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Introduction to Site
Foreword to “Hegel’s Logic” by J N Findlay
Foreword to “Hegel’s Logic” by Andy Blunden
Biography of Hegel
Diagrams Illustrating Hegel’s System
Chronology of Hegel’s Life
Hegel Letters
• Contents of “Hegel’s Shorter Logic
150 Famous Hegel Quotes
• “Hegel’s System” in HyperText/Graphic
Hegel’s Logic – purchase book from Erythrós Press for $25.

Introductions by Hegel

• Introduction to “Encyclopedia” (PDF 1Mb)
• Preface to “Phenomenology
• Preface to “Philosophy of Right
• Introduction to the “Philosophy of Right
• Introduction to the “History of Philosophy
• Introduction to the “Philosophy of History
• “The Master-Slave Dialectic” from “The Phenomenology”
• “The Philosophical Propadeutic” Hegel’s lecture notes, 1808-1811

Hegel’s Critics
a collection of 60 critiques of Hegel from 1841 - 2001
Classical German Philosophy

Engels on Hegel

• “Socialism: Utopian & Scientific”, II
• “Ludwig Feuerbach &c.”, I

Marx on Hegel

• “Critique of Hegel's Dialectic
• “Theses on Feuerbach
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Sampler - references for various themes
• “Hegel for Beginners
Biography of Hegel
Time Line for Hegel's Legacy
Hegelianism in the 20th Century, Mario Rossi
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• “Dialectics as Logic” by E V Ilyenkov 1971
• “Hegel's Theory of the Modern State”, Shlomo Avineri 1972
Explanation of Text of “The Phenomenology of Spirit”, J N Findlay 1977
• “What is Alive & Dead in Hegel Today”, Howard Kainz 1996
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eBooks of Hegel

Hegel’s Logic (epub)
Philosophy of Right (epub)


Visualiation of the Science of Logic
Hegel’s Logic – purchase book from MIA for $25.
Terry Pinkard’s translation of The Phenomenology
Audio books of Hegel
Kai Froeb’s Hegel Page
Value of Knowledge - Library of texts from 150 philosophers.
Hegel on Education
Hegel’s Science of Philosophy (incl. on-line study)
Hegel Society of America
International Hegel-Society, Berlin
Hegel Bibliography at Sussex University
DVD Hegel Werke, Deutschsprachiger
MIA Deutschsprachiger Hegel Archiv
Andy Blunden: Articles on Hegel
• Purchase Hegel on CD from Intelex

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