Stan Newens and Sid Bidwell. It also provided a forum for non-members such as Henry Collins and Eric Heffer. Publication ceased in 1962 after its role was replaced by the theoretical journal International Socialism and the agitational paper Industrial Worker (later Labour Worker, and later still Socialist Worker) – both of which are still being published today.
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, John Rudge & Richard Kuper]


13 February 2017: Added to the Michael Kidron Archive:

Soccer for Suckers (1954)
Hands Off the Egyptian Workers (1954)
Class “Democracy” in Kenya (1954)
Her Majesty’s Humble Petitioners (1954)
Atomic Warfare and Disarmament (1954)
Stan Newens: Why Not to Rearm Germany (1954) (appendix)
Trade with China – Facts and Phantasy (1954)
Interview with Dick Barrett (1955)
Jamaicans in Britain (1955)
The Rail Settlement (1955)
Imperialism in Rhodesia (1955)
Profits, Wages & Working Class Tactics (1955)
The Gold Coast – I (1955)
The Gold Coast – II (1955)
Strike in Dockland Same Old Power Politics (1955)
Workers Must Control the Robot (1955)
[Thanks to Richard Kuper]


11 February 2017: Added, to the Spanish-language subject archive on the Dominican Republic:

Discurso de Francisco Caamaño durante la entregra del mandato presidencial (1965)
[Thanks to Amaury Rodíguez]


11 February 2017: Added to the Spanish-language Archivo Rudolph Hilferding:

La crítica de Böhm-Bawerk a Marx  (1904)
[Thanks to Juan Fajardo]


11 February 2017: We start an Isaak Rubin archive in the Spanish-language section, with:

Historia del pensamento económico. Un breve repaso al curso (1924)
[Thanks to Daniel Gaido and to Juan Fajardo]


11 February 2017: Added to the new Terry Fields Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL):

Firemen – where now? (interview) (1978)
Mersey health cuts – MPs speak out (1983)
Who Controls the Police? (1983)
Liverpool democracy attacked (1984)
Letter to Chile Socialist Defence Campaign (1985)
Tony Mulhearn: Terry Fields – Socialist, friend and fighter 1937–2008 (obituary) (2002)
[Thanks to Iain Dalton]


11 February 2017: Added to the new Ian Burge Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL):

Hospital Technicians (letter) (1974)
Crisis in Health Service (1975)
Birthday Drink (letter) (1975)
Health Workers Defend NHS (1976)
“How Militant Helps Me Fight Cuts” (1945)
Good health! – depends on which class you are (1977)
Keep Bethnal Green Open Say Staff, Patients and Local Workers (1978)
Our Life in Their Hands (1978)
Workers Defend Health Service (1978)
Ian Burge – Obituary (1980)
[Thanks to Iain Dalton]


9 February 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Nikos Loudos: Greece – waves from the student struggle (2007) (No. 2:115)
Robin Blackburn: What really ended slavery? (interview) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Aditya Sarkar: Nandigram and the deformations of the Indian left (2007) (No. 2:115)
Kim Moody: The superpower’s shopfloor (interview) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Ken Olende: The literature of a ravished continent – Achebe, Sembène and Ngugi (2007) (No. 2:115)
Andy Jones: Snobs and snappers (book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Matt Perry: An abstract view of the past book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Paul O’Brien: Stalin’s Irish victims (book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Viren Swami: Professor Jekyll and Comrade Hyde (book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Naz Massoumi: Persian proletariat (book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Katherine Connelly: A handbook for activism (book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Iain Ferguson: Revamping old formulas (book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Joseph Choonara: Marx’s “transformation” made easy (book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
CH: Pick of the quarter (magazine reviews) (2007) (No. 2:115)
John Newsinger: Brown’s Journey from Reformism to Neoliberalism (2007) (No. 2:115)
Mike Gonzalez: José Carlos Mariátegui – Latin America’s forgotten Marxist (2007) (No. 2:115)
Alex Callinicos & Chris Nineham: At an impasse? Anti-capitalism and the social forums today (2007) (No. 2:115)
Antoine Boulangé & Jim Wolfreys: France at the crossroads (2007) (No. 2:115)
John Molyneux: A revolution in paint – 100 years of Picasso’s Demoiselles (2007) (No. 2:115)
Chris Bambery: The making of an agitator (book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
Ian Birchall: New Left Review – The search for theory (book review) (2007) (No. 2:115)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


10 February 2017: Added to the Hal Draper Archive:

Review: Mary Schulman, Moses Hess, Prophet of Zionism, Fall 1964
In Reply to Max Nomad: Is Oligarchy Inevitable?, Spring 1966
‘Bang!’, Fall 1966
Review: David Childs, From Schumacher to Brandt, Spring 1968
A Note on the Father of Anarchism, Winter 1969
[Thanks to Paul Flewers]


9 February 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Sami Ramadani: ‘Iraq is not a communal war’ (interview) (2007) (No. 2:114)
Adrian Budd: Gramsci’s Marxism and international relations (2007) (No. 2:114)
Paul Blackledge: The struggle and the scrum (book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
Dan Swain: Reasonable ideology? Negri’s Descartes (book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
Richard Seymour: Brzezinski’s bunker (book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
Robert Jackson: No more heroes (book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
Judy Cox: Chartism’s hidden history (book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
Mark Thomas: Leninism with reservations (book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
CH: Pick of the quarter (magazine reviews) (2007) (No. 2:114)
Martin Empson: Signposts on the road to disaster (2007) (No. 2:114)
Neil Davidson: Socialists and Scottish Independence (2007) (No. 2:114)
Kieran Allen: Northern Ireland – The death of radical republicanism, by (2007) (No. 2:114)
Goretti Horgan: Northern Ireland – the privatisation of peace, by (2007) (No. 2:114)
Colin Wilson: LGBT politics and sexual liberation (2007) (No. 2:114)
Colin Sparks: Reality TV – the Big Brother phenomenon (2007) (No. 2:114)
Megan Trudell: Gramsci – the Turin years, by (2007) (No. 2:114)
Chris Bambery: Hegemony and revolutionary strategy (2007) (No. 2:114)
Mike Haynes: Stronger than the wall – Gareth Dale’s trilogy on East Germany (book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
John Newsinger: Liberté, fraternité, closed-shoppité (book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
Martin Empson: Hot stuff – coming to terms with nature (book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
Pete Glatter: The bear facts – new books on Russia(book review) (2007) (No. 2:114)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


9 February 2017: Added to the new Jimmy Deane Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL):

150,000 Nigerians Strike for 2/6 a Day (1945)
Dockers Want 25/– a Day (1945)
Dockers Struggle – Undermined by T.U. Officials (1945)
Dockers’ Struggles – Lessons of the First Defeat (1945)
The Future of Common Wealth? (1945)
Busmen Fight for a Living Wage (1948)
Letter to the Members (with Ted Grant & G. Hanson) (1949)
Keith Dickinson: Jimmy Deane – Pioneer of Trotskyism (obituary) (2002)
Rod Sewell: Jimmy Deane – Proletarian revolutionary, heart and soul (obituary) (2002)
[Thanks to Iain Dalton. Socialist Party/CWI Archive & In Defence of Marxism Website]

6 February 2017: Added to the French Trotskyists under the Occupation Archive:

If you want peace, Extend a Hand to German and Italian Workers, La Vérité, July 30, 1943
[Thanks to Mitchell Abidor]


7 February 2017: Added to the Spanish-language subject archive on the Paris Commune:

Federación Revolucionaria de las Comunas - 1ra Comuna de Lyon (1870)
Discurso de Carlos Beslay (2 de abril de 1871)
Declaración delegados de los 20 distritos de Paris (6 de enero de 1871)
Declaración Guardia Nacional (4 de marzo de 1871)
Suspensión del Control de telegrafia privada - Comite Central. (20 de marzo de 1871)
Proclamación de la 2da Comuna de Lyon. (23 de marzo de 1871)
La AIT sobre las elecciones a la Comuna. (24 de marzo de 1871)
Decreto sobre la Conscripción y Guardia Nacional. (29 de marzo de 1871)
Asistencia social. (30 de marzo al 18 de mayo de 1871)
Enseñanza laica, püblica y gratuita. (30 de marzo al 18 de mayo de 1871)
Pensión a las viudas y a los huerfanos . (30 de marzo al 18 de mayo de 1871)
Sobre la Prostitución. (30 de marzo al 18 de mayo de 1871)
Registro de trabajadores, necesidades y oferta de produccion. (1 de abril de 1871)
Discurso de Carlos Beslay (2 de abril de 1871)
Decreto de separación Iglesia - Estado. (3 de abril de 1871)
Comedores municipales. (7 de abril de 1871)
Decreto sobre la cesión de los talleres abandonados a sociedades cooperativas obreras. (16 de abril de 1871)
Declaración al pueblo frances. (19 de abril de 1871)
Manifiesto de la unión de Mujeres. (6 de mayo de 1871)
Convocatoria General a todos los obreros de la Joyería. (7 de mayo de 1871)
Sobre almacenes comunales. (9 de mayo de 1871)
Llamamiento a las obreras. (18 de mayo de 1871)
Camaras sindicales de las obreras. (20 de mayo de 1871)
¡A las Armas! Comité de salvación pública. (18 de mayo de 1871)
El pueblo de paris a los soldados de Versalles. (18 de mayo de 1871)
Cuando la consigna es infame. (18 de mayo de 1871)
[Thanks to Grupo Germinal, and to Rodrigo Cisterna]


6 February 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (1978–1991):

Chris Bambery: The decline of the Western Communist Parties (1990) (No. 2:49)
Lionel Sims: Rape and pre-state societies – a note on Sheila McGregor’s anthropology (1990) (No. 2:49)
Sheila McGregor: A reply to Lionel Sims (1990) (No. 2:49)
[Thanks to Jørn Andersen & Marxisme Online]


6 February 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Richard Seymour: In the name of decency: the contortions of the pro-war left (2007) (No. 2:113)
Martin Smith: The shape of the working class (2007) (No. 2:113)
Charlie Kimber: Ken Livingstone – the last reformist? (2007) (No. 2:113)
Hassan Mahamdallie: Muslim working class struggles(2007) (No. 2:113)
Andrew Murray: Important signpost (book review) (2007) (No. 2:113)
Paul Blackledge: Not just opium (book review) (2007) (No. 2:113)
Joseph Choonara: The state of revolutions (book review) (2007) (No. 2:113)
Paul Blackledge: Questioning post-Fordism (book review) (2007) (No. 2:113)
Barry Conway: Feedback – 1956 and Labour (2007) (No. 2:113)
Megan Trudell: Rifondazione votes for war (2007) (No. 2:113)
Neil Davidson: The French Revolution is not over (2007) (No. 2:113)
John Newsinger: Wet Blunkett (book review) (2007) (No. 2:113)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


6 February 2017: Added to the Ronnie Sookhdeo Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL):

Guyana – Economic Crisis Deepens (1977)
Lead – The most widespread poison (1983)
Cancer – the hidden killer at work (1984)
Stop the killer cancers (1984)
Poisoning the world (1984)
Near nuclear disaster in Channel (1984)
[Thanks to Iain Dalton]


6 February 2017: Added to the Peter Fryer Archive:

Lenin as Philosopher (1957)
[Thanks to Martin Fahlgren]


5 February, 2017:Added to the Edgar Hardcastle Internet Archive:

Must Wages Come Down?, January 1931
Socialists and War (on Boris Souvarine), August 1932
Debate with I.L.P., January 1933
Inquest on the I.L.P., May 1943
Interpreting Shakespeare, February 1950
That Yellow Metal again, February 1967
Money for Nothing, March 1967
Hendrik de Man, April 1967
Objectors 1914.18, August 1967
Who Gains through Devaluation?, January 1968
Floating to Nowhere: The Currency Crisis, August 1973
Debate with Sir Keith Joseph, June 1975
James Maxton: a political failure, July 1988
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1 February 2017: Added, to the Spanish section's ArchivoLeon Trotsky:

Las condiciones de admisión (Para el 2do Congreso Mundial de la Internacional Comunista)  (1920)
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