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National Anthems of the Soviet Union and the Union Republics

1917-1944: The Internationale mp3
1944-1991: The Soviet National Anthem mp3(1944); mp3(1977); mp3(En); midi; video (subtitles)

Armenian National Anthem (mp3)
Azerbaijan National Anthem (mp3)
Byelorussian National Anthem (mp3)
Estonian National Anthem (mp3)
Georgian National Anthem (mp3)
Kazakhstan National Anthem (mp3)
Kyrgyzstan National Anthem (mp3)


Latvian National Anthem (mp3)
Lithuanian National Anthem (mp3)
Moldavian National Anthem (mp3)
Tajikistan National Anthem (mp3)
Turkmenistan National Anthem (mp3)
Ukrainian National Anthem (mp3)
Uzbekistan National Anthem (mp3)


Images of the Soviet Union



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Population Distribution, according to 1937 Population Census
Annual Growth Rates of Gross Social Product, Labour Productivity, Industrial Output, etc. (1941-1989)
Annual Per Capita Consumption of Sugar, Bakery Products, Meat, etc.(1960-1986)
Education of Higher & Secondary Education (1963-1987)
Industrial Output of Electricity, Iron Ore, Mineral Fertilizers, etc. (1940-1985)
Scientists Doctor, Master, etc. (1940-1986)
Scientific Institutions (1940-1986)
Workers Distribution Industry & Construction, Health, Education, Science, etc. (1950-1989)
Working Hours Electricity, Iron & Steel Industry, etc. (1966-1986)
Regional Distribution of Fixed Capital, report by US Bureau of the Census (1981)



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