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Alienation is the process whereby people become foreign to the world they are living in. This archive collects what various Marxists have said about Alienation.

Art and Literature

This archive contains a wealth of material displaying the use of Marxism in the Arts. There are six major sub-archives to this section: Literary Criticism, Literature (including sub archives of women’s, children’s literature), Painting (including Socialist Realism & Mexican Muralists), Satire, Music (including Soviet & Spanish Civil War songs), and Film.


A collection of articles by Marxists on Education, including material from the First International and the early Soviet Union.


A collection of texts from various Marxist and non-Marxist authors on environmental issues, relationship between society and nature, capitalism and nature, climate crisis, red and green political agendas etc.


A collection of articles by Marxists on the ethical problems of Marxism, and the classics of Ethics.

Fascism & how to fight it

Index to the Writings of Antonio Gramsci and Leon Trotsky on the rise of Fascism in Italy, Germany, France and Spain in the 1920s and 30s.


A collection of texts on Imperialism. It contains the classical theories of imperialism by Hobson, Hilferding, Luxemburg, Bukharin, Lenin and Kautsky, as well as the subsequent development of the theories, including the Post-Cold War phase.

Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Queer Movement

This archive contains a collection of writers, periodicals and bulletins that discuss and debate all aspects of homosexuality and the repression & liberation of Lesbians, Bisexuals, Gays, Transgenders and Queers.

Marx Myths & Legends

A collection of articles responding to various myths, misunderstandings and slanders about Marx and his ideas, written as part of “back to the real Marx” movement.

Natural Science

A collection of articles by Marxist and reference writers on Natural Science. It includes a variety of writers including Marx, Engels, Lenin, Haldane, Bernal, as well as subject sections on Darwinism and Lysenkoism.


This archive contains a massive collection of over 120 thinkers, from 1600 to 2000, in an immense historical overview of philosophy.

Political Economy

This section holds about 20 reference works of “classics” on the subject of political economy, the principle writings of Marx on the subject spanning forty years, followed by a collection of materials that critique, analyse, and explain Marx’s work on the subject. Lastly, a reference is given to basic economic terms available in the Encyclopedia.

Precapitalist Societies

Index to the works of Marxists on precapitalist economic formations, the peasantry, “permanent revolution”, “combined and uneven development”, ancient society and “primitive communism”, and the problem of the relation of the peasantry to the proletarian revolution.


The main section of this subject index are works of Marxist Psychologists whose writings were influenced by Marxism. This section also links to psychologists in the reference section who offer an important context to the ideas taken up by the Marxist Psychologists.


Index to the writings of Leftists and Atheists on Religion, includng Christianity, Islam, and on Tolerance, Education, Art and Literature, Philosophy, Feminism, Secularism, Race, Atheism. Marx on 'Opium of the Masses', and the views of Leninists, Stalinists, Trotskyists, Council Communists, Christian Socialists, Social Anarchists, Christian Anarchists, Labor Unionists, and more.

War and Military Science

Index to the writings of Marxists on Imperialist War, Military Science, Revolutionary War, Insurrection and Guerilla Warfare.

Working Class Organisation

Index to the writings of Marxists on Trade Unions, the General Strike, Soviets, Political Parties and Working Class Organisation in general.

Women and Marxism

This expansive archive contains more than 70 authors writing about both women’s issues and Marxism. The archive contains writings that are significant to Marxism by women, for whom we do not yet have sufficient works trancribed to warrant their own writer’s archive.

Introductory Selections

Introduction to Marxism

Introductory readings for those who are beginning to learn Marxism, with links to authors with differing views.

Audio Books

Readings of popular material from the Marxists Internet Archive, including the Communist Manifesto and documents of the Black Panther Party.


Excerpts and links to explanations of dialectics by Marx, Engels and others and links to the works of Hegel.

Historical Materialism

Abstracts and links to over 30 books, documents and letters written by Marx and Engels – each uniquely highlighting different aspects of the materialist conception of history.

Famous Quotes

Famous quotes from Hegel, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and other communists with links to the context on the Marxists Internet Archive. The only source on the internet of genuine, sourced Marxist quotations.

In addition, you get a randomly selected “Quote-of-the-Day” from one of the collections, for you to ponder.

Selected Marxist Writers

The works of 18 pre-World War Marxists, who together provide a broad base of Marxist thinking shared across most of the differing currents of communism of the present time: Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Paul Lafargue, Karl Kautsky, George Plekhanov, Clara Zetkin, Daniel De Leon, Vladimir Lenin, Nikolai Bukharin, Leon Trotsky, Alexandra Kollontai, James Connolly, Rosa Luxemburg, José Carlos Mariátegui, Antonio Gramsci, M. N. Roy, Paul Mattick, Georg Lukács, Karl Korsch, George Padmore and Hal Draper.


A Diverse and expanding range of texts are available in eBook formats.

Currents of Communism

The Bolsheviks

Index to biographies and the writings of the party that made the Russian Revolution, almost all of whom were dead 20 years after the Revolution.


Index to works and criticisms of the Eurocmmunist currrent, which arose in the Communist Parties in Europe in the 1970s.

Frankfurt School

Index to works and Biographies of members of the “Frankfurt School” – or Institute for Social Research set up in 1922 as a “Communist University.”

The International Socialists

Index to the writings of leaders of the International Socialists, a Marxist current which emerged from the Trotskyist movement in Britain in the 1950s.

Left Communism

Index to the writings of Council Communists and other currents of Left-Wing Communism active mainly in Europe after the Russian Revolution.


The Marxist Humanists, mostly intellectuals and writers, who reacted against the simplistic and objectivist Marxism of the Stalinist governments of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, from the 1960s in particular.

The Praxis Group

Writings of the members of the Praxis Group – an opposition group which crticised the Communist Party of Yugoslavia from a Marxist Humanist perspective, beginning in 1964.

The S.P.G.B.

Writings of members of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, founded in 1904 by members expelled from the SDF on charges of “impossibilism.”.

The Comintern and After

Index to the Writings of Stalin and the most notable figures in leadership of the Comintern during the Stalin era around the world. 

Syndicalism and Anarchism

Links to all the main writers and organisers of the anarchist movement, from its founders in the 19th century, such as Proudhon and Bakunin, plus articles by Marx, Trotsky &c. on anarchism.


The Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL), is a complete documentation of the history and ideas of the international Trotskyist movement, centering on Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) and continuing to this day, with historical documents on thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups and publications.

Utopian Socialism

Utopian visions from Plato’s Republic to Charles Fourier’s Phalanstery, H.G. Wells’s Modern Utopia and Robert Owen’s New Lanark, actually established in Scotland, and twentieth century intentional communities.


The Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line contains writings and documents by and about many of the Maoist groups in the English-speaking world.

Struggles and Revolutions of Various Nations

Early American Marxism

A rich archive of works about the early history of Marxism in the United States of America, and the documents of the various Marxist groups and founders of the union movement, 1864-1930.

Anti-Imperalism & Marxism in Africa

A broad collection of writings by leaders of the Anti-Imperialist and Anti-apartheid movement and Marxists in Africa, and documents by and about all varieties of socialism in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Anti-Imperalism in the Arab World

At this stage we have just one history of the Arab World. More to come.


Index to writings and documents pertaining to the People's Socialist Republic of Albania (1946-1992).


Writings of Bangladeshi Communists and about the Anti-Imperialist struggle in Bangladesh.


Archive of writings of Bolivian Socialists, histories of socialist struggle, and texts from the 1920s to recent times.


Writings of Marxists on British history, politics and philosophy, including the trade unions and British socialist parties.


Archive of writings of Chilean Socialists, histories of socialist struggle, and texts from 1847 to recent times.

Chinese Communism

Index to biographies and the writings of the Chinese Communist Party and their supporters in other countries.

Czechoslovakia 1968

Collection of material on the history of Czechoslovakia during the rise of the dissident commumnist regime and eventual destruction by the invading forces of the U.S.S.R.


Collection of material on the history of France including the writings of Marxists on the French Revolution and the Paris Commune and excerpts from the work of the most prominent French writers.

The German Revolution 1918-1923

Speeches, documents and photographs from the period of revolutionary upheaval following the end of World War I in Germany together with contemporary analysis and more recent histories of the period when Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were murdered, and Soviet governments set up in parts of Germany.

The Greek Civil War 1946-1949

Documents and narratives from the Greek Civil War, during which the impending Communist victory prompted US President Truman to launch the Cold War.

The Hungarian Uprising 1956

Eye-Witness reports and Comments on the 1956 Uprising against Soviet rule.

Marxism & Anti-Imperialism in India

Writings of Marxists on India and the writings of important Indian Communists and freedom-fighters. Includes archives of documents from Indian communist parties.

The Guerilla Movement in Iran

Biographies and Writings of Iranian Guerilla-ists.

Iraq War

A collection of documents and articles on the U.S.-led attack on Iraq in 2003 followed by occupation of the country.

Israel-Arab/Palestinian Conflict

A collection of texts on Israel-Arab/Palestinian conflict and cooperation during the British Mandate of Palestine and after creation of Israel.

Japanese Marxism

A collection of works by 20th century Japanese Marxists.

Jews and the Worker’s Movement

A subject index of texts from Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Leon and Luxemburg; texts from the Jewish Socialist & Labor Movement and the impact of the Russian Revolution on Jews.


Revolution and Anti-Imperialism in Kurdistan.

Latin America

A collection of writings by the leaders of the workers' movement and anti-imperialist struggle in Latin America.

May Day

This section is a central resource for documents focusing on the labor history origins of May Day as a workers’ holiday. It includes material from the eight-hour movement, the Haymarket Tragedy, International May Day, as well as recollections, music, literature and images.

The Russian Revolution of 1917

A collection of essays in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution


Index to writings and documents on Somalia, the Somali Democratic Republic, and the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP).

The Soviet Union

Eye-witness reports, documents, overviews, statistics, histories and analyses on the Soviet Union.

The Spanish Civil War

Writings by contemporaries and later commentators of all the different currents involved in the Civil War.

Revolution and Anti-Imperialism in Turkey

Writings on revolution and anti-imperialism in Turkey.


Index to writings of Tito, documents from the Yugoslavian independence struggle, and criticism of Tito and his policies by the Cominform, Chinese and Albanian Communist leaders, and Trotskyists.


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