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World Outlook
A Labor Press Service — Un Service de Presse Ouvrier

World Outlook was published by Pierre Frank, Joseph and Reba Hansen in Paris, France. It was published in 1963 under the auspices of newly created United Secretariat of the Fourth International. Published out Paris it was eventually moved to New York City and published by the US Socialist Workers Party as a fraternal courtesy to the USFI. With the change of location it started, under Joseph Hansen’s editorship, reflecting the politics of the SWP and away from the strictly European USFI influence. In 1968 it was renamed Intercontinental Press. World Outlook started publishing twice-monthly initially then within a few months started publishing weekly. The reporting in the magazine focused on the goings on and activities of the world Trotskyist movement in the 1960s as well as analysis of the major events of the period, from the Cuban Missile Crisis through counter-revolutionary coup in Indonesia in 1965 to the rise of the May events in France in 1968.

This archive was created by Marty Goodman of the Riazanov Project. Hard copy originals provided by the Holt Labor Library in San Francisco, CA

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1963 (vol. 1)


Vol. 1, No. 1, September 27, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 2, October 6, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 3, October 11, 1963

Vol. 1, No. 4, October 18, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 5, October 25, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 6, November 1, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 7, November 8, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 8, November 15, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 9, November 22, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 10, November 29, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 11, December 6, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 12, December 13, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 13, December 20, 1963


Vol. 1, No. 14, December 27, 1963 includes Volume 1 index for all of 1963


Stand alone Index of Volume 1 with OCR. No. 1, September 27, through No. 14, December 27, 1963



1964 (vol. 2)


Stand alone Index of Volume 2, January 3, through No. 13, March 27, 1964
Vol. 2, No. 1, January 3, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 2, January 10, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 3, January 17, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 4, January 27, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 5, January 31, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 6, February 7, 1964

Vol. 2, No. 7, February 14, 1964

Vol. 2, No. 8, February 21, 1964

Vol. 2, No. 9, February 28, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 10, March 6, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 11, March 13, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 12, March 20, 1964


Stand alone Index of Volume 2, January 3, through No. 13, March 27, 1964
Vol. 2, No. 13, March 27, 1964


Index for issues 1 through 13, 1964 with OCR
Vol. 2, No. 14, April 3, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 15, April 10, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 16, April 17, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 17, April 24, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 18, May 1, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 19, May 8, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 20, May 15, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 21, May 22, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 22, May 29, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 23, June 5, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 24, June 12, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 25, June 19, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 26, June 26, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 27, July 3, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 28, July 17, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 29, July 31, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 30, September 11, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 31, September 18, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 32, September 25, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 33, October 2, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 34, October 9, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 35, October 16, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 36, October 23, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 37, October 30, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 38, November 6, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 39, November 13, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 40, November 20, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 41, November 27, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 42, December 4, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 43, December 11, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 44, December 18, 1964


Vol. 2, No. 45, December 25, 1964




1965/ (vol. 3)


Vol. 3, No. 1, January 1, 1965

    Johnson Defied in Cairo and Saigon
    Atomic Booby Trap
    Mississippi Horror-Story — by Evelyn Sell
    American Negroes Can’t Stomach Tshombe
    Medical Detectives Unravel Strange Cause of Death
    Discussion Flares in Italian CP over Amendola Article — by Sirio Di Giuliomaria
    Toronto Trotskyists in Municipal Campaign
    The Defeat of the Coalition Government in Ceylon — by Edmund Samarakkody
    90,000 Homeless in Britain
    Cuzco: Land and Death — by Livio Maitan

Vol. 3, No. 2, January 8, 1965

    Chinese Framed Up in Brazil
    Left Socialist Party Formed in Belgium
    Economic Policy in the USSR Since Khrushchev’s Downfall
    “Why I Am Resigning from the Chilean Communist Party”
    The Meaning of Barros’ Resignation
    Youth Break from Chilean Socialist Party
    Chilean Revolutionists Pay Homage to Luis Emilio Recabbaren
    Luis Vitale Gains Freedom
    American “Justice” Protects Its Own — by Evelyn Sell
    Some Lessons in the Struggle for Freedom in South Africa
    “Case Dismissed”
    New Area of Overproduction
    Central African Republic Feels Impact of Revolutions — by J. Ndelé
    Che Guevara Scores American Intervention in the Congo
    Spanish Poet Given Double Sentence
    Is It Legal to Sue for Damages Due to Torture?
    An End Result of “Trotskyism in One Country” — by Ernest Germain

Vol. 3 ,No. 3, January 15, 1965

    “To Hell with the UN”
    Strikes Flare in Algeria
    Witch-Hunt in India — by Himoo Kalani
    Pro-Moscow Indian Communists Refurbish Dange — by Kailas Chandra
    Mammoth Rally Staged in Calcutta
    West Bengal Trotksyist Wins Municipal Election
    North or South Police Are the Same — by Evelyn Sell
    A Step toward a Revolutionary Party in Spain
    Help Needed in Nigerian Cases
    Algerian Workers on the Land Hold Congress — by Henri Dumoulin
    French Communists and Socialists Form Seine Electoral Bloc — by Pierre Frank
    Angolan Movement Faces Critical Situation — by Livio Maitan
    Plenum of the IEC of the Fourth International

Vol. 3 No. 4, January 22, 1965

    Cuban Students Withdrawn from Rumania — by Joseph Hansen
    New Give Away Begins in Brazil
    The Atomic Diplomats Play with War-Suicide — by Maurice Leuven
    Neville Alexander in “Times Literary Supplement”
    Ahidjo to the Rescue of Tshombe
    Verwoerd’s Police State — by Franz J.T. Lee
    Part of the Dollar Empire
    Discussion of “Literature and Revolution”
    Guerrilla Activity, Strike Threat in Colombia
    Book Review:
    A Famous Set of Minutes — by Louis Couturier

Vol. 3 No. 5, January 29, 1965

    Belgian Left-Wing Socialists Move Ahead
    Strikes Testify to Restiveness of Belgian Workers
    Appeal Date Set in Alexander Case — by Susan Williams
    Celebrate First Anniversary of Zanzibar Revolution
    Mozambicans Call for Stepped Up Struggle 1965
    Colombian Guerrillas Put Up Strong Defense
    Regroupment Process Continues in Chile
    Biggest, Most Profitable Business in History
    The Cancer in American Society — by Evelyn Sell
    Position of Bolivian Trotskyists on Barrientos Regime
    Statement on Wandsworth Incidents

Vol. 3 No. 6, February 12, 1965

    Johnson’s Brinkmanship — by Joseph Hansen
    Defferre Caught in Squeeze Play — by Pierre Frank
    Workers, Students Demonstrate in Spain
    African Students in Toronto Defend Congolese
    The Mississippi Battlefield — by Evelyn Sell
    Japanese Girl Gets Quick Education in Mississippi
    Che Guevara on Africa and Latin America
    Ask Canadians to Help in Alexander and Mandela Cases
    British Alexander Defence Connnittee Intensifies Efforts — by Susari Williams
    Robben Island: “Hell Headquarters”
    “South African Freedom Day”
    Christophe Gbenye Grants First Press Conf’erence
    Lisbon Students 48-Hour Strike

Vol. 3 No. 7, February 19, 1965

    Crisis in Washington — by Joseph Hansen
    In Their Hearts They Know They’re Doomed
    But the Golden Days of World Capitalism Are Gone Forever — by Ernest Germain
    Waldeck Rochet Opens Fight against Communist Intellectuals — by Pierre Frank
    Tshombe Bars Holden Roberto from Visiting Zambia
    Is Still Another Law Needed? — by Evelyn Sell
    Algiers Weekly Defends Chinese
    Alexander Case Stirs Wide Response
    New Student Demonstration in Madrid
    Fourth International Backs Vietnamese Revolution
    African Movements Protest American Aggression in Vietnam
    Anti-Imperialist Platform of Manila Demonstrators
    French CP Intellectuals Demand Free Discussion

Vol. 3 No. 8, February 20, 1965

    Malcolm X — Martyr in the Cause of Freedom — by Joseph Hansen
    Chaos in Saigon Eases War Crisis
    Outbreak in India over the Language Question — by Kailas Chandra
    Police "Error" in Caracas
    Ninth World Youth Festival
    An Appeal to American Relic Collectors
    On Guerrilla Fighters and Militia — by Hugo Blanco
    Transkei Rejects Bantustans
    Madrid Students Score a Victory
    Workers Control Advocated in Algeria
    Cpn the Dollar Stand Any More Investment Abroad?
    Cuba Tackles the Problem of Bureaucracy

Vol. 3 No. 9, March 5, 1965

    Behind Johnson’s Secrecy
    Student Agitation Rises in Spain
    Walloon Section of New Socialist Party Founded in Belgium
    After Wilson’s “Hundred Days” — by T. J. Peters
    The U S “Victory!” at Dong Hoi
    The March 1 Meeting in Moscow
    One of Malcolm X’s Last Interviews
    Malcolm X — American Negro Fighter — by Evelyn Sell
    Alexander Defense Committee Formed in New York
    Canadian Poets Aid Alexander Case
    “Cittá Futura” Stirs Controversy in Italian CP
    Dispute Sharpens Between French CP and Youth — by Pierre Frank
    For the White House Suggestion Box
    Left-Wing Communists Witch-Hunted in India — by S. R. Singh
    Victory for a “Barefoot People”
    Once Again on the Situation in the Angolan Movement — by Livio Maitan

Vol. 3 No. 10, March 12, 1965

    “Unity — Not Vengeance” Says Companion of Malcolm X
    Castro Points Way Out of Vietnam Crisis
    Johnson — a Case of “Unclouded Vision”?
    Left Wing Communists Win in Kerala
    Spanish Students Gain Concessions
    Bertrand Russell Assails Wilson for Abetting War in Vietnam
    Leftist Labour Leader Resigns from Wilson Government
    Ink Bottles for the American Embassy
    Statistics Confirm Soviet Economic Difficulties
    The Soviet Union Today
    Stefan Heym’s Plea for Proletarian Democracy
    Alexander Defence Committee Demonstrates in Trafalgar Square — by Alan Adair
    Successful Strike Action in Argentina — by O. Gomes
    Sit-Down Strikes with Hostages
    Youth Give French CP Leaders Tough Battle — by Pierre Frank
    General Humberto Delgado Reported Missing
    Che Guevara Stresses Proletarian Internationalism
    The Meteoric Rise of Malcolm X — by Evelyn Sell

Vol. 3 No. 11, March 19, 1965

    Castro Appeals for Immediate Aid to North Vietnam
    “Will Continue to Send Arms,” Says Ben Bella
    Selma and Vietnam — by Joseph Hansen
    Toronto Students Demonstrate for Selma
    South African Court Reserves Decision on Alexander Appeal
    More Political Arrests in South Africa
    Trotskyists Uphold Class-Struggle Program in Ceylon Election
    Mutiny among Tshombe’s Forces
    Malcolm X’s Last Insights — by Evelyn Sell
    What Malcolm X Really Stood For (Review)
    In Tribute to Malcolm X
    Help the Vietnamese Revolution!

Vol. 3 No. 12, March 26, 1965

    “Tactical” Nuclear Weapons Next?
    Crisis over Left Communist Victory in Kerala — by Kailas Chandra
    Does Africa Need a Fidel Castro?
    The Battle Against the “Burnt-Cork” Stereotype — by Evelyn Sell
    The Ethiopian Struggle for Freedom
    The SLL Yields Again to Imperialist Pressure — by Joseph Hansen
    De Gaulle Bets on Hanoi
    The Sihlali and Mtshizana Cases
    The French Municipal Elections
    British Radio Dramatizes Moscow Trials
    Lenin-Trotsky Correspondence (Book Review) — by Pierre Frank

Vol. 3 No. 13, April 2, 1965

    And Now the Fumes of Johnson’s Propaganda
    “Hygienic, Pasteurized Gases…”
    Castro’s Appeal for Effective Aid to Vietnam
    Wilson’s Foreign Policy under Attack
    Guerrillas Reported in Southern Brazil
    New Revolutionary Party Formed in Argentina
    The New Struggles in Spain — by Paul Arnault
    Defense Problem Grows More Acute in Alabama — by Evelyn Sell
    Liége Miners Strike Against Pit Closure
    Prison Sentence for Playing Bridge
    Cartolìn and Molina To Be Tried in Peru
    Bolivian Trotskyists Oppose Barrientos
    UN Committee Circularizes Alexander Case
    Dr Victor Allen on Hunger Strike
    Canadian Pickets Demand Truth about Delgado
    Apartheid in the Morgue
    The Lessons of the Ceylon Election

Vol. 3 No. 14, April 9, 1965

    World Opinion Continues to Mount Against Johnson — by Joseph Hansen
    25,000 Belgian Youth in Antinuclear March
    Frankfort Youth Protest Dirty War in Vietnam
    Mexican Students Appeal for Immediate, Effective Aid to Vietnam
    No Backing Down in Face of the Crimes of Imperialism
    Three-Country Antinuclear Demonstration Planned
    New Belgian Socialist Party Holds First Rally
    Liége Miners End Sit-Down Strike Appeal of Alexander Eleven Rejected
    Why Sartre Won’t Go to the US
    Italians Blocked Kremlin at March 1 Moscow Meeting
    Brezhnev Promises to Make Good Where Khrushchev Failed — by Pierre Frank
    Italian Communist Youth Congress Postponed — by Francesco Marchi
    Nationalizations in Syria Remain Uncertain
    John Baird
    Congolese Repudiate Slander of Holden Roberto
    Balance Sheet of the Chilean Election — by Jose Valdes
    American Socialist Youth Defend Vietnam

Vol. 3 No. 15, April 16, 1965

    The Meaning of Johnson’s “Carrot” Speech
    Algerian Role in Attempted Vietnam Negotiations
    Is Johnson Following in Footsteps of Mikado?
    Framed Up Chinese Freed in Brazil
    On the Guerrilla Struggle in Venezuela
    Interview with Comandante Yong Sosa
    Guerrilla Front Active in Peru
    “Izvestia“ Censors Sartre
    Fight Continues to Free Alexander Eleven
    Committee of Nine Scored on Use of Funds
    Sihlali-Mtshizana Trial Begins
    The Zaca, Zulu and Nyakeni Cases
    Secret Arrest of Gcabashe
    “A Girl Just Like Me“— by Evelyn Sell
    Clash with Fascists in Streets of Vienna
    Ben Bella Commutes Ait Ahmed Death Sentence
    Once Again — The SLL and Vietnam — by Joseph Hansen
    Open Letter to the Comrades of the LSSP (Reformist)

Vol. 3 No. 16, April 23, 1965

    20,000 Demonstrate in Washington Against Vietnam War
    "Teach-in" Tactic Against Vietnam War Spreads on American Campuses — by Evelyn Sell
    Tokyo Rally Scheduled Against Vietnam War
    Vietnam War Drawing Japanese Socialists, Communists Together
    Japanese Seamen Turn Down U. S. Demand
    U. S. Violates Treaty with Japan
    Japanese Unions Reject AFL-CIO Charges
    Negus Opposes Gassing Civilians in Vietnam
    A Well-Heeled Vicar
    Workers of Brittany Send Mass Delegation to Paris
    Frankfort Mayor Disavows Police Role in Vietnam Demonstration
    Deutscher Tells about Trotsky on French Television
    Victor Allen Wins Release
    Mother in Alexander Case Sends Thanks
    Angolan Freedom Fighters Report Successes
    Ethiopian Nationalists Back Vietnamese Cause
    Sihlali-Mtshizana Trials Remanded
    Indian Communists Close Ranks over Vietnam
    The Present Situation in Ceylon under the UNP — by Edmund Samarakkody
    The Algerian Revolution Again in Movement — by Henri Dumoulin

Vol. 3 No. 17, April 30, 1965

    World Opinion Resounds Inside the United States
    Vietnam War Brings Indian Communists Closer Together
    Vietnam Solidarity Demonstration in Belgium Sabotaged by Pro-Peking CP
    A Lesson in Pentagon Arithmetic
    In Vietnam with the American “Special Forces”
    Johnson’s “Great Carrot” Was Only Peanuts
    Opposition Rises in Chile to Vietnam War
    Propose Joint Command of Kosygin, Mao and Castro in Vietnam
    Johnson Finds One Friend in the World
    Japanese Government Fearful over Vietnam
    The Power Play Between Bonn, Cairo and Tel-Aviv
    Conversations with Soviet Students
    Indian CP Moves Toward Polycentrism — by Kailas Chandra
    Plotters of Coup Sentenced in Ceylon
    Assassination of Delgado Confirmed
    Can the Rev King Capture SNCC Militants? — by Evelyn Sell
    Footnote on an SLL Headline — by Joseph Hansen

Vol. 3 No. 18, May 7, 1965

    Johnson Opens a Second Front in Santo Domingo — by Joseph Hansen
    “Get U.S. Troops Out of Vietnam!” Say Japanese Pacifist
    British Union Denounces American Policy in Vietnam
    State Department Sees “Communist Takeover” in Tokyo Press
    Shouts of “Hands Off Vietnam!” Drown Out Labour Speaker
    Johnson’s War Policy Frightens Koreans in Japan
    Japanese Merchants of Death See Bright Future
    Talk in Japan About Volunteers for Vietnam
    Japanese Unions Stage Half-Day Strike
    US Consulate Bombed in Montreal
    Hugo Bressano Appeals Case to Argentine Supreme Court
    Price Increases Spur Chilean Workers into Action
    New Step Toward Socialist Unification in Chile
    Discontent Grows in Bolivia
    Speakers Call for Workers Government in Bolivia
    Witch-Hunt in Mexico
    Belgian Left Socialists Conducting Vigorous Election Campaign
    Camille Huysmans Breaks with Belgian SP
    Latest American Invention
    Egyptian CP Commits Hara-Kiri — by Pierre Frank
    Bulgarian Political Lid Again in place
    Campus Revolt over Vietnam Worries Washington
    Johnson Is Right on One Point
    One of the “Major” Presidencies?
    Permits to Stand or Sit?
    End the Imperialist Aggression in Santo Domingo!
    The Deepening Crisis over Vietnam

Vol. 3 No. 19, May 14, 1965

    U S Invasion of Dominican Republic Stirs World-Wide Anger
    Japanese Workers Express Solidarity with Vietnamese and Koreans
    Escalation à la Pentagon
    Japanese Intellectuals Demand End to Vietnam Bombings
    Japanese General Tells Johnson How to Avoid Disaster
    May Learn About War the Hard Way
    Japanese Unions to Send Material Aid to North Vietnam
    Japanese Socialist Leader Denounces U S War Moves
    U S Tightens Vietnam Censorship
    Labourites Gag at Backing U. S. Marines
    Johnson Fails to Inspire Saigon’s Troops
    Sugar-Coated Pill for Steel Stockholders
    Electric Shock Torture Resumed in South Africa
    The May Day Parade in Algiers — by Henri Dumoulin
    Proud Achievement of South African Justice
    Prestige on the Cheap for de Gaulle — by Pierre Frank
    A Fertile Ground for “Communism”? — by Evelyn Sell
    The Unity Movement of South Africa — by Susan Craig
    Bourguiba’s Proposal on Israel
    H-Bomb Test Still Providing Data
    The Alexander Eleven
    Good Deal for Aluminum Kings

Vol. 3 No. 20, May 21, 1965

    The Heroic Defiance of the Dominicans — by Joseph Hansen
    “Johnson Assassin!” Shout 20,000 in Mexico City
    Sihlali and Mtshizana Found “Guilty”
    Repression in Ecuador
    Bolivia — A Second Dominican Republic?
    May Day Message of Bolivian POR
    Bolivian Trotskyists Call for Aid to Dominican People
    Even Venezuelan Ruling Party Tense over Dominican Affair
    Young German Workers Score U S Warmongering
    Johnson’s Society of the Great Lie
    Official Lies of US Embarrass Reporter
    Johnson Resumes Bombing
    Communist Troublemakers Leave for New Assignment
    Is It Good Taste to Carry a Severed Head?
    Japanese Unions to Campaign Against Vietnam War
    China’s Second Nuclear Test
    Cologne Workers Revive May Day Tradition
    West German Intellectuals Oppose Antidemocratic Law
    Poison Gas Unloaded in Santo Domingo
    New Repression in Iran
    Brezhnev Praises Wrong Man
    Why Negro Masses Remain Suspicious of American CP — by Evelyn Sell

Vol. 3 No. 21, May 28, 1965

    Jolmson Sinks Deeper into the Morass
    “Virtual Civil War” in Bali
    The Crisis in Bolivia
    Did Luigi Longo Plot to Take over Bolivia?
    “Workers Militia Take Over the Mines”
    Bolivian Political Parties Condemn Dictatorial Move
    The “Center Left” Demagogy of General Barrientos
    Atrocity Scenes Removed from South Vietnam War Film
    Belgian Social Democrats Suffer Major Defeat
    Brussels Solidarity March for Vietnamese and Dominicans
    Pro-Cuba Meeting in Amsterdam
    Guerrilla Struggle Continues in Angola
    Venezuela Guerrilla Fighters Battle Encirclement — by Daniel Chirinos
    Nigerian Witch-Hunt Case Thrown Out of Court
    Okinawans Worried over War in Vietnam
    Campaign in Japan to Make War Legal
    “Teach-ins” Embarrass Johnson Administration — by Evelyn Sell
    Soviet Historians Demand More Facts
    Revolutionary-Minded Students in Poland
    Okinawa Seamen Reject US Request
    Ceylon Compensates Oil Companies
    Declaration of Pablo Grouping
    Pablo Announces His Break with the Fourth International

Vol. 3 No. 22, June 11, 1965

    Johnson Gives the Green Light to His Generals
    Chinese Army Abolishes System of Ranks
    Cubans Announce Big Sugar Harvest
    Bolivian Workers Resist Counterrevolution
    Castro Calls for Revolutionary Defense Against Imperialism
    Wilson’s “Special Relationship”
    Japanese Revolted by US War in Vietnam
    Havana Institute Cancels Tour of Canadians
    Tshombe Named as Murderer of Lumumba
    Head of Indonesian CP Attacks “Trotskyism”
    Bosch Couldn’t Deliver Lie Needed by Johnson
    Cuban Government’s Position in Economic Discussion
    MPLA Spokesman Praises Mao
    New Road to Peace
    “The Most Discredited President”
    The Vote for the Left in the Belgian Elections — by Henri Valin
    A Case Where Patience Is No Virtue
    Trend Among US Whites Is Away from Racism
    Demonstrations in Chile Against US
    Italian CP Leaders Air Differences — by Sirio Di Giuliomaria
    French SP Faces Crisis of Perspective — by Pierre Frank
    Deutscher Describes “Teach-In” Movement
    Suggest Volunteers to Aid Dominicans
    Shastri’s Trip to Moscow — by Kallas Chandra
    Dangeites Back Shastri Government — by SR Singh
    Fight for Civil Liberties in India
    Eritreans Lose Arms Shipment
    German Unions Block Authoritarian Legislation
    Munich Marchers Protest US Role in Vietnam
    Guerrilla War Continues in Angola

Vol. 3 No. 23, June 25, 1965

    Boumedienne’s Seizure of Power
    Youth Festival in Doubt
    Johnson Escalates to New Levels
    ’’Project Long Hot Summer” — by Evelyn Sell
    A German Columnist Names Johnson’s Actions
    Philippine Students Condemn US War in Vietnam
    School on African Affairs Held in London
    Arms Stolen in South Africa
    News About South Africa’s Prison Island
    Students Demonstrate in Addis Abeba
    Kyoto Rally Backs Vietnamese Freedom Fighters
    The Neon Lights Go Out in Sasebo
    An International Capitalist Custom
    Depression Hits Japan
    157,026 Japanese Unionists Punished for Strike Action
    Portuguese Accused of Using Gas in Angola
    Hiroshima to Reveal Story Banned by US
    Defferre and the Bucket of Milk — by Pierre Frank
    Want to Tour Free World Before It’s Too Late
    Followers of Posadas Released in Cuba — by Joseph Hansen
    Extremely Careless
    Defend the Algerian Revolution!

Vol. 3 No. 24, July 9, 1965

    Peruvian Rulers Seek to Stamp Out Guerrilla Fighters
    Johnson’s Dirty War in Vietnam
    “Not Without Cynicism”
    CP Leaders Worried over Kremlin’s Passivity in Vietnam
    Canadian Political Leader Scores Johnson
    Bournedienne Unveils His “Council” — by Pierre Frank
    Washington “Rather Satisfied” with Boumedienne
    Aidit Thanks Boumedienne — Ky Approves, Too
    The Cuban Stand on Boumedienne’s Coup d’Etat
    Gen Ky Says He has “One Hero” — Hitler
    Is Johnson’s Personality Affecting History?
    Another Exposure of South Africa’s Prisons
    Bombay Convention Demands End to “Emergency” Rule
    French Student Held in Spain
    Eminent Canadians Back Victims of South African Apartheid
    Demonstration at Mayakovsky’s Monument
    Opposition Continues Against Japan-South Korea Treaty
    American Officer with a Conscience
    Extend the Field of Revolutionary Action
    Unification Congress in Argentina

Vol. 3 No. 25, July 23, 1965

    A Steadily Growing Land War in Asia
    Peace Feeler from New Delhi to Peking — by Kailas Chandra
    Bournedienne’s Government — by Pierre Frank
    “Recession,” “Depression,” or Worse in Japan?
    Japanese People Against US War in Vietnam
    Socialists Gain seats in Japanese Election
    Sohyo Turns to Political Action
    Will Try Not To Do It Again
    Poison Gas Shell?
    “Resettlement Zone” in Malaysia
    Political Crisis in Greece
    General Ky Says Hitler Not Quite His “One Hero”
    Peruvian Army Still Pursuing Guerrilla Forces
    Communist Governor Ousted in Djakarta
    Barrientos Reveals Another “Subversive” Plot
    Ecuador Swept by Civil Strife
    Stroessner Discovers “Communist” Plot
    Angolans Condemn U.S. Aggression in Vietnam
    Is Trotsky’s Transitional Program Applicable to Algeria? — by Joseph Hansen
    It Was A Great Day for Wilson
    On the Crisis in Algeria — Speech by Fidel Castro

Vol. 3 No. 26, August 6, 1965

    “This Is Really War”
    The Crisis in Greece — by George Sinos
    Under the Military Junta in Bolivia
    Belaunde Renews “State of Siege”
    The Guerrilla War in Peru
    Demand Release of Hugo Blanco
    American Embassy Bombed in Quito
    Guerrilla Group Reported in Mexico
    Fresh Guerrilla Activities in Venezuela
    Colombian Government Discovers “Communist Plot”
    Angolan Guerrillas Score Successes
    Japan’s Economic Slump
    Prosperity for Japan in Vietnam War?
    World’s Biggest City Votes Socialist
    “Dream Island”
    US Policy “Experimental Slaughter”
    To Save the “Honor” of the US
    “Johnson’s Inferno”
    The First President with “Extra Glands”
    No “Freedom Now” Without A Free Vietnam — by Evelyn Sell
    Belgium’s New Government — A Further Shift to the Right — by Henri Valin
    Economic Squeeze on Yugoslav Workers
    Dissident Polish Youths Given Heavy Sentences
    Swiss Group Breaks with Peking
    Arab Magazine Denounces Algerian Coup d’Etat
    Book by Trotsky Appears in Arabic
    Toronto Pickets Demonstrate at US Consulate
    Insecticides Contaminating the Atmosphere
    Call Issued for Popular Resistance in Algeria

Vol. 3 No. 27, August 20, 1965

    “We’d Rather Fight for the Negro Here”
    The Greek Powder Magazine
    Martyred Greek Student Was A Trotskyist — by George Sinos
    Another Victim of the “Atomic Disease”
    How Many Casualties at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Thousands of Years of Radioactivity Ahead
    General Strike in Tegucigalpa
    Demand U.S. Withdrawal from Ryukyu and Bonin Islands
    It’s Aggression in Esperanto, Too
    Japanese Antiwar Attitude Affects Chinese Delegate
    No Sanctuary in Japan?
    Sohyo Denounces U.S. Role in Vietnam
    Tell Japanese Government to End Cooperation with US
    Defeat for Imperialism in Malaysia
    Belgians Campaign for Medical Aid to Vietnames
    Guerrilla War Continues in Peru
    Hugo Blanco’s Role in the Peruvian Peasant Movement
    Boumedienne Liquidates Popular Militia
    “Confession” Denies Torture in South Africa’s Prisons
    Just “Hunting Guns” for South Africa
    Food Riots in India
    The Antiwar “Teach-Ins” — by Doug Jenness
    Indian Trotskyists Form Party
    Live Revolutionary Coals in Latin America
    The Military Coup d’Etat in Algeria and the Boumedienne Regime
    Solidarity with the Vietnamese People! (Speech by Fidel Castro)

Vol. 3 No. 28, September 17, 1965

    International Days of Protest Against War in Vietnam
    Bertrand Russell on the Revolt in Los Angeles
    The War Between India and Pakistan — by Pierre Frank
    Young Japanese Workers Turning to Socialism
    Abrupt End to “Teach-In” in Tokyo
    Korean Students Clash with Police
    Unemployment in the Soviet Union? — by Ernest Germain
    Bolivian Trotskyist Leader Slain by Military Junta
    Colonel Boumedienne Seeks More Scapegoats — by Henri Dumoulin
    Seven French Technicians Arrested in Algeria
    Campaign Opened in Behalf of Ben Bella
    Japanese Housewives Stage Peace March
    The “Deacons for Defense and Justice” — by Evelyn Sell
    Gained Dignity Through Watts Revolt
    Le Corbusier — by David Daumesnil
    “Quiet Profits” in Napalm Business
    Revolutionary Marxist Party Founded in Chile — by Jose Valdez
    The Sentences Against the Spanish Professors — by Ramon Vazquez
    Spanish Poet Released
    Indian Press Notes Formation of Trotskyist Party
    Japanese Pickets Protest Use of Airport for War
    The Crisis in Greece

Vol. 3 No. 29, October 1, 1965

    Eisenhower Was Ready to Use Nuclear Weapons
    Harriman Irritated over Campus Ferment against Vietnam War
    Well-Known Trotskyist Tortured by Boumedienne Government
    Roux Challenges Algerian Ambassador
    Bolivians Answer Repression by Calling for Guerrillas
    Unity Movement Reports Victimizations in South Africa
    Rise in Number of Strikes in Britain
    Textbooks Refurbish the Mikado
    Living Costs Continue to Skyrocket in Brazil
    Great Accomplishment of the “Great Society”
    US Prosperity Hinged on Escalation in Vietnam
    Fighters for Peace Whom I Met in a Washington Jail
    Walloon Workers Party Holds Second Congress
    Belgian Pro-Mao Communists Split
    Peking Sends Gifts to Tibetan People
    Contradictory Vote in Germany
    Mitterrand — The New Miracle Man of French Politics — by Pierre Frank
    CP Policy in Greece Leads to Setback
    Inflation in Colombia
    Japan’s Depression — An “Unwitting” Mistake
    The British Trades Union Congress — by Susan Williams
    Labour’s First Year — Must It Be the Last?
    First Work by Recabarren Appears in Chile
    The Theses of the WFTU Congress — by Livio Maitan

Vol. 3 No. 30, October 10, 1965

    And Roosevelt Was Ready to Atom-Bomb Germany
    American Youth Seek to Evade Fighting in Vietnam
    The Military Takeover in Indonesia
    The British Try to Hang on to Aden
    Use of Noxious Gas Resumed in Vietnam
    “A New Field of Battle” for Che Guevara — by Joseph Hansen
    Election Disappoints Brazilian Dictatorship
    Asylum Sought for Francisco Juliao
    Job Hunting Difficult for Women in Japan
    Just Plain “Korea,” Please
    Argentine Students Move toward United Organization
    General Strike in Uruguay
    Socialist Workers Confederation Formed in Belgium — by Henri Vallin
    Swedes Overwhelmingly Opposed to Dirty War in Vietnam
    Oil Interests Hit a Gusher in Ceylonese Rupees — by V Karalasingham
    Police in Japan Told to Gird for Mass Rallies
    The Blackpool Conference
    The Newsletter Exposes a Case of “Insincerity” — by Peter Kork
    The Economics of Neocapitalism
    In the Aftermath of Watts
    Civil-Rights Fighters Make It Another Long Hot Summer — by Evelyn Sell
    Something New to Worry About
    How Trotsky Defense
    Appeal for Struggle

Vol. 3 No. 31, October 23

    A Big Step Forward in Fight Against Vietnam War
    The Brussels Demonstration
    US Role Comes Under Fire at Toronto Teach-In
    State Department Uneasy ovep Antiwar Sentiment in Japan
    Japanese Farmers Halt Little John Rocket Tests
    Mounting Witch-Hunt in Indonesia
    Armed Conflict Breaks Out in Indonesia
    Gen Castelo Decrees Himself Absolute Dictator of Brazil
    Santo Domingo Again Near Point of Explosion
    Luis de la Puente Reported Killed
    Something Stirring in the "Switzerland of the Americas"
    The Repression at Bolivia’s Tin Mines
    Bolivian Mine Named "Free Territory"
    Arrests of Trade-Union Leaders Begin in Greece
    Strike Shuts Down Belgian CP Newspaper
    Tabata on Tour in United States
    Unrest in Nigeria
    Nigerian Officials Rig the Elections
    Interest Rising in Trotsky’s Views
    Plea Made to Convert Trotsky’s Home into Museum
    In Spain, Watch Your Tongue
    But the Maine Goal Still Lies Ahead
    “America’s Rulers Justify Cruelties Equalling Those of Hitler” — by Bertrand Russell
    Text of Guevara’s Letter to Castro
    Trotskyist Declaration Against Indo-Pakistan War
    Wipe Out Labour’s Shame

Vol. 3 No. 32, Oct 29, 1965

    Year End Index Subjects–Authors–Countries


1966 (vol. 4)


Vol. 4, No. 1, February 4, 1966

    Senator Morse Brands US as “International Outlaw"
    The Realities Behind Johnson’s “Peace Offensive”
    Moroccan Student Leader Tortured by Police
    Evidence Mounts that Aidit Was Killed
    Famine in India
    Political Status Demanded for 11 Algerian Prisoners
    Ben Bella Reported Still Alive
    Wives of Peruvian Guerrilla Fighters Held as Hostages
    Conflicting Reports on Lobaton
    Dissemination of Nuclear Arms in Spain
    Ben Barka Was Cast for Leading Role at Havana Conference
    Scandal Grows in Ben Barka Case — by George Saunders
    Avowed Trotskyist Among Defendants in Warsaw Court Relative
    Relative Quiescence on Witch-Hunt Front in US — by George Novack
    Nkrumah’s Book Angers State Department
    The Situation in Latin America
    Sneevliet — Marxist Missionary in Indonesia — by Jan Hekkenberg
    The Example of Cuba — by Bertrand Russell

Vol. 4, No. 2, February 11, 1966

    Luna 9 and “Operations Masher”
    Johnson’s Secret Conference in Hawaii
    Entrenching Themselves in Vietnam as New Colonial Masters
    Antigovernment Demonstration in Ecuador
    The Gleam in the Elephant’s Eye by Joseph Hansen
    India’s Rulers Select a New Leader — by Kailas Chandra
    More About Imprisoned Polish Trotskyist
    Greek Workers and Students
    Background to Gen Ironsi’s Take-Over
    MIR Confirms Lobaton Still Alive
    Castor’s Closing Speech at Tricontinetnal Congress

Vol. 4, No. 3, February 18, 1966

    Senate Witnesses Deplore US Involvement in Vietnam
    Moscow’s Balancing Act Between Peking and Washington — by George Novack
    Belgian Unions Back Vietnam Day Committee
    Demonstrations in Support of Belgian Miners
    Is Kremlin Seeking to Unite Communists in India? — by Kailas Chandra
    Inflation in Brazil
    UN Observer Fears New Explosion in Santo Domingo
    Students Seek Downfall of Junta in Ecuador
    Tension Mounts in Korea
    Is Wall Street Marxist?
    Soil Contaminated by H-Bomb in Spain
    Japanese Socialists Demand US Withdraw Troops from Vietnam
    Jacques Birger
    And in World War III?
    Open Letter to Comandante Fidel Castro
    The Present Situation in Ceylon

Vol. 4, No. 4, February 25, 1966

    Plutonium “Trigger” on Lost H-Bomb
    Senate Hearings Have’’Terrific Impact” on American People — by George Novack
    First Big Union toQuestion Johnson on Vietnam
    Senator Kennedy Widens Rift over Johnson’s Policy
    Indonesia Drenched in Blood
    False “Confession” Wrung from Aidit?
    Njono Repudiates “Confession” as False
    Indoriesian CP Made Illegal
    Indonesia — “The Chief Prize"
    “Disenchantment in the Senate"
    Communist Parties Denounce Verdict in Moscow Trial
    Political Countercurrents in the Soviet Union — by Sandro Mantovani
    Kremlin Diplomats Embarrassed by Havana Conference
    Imprisoned Wives of Peruvian Revolutionists on Hunger Strike
    Interview with a Bolivian Trotskyist
    Colombian Army Slays Rebel Priest
    Havana Newspaper Attacks Yugoslavs
    Castro Takes His Stand in the Sino-Soviet Conflict — by Joseph Hansen
    Oil Companies Recognize the Real Power in South Vietnam
    Asoka Mehta Wields the Whitewash Brush — by Kailas Chandra
    2,000 Picket US Consulate in Montreal

Vol. 4, No. 5, March 4, 1966

    Desertions on the Rise in South Vietnam
    CIA Hand in Ghana Coup d’Etat?
    Sukarno Succeeds in Splitting Generals
    The Daniel and Sinyavsky Trial — by Pierre Frank
    Polish Students Have Not Forgoten Modzelewski
    Trials to be Speeded for Women Hostages in Peru?
    Can the Super Cop Save the World for Wall Street? — by George Novack
    The Situation Remains Tense in Santo Domingo
    Eulogio Sanchez Threatened with Death
    Demand Release of Isaac Camacho
    Purges of Thirties cited in Sinyavsky-Daniel Trial
    Sinyavsky-Daniel Witness Faces Prosecution
    Nigerian Police Use Tear Gas on Strikers
    Like Hunting for an H-bomb in Spain
    American Source of Supply for Vietnamese Guerrillas
    Heavyweight Champion Has NO Quarrel with Vietnamese
    Castro’s Intervention in the Guatemalan Dispute — by Livio Maitan
    Indian Trotskyists Launch New Magazine
    Appeal of Women Hosages Held by Belaunde Government
    Platform of the Bolivian Democratic Council of the People

Vol. 4, No. 6, March 11, 1966

    “A Massive Land War on the Continent of Asia”
    “Decency” Forgotten in Rush to Recognize Ghanaian Plotters
    Congolese Guerrilla Movement Still Active
    Cubela Charged with Plotting to Kill Castro
    Murder of “Communists” Continues in Indonesia
    Lessons of the Defeat in Indonesia — by Ernest Mandel
    High Cost of Butchery
    That Was Four H-bombs, State Department Confesses
    Tokyo Conference Scheduled Against War in Vietnam
    Book on Malcolm X Published in Japan
    West German Metal Workers Win 11% Wage Boost
    The Jaipur Session of the Congress Party — by Kailas Chandra
    Meaning of the Bolivian Junta’s Call for Elections
    The Student Demonstrations in Algeria
    Dominican Workers Draw Another Lesson
    An Embryonic Left Wing in the Italian CP — I. — by Sirio Di Guiliomaria

Vol. 4, No. 7, March 18, 1966

    General Suharto Takes Over in Indonesia
    Japanese CP Urges United Front Between Moscow-Peking
    The Cubela-Guín Trial— by Joseph Hansen
    Chilean Miners Widen Their Strike Struggle
    Pentagon Steps Up War Propaganda Against China
    Bolivian Crowd Greets Barrientos with Rocks
    La Paz Political Police Fire at Trotskyists
    Military Junta Smashes Bolivian Workers Radio
    Meeting of the MNR Bombed
    Leaders of Bolivian Mine Workers Held Prisoner
    Why Don’t They Eat Words?
    The New Draft Program of the American CP — by George Novack
    No Love for the Bomb in Palomares
    In Defense of the American Trotskyists — by Pierre Frank
    An Embryonic Left Wing in the Italian CP — 2. — by Sirio Di Guiliomaria
    Official Lies No Longer Convince Most Americans
    Unification of the Bolivian POR

Vol. 4, No. 8, March 25, 1966

    Johnson’s Favorite Puppet in Trouble
    Frei Attacks Castro Over Strikes in Chile
    Castro Again Scores Mao Tse-tung
    Underground Revolutionary Publication in the USSR
    Stalin’s Role Debated on Eve of Congress
    Nerve Gas Shakes Colorado Rockies
    No Imperialist Strings Attached?
    Wilson Expected to Win Despite His Record — by John Walters
    Boumedienne Tells Algerian Women They Have Already Won
    Algerian Trade Unions Uneasy about Bourgeois Forces
    Iranian Socialists Call for Protests in Teheran Case
    Iranians Appeal Sentences
    In Lagos During the Coup d’Etat
    Pierre Frank Speaks in London by Brian Gormley
    West Germany Underwrites Steel Mill for China
    In the Soup
    Student Youth Rebel Against French CP Bureaucrats
    Students Demonstrate Against Brazilian Dictator
    Deep-Going Changes in Zanzibar
    Socialist Youth in US Report Encouraging Growth
    An Appeal to the American Soldiers in Vietnam

Vol. 4, No. 9, April 1, 1966

    Worldwide Demonstrations Against Johnson’s War in Vietnam
    138,000 in Tokyo Rally Against US Treaty
    Mao Deepens the Split with Moscow
    Chilean Copper Strike Reported Near Settlement
    High Time for New Policy on China, Say US Experts — by George Novack
    Prize-Winning Joke in Democratic Party
    Tories Hunt for Issues on Eve of British Election — by John Walters
    Germans Fail to Salute McNamara Scheme
    Soviet Intellectuals Protest Any move to Rehabilitate Stalin
    The Bell Still Tolls in Hiroshima
    Committee Set Up to Defend Iranian Political Prisoner
    Iranian Courts Substitute Witch-Hunt for Justice
    Venezuelan Leftists Released from Prison
    After the Tricontinental Conference — by Livio Maitan
    Yugoslavs Score at the Tricontinental Conference
    The Cubans Answer Belgrade

Vol. 4, No. 10, April 8, 1966

    Johnson Tries to Save His Saigon Puppet
    Cubans Urge Increased Aid for Vietnam
    Stalin Given Retouch Job at Soviet Congress
    Military Regime in Ecuador Tossed Out
    Anti-war Movement on the Rise in the US — by Caroline Jenness
    Londoners Protest War in Vietnam — by Brian Gormley
    Vietnamese Thank Israeli Demonstrators
    “War on Poverty” Adds Fuel to Flames — by Evelyn Sell
    CIA Does Cloak and Dagger Job on State Department
    Gordon Lays Down the Law to Latin Americans
    Cedric Belfrage Deplores Castro’s Factional Polemics
    The Tricontinental and After (Monthly Review’s Comments on Castro’s Attack on Trotskyism)
    The Lesson of Indonesia

Vol. 4, No. 11, April 15, 1966

    Support the Cuban Call for Effective Aid to North Vietnam!
    Washington’s Dilemma
    Ky? — Johnson Isn’t Talking — by George Novack
    Postscript to That Bomb
    Reactionaries Bomb Berkeley Headquarters of Antiwar Committee
    The Trial Begins — The Trial Ends — by Pierre Frank
    Business As Usual
    Venezuelan CP Backs Cubans Against “Borba”
    And So Proceed Ad Infinitum
    Nkrumah’s Donefall — Its Meaning and Portent — by Henri Valin
    More Speculation About Che Guevara
    Adolfo Gilly, Fidel Castro and the Fourth International — by Joseph Hansen
    Swedish Students Call for Vietnamese Solidarity Fund

Vol. 4, No. 12, April 22, 1966

    Bring the Troops Home Now!
    Militant Celebration of April 9 in Bolivia
    United Front Helps Bolivian Revolutionists
    “Grisly Cataclysm” Continues in Indonesia
    Berkeley Committee Defends Polish Oppositionists
    Has de Gaulle Doomed the NATO Alliance? — by Gerhardt Knebel
    Belgian Women Workers Stage Demonstration
    The Meaning of the British Labour Party Victory — by John Walters
    After the Austrian Elections — by Wilhelm Werner
    Cap and Gown Included in CIA Cloak and Dagger Paraphernalia
    The Demonstrations in West Bengal — by Gayatri Devi
    Squatters Battle Police in Bogota
    Greek Monarchy Preparing New Offensive Against Workers
    Luu Thanh Kiem
    Mallikarjun Rao
    Castro’s Views on the Chilean Revolution

Vol. 4, No. 13, April 29, 1966

    McNamara Forecasts Further Escalation
    Russell Charges US Is Moving Toward Nuclear Attack
    Vietnam Bombs Escalated to Three Times Korean War Figure
    Bargain Counter Bombs
    Australians Demonstrate Against Sending Troops to Vietnam
    Che Guevara’s Brother-in-Law Captured in Lima
    Political Climate in US Remains Unfavorable for Witch-Hunters — by George Novack
    The Student Demonstrations at Waseda
    Corporal Punishment, A Form of Scholarly Love
    Law Proposed to End Teaching of “Anti-Japanese” Thoughts
    Price Hikes Spur Strike Action in Japan
    Successful Easter Demonstration in Germany
    Peking’s New Zealand Showpiece
    Algerian Political Prisoners Stage Hunger Strike
    Vietnam Week Designated by New French Youth Organization
    French Revolution Still Too Hot for Turks
    Castro’s Rebuttal to President Frei

Vol. 4, No. 14, May 6, 1966

    “The Country Wants Out”
    Impressive Antinuclear March in Brussels
    Israeli Youth Demand US Withdraw Troops from Vietnam
    Behind the Curtain of Censorship in Rhodesia — by John Walters
    Oginga Odinga’s Opposition to Kenyatta — by Juan Santos
    Student Protests Continue at Waseda
    The Twenty-Third Congress: A Preliminary Appraisal — by Henri Vallin
    Opposition Strong in Philippines to Sending Troops to Vietnam
    The Sinister CIA
    Koreans Demonstrate in Tokyo
    Is Nuclear War a Family Matter?
    A Letter from Cuba
    One-Day General Strike in Aden
    Gus Hall Answers a Question on Revolutions
    Gus Hall’s Formula for Dooming Revolutions — by Joseph Hansen

Vol. 4, No. 15, May 13, 1966

    New York Women March Against War in Vietnam — by Evelyn Novack
    Philippine Trade Unions Condemn US Role in Vietnam
    Che Guevara in Andes?
    Witch-Hunt Against “Trotskyism” in Mexico
    The Counterrevolution in Indonesia Takes Off the Mask — by Henri Vallin
    Anyway, That’s What the Marines Said
    Iranian Students Stage Protest Hunger Strike
    Isaac Deutscher Protests
    Political Trials in Poland
    Soviet Literary Critic Tried
    Kuo Mo-jo Rolls in the Mud
    Max Born Opposes Proposed Antilabor Law in Germany
    Rewarded for Finding Lost Article
    A Czechoslovak Bouquet for de Gaulle
    Cost of Living Hits New High in Japan
    Johnson Offers East European Countries Baited Hook
    Austrian Social Democrats Go into Opposition
    Humanists, Please Note
    “Perspective Mondiale”
    The Kind of Aid that Attracts Interest
    No Ashes, Please, on the White House Floor!
    Johnson’s Moon Doctrine
    Cuba’s Position at CPSU Congress
    Help Free the Iranian Political Prisoners!

Vol. 4, No. 16, May 20, 1966

    Ky’s “Act of Treachery”
    American Troops Panicked in Saigon
    China Tests Thermonuclear Materials
    Japanese Transport Workers Win Wage Boost
    US Draft Tests “Reminiscent of Hitler”
    Students Protest Undemocratic US Draft Test
    Pacifist Wing Declines in US Antiwar Movement
    Antiwar Sentiment Begins to Affect Union Bureaucrats
    Abram Fischer Given Life Sentence
    Danger of a Coup d’Etat Rises in Argentina
    Shift in Attitude of the ORP toward Boumedienne
    Harsh Disciplinary Measures at Waseda
    Indian Government Releases Political Prisoners — by Kailas Chandra
    Ranadive’s Views on Political Situation in India
    “Famine"? Not If You Know Your Semantics!
    Where Is the “Tashkent Spirit"?
    A Letter from Isaac Camacho
    Co-eds on the Increase in Japan
    Blas Roca’s Defense of the Slanders against Trotskyism

Vol. 4, No. 17, May 27, 1966

    First Martyr in America’s Antiwar Movement
    “He Hated the Whole Slimy War”
    Washington Nervous Over Opposition to War in Vietnam
    British Seamen Hit the Docks
    “Tribune” Joins in Appeal for Polish Communist Victims
    When Will They Explain the Tragedy in Indonesia? — by Ernest Mandel
    Mass Murder in Bali
    A Silent Purge in the Italian CP Apparatus
    German Unions Reject Antidemocratic Legislation
    Protests Save Life of Iranian Politic al Prisoner
    Trotskyism Versus Stalinism in the Cuban Revolution — by Joseph Hansen
    “La Batalla’s” Reply to Fidel Castro

Vol. 4, No. 18, June 3, 1966

    A New Note in the American Antiwar Movement
    Belgian MP Demands US Withdraw Troops from Vietnam
    The Internal Struggle in Peking — by George Novack
    British Seamen Continue to Tie Up Ships — by John Walters
    Some Mercenaries for Saigon — by Pierre Le Greve
    The Quebec Elections
    Did Ky Sign Secret Agreement at Honolulu
    Japanese Government urged to Reconsider China Policy
    Use of Okinawa Base Arouses Fear in Japan
    “Dr. Zhivago” Banned in Thailand
    Wall Street Pleased with Coups in Africa
    General Ironsi Tightens His Grip
    New Regime Puts Ghana Up for Sale
    Guerrilla Forces Reported Active in Rhodesia
    More on Kuo Mo-jo
    Makes Our Mouth Water
    Castro, Guevara and Cuba’s Foreign Policy
    Revolutionary Struggle Reported, Beginning in Thailand
    Documents of Fourth International Congress

Vol. 4, No. 19, June 10, 1966

    Opposition to War Hardens Among US Intellectuals
    Johnson in Secret Deal for Korean Mercenaries
    German Students Demonstrate Against War in Vietnam
    The Final Conclusion — by Ralph Schoenman
    Cuba Mobilizes in Reply to US Provocation
    Alexander Defense Committee Unqer Attack
    Text of ADC Letter to President Johnson
    Statements of Support to Alexander Defense Committee
    Hugo Blanco on Hunger Strike
    Manifesto of Peru’s Political Prisoners
    FIR Appeals for International Solidarity
    Francisco Amado Killed in Guatemala — by Jose Valdes
    Canadian Socialists Hold Conference
    Havemann’s Proposal for a “New Communist Party” — by G Gerbel
    Hekmatdjou’s Wife Appeals for Help
    Verwoerd Takes Reprisals Against Fischer’s Daughter
    New Ominous US Moves in Southeast Asia
    Political Assassination in Detroit

Vol. 4, No. 20, June 17, 1966

    Pentagon Considering 500,000 More Troops for Vietnam
    Congressmen Afraid to Face American People
    Ky’s Danang Victory a Costly One
    Democrats Seek to Capture US Antiwar Movement
    Meredith Shooting Gives New Urgency to Self-Defense
    Guatemalan Guerrills Under Combined Assault
    Counterrevolutionaries Project New Invasion of Cuba
    Nicaragua Offered as Base for US Assault on Cuba
    One-Day General Strike in Argentina
    More Facts on the Killing of Cuban Sentry
    Cuba Is Prepared Says Raul Castro
    Toronto Pickets Tell US to Get Out of Guantanamo
    Canadians Respond to Cuban Appeal for Aid
    Adolfo Gilly Tortured in Mexico
    New Frame-Up of “Trotskyists” at University of Mexico
    Luis Carlos Prestes Sentenced in Absentia
    Johnson Gains New Ally — The Combat Bedbug
    Israel Under Pressure to Back Vietnam War
    Concerning Torture at El Harrach — by Albert Roux
    180,000 Ruhr Miners Schedule Strike
    Widow of Trotskyist Leader Arrested in Algiers
    Japanese CP Shifting Away from Peking?
    Student Unrest Continues at Waseda
    Anger in Japan over Visit of Nuclear Submarine
    A lgerian Trade-Union Leaders Take Stock
    Some Facts Worth Thinking About

Vol. 4, No. 21, June 24, 1966

    Will Continue to Step Up War in Vietnam, Says Johnson
    US Escalates Military Activities in Thailand — by Dick Roberts
    Mississippi Marchers Discuss Self-Defense
    The Political Purge in China Widens — by George Novack
    TUC Stabs British Seamen in the Back — by John Walters
    Iranian Court Hears Hekmatdjou’s Appeal
    A Shift in Japan’s Policy toward China? — by Joseph Hansen
    The Buddhist Opposition Is Weighed and Found Wanting — by Dick Lemaire
    “Ban the Bomb” Trial Postponed in Greece
    SPD Approves Talks with SED
    American Officers Argue over Vietnam
    Joan Baez Sings for Wolf Biermann
    Japanese Workers Refuse to Film Dirty War
    Indian Trotskyists Organize Gujarat Unit — by Kailas Chandra
    Japanese Trotskyists Protest Murder of Leo Bernard
    Suzanne Zakine Still Held in Frison by Boumedienne
    Japanese Businessmen Feted in Peking
    What Mao’s Thought Can Do for You:
    Get the Mail Delivered on Time
    Keep Perishable Goods without Refrigeration
    Give the Vatican a Run for Its Money
    The More You Read, the More You Want
    A Radiant Sun, Telescope and Microscope Combined
    To the People of Vietnam
    To the American Soldiers in South Vietnam

Vol. 4, No. 22, July 1, 1966

    Defense Problem Grows Acute for Meredith Narchers
    Gallup Poll Shows Sharp Rise in Antiwar Sentiment in US
    Morse Comments on Gallup Poll and Johnson’s Course
    Farbstein Finds It Difficult to Evade War Issue
    Vietnamese Freedom Groups Appeal to American People
    Saigon Construction Workers Strike for More Pay
    Matsumura’s Case for Ending Blockade of China
    Japanese Socialists Demand Recognition of China
    Peking Suspends Admission of New Students to Universities — by George Novack
    Rising Competition from China in Far Eastern Markets
    Devaluation Upsets Indian Price Structure
    Her Peace Paint Was Not Smear Proof
    Wilson Sees “Red Plot” in Seamen’s Strike— by John Walters
    Fabricio Ojeda “Found” Hanged in Caracas Jail Cell
    Court Turns Down Appeals of Hekmatdjou and Kharvi
    AFL-CIO Ends Boycott of ILO
    An Appeal to the American Conscience — by Bertrand Russell

Vol. 4, No. 23, July 15, 1966

    ’’Black Power’’ — A Giant Step Forward
    Memo for a Coming War Criminal Trial
    Johnson’s Calculations in Bombing Hanoi and Haiphong — by Dick Roberts
    The Protests in Germany and Japan
    The International Outlook from Peking — by George Novack
    Hekmatdjou and Kharvi Win Stay of Sentence
    The Communist Chinese Students
    Built-in Obsolescence of Johnson Administration Lies
    Coup d’Etat Topples Illia Regime
    A Bonapartist Junta in Argentina
    Waseda Students End Strike Action
    Barrientos “Elected” in Bolivia
    Three US Soldiers Denounce War in Vietnam
    In Tribute to Fabricio Ojeda — by Miguel Fuente
    Inside Story of Healy’s Conference
    Secret CIA Channel between Manila and Djakarta
    Note on Three Communiques
    Communique of the MR-13 Movement
    Communique of the Mexican Posadist Group
    Communique of the Mexican Trotskyists

Vol. 4, No. 24, July 29, 1966

    Notable Victory for Alexander Defense Committee
    Wilson Faces the Bankers — and the Workers
    Case of the Fort Hood Three — by Dick Roberts
    Leftist Prisoners Slain by Guatemalan Police
    America’s Ghettoes Explode Again — by Evelyn Sell
    Tensions Remain in Dominican Republic
    Back to the Trujillo Machine
    Robert Williams Moves to China
    De Gaulle’s Trip to Moscow — by Ernest Mandel
    Vietnam in Background at Kyoto Meeting
    The Crisis in Yugoslavia — by Henri Valin
    One Reason Why War in Vietnam Is Unpopular among Negroes
    A Seat for Japan in Nuclear Club?
    Plantation Strike in Ceylon — by Edmund Samarakkody
    Perspectiva Mundial
    A Tribute to Malcolm X from Japan
    Japanese Communists Explain Silence on China
    On the MR-13’s Break with Posadas
    Free Adolfo Gilly!

Vol. 4, No. 25, August 12, 1966

    Death by Starvation in Indonesia’s Prisons
    Background to the Purge in China — by Antonio Farien
    Rusk Heavily Guarded in Japan
    Against Titoism, the Cubans Re-affirm the Revolutionary Road

Vol. 4, No. 26, 1966

    Sartre Calls on Soviet Leaders to Deter Washington
    Text of Sartre Editorial
    Desertion on the Rise in South Vietnamese Forces
    Judges “Incline” to Death for Hugo Blanco
    Peking Opera Star Commits Suicide
    “Tupac Ameru” Case Opens in Lima
    Mexican Witch-Hunters Strike at Victor Rico Galan
    Yon Sosa Reportedly Merging Forces with Luis Turcios
    America’s Exploding Ghettoes — by Evelyn Sell
    Increasing Unrest in India — by Kailas Chandra
    Tour in India for Tabata Under Discussion
    The Tarnish Deepens on the Wilson Image — by John Walters
    A Significant Change in the German Political Scene
    Volunteers for Vietnam Sought in Denmark
    Protest in Vancouver against Vietnam War
    World’s Greatest Swimmer
    Open Letter to Pablo Neruda
    Neruda's Reply to Cuban Intellectuals
    In Response to Neruda

Vol. 4, No. 27, 1966

    Trial Opens for Hugo Blanco
    400 Socialist Scholars in New York Plead for Hugo Blanco
    An Appeal from Japan for Hugo Blanco
    Japanese Unions Organizing Protest against War in Vietnam
    Ogania Prepares to Move against Argentine Workers
    Fort Hood Three Set Firm Example at Court-Martial
    Bomb Wrecks American CP Headquarters
    Stokely Carmichael Political Prisoner in Atlanta
    After the Bolivian Election
    Chilean Leftists Debate How to Defend Vietnamese — by José Valdés
    Japan’s Trade with the USSR, China, on the Rise
    Imperialists Welcomed to Ceylon — by Edmund Samarakkody
    The Assassination of Verwoerd
    Lessons from a Defeat — by T. Soedarso

Vol. 4, No. 28, 1966

    25 Years in El Frontón for Hugo Blanco
    Ludwig Hass Reported Freed
    Vietnam Prices “Stabilized,” Says White House
    China’s Achievement in the Synthesis of Insulin
    “Miracle” in Brazil
    Sato Fears “Overheating” of Japanese Economy
    Japan Communist Party Moves Further from Peking
    Johnson’s Electoral Sideshow in South Vietnam
    “Like Flies on a Piece of Meat”
    Wilson’s Wage Freeze — by Brian Gormley
    Puerto Ricans to Dramatize Independence Struggle
    The Latest Developments in the International Situation
    Healy Breaks with Vietnam Solidarity Campaign
    Japanese Unions Score U.S. Role in Vietnam

Vol. 4, No. 29, 1966

    De Gaulle Bans Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal
    French Intellectuals Support Hugo Blanco
    The Young Red Guards and Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” — by George Novack
    Students Demonstrate in Brazil
    Fort Hood Three Show High Morale
    Barbarous Treatment of Fort Hood Three
    Japanese Protest Call of US Nuclear Submarine
    The Japanese Labor Movement Reaches a Turning Point — by S Okatani
    Why America’s Ghettoes Keep Exploding — by Evelyn Sell
    North Korean CP Attacks “Trotskyism” — by Dick Roberts
    “Multi--Issue” Advocates Split Antiwar Movement in Canada — by P. Kent
    Unrest on the Rise in Ecuador
    Why Healy Bolted from the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign
    Terrorists Bomb Cuban Embassy in Ottawa
    Should USSR Give Effective Aid to Beleaguered Vietnamese? (Bertrand Russell Answers Francis Flavius)

Vol. 4, No. 30, 1966

    SWP Headquarters Fire-Bombed in New York
    Call Issued for Latin-American Defense Committee
    Is Invasion of North Vietnam Next on Johnson’s Agenda? — by Joseph Hansen
    Invasion “Now Inevitable”
    Unification of Guerrilla Forces in Colombia
    Student Demonstrations Sweep Brazil
    Eisenhower Rattles Atom Bomb
    Electoral Trend in Japan Parallels Industrial Growth
    Japanese Educator Fears American Way of Life
    Sato Cabinet Bars Youths from Visiting China
    Mao’s Thought Moves Miracles in Dark Corners
    Top Secret in Moscow
    Stormy Internal Conflicts in China — I — by Livio Maitan
    Mao Orders Foreign Students to Leave China
    A.G. Frank Appeals for Blanco, Gilly, Rico Galán
    Ottawa Committee Demands Release of Hugo Blanco
    “The Worker” Was Only Reporting
    What “Rodong Shinmoon” Said — by Dick Roberts
    Democratic Bosses Say, “Johnson, Go Home!”
    André Breton
    Price of Entry to “Nuclear Club” Drops to New Low
    Another Case of Police Torture in Peru
    “Rally Round the Flag, Boys”
    Ghanaian Dictator Orders Cuban Embassy Closed
    Huk Comeback?
    For the Unconditional Release of the Political Prisoners in Mexico
    Message to the Surrealist Group

Vol. 4, No. 31, 1966

    Johnson Prepares his “Peace” Conference
    Mao’s Gift to the Opportunists in the Kremlin — by George Novack
    Kim Il Sung Appeals for Increased Aid to North Vietnam
    Luis Turcios Killed in Auto Crash
    Maoist Headquarters Fire-Bombed in New York
    Group Accused of Smuggling Arms to Guatemalan Guerrillas
    London Demonstrators Support Vietnamese Fighters — by Antonio Farien
    Walloon Workers Party Supports Hugo Blanco
    Stormy Internal Conflicts in China — II — by Livio Mai tan
    Hugo Blanco Defiant Throughout Trial
    Manifesto Toward a Free Revolutionary Art
    Bertrand Russell’s Appeal to Negro Soldiers in Vietnam
    Deutscher Answers a Critic on Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal
    On Modzelewski’s and Kuron’s “Open Letter” II — by Pierre Frank

Vol. 4, No. 32, 1966

    US Troops to Invade Mekong Delta
    Judge Refuses to Stay Imprisonment of Fort Hood Three
    Russell Committee Resists White House Pressure
    Russell Defends War Crimes Tribunal
    State Department Pressures Greece to Stop Trade with Cuba
    At Hugo Blanco’s Court-Martial
    Campaign in Italy for Hugo Blanco's Release
    More on the Deaths of David Agllilar and Eunice Campiran
    Vietnam Center of Current Political Topics in Italian Left by Sirio Di Giuliomaria
    Shake-up Reported in Staff of Cuban Newspaper
    Another War Hawk Talks of Using A-Bombs in Vietnam
    Mexican Students Protest Government Repression
    Why Magan Desai Joined Indian Trotskyist Movement
    Grim Proof the Nature of Vietnam Conflict
    The continuing crisis in China — by Livio Maitan

Vol. 4, No. 33, 1966

    A Step Ahead for “World Outlook”
    Antiwar Pickets Greet Johnson in New Zealand and Australia
    Puerto Rican Reports Low Morale Among U. S. Troops in Vietnam
    Five Puerto Ricans Refuse to Serve in U.S. Army
    “Bandiera Rossa” Becomes a Biweekly
    Ceylon Trade Unions Face Challenge of Wage Freeze — by Edmund Samarakkody
    Canadian Professors Join in Appeal for Hugo Blanco
    The Rising Doubts About the Warren Commission — by Arthur Maglin
    Welcome Prepared in New Zealand for Lyndon B Johnwater by H Holland
    Scandals Embarrass Sato Government
    How Sectarian Can You Get?
    “Death of a Bureaucrat”
    Realignment Toward the Right in Algeria
    Fidel Castro on Moral Incentives in Cuban Revolution

Vol. 4, No. 34, 1966

    Three Highlights in Johnson’s Far East Tour
    Escalation of Military Aid to Thailand Announced
    China’s Fourth Nuclear Test Again Catches Washington by Surprise
    European Socialist Youth Stage Vietnam Solidarity March
    Students Win Release of Four Comrades from Morelia Jail — by Manolo Sarmiento
    Crew’s Solidarity Action with Vietnamese Brings Punishment on Company
    Danger of a Coup d’Etat in Uruguay
    China Emerges as an Advancing Industrial Power
    Study Shows Rationing in China Has Helped Assure Even Distribution of Food
    Mao’s Belated Recognition of the Danger in Vietnam
    Mao’s Errors “Most Dangerous” Since Thirties, Declares Deutscher
    The Computer Industry — A Case Study in Modern Monopoly — by John Marshall
    A Computer Gambit for Britain in Crashing European Market?
    With Mao on the Cultural Front:
    Cultural Revolution in a Silk Mill
    Boom in Publications Industry in China
    Peking Sculptors, Painters Perform Glorious Tasks
    Excitement High Over “Selected Works”
    Mao Accorded Respect Due Him
    Words of Wisdom from a Night-Soil Collector
    Rising Rate of Desertions from Saigon Forces
    Halt the Escalation — Statement by the United Secretariat of the Fourth International
    New Revolutionary Marxist Publication in Australia
    Cuban Magazine Publishes Excerpts from Speech by Malcolm X

Vol. 4, No. 35, 1966

    Special Number
    Cuba, North Korea Suggest Volunteers to Counter Escalation
    The “New” Stalinist Version of “Trotskyism” [Full text of an article by N.P. Mikeshin]
    Translator’s Notes on the Mikeshin Article
    The Political Meaning of Mikeshin’s Attack — by Joseph Hansen
    Stalin and the Nazi Aggression Against the Soviet Union [Minutes of a discussion between Soviet historians and army representatives]
    State of Siege Decreed in Guatemala

Vol. 4, No. 36, 1966

    Hugo Blanco’s Life Again at Stake
    U.S. Committee Issues Appeal for Hugo Blanco
    Committee Reminds Peruvian President of Petition for Hugo Blanco
    USLA Justice Committee States Its Aims
    The American Elections
    “Pacification” of the Mekong Delta? — by Dick Roberts
    Afro-Americans Speak Out Against War in Vietnam — by Evelyn Sell
    Canadian Students Ready Protest Actions Against War in Vietnam
    Problem of Succession to Mao Greatly Exaggerated
    Exhibition in England Helps Publicize Tribunal — by Antonio Farien
    New Mood in Irish Labour Part y — by Sean Ried
    US Ultraright Group Caught with Ton of Arms
    Healy’s United Front Against Revolutionary Socialists by Henri Valin
    Modelewski and Kuron — Defenders of the Gains in Poland — by Joseph Hansen
    Bertrand Russell Refutes Philip Toynbee on Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal
    Text of Joint Korean-Cuban Statement on Vietnam
    You Can Take McNamara’s Word for It

Vol. 4, No. 37, 1966

    War Crimes Tribunal Holds First Press Conference
    Canadian Journalist Interviews Yon Sosa
    Freedom Fighters Report Progress in Mozambique
    The Ben Barka Affair — by Michel Lequenne
    Malcolm X Books Published in France
    Four Bits of Fakery — by Henri Valin
    Hundreds of Puerto Ricans Reject Serving in US Armed Forces

Vol. 4, No. 38, 1966

    Demonstration for Hugo Blanco at Peruvian United Nations Mission
    Italian Labor Confederation Sends Appeal for Hugo Blanco
    A Good Beginning for the International War Crimes Tribunal
    Johnson Pounded Table at Manila Conference for More Troops
    Saigon Cutthroats Trained by British Labour Government
    The Political Crisis in Germany — by Franz Dreher
    Neo-Nazis Gain in German Elections — by J. C. Vergeylen
    Topic of Gromyko’s Secret Talks with Johnson-Rusk Leaked to Press
    High Proportion of Black Soldiers Sent to Vietnam — by Evelyn Sell
    Montreal Police Raid Socialist Opponents of War in Vietnam
    Like Whites Exterminating the Indians
    Behind the Resignation of Juan Bosch — by George Saunders
    Furor over Warren Report Grows in Volume — by Arthur Maglin
    Hanoi Reports Negro GI “Bring Us Home!” Demonstration
    New Left-Wing Magazine in Italy
    Reactionary Moves Against “Politica” and Mexican CP
    Desertions Said to Be on Rise Among Saigon Forces
    Ernest Tate Beaten by Squad at SLL Meeting
    Note on Four Documents: Concerning Ernest Tate Case
    SWP National Committee Demands Healy Be Expelled
    Text of Letter from SWP to Pierre Lambert
    Text of Letter from SWP to Tim Wohlforth
    Text of Letter from SWP to James Robertson
    Indonesian Generals Order Destruction of “Communist” Books

Vol. 4, No. 39, 1966

    Hugo Blanco’s Codefendants Ask Death Penalty, Too, If He Is To Be Shot
    Bejar and Gadea Go on Hunger Strike in Support of Hugo Blanco
    Chileans Appeal for Hugo Blanco
    Sartre and de Beauvoir Plead for Hugo Blanco
    Three French Unions Join in Appeal for Hugo Blanco
    Members of Belgian Parliament Intervene in Behalf of Hugo Blanco
    Petition for Hugo Blanco Presented to Peruvian Embassy in London
    Glasgow Workers and Socialists Demonstrate at Peruvian Consulate
    Portrait of Hugo Blanco
    Rise in Working-Class Militancy Noted in Peru
    Washington’s Overtures to Moscow and Eastern Europe — by George Novack
    Washington Vultures Watch Power Struggle in Peking with Interest
    Why the Vietnamese Count on Eventual Victory
    Wilson to Extend Wage Freeze in Britain — by John Walters
    “Capture” of Montes — A Case of Mistaken Identity
    Sino-Soviet Conflict Gives Rise to a “Third Current” — by Pierre Frank
    Forbes Burnham Seeks Dictatorial Law in Guyana
    Trujillo Gang Making Comeback in Dominican Republic
    Nasser Defies Retaliation in Scoring US on Vietnam Policy
    Ernest Tate Appeals for Support Against Intimidation by Healyites
    Young Canadian Socialists Express Solidarity with Ernest Tate
    India’s Famine Is Johnson’s Opportunity
    Argentine Bourgeois Newspaper Labels Castro a “Trotskyist”
    Statement of Aims of International War Crimes Tribunal
    Lidiya Chukovskaya’s Letter to Mikhail Sholokov
    A New Bible of Revisionism

Vol. 4, No. 40, 1966

    Campaign for Hugo Blanco Gains in Momentum
    “Le Monde” Outlines Hugo Blanco Case
    French Catholic Students Appeal for Hugo Blanco
    Sketches of Hugo Blanco’s Trial at Tacna
    Continental-Wide Mobilization Urged to Save Hugo Blanco
    Yon Sosa Reported Wounded
    Leftists Gain in Chilean Union
    Koreans Raise Question of Vietnam at Bulgarian CP Congress
    Laurent Schwartz Discusses How French Can Help Vietnam
    Progress Report from the United Nations
    How the Soviet People Size Up Maoism
    Brezhnev-Kosygin Serve an Indonesian Guest an Hors d’Oeuvre
    Where Did We Hear That Before?
    Mass Rally in Paris Backs War Crimes Tribunal — by Ken Coates
    Furor in Yugoslavia over International War Crimes Tribunal
    Pablo Neruda Supports International War Crimes Tribunal
    Ho Chi Minh Hails Formation of War Crimes Tribunal
    Johnson’s Slip of the Finger
    “To Hold, as ’Twere, the Mirror up to Nature” by Arthur Maglin
    Mao Displays Remarkable Immunity to Cold
    The Internal Crisis in China
    Some Cheek!
    Text of a Letter from French Trotskyists on Tate Case

Vol. 4, No. 41, 1966

    The Bombing of Hanoi
    Widening Campaign for Hugo Blanco
    Jean-Paul Sartre’s Plea for Hugo Blanco
    The Letter Hugo Blanco’s Comrades Sent to the Supreme Council
    Glasgow Trades Council Demands Release of Hugo Blanco
    Debate on Vietnam
    “La Gauche,” the USSR and Vietnam — by Jean-Marie Chauvier
    Defend Peace by Defending Vietnam and China! — by Ernest Mandel
    In Rebuttal — by Ernest Mandel
    Canadian Socialists Campaign Against War in Vietnam
    The Student Elections in Chile — by Jose Valdes
    Polish Intellectuals Agitated by Kolakowski’s Expulsion — by George Novack
    Business Week’s Blueprint and Wilson’s White Paper by Dick Roberts
    Green Berets Reported in Guatemala
    The SLL Calls the Cops in Ernest Tate Case
    Text of SWP Letter to Pierre Lambert
    Text of SWP Letter to Tim Wohlforth
    Text of SWP Letter to James Robertson
    YSA Appeals to Young Socialists and Revoltes Group
    Che Guevara “Alive and Well,” Declares Fidel Castro

Vol. 4, No. 42, 1966

    Year End Index Subjects–Authors–Countries



1967 (vol. 5)

Vol. 5, No. 1, January 6, 1967

    Prominent Mexican Leftists Appeal for Hugo Blanco
    Demonstration for Hugo Blanco at Peruvian Embassy in Paris
    An Appeal from Alberta, Canada, in Behalf of Hugo Blanco
    Swedish Youth Organization Speaks Up for Hugo Blanco
    Amnesty International Asks Clemency for Hugo Blanco
    Yugoslavs Demonstrate Against US Aggression in Vietnam
    Salisbury Confirms Bombing of Civilian Targets in Vietnam
    What America Is Doing to the Children of Vietnam
    Johnson’s Ranch-Size Sense of History
    Wouldn’t Gas Ovens Be Cheaper?
    Unhappy New Year Foreseen for Johnson Administration by George Novack
    China Buying More Machine Tools from Japan
    Left Socialists in Belgium Hold Second Congress
    How Much Aid Is Being Sent to the Vietnamese?
    Kosaka’s Trip to Washington — Via Peking
    French Communist Youth Regroup to the Left — by H Ancelot
    French Youth Protest Vietnam War Despite CP
    Japanese Unionists Protest Visit of Nuclear-Powered Submarine
    Another World War Will Fix That Up
    The Crisis in American Cities — by Evelyn Sell
    Committee Formed in Bombay to Support War Crimes Tribunal
    Birla Acknowledges Debt to Namboodiripad
    Indian Trotskyist to Run for Bihar Assembly
    An Odd United Front in Kerala
    Another Step Ahead for “Perspective Mundial”
    The Meaning of the Cow-Slaughter Demonstrations — by Kailas Chandra
    Healy’s French Followers Strike a Blow Against Hugo Blanco
    Jean-Paul Sartre Explains Aims of War Crimes Tribunal
    Indonesian Communist Leaders Begin Self-Criticism
    Fidel Castro on the Role of Women in Cuba Today
    Healy Scores Another “Triumph” over Ernest Tate

Vol. 5, No. 2, January 13, 1967

    Antiwar Appeal Given American GI’s in Japan
    American Soldier No Longer Proud of His Country’s Uniform
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Broad Campaign for Hugo Blanco Waged in Italy
    Latin Americans in Paris Cable Belaunde about Hugo Blanco
    Charles Bettelheim Voices Solidarity with Hugo Blanco
    Prominent Paris Professors Intercede for Hugo Blanco
    French Actress Circulating Petition for Hugo Blanco
    Paris School Union Voices Solidarity with Hugo Blanco
    “L’Humanite” Adds Its Voice to Protests in Blanco Case
    Chilean CP Declares that Hugo Blanco Must Be Saved — by Jose Valdes
    Santiago Municipal Workers Demand Release of Hugo Blanco
    Chilean MIR Pays Tribute to Hugo Blanco
    “Perspectiva Mundial” Devotes Entire Issue to Hugo Blanco
    Militant California Farm Workers Leader Appeals for Blanco by Vilma Sanchez
    War Crimes Tribunal Sends First Team of Investigators to Vietnam
    China As I Saw It in October — by Mayorga
    Sharpening Conflict at the Top in China — by George Novack
    Down the Drain for All-China Model Night-Soil Collector?
    Signs of Recession in West European Economy — by Henri Valin
    Unemployment in Britain Continues to Rise — by John Walters
    Additional Returns in Chilean Student Elections
    Siqueiros Says Attempt on Trotsky’s Life Was Planned in Spain
    Chinese Pens Spell Markdown for Japanese Profits
    On Electoral Policy in India — by Kailas Chandra
    The General Elections in Japan
    Japanese Communist Party Still for “Coalition” Policy

Vol. 5, No. 3, January 20, 1967

    Johnson Escalates the War Another Notch
    A New Phase in the Political Crisis in China — by Joseph Hansen
    Ouster of Adam Clayton Powell Angers Black Americans
    New Year’s Greetings for American Sailors in Italy — by F Bassi
    Nine PAC Members Sentenced to Die in South Africa — by Barney Desai
    Japan Teachers Union Officials Arrested for Protesting Vietnam War
    Japanese Socialists and Communists Vie in Membership Drive
    Struggle over Program in Dominican June 14 Movement — by Antonio Valdes
    A Militant Strike in Chile — by Jose Valdes
    Dissatisfaction on the Carnpus in Japan
    Canadian Professors Call for Immediate End to Bombings in Vietnam
    Protests Mount in Britain Against Wilson’s Role in Vietnam War — by John Walters
    Publisher of “La Sinistra” Expelled from Italian Communist Party
    War Crimes Tribunal Group Visits Cambodia
    Irish Farmers Barricade Key Points on Highways
    Inflation Continues in Brazil
    Coup Being Plotted in Guinea?
    Wang Jen-Chung No Longer in the Swim
    New Book by Livio Maitan
    Well-Organized Sitdown Strike in Madrid
    Police Fire on Demonstrating Students in India, Killing 9
    Ruby’s Death Arouses New Doubts about Warren Commission Report — by Arthur Maglin
    Johnson Is Right for Once
    Hooliganism at Liege — Desertion at the Avenue Kleber — by Pierre Frank
    Savage Conduct under Americans in Mekong Delta
    “Bureaucracy Is Always on the Prowl” [Conclusion of Castro Speech]
    Canadian Trotskyists Demand SLL Answer on Tate Case
    American Student Youth Schedule Spring Antiwar Mobilization
    “Irish Militant” Scores Healy in Ernest Tate Case

Vol. 5, No. 4, January 27, 1967

    Economic Benefits at Issue among Chinese Workers
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Hugo Blanco Gains Respite
    Square Filled at Lima Rally for Hugo Blanco
    Mexican Political Prisoners Speak Up for Hugo Blanco
    Letter from Jacqueline Lobaton on Hugo Blanco Case
    Leaders of “Minutemen” Convicted
    Ralph Scboenman Detained by French Police
    Johnson Escalates Bill for War
    Johnson’s “Interest” Does Frei No Good
    The Witch-Hunt Continues in Mexico — by Ricardo Ochoa
    Dabernat’s Revelation about Peking and Vietnam
    “Mysterious Deaths” in Aftermath of Kennedy Assassination — by Arthur Maglin
    The Healy School of Falsification — by Henri Valin
    The Slash in the Rice Ration in Ceylon
    Women of Latin America Cry, “Enough!”
    Truman as a Peacemonger

Vol. 5, No. 5, February 3, 1967

    A Trotskyist Current among the Contending Forces in China?
    A New Stage in the Crisis in China — by Livio Maitan
    Capitalists, Managers and Workers in Communist China
    The Oscar for Stupidity
    Campaign for Hugo Blanco in India
    Latecomers Raise High the Banner of Mao’s Thought — by Joseph Hansen
    Warren Report under Increasing Fire in American Press — by Arthur Maglin
    Make It Now — and in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Tells Johnson
    From the Pickax to the Pen — or, Progress of the “New Criticism” — by L. Couturier
    Cost of the War in Vietnam
    “Spartacist” Publishes Open Letter Calling for Healy’s Ouster
    Interest in Trotsky on Rise among Kerala Intellectuals

Vol. 5, No. 6, February 10, 1967

    100,000 Workers Demonstrate in Madrid
    Fascist Shoots Down Young Communist in London
    Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” (Interview with Peng Shu-tse)
    War Hawks in Washington Eye Conflict in China
    Clergymen Demonstrate against Johnson’s War
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Campaign in Argentina for Hugo Blanco
    Chilean Chamber of Deputies Intervenes in Behalf of Hugo Blanco
    Pro-Cuban Magazine in Chile Opens Campaign for Hugo Blanco
    Labour MP’s Appeal for Clemency in Blanco Case
    Solidarity Rally for Hugo Blanco in London — by Charles van Gelderen
    “Newsletter” Reports Appeals for Blanco
    Andre Gunder Frank Speaks for Hugo Blanco at Toronto Rally — by Ross Dowson
    Guatemalan Guerrilla Movement Continues to Grow
    The New US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings
    Socialist Party Suffers Setback in Japanese Elections
    Cultural Revolution Remolds Music in China
    Mao’s Thought Proves Too Much for Night-Soil Collector
    Chinese Transport Workers Overfulfill 1966 Plan
    More about the Events in Shanghai — by George Novack
    Price of Rice in Saigon Jumps Thirty Percent
    War Crimes Team Give First Results of Inquiry in North Vietnam
    Japanese War Crimes Team Reports Preliminary Findings
    Sartre Invited to Speak at Antiwar Assembly in Toronto
    From the Pickax to the Pen — or, Progress of the “New Criticism” — II — by L Couturier
    Bertrand Russell on How to End the War in Vietnam
    Students Find Session with Rusk Highly Enlightening

Vol. 5, No. 7, February 17, 1967

    Mao Labels the Soviet Government “Fascist” — by Joseph Hansen
    Venezuelan CP Leaders Escape from Prison
    Draw Your Own Conclusions
    Chen Yi Declares China Ready to Meet US Attack
    Housing Shortage in Japan
    “Who Is Adam Malik?” — by Les Evans
    The Kremlin Defends Its Ties with the Indonesian Generals
    Boumedienne Seeks a Way Out of Political Isolation by Henri Dumoulin
    French Trotskyists Hold Nineteenth Congress
    The Challenge of the Pig-tailed Macaque
    Solidarity Messages Sent to Tony Bloom
    Approaching a Decisive Turning Point in Great Britain [Statement by the United Secretariat of the Fourth International]
    The Communist Party of South Africa — by KA Jordaan

Vol. 5, No. 8, February 24, 1967

    Secret Police Chief Heads Peking’s “Paris Commune”
    Western Specialists Consider Which Faction to Support in China
    Deutscher’s Views on the Chinese “Cultural Revolution”
    Kosygin on BBC
    How Much Aid Is Vietnam Receiving from China and the USSR?
    American Maoists Urge Chinese Wall for North Vietnam
    The Western Press and US Crimes — by Bertrand Russell
    American Antiwar Movement Feels Loss of A J Muste
    Poem by 12-Year-Old Girl Burns the Pentagon
    Che Guevara in Venezuela?
    Welcome Omission in Fidel Castro’s Speech
    Cuban CP Suspends Theoretical Magazine
    Angolan Guerrillas Fail to Heal Rift
    Tanzania Nationalizes the Banks
    Inflation Continues under the Counterrevolution in Indonesia
    Detroit City Council Evades Responsibility in Bernard Case by Neil Bronson
    Trotskyist Position in the French Elections
    200 French Youth Volunteer for Vietnam
    Wohlforth Tries to Brazen It Out (Some Comments on a Curious Way of Defending Healy in the Tate Case) — by Joseph Hansen
    Wohlforth’s Stand on the Ernest Tate Case
    The Communist Party of South Africa, II — by KA Jordaan
    Under the Cloak of the CIA

Vol. 5, No. 9, March 3, 1967

    Election Registers Growing Ferment in India
    Army Moves to the Fore in Sharpening Struggle in China
    What Would You Tell the Vietnamese Targets? by Livio Maitan
    In Defense of Bertrand Russell — by Joseph Hansen
    The Mao Regime and the Paris Commune — by Fernand Charlier
    What Mao’s Thought Can Do for You — Mend Broken Bones
    Demonstration in Barcelona
    Possibility of a New Coup d’Etat in Argentina
    4,000 Coal Miners Stage Sympathy Strike in Spain
    Claim Made that Arrests Are Expected in Kennedy Assassination by Arthur Maglin
    Not Chiang Ching but Kang Sheng
    The CIA Scandal Continues to Reverberate in the US
    Primitive Tool Still Deadly
    Urge Defeat of Discriminatory Bill in Ceylon
    Election Platform of Indian Trotskyists
    Indian Trotskyists Give Critical Support to Left CP
    Political Lynching of Adam Clayton Powell

Vol. 5, No. 10, February 10, 1967

    Johnson Again Escalates His War
    In Response to Barbara Beidler
    “Rectification Campaign” Curbs “Cultural Revolution” — by Joseph Hansen
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    March in London for Hugo Blanco — by C Van Gelderen
    Argentine Meat Packers Local Appeals for Hugo Blanco
    An Appeal for Hugo Blanco from Detroit — by Neil Bronson
    “If We Would Prevent More Vietnams ” — Sidney Lens
    Chicago Latin-American Group Solidarizes with Hugo Blanco
    Illinois CP Expresses Solidarity with Hugo Blanco
    Interview with Juana Pereyra on Hugo Blanco and Tupac Amaru Cases
    Swiss March Hails American Opponents to War in Vietnam
    The Case of Chou Yang — by George Novack
    The Meaning of the Shanghai Events — by Pierre Frank
    Ho Chi Minh, Nguyen Huu Tho Mourn Dea th of A J Muste
    Johnson Opens Campaign to Correct Image Trouble
    Another Blow to the Warren Report — by Arthur Maglin
    Guerrilla Resurgence Alarms Philippine Government
    Venezuelan Guerrilla Fighters Reject CP Policy — by Guillermo Bonilla
    “La Era de la Revolución Permanente”
    Asturian Miners End “Sit-In”
    Bosch Admits US Is Running Dominican Republic
    The Tightening Grip of US Imperialism in Guyana

Vol. 5, No. 11, February 17, 1967

    Appeal for Student Antiwar Demonstrations Internationally April 8-15
    Like the Fourth of July or Like a Flowering Rose?
    US General Finds Iron Triangle a Depressing Experience
    “Rectification Campaign” Curbs “Cultural Revolution” [II] by Joseph Hansen
    Supardjo Accuses Generals of Murdering 500,000 in Indonesia
    The March 5 Election — by Pierre Frank
    Antiwar Demonstration in Brussels
    Lodge Reported Quitting as Ky’s Boss
    Brazilian Communist Leader Given Savage Sentence
    Mandel Reports in Bombay on War Crimes Tribunal Work
    Was Joan Baez a Victim of Translator or the CIA?
    Congress Party Barely Wins Majority in India — by Kailas Chandra
    Moscow Dubs Mao a “Trotskyist”
    German Social Democrats Offer Olive Branch to Swordsmen
    What Mao’s Thought Can Do for You
    End Neurotic Need to Make Your Own Pile
    1966 — Year of Limited Gains for Soviet Economy — by Sandro Mantovani
    Impressive List of CIA Front Organizations — by C D Cavanagh
    Arrest Made in Kennedy Case — by Arthur Meglin
    Chance and Necessity in Vietnam and the US Draft
    A Shift in Peking’s Attitude on Shipping Soviet Aid to Vietnam?
    The Cubans Come to Closer Grips with the Bureaucratic Danger — by Joseph Hansen
    “The Struggle Against Bureaucracy: A Decisive Task” [Text of Editorial in “Granma“]
    A Possible Source of Mao’s Infallibility

Vol. 5, No. 12, February 24, 1967

    The Meaning of the Guam Conference
    Intensive Preparations in US for Antiwar Demonstrations
    Scandinavian Vietnam Week
    Witch-hunt in Bolivia
    Shift to the Left in the French Elections — by Pierre Frank
    Ky Welcomes Johnson’s “Kiss of Approval”
    War Crimes Tribunal Set Up in Denmark
    General Suharto Takes Over from Sukarno
    Landless Peasants Singled Out in Indonesian Massacre
    Students Launch Canada-wide Movement to End War in Vietnam
    Opposition to Wilson Still Marking Time — by John Walters
    Progress of the US Antiwar Movement — by Les Evans
    Canadian War Crimes Committee Formed
    Castro Reaffirms Independent Stand
    Eludes South African Police in 700-Mile Trek for Freedom
    Tsotsi Escapes While Being Deported to South Africa
    Open Letter to the Members of the Chinese Communist Party from Peng Shu-tse
    No Surprise on the Credibility Front

Vol. 5, No. 13, April – no date Special Issue, 1967

    Those Who Are Not Revolutionary Fighters Cannot Be Called Communists by Fidel Castro

Vol. 5, No. 14, April 7, 1967

    Bolivian Government Claims Outbreak of Guerrilla War
    Australian Seamen Refuse to Carry Bombs to Vietnam
    More on the Experience of the “Iron Triangle”
    Is Chiang Kai-shek Considering a “Bay of Pigs” Expedition?
    Bosch Predicts US Will Be at War with China within Two Years
    The Confession of Liu Shao-chi
    The American Way of Life:
    “Sclerosis of the Kind”
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Support for Hugo Blanco in Brazil
    Nigerians Support Hugo Blanco
    London “Tribune” Backs Hugo Blanco
    Campaign for Hugo Blanco Continues in France
    Appeal from Los Angeles for Hugo Blanco
    West European Vanguard Youth Hold First Conference
    Huge March in Brussels Shouts Anti-Johnson Slogan
    London School of Economics Students Stage Sit-in
    The Cuban Revolutionists Are Writing a New Page in History — by Livio Maitan
    Ranks of Brazilian CP Revolt Against Soft Leadership
    The Costa e Silva Government
    Venezuelan CP Leaders Denounce Castro’s Speech
    Guatemalan CP Leaders Support Castro’s Position
    Timely Reminder
    Interest Mounts in Kennedy Assassination Probe — by Arthur Maglin
    War Crimes Tribunal Set Up in Norway
    The Battle Around “Novy Mir” — by George Saunders
    Book Review:
    Russian Life 50 Years After the Revolution — by George Novack
    Teeth Set on Edge
    The Rational Kernel in the Myth of the Indian Sacred Cow
    A Case of Wishful Thinking
    Healy’s Admission of Guilt

Vol. 5, No. 15, April 14, 1967

    Forecast Big Turnout for April 15 Antiwar Demonstrations
    Bolivian Generals Claim Battle Victims
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Biggest Student Organization in US Backs Hugo Blanco Campaign
    West Berlin Socialist Youth Support Hugo Blanco
    Young Socialist Alliance Sends Greetings to Hugo Blanco
    A Letter from the YSA to Belaunde
    US Committee Urges Protests in Behalf of Hugo Blanco
    Blanco Campaign Gains Momentum in Argentina
    Thant Sees Long, Bloody War in Vietnam
    Humphrey Runs into a Roman Holiday
    And Sees Paris in the Spring
    Easter March in Germany Protests Vietnam War
    Mark Lane Claims to Know Forces Behind Kennedy Assassination — by Arthur Maglin
    The “Pacification” Continues in the Dominican Republic
    Australian Troops Left with Bad Memories of Vietnam
    Under the Military Heel in Indonesia
    Science Marches Ahead — in Vietnam
    Young Socialists Consider Next Steps in Fight Against War in Vietnam — by Les Evans
    Indian and Ceylonese Trotskyists Meet in Bombay
    Pearson Unhappy over Antiwar Demonstration — by Alan Harris
    Workers Battle Police in Bilbao
    The Spring Campaign of the Japanese Labor Movement — by S Okatani
    Representative of War Crimes Tribunal Greeted in Cuba
    An Impossible Victory
    Text of Venezuelan CP Reply to Fidel Castro

Vol. 5, No. 16, April 21, 1967

    PHOTO: At one of the assembly points for giant march to UN Plaza April 15
    A New Stage in the Antiwar Struggle in the US — by Joseph Hansen
    A United Front Between Peking and Moscow on Aid to Vietnam?
    SKETCHES: At the April 15 demonstration in New York
    Howard Petrick Case:
    GI Fights for Right to Voice His Views in US Army Against Vietnam War — by Lew Jones
    Fourth International Appeals for Increased Aid to Vietnamese Revolution
    Bolivian Dictator Outlaws Leftist Parties
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    “Wavering About Shooting Me"
    “With the Solidarity of the World Behind Us"
    Hugo Blanco Reported in Prison Hospital
    Pamphlet on Hugo Blanco
    Witch-hunt Victims in Bolivia Pace Death in Jungle Camps
    SLL "Capture" of NALSO Ends in Fiasco — by Brian Gormley
    Peruvian Committee Appeals for Help for Daniel Pereyra
    War Crimes Tribunal Sets Date for First Session in Paris
    State Department Lists 37 Nations as "Helping" in Vietnam
    What I Saw in North Vietnam — by Setsure Tsurshima
    Welsh Nationalist Leader Condemns War in Vietnam
    Why the Colombian Guerrillas Won't Give Up — by Guillermo Bonilla
    Colombian Guerrillas Support Castro's March 13 Speech
    Philippine Guerrillas Gaining in Strength
    PHOTO: Demonstrators at April 15 antiwar march in New York

Vol. 5, No. 17, April 28, 1967

    Vietnam and the World Struggle for Freedom — by Ernesto “Che” Guevara
    As Che Was Saying
    British Voters Deal Wilson a Stiff Blow — by Brian Gormley
    Reported Guerrilla Activities Disturb Brazilian Congress
    Police Estimate on Giant Antiwar March Scored as a Lie
    PHOTO: Antiwar Demonstrators at Central Park Entrance
    [See story on page 443]
    An Eyewitness Account: Life in North Vietnam Under the American Bombs
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Sartre Reports Embassy Promise that Hugo Blanco Will Not Be Shot
    Detroit Educators Cable Appeal for Hugo Blanco
    Howard Petrick Case:
    Ft Hood Brass Turn It Over to Pentagon for Decision — by Lew Jones
    Czechs Add Their Bit on “New Criticism” of Trotsky
    Police Violence Mounts in Dominican Republic
    Muhammad Ali Proves He Is a Real Champion
    US Pressures Canadian Banks on Cashing Checks for Cuba Committee
    How Mao’s Thought Reached New Zealand
    Eleven Latin American Student Groups Withdraw from IUS Congress
    Ask Messages Be Sent to War Crimes Tribunal

Vol. 5, No. 18, May 5, 1967

    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Hugo Blanco Beaten by Guards
    Bertrand Russell Urges Belaunde to Free Peruvian Peasant Leader
    Campaign Mounts in Chile for Hugo Blanco
    Hugo Blanco Commends Solidarity Actions of YSA
    War Crimes Tribunal to Open in Stockholm
    The Coup d’Etat in Greece
    Westmoreland Mounts “Operation Rescue” for Johnson on Home Front — by Les Evans
    ProJohnson War Parade “Answers” Giant Antiwar Rally in a Very Small Voice
    Students Demonstrate in Algiers Against the US
    US Mission Stoned in Yemen
    Howard Petrick Case:
    Carmichael, McKissick, Bevel, Juan Rua Express Solidarity — by Lew Jones
    Antiwar Demonstrators Battle Police in Florence
    Bolivian Trotskyist Leader Seized by Political Police
    Stalin’s Daughter Not Political?
    Che Guevara’s New Revolutionary Message — by Livio Maitan
    Venezuelan CP Turns Away Officially from Armed Struggle
    Venezuelan CP Leader Outlines Party’s Turn to “Peaceful Road”
    Lleras Restrepo Makes Cynical Bid to Brezhnev-Kosygin
    World’s Largest City Votes Socialist
    Michigan Students Hold War Crimes Tribunal — by Neil Bronson
    Big Antiwar Demonstration Projected in Paris
    British Young Socialists Score US Aggression in Vietnam — by Patrick Brain
    Cuban Embassy Grants Political Asylum to GI in Japan
    Play Based on Malcolm X Staged in England
    The “Cultural Revolution” and Trotskyism — by Pierre Frank
    Albania Copies the Cultural Revolution
    Kupferman Asks Congress to Investigate Kennedy Assassination — by Arthur Maglin
    The Kind of Literature the Greek Generals Hate and Fear
    European Verdict on Humphrey — Persona Non Grata

Vol. 5, No. 19, May 12, 1967

    PHOTO: New York Pickets protest coup d’état in Greece
    Bertrand Russell’s Opening Statement at War Crimes Hearing
    Text of de Gaulle’s Letter Banning War Crimes Tribunal
    Jean Paul Sartre’s Answer to de Gaulle
    Pickets in New York Denounce Military Coup in Greece
    Greek Workers in Germany Demonstrate Against Athens Coup
    The Dominican Left Discuss Problems of Their Revolution — by Antonio Valdes
    Johnson’s “Pacification” Program To Win Back... or Merely to Kill? — by Dick Roberts
    Extracurricular Activity Displeases Ky
    Book Review:
    Deutscher’s “Ironies of History” — by Pierre Prank
    Youth Conference in London Discusses Antiwar Activities
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    5,500 Quebec Workers Call for Release of Hugo Blanco and His Comrades — by Art Young
    Appeal Sent Out by Quebec Federation of Labour
    Text of Petition Sent by Quebec Labour to President Belaunde
    Bulletin from Credibility Gap
    A Mighty Ally in the People of the USA [Excerpts from a Speech by Fidel Castro]

Vol. 5, No. 20, May 19, 1967

    US Government Found Guilty by War Crimes Tribunal
    Barrientos Holds Régis Debray Incommunicado
    Terror Marks Second Anniversary of US Invasion of Santo Domingo
    Already in the Initial Phase of World War III?
    For Once Johnson Tells the Truth
    Rome University Holds Its First Teach-in — by Sirio Di Giuliomaria
    “A Nice Little War”
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    French-Canadian Journal Features Hugo Blanco Case
    Quebec Young New Democrats Appeal for Hugo Blanco
    Support for Hugo Blanco Mounts in Uruguay
    Ky Demands More Troops from US
    CIA-FBI Accused of Concealing Facts in Kennedy Assassination — by Arthur Maglin
    Fair Play for Cuba Pickets Help Toronto Bank Find Error
    Book Reviews:
    An Illuminating Study of a Case of the Infantile Disorder — by Joseph Hansen
    Trotsky’s Copenhagen Speech Available in French
    Guevara’s Message a Sensation in Japan
    Article by Novack and Hansen Published in Cuba and Mexico
    Fourth International Opens Discussions on Developments in Chinese Revolution
    French PCI Denounces Hoodlum Methods
    A Vietnamese Professor Thanks the American Antiwar Movement
    Psychologist Says Vietnamese Will Fight to the End
    12,000 Political Prisoners in Greece

Vol. 5, No. 21, May 26, 1967

    The Testimony of Do Van Ngoc
    Guerrilla Front in Bolivia Pictured as “Impregnable”
    Cubans Score a Record Harvest
    Juan Lechin Hails Bolivian Guerrilla Front
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Hugo Blanco Goes on Hunger Strike
    Minneapolis Socialists Cable Belaunde
    Campaign Stepped Up in Italy for Hugo Blanco
    Ottawa Committee Appeals in Behalf of Hugo Blanco
    What Three Parades Show on Rating of Vietnam War
    French Workers Answer de Gaulle with 24 Hour General Strike — by Pierre Frank
    “Labor Lieutenants” of the CIA — by Les Evans
    New Facts Revealed about US Invasion of Cuba in 1961
    Régis Debray’s Whereabouts a “Military Secret”
    Senanayake Shows How Peace Proposals Can Be Made to Pay Off
    October Antiwar Protest Set for Washington, DC — by Joseph Hansen
    “Pravda” Sides with “Peaceful Roaders” in Debate on Strategy in Latin America
    New York Columnist Describes Petrick Case
    Book Review:
    “Whitewash II” — by Arthur Maglin
    Sartre’s Opening Address at War Crimes Tribunal
    Ho Chi Minh’s Greetings to War Crimes Tribunal
    Cambodian Appreciation of Tribunal
    Solidarity with the Greek Worker and Peasant Masses! [A Statement by the Fourth International]

Vol. 5, No. 22, June 2, 1967

    Worry Mounts over Johnson’s “Collision Course” in Vietnam — by Joseph Hansen
    The Palestine Problem and the Israeli-Arab Dispute
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Hugo Blanco Thanks Bertrand Russell for Intervening
    A Letter to Canadian Supporters
    Conspiracy of Silence in Moscow and Peking
    Have U S “Special Forces” Taken Over in Debray Case?
    Swedish CP Votes to Change Name
    Spanish Students Speak Up for Vietnam
    Cubans Distribute Guevara’s Revolutionary Message in Moscow
    Troops Repress Demonstrations in Mexico
    $2,500,000 Payoff for Stalin’s Daughter
    Cuba’s Example and the World Revolution [Text of May Day Speech by Major Juan Almeida Bosque]
    Bertrand Russell’s Closing Statement at War Crimes Tribunal
    Photo: Juan Almeida in Harlem
    The May 17 General Strike in France — by Pierre Frank
    An American Gift for Europe
    The Gospel Truth

Vol. 5, No. 23, June 9, 1967

    Mao Takes Leon Trotsky as Target for Attack — by Les Evans
    Death of Omotosho — a Blow to Nigerian Socialists
    The “Cultural Revolution” and the Japanese Left — by S Okatani
    Cuban Captured in Venezuela “Found” Hanged in Cell
    The Futile Effort to Ban Proliferation of the Bomb — by Henri Valin
    Johnson Plans Electronic Wall for Vietnam
    Alarm in Japan over Escalating Danger of World War
    Johnson Flounders in Middle East Crisis — by Joseph Hansen
    U S Soldier Convicted for Antiwar Opinions
    Régis Debray Case:
    Report Régis Debray Being Starved
    A Unrest in Mexico
    Balaguer Gives Paper Concessions to Dominican Deputies
    Cost of Living Continues to Climb in Brazil
    Book Review:
    “Castro’s Cuba, Cuba’s Fidel” — by Harry Ring
    Philippine Freedom Leader Given Life Sentence
    Nicaragua — U S Company Store — by Tom Sanders
    Bombs at Carnival Anger Haitian Dictator

Vol. 5, No. 24, June 16, 1967

    The Israeli Victory — a Setback for the Antiwar Movement
    Cubans Denounce UN Blow Against Arab Cause
    Nguyen Cao Ky Hails Israeli Blitzkrieg
    The Kremlin Sees “Trotskyism” in “Cultural Revolution” — by George Saunders
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Solidarity Rally in New York for Hugo Blanco
    Spring Mobilization Members Send Protest to Belaunde
    Militant Youth a Problem for Italian CP — by Sirio Di Giuliomaria
    The Lessons of Greece —by Ernest Mandel
    Underground “Patriotic Front” Announced in Greece
    Irish Revolutionist Given Five-Year Sentence — by Sean Reed
    Japanese Students Battle Police at U.S. Air Base
    Some Remarks Concerning the Left in Israel

Vol. 5, No. 25, June 30, 1967

    Kosygin Substitutes UN Talk for Action in Mideast
    China’s H-bomb — a Deterrent to War
    True Story Emerges of Egypt’s Casualties
    Guerrillas Serve Notice on Guatemalan Butchers
    It’s Official — Breathing Can Kill You
    Mrs Winnie Mandela in Court
    Bolivian Trotskyist Leader Exiled in Amazon Jungle
    Régis Debray Case:
    Russell Joins Régis Debray Solidarity Campaign
    Bolivian Miners Proclaim “Free Territory”
    Another Long Hot Summer Begins in the US — by Evelyn Sell
    Bertrand Russell Scores Israel as Aggressor
    Israeli Communist Party Backs Israel’s Aggression
    Ten Year Record of Maoist “Democracy”
    Governor of Tokyo Warns Against Rise of Fascism in Japan
    Italian CP Leader Attacks Cuban Positions — by Livio Maitan
    British YCL Debate Vietnam War Issue — by Fiona Campbell
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Meeting Held for Hugo Blanco in London
    Kuron Released — Modzelewski Still in Prison
    20,000 Korean Students Protest Phony Election
    Solzhenitsyn Appeals for an End to the Soviet Censorship — by George Saunders
    Canadian Labor Backs Mobilization Against Vietnam War
    Fourth International Calls for Support to Arab Cause

Vol. 5, No. 26, July 14, 1967

    The Meaning of the New Guerrilla Front in Bolivia
    Bolivian Students Declare University “Free Territory”
    First Balance Sheet of the Middle East Conflict [A Resolution of the Fourth International]
    Thousands Executed in Guatemalan Witchhunt
    Nguyen Cao Ky “Steps Down”
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    “Bohemia” Tells Cuban Readers About Hugo Blanco
    The Los Angeles Test of the “Spirit of Glassboro”
    An Interview with Chen Pi-lan on the “Cultural Revolution”
    Kyoto Students Block Army Use of University
    Bertrand Russell Urges Ban on Use of Napalm

Vol. 5, No. 27, July 28, 1967

    PHOTO: US Military Occupation of Newark
    After Watts — Newark — by Elizabeth Barnes
    US Students Call Mass Protest Against Vietnam War
    Joint International Demonstrations Called for October 21
    Régis Debray Case:
    Agitation Mounts Around Régis Debray Case
    The Disappearance of Enrique Amaya Quintana
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Amnesty for Hugo Blanco Pressed in United States
    Fortunato Vargas Arrested
    Demand for Release of Américo Martin
    Dominican Communist Party Denounces Kremlin’s Foreign Policy
    China Celebrates Mao’s Swim
    Tito-Kremlin Dispute Reported on Mideast War — by Les Evans
    General Westmoreland’s “Truce” with the White House — by Dick Roberts
    The Cubans Develop Their Position on tho Middle East
    Peasant Uprising in West Bengal
    Life in Calcutta — Festering Sore Breeds Revolt in India
    Argentine Revolutionaries Hold Historic Congress
    Terrorism in Guatemala

Vol. 5, No. 28, August 11, 1967

    Detroit, the Biggest So Far — An Eyewitness Account — by Evelyn Sell
    US Citizen is Deported from Mexico — by Manolo Sarmiento
    A Flaw in the Pentagon Strategy?
    Stokely Carmichael at OLAS
    A Salute to the Cuban Revolution from France
    US Figures Send Greetings to OLAS
    Régis Debray Case:
    Bolivian Judge States “Debray is as Good as Dead”
    Dominican Communist Party Assesses Balaguer’s First Year — by Antonio Valdes
    Is Guillermo Lobatón Still Alive?
    Mexican Government Launches New Witch-Hunt
    Victims of Mexican WitchHunt Imprisoned Without Trial
    WitchHunt Prisoners Charge Brutal Physical and Mental Torture
    What McNamara Said After His Trips to Vietnam
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Philadelphia Professors Circulate Appeal for Blanco
Vol. 5, No. 29, August 25, 1967

    Castro Challenges Moscow Line on Latin American Revolution — by George Novack
    Carmichael Discusses Black Power in Havana Press Conference
    The Wuhan “Kidnapping” and the “Cultural Revolution” — by Dick Roberts
    Canadian Students Endorse October 21 Mobilization
    Split in the ProPeking Communist Party of India — by Kailas Chandra
    Ramachandran Explains His Expulsion
    A New Split in the Maoist Party in Belgium — by Pascal Lubra
    Secret US Casualties in Vietnam?
    Political Evolution in Tanzania
    Fourth International Defends Mexican WitchHunt Victims
    The Indonesian Revolution Will Fight and Win
    Under the Revolutionary Banner of Tan Malakka — by Fernand Charlier
    Wide Publication of Trotsky’s Books in Italy
    The Evolution of the Crisis in China — by Livio Maitan
    Antiwar Developments in Japan

Vol. 5, No. 30, September 8, 1967

    PHOTO: Socialist Workers Party Press Conference
    Socialist Workers Party Launches 1968 Presidential Campaign
    Isaac Deutscher — by Pierre Frank
    Defense Committee for Mexican WitchHunt Victims
    Guatemalan Guerrillas Use New Methods
    Continued Harassment of Political Prisoners in Mexico — by Ricardo Ochoa
    Russell Asks Inquiry into Mexican WitchHunt Case
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Mass Chilean Meeting Demands Freedom for Blanco
    Pereyra, Martorell, Candela Receive Additional Sentences
    Régis Debray Case:
    Debray Trial Arbitrarily Postponed
    A Death in Sunny Mexico
    Black Power and the Third World (Stokely Carmichael’s Address to OLAS)
    US Sociologists Oppose Vietnam War
    The Murder of Benno Ohnesorg and Student Radicalization in Germany — by Gisela Mandel
    Book Review:
    The Cult of J. Edgar Hoover — by Arthur Maglin
    The Ideology of the Maoist Tendency — by Livio Maitan
    Australian Students Support National Liberation Front

Vol. 5, No. 31, September 22, 1967

    PHOTO: At the OLAS Conference
    The Internal Struggle at the OLAS Conference
    French CP Attacks Revolutionary Line of OLAS Conference
    Johnson Edges Closer to Atomic War
    Is the Struggle Sharpening Inside China? — by Dick Roberts
    “Ming Pao” Publishes Interview with Peng Shu-tse
    US Troops Train Bolivian Army
    The Contest in the Amalgamated Engineering Union — by Ken Varney
    British CP Continues to Decline
    Socialist Scholars Protest Latin American Political Jailings
    Ceylonese Trotskyist Leader Speaks in New York
    Dissent Rises Among Czechoslovakian Intellectuals
    Letter from Yioura
    Report from the Greek Underground
    Cuban Art Show in London
    Régis Debray Case:
    The Ordeal of Régis Debray — by Robin Blackburn and Perry Anderson
    Tokyo Youths Break Up Trial of Antiwar Demonstrators
    Chilean CP Leader Joins Foes of OLAS

Vol. 5, No. 32, October 6, 1967

    What the Black Power Struggle Is About [Text of Stokely Carmichaells “Sucesos” Interview]
    Canadian Capitalist Newspaper Dissents on OAS
    Dominican PRD Switches Its Line
    Japanese CP Rejects Mao “Cult”
    Pentagon Jubilant over Apparent Paralysis of China’s Defense
    The Cargo Cult Syndrome
    London Antiwar Rally Planned for October 22
    October 21 Demonstrations Set in Norway
    The Trades Union Congress Goes Against Wilson — by Ernest Tate
    The By-elections in Cambridge and Walthamstow
    From Brighton to Scarborough — by George Cunvin
    McNamara’s Perspective of Unlimited MegaDeaths
    Trade Unions in Japan Set Vietnam War Protest for October 21
    The Frankfurt Congress of the Socialist German Student Federation — by Manfred Ernst
    Fourth International Greets SDS Congress
    “I’m Not a Warmonger But...”

Vol. 5, No. 33, October 20, 1967

    A Conversation with Fidel Castro
    Brazilian CP Attacks OLAS Conference
    Alas for the Canadian CP on OLAS
    Socialist Senator Arrested in Chile
    Vietnam an “Excellent Laboratory,” WellKnown Authority Claims
    Dominican CP Backs Line Taken at OLAS Conference
    The OLAS Conference and the “Principles” of Paul-Henri Spaak — by Ernest Mandel
    Vietnamese Pledge Solidarity to Stokely Carmichael
    The Good Life in Vietnam — American Style
    Irish Labour Party Shifts to the Left — by Gery Lawless
    Advice on “Riot Control”
    Clement Attlee: Labour Caretaker of British Capitalism — by George Novack
    Cuban Art Show Draws New Praise
    A Voice of Peasant Discontent in China
    Zengakuren Demonstrates Against Sato Tour
    Régis Debray Case:
    Logical Order
    Canadians Demand Freedom for Debray
    Impassioned Charges Open Debray Trial in Camiri
    PRD Threatens Election Boycott in Response to Rising Terror

Vol. 5, No. 34, October 27, 1967

    In Tribute to Che — by Fidel Castro
    Régis Debray’s Farewell to Che
    Fourth International Joins in Mourning Che
    The Area Where Che Fell
    Faded Jungle Greens Were His Funeral Robes
    American “Observer” Present with Murderers of Che
    “Orders Came Down to Execute Che”
    Peruvian Military Court Spares Hugo Blanco’s Life
    Biggest Antiwar Demonstration in History of Washington
    A Week of Antiwar Protest Actions in the US
    Chain of Antiwar Demonstrations Around the World
    The Scarborough Labour Party Conference — by Ernest Tate
    The Holdouts
    Keeping Greece Safe for the Free World
    On the Fiftieth Anniversary of the October Revolution — by Pierre Frank
    Mao Finds It Difficult to Consolidate His Position — by Livio Maitan

Vol. 5, No. 35, November 3, 1967

    PHOTO: Japanese Students Clash with Police
    Hugo Blanco Thanks Those Whose Efforts Saved His Life
    Strike Approved by God
    Mexican Students Say Farewell to Che
    Revolutionary Youth in Paris Mourn Che Guevara
    Stan Newens’ Tribute to Che Guevara
    London Demonstrators Besiege the American Embassy — by Ernest Tate
    Swiss Demonstrators Tell US to Get Out of Vietnam
    Ottawa’s Bigge st Antiwar Demonstration
    “When Is the Next One Scheduled?”
    Japanese Railway Union Objects to Handling US War Supplies
    That Counterdemonstration in New York
    New Antiwar Tactics Reported in Europe
    North Vietnam’s “War” Industry
    “It’s a Difficult Thing to Say”
    PHOTOS: Japanese Student Demonstrations
    Angry Protest in Japan over Escalation of Japanese Role in Vietnam
    Social Democrats Suffer Rebuff in Bremen Vote — by Gisela Mandel
    Bertrand Russell Appeals for Continued Solidarity with Vietnam
    Dowson Announces Support of Last-Minute NDP Candidate
    Preserving the Great Man for Posterity [The White House Photographers Do Their Best for Art and History]

Vol. 5, No. 36, November 10, 1967

    Schoenman Deported from Bolivia after Attempt to Defend Debray — by Les Evans
    Régis Debray Explains Reasons for Defeat of Che Guevara
    Four Soldiers Testify on the Execution of Che Guevara
    The Struggle Continues in Bolivia [A Message from the Underground Fighters]
    20,000 in West Berlin March October 21
    Stokely Carmichael Vows to Carry on Che Guevara’s Struggle
    Was Guevara’s Body Handed over to the CIA?
    Trotsky Ignored in New History of Soviet Party
    Guerrillas Active in Venezuela
    New Guerrilla Front Reported in Colombia
    Prices Spiral in Japan
    A New Industrial Disease
    PHOTOS: At Guevara Memorial Meeting in New York
    New York Memorial for Che Guevara
    General Strike in Arequipa May Mark New Turn in Peru
    Bolivian Guerrillas Engage in Skirmish with Army
    Two Suspected Guerrilla Training Camps in Chile
    Sinyavsky, Daniel Excluded from Amnesty in USSR
    “Pravda” Sets the Line for CP Attack on OLAS — by George Saunders
    Johnson Keeps Up the Pressure
    Report of a Participant on the Kolakowski Case
    SWP Sends Fraternal Message to Cubans on Death of Che
    For the Revolutionary Program of October!

Vol. 5, No. 37, November 17, 1967

    PHOTO: Japanese Housewives Check Price and Quality of Rice
    Japanese Housewives Start Moving against Spiraling Prices
    Vietnam, Black Liberation Struggle, Reflected in US Election Results — by Joseph Hansen
    The Case of Ricardo Gadea
    Tupac Amaru Prisoners Released
    Tsotsi Paced with Deportation from Zambia
    Death of Che Touches Off Demonstrations in Chile — by José Valdes
    Toronto Meeting Hails Che Guevara
    Barrientos Hunts Fortune in Guevara’s Diary
    Indonesian Government Arrests 2,000 in North Sumatra
    Ruhr Coal Miners Protest Mass Layoffs
    End of the Road for Grippa?
    Pentagon Complains at “Expense” of Antiwar Demonstration
    Cuba’s Economic Situation — 1965-66

Vol. 5, No. 38, November 24, 1967

    The Real Turnout at Washington Antiwar Rally — 318,000
    Johnson Throws in Sponge to Pollsters
    The New York Rally Against Dean Rusk — What It Revealed — by Joseph Hansen
    The Happening at Bruton Paris Church
    Revolutionary Themes Sounded at West Berlin Gatherings
    Régis Debray Case:
    Excerpts from Che’s Diary Read at Debray Trial
    Régis Debray, Che Guevara and the Bolivian Guerrillas [Interview with Ralph Schoenman]
    Régis Debray Sentenced to Thirty Years
    Zengakuren Students Protest Sato’s Trip to Washington
    War Crimes Tribunal to Hear Witnesses in Copenhagen
    US Senate Scores Victory Against Socialized Medicine
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Campaign for Hugo Blanco to Continue
    Belaunde Terry in Political Trouble
    Warning on Radioactive Pollution of the Seas
    PHOTO: Ralph Schoenman Speaking at Meeting in Tribute to Guevara
    Johnson’s Popularity Declining in Britain, Too
    Ernesto Guevara in the Days When We Were Friends [With Che Guevara in the Mexico Days] — by Lucila Velaquez
    Arrests Continue in Greece
    Are Canadian Indians Responding to Radio Havana?
    Controversy over Introduction to Trotsky’s Biography of Stalin
    Paris Meeting Commemorates October Revolution
    Mexican Political Prisoners Win Concession

Vol. 5, No. 39, December 1, 1967

    Devaluation of the Pound Shakes the Capitalist World — by Joseph Hansen
    Fulbright Committee Sees US Threatened with “Tyranny or Disaster”
    The Political Devaluation of Lyndon B Johnson — by George Novack
    Johnson’s New Secret Weapon — “Wired for Sound”
    Rector Wins Nationwide Applause for Needling Johnson
    October 21 — Most Thorough Preparations for “Urban Trouble” Ever Made
    Pentagon Plans for “One, Two, Many Detroits”
    Wall Street Gamblers Invest in Unusual Form of Insurance
    Two-Day Strike Paralyzes Calcutta
    PHOTOS: Japanese Student Demonstrations in Tokyo
    Tokyo Student Demonstration Larger than Previous One
    Pour “Deserters” Meet with Sympathy in Japan
    Sato’s Pilgrimage to Washington — by Les Evans
    Nat Hentoff Issues Retraction on that 318,000 Figure
    Chilean Workers Answer Wage Clampdown with General Strike
    The Soviet Press Features a Venezuelan “Authority” Against the Cubans — by George Saunders
    Vietnamese Delegation Greeted in Rome
    Is Charity the Solution to Poverty in Yugoslavia? [An Exchange in the Belgrade Press]
    Two Given Life Sentences in Greece for Opposition to Regime

Vol. 5, No. 40, December 8, 1967

    The Pound Sterling Bows Out as the Queen of Moneys — by Ernest Mandel
    Brazilian Police Put a Stop to Subversive Blouses
    Why McNamara’s Removal from the Pentagon Stirs Fear — by George Novack
    Johnson’s New Experiments Lead Him into Some Strange Alleys
    One Is Missing from the Nineteen — by Pierre Frank
    Vitale Writes on Zionism and the Arab World
    Guatemalan Guerrilla Groups Working Together — by Antonio Valdés
    St. Kitts Leader Found Innocent
    Caamano Reported to Have “Disappeared”
    Bolivian Generals “Discover” New Sensations in Che’s Diary
    Cash Register Bells Fail to Ring Out for Svetlana
    1,000 Students Protest at “Sedition” Trial in Berlin
    Stokely Carmichael’s Message on Che Guevara
    How the Vietnamese Save the Wounded and Burned
    Survivors of Guevara Force Evade Bolivian Army Trap
    Sartre’s Opening Speech at Copenhagen Hearings on US War Crimes
    US Aggression in Vietnam a “Pure Crime of Conquest” [Bertrand Russell]
    Christian Democrats Lose in Bellwether Chilean Student Election
    Tributes to Che Guevara Continue in Chile
    Bolivian CP View on the Guerrillas and the Death of Che
    In Reply to the Bolivian CP and Its Backers — by Livio Maitan
    War Crimes Tribunal Finds US Government Guilty of Genocide
    Concerning J. Posadas

Vol. 5, No. 41, December 15, 1967

    The Dai-Lai Massacre [Testimony at the Hearings on US War Crimes]
    The Berkeley Student Vote — Another Victory for the Antiwar Movement
    USLA Justice Committee Launches “Neediest” Campaign for Political Prisoners
    Forthcoming Collection of Guevara’s Writings
    Another Witch-Hunt Case in Mexico — by Ricardo Ochoa
    US Prowess in North Vietnam
    Mexican Defense Committee Appeals for Protest Actions
    Wycliffe Tsotsi Wins Continued Political Asylum in Zambia
    Che’s Name Resounds in Bolivia [Report from the Underground]
    Fritz Teufel Freed
    Cops Mobilized Against Draft Protest in New York — by Les Evans
    Defiant Czech Writers Provoke a National and International Debate — by George Novack
    Johnson Stars in Role of “Stand-up Comic”
    A New Version of the Execution of Ernesto Che Guevara
    Norwegian Students Regret Soviet Collaboration with Washington
    American Intellectuals Debate “Civil Disobedience” — by Arthur Maglin
    Stokely Carmichael Held at Paris Airport, Then Released
    70,000 in Paris Demonstrate Against US Role in Vietnam
    Speculation Mounts over Fate of Caamano
    Ignacio da Palma Freed from Prison in France
    Well-Earned Praise for Dow Chemical

Vol. 5, No. 42, December 22, 1967

    Year End Index Subjects–Authors–Countries


1968 (vol. 6)


Vol. 6, No. 1, January 12, 1968

    More About Che Guevara
    What Is a Guerrilla? — by Ernesto Che Guevara
    Guerrilla Fighters Hunted in Philippines
    2,000 Guerrillas Reported in West Irian
    Johnson Prepares to “Go For Broke” in Southeast Asia — by George Novack
    New Warnings of Wider War in Southeast Asia
    Dissatisfaction in Czechoslovakia Leads to Ouster of Novotny
    Violent Clashes with Guerrillas Reported in Angola
    Algeria in the Year Five — by Larbi Hamdane
    Black Poet in Newark Ghetto Sentenced to Three Years in Prison
    Around the World with Johnson in Five Days
    Johnson Ducks Demonstrators in Rome — by Tullio Venturi
    Living Costs Continue to Skyrocket in Argentina
    Ho Chi Minh’s Greetings to Antiwar Movement in the US
    Dr Spock and Other Prominent Antiwar Figures Indicted
    Generals Told to Provide Ammunition to Reelect Johnson
    The American CP “Rehabilitates” Che Guevara
    The Undertaker Presents His Bill for American Dead in Vietnam
    Book Reviews
    The Russian Revolution as Reported at the Time
    Mexican Edition of Guevara’s Works
    Brazilian CP Rejects Armed Struggle
    The Conflict Between Greece and Turkey over Cyprus

Vol. 6, No. 2, January 19, 1968

    Washington Puts the Squeeze on Prince Sihanouk
    The Dollar Crisis — by Ernest Mandel
    A “Plot” in Switzerland Against Barrientos?
    “Flower” Plucked by Pacifists
    General Hershey Beats Strategic Retreat
    The Kremlin Finally Considers the Counterrevolution in Indonesia — by Ernest Germain
    Herbert Matthews’ Interview with Fidel Castro
    Camiri Oil Workers Indicate Sympathy for Regis Debray
    Behind Barrientos1 Double-Talk About Exchanging Debray
    Castro Offers 100 Counterrevolutionaries for Guevara’s Body
    Greek Junta Take Off Uniforms But Keep Prisons Filled — by Les Evans
    Guerrilla Forces Reported in Zambezi Valley
    A New Situation for the Left in India — by Kailas Chandra
    Crisis in Uttar Pradesh
    Farmers Near Tokyo Join with Students in Opposing Spread of US Bases
    Brazilian CP Condemns Che Guevara as “An Adventurer”
    Text of French Communist Party Attack on Stokely Carmichael
    In Defense of Stokely Carmichael — by Joseph Hansen
    Guinea Freedom Fighters Forge Ahead Against Portuguese Imperialism

Vol. 6, No. 3, January 26, 1968

    What Britain’s Retreat from Asia Means for Washington
    Bolivian Regiment Rebels Against Barrientos
    Eartha Kitt Tells Off the Johnsons
    Johnson Spells Out What He Wants to “Negotiate” in Vietnam
    Bosch’s Party Asks US Ambassador to Clarify a Point
    Brazilian Bishop Approves Armed Revolution
    Comandante Maximo Velando — Ever Present! — by Ricardo Gadea
    Police Stage Witch-hunt Raid in Lima
    Appeal of French Intellectuals in Behalf of Hugo Blanco
    “Politica” Suspends Publication — by Manolo Sarmiento
    Barrientos Says Offer to Exchange Regis Debray Was “Distorted”
    Joan Baez Ready to Go to Jail Again in Protest Against Vietnam War
    On Stokely Carmichael’s Alma Mater
    Dak To — “A Famous Victory”
    The Recent Attempted Coup in Algeria — by Livio Maitan
    French CP Backs de Gaulle on British Membership in Common Market
    The Case of Vyacheslav Chornovil — by Dick Fidler
    Wide Sympathy in Soviet Union for Trial Victims — by George Saunders
    Text of Pavel Litvinov’s and Larisa Daniel’s Denunciation of Trial
    Support the Appeal of Pavel Litvinov and Larisa Daniel! [Statement by the Fourth International]
    Saskatchewan Laborites Demand End to Canada’s Complicity in Vietnam War

Vol. 6, No. 4, February 2, 1968

    Johnson Defies His Congressional Critics — by George Novack
    But Why Clifford?
    Pour H-Bombs in Greenland and One Spy Ship in North Korea
    A New Current in the Danish Left
    Famine Reported in Indonesia
    K.S. Karol’s Four Days With Fidel
    Moscow Reaches Accord With Bogota
    New Wave of Repression in Peru
    US Troops Told to Stop Taking Marijuana to Australia Books:
    Kenya: Not Yet Uhuru — by Dick Roberts
    Greek Colonels Win Recognition from Washington
    A Contribution to the Discussion on Guerrilla Tactics in Latin America — by Hector Bejar
    Students at University of Madrid Resist Police
    On Workers Control of Production — by Leon Trotsky
    Israeli Socialists Protest Arrest of Khalil Touame
    Does General Wessin y Wessin Have a Coup in Mind?
    Ceylon Trotskyist Statement on Devaluation of Rupee
    Ceylon Union Calls for Struggle Against Devaluation

Vol. 6, No. 5, February 9, 1968

    A New Stage Opens in the Vietnamese Revolution — by Joseph Hansen
    Japanese People Show High Sensitivity to Nuclear Allergens
    Don’t Pay the Postman That Six Cents
    More on the New Witch-Hunt in Peru
    Peruvian Police Seek to Transfer Hector Bejar to Torture Cell
    Khalil Touame Still Held in Israeli Jail
    Excerpts From Litvinov’s Letter on Bukovsky Case
    New Regime Makes Concessions to Dissident Czech Writers — by George Novack
    Resurgence of Guerrilla Struggle in Philippines
    A New Government Crisis in Argentina?
    Correction — On Johnson’s Hair Secret
    The “Peace and Freedom Party” in California
    Defending “Democracy” in Greece and South Vietnam
    West German Stalinists Take Up Cudgels Against Che Guevara
    Italian Trotskyists Publish New Magazine
    Worldwide Student Strike Against Vietnam War Called for April
    Trotsky’s Marxism: An Anti-Critique — by Ernest Mandel

Vol. 6, No. 6, February 16, 1968

    DRAWING: Aleksandr Ginsburg
    Barricades in Saigon
    Kennedy Admits US Cannot Win in Vietnam — by Les Evans
    National Liberation Front Deepens Revolutionary Tie to Masses
    Mrs Lyudmila I Ginsburg Protests Slander of Her Son — by Gerry Foley
    Cao Ky Ready to Arm the People?
    Editor of “Pravda” Denounces Solzhenitsyn
    Solzhenitsyn Demands Publication of His New Novel
    Johnson Prepares His Alibi for a Military Defeat
    Operation “Rescue”
    Clark Clifford — “Counselor to the Mighty”
    DRAWING: Clark Clifford
    Dog Lovers, Too, Can Now Love Johnson
    The Most Powerful World of Our Time — by Peter Weiss
    Hobsbawm’s Assessment of the Cultural Congress of Havana
    A Memento From Andre Breton
    As Told by Siqueiros
    “Za Rubezhom” Brings the Rear Guard Up to Late
    Three Black Students Killed by Cops in South Carolina
    Vladimir Bukovsky’s Plea for Soviet Democracy — by George Saunders

Vol. 6, No. 7, February 23, 1968

    DRAWING: Vo Nguyen Giap
    Will Johnson Use Nuclear Bombs in Vietnam? — by George Novack
    “A Setback of Unprecedented Magnitude”
    The Truth About Ben Tre
    Call for European Antiwar Youth Demonstration in West Berlin
    YSA Hails Vietnamese Freedom Fighters — by Elizabeth Barnes
    Fred Halstead’s Name Heads College “Primary” List
    Explorer Gives Barrientos the Jitters
    Ongania Flips Wig Over Long Hair
    Vinh Long, My Tho, and Hue
    The Condemnation of Anibal Escalante — by Livio Maitan
    Report by Major Raul Castro on Activities of Anibal Escalante Group
    Support the Vietnamese Revolution! [Statement by International Executive Committee of Fourth International]
    Wilson’s “Special Relationship” with Johnson Pays Off Handsomely

Vol. 6, No. 8, March 1, 1968

    “Choice 68”
    Pentagon Refuses to Release Secret Plan for World Domination — by George Novack
    A Letter from Hugo Blanco
    Canadian CP Reports on Its Investigations in the Ukraine — by Ross Dowson
    Third World Students Asked to Back April 26 Strike
    The Guatemalan Guerrillas Hold Their Own
    Why Khe Sanh Is Crucial for Gen Westmoreland
    DRAWING: General Westmoreland
    Talk Continues in Saigon About Using Nuclear Weapons
    Five of Che Guevara’s Comrades Seek Refuge in Chile
    Moscow Political Police Warn Ginzburg’s Relatives and Friends
    PHOTO: West Berlin Demonstration
    West Berlin’s Biggest Antiwar Demonstration
    Leaders of Fourth International Hold Meeting
    Report by Major Raul Castro on Activities of Anibal Escalante Group
    Vietnamese Freedom Fighters Appeal to the American People
    DRAWING: Vietnamese freedom fighters
    Zengakuren Students Have Impact on Political Thinking in Japan

Vol. 6, No. 9, March 8, 1968

    How Many More Troops Was That?
    “Wall Street Journal” Sees Defeat in Vietnam
    Swedish Foreign Minister Speaks Up for Pentagon
    Assembling Nuclear Weapons in Vietnam?
    The West Berlin Demonstration — A Milestone for Europe’s Antiwar Youth — by Werner Grave
    Soviet Intellectuals Appeal to World Communists Against Political Trials
    Antiwar Stickers Appear in London Home of US Ambassador
    Guevara’s Guerrilla Comrades Leave Chile
    The Stalking-Horse Clears the Way for Mr Moneybags
    DRAWING: Gov Nelson A. Rockefeller
    Report by Major Raul Castro on Activities of Anibal Escalante Group
    Guatemalan Guerrillas Break with Communist Party
    H. Rap Brown’s Letter from Prison

Vol. 6, No. 10, March 15, 1968

    COVER PHOTO: University of Rome students managed repeatedly to reach top of
    stairs at College of Architecture only to be driven down by police clubs
    How the City of Hue Was “Saved”
    Vietnamese Freedom Fighters Set Up Revolutionary Committees
    The Budapest Conference of Communist Bureaucrats — by Pierre Frank
    Toronto Pickets Demand Release of Khalil Touame
    Battles for “Student Power” in Italy — by Francesco Marchi
    Disintegration in Saigon
    Street Demonstrations Shake Nasser Government
    Nice Piece of Real Estate for Sale in Vietnam
    James Baldwin Defends Stokely Carmichael
    New Concessions to Demands for Liberalization in Czechoslovakia — by George Novack
    Humphrey Pinch-hits for Johnson on “Riot Panel” Report
    DRAWING: Hubert Humphrey
    Franz JT Lee Faced with Deportation to South Africa
    Zengakuren Students Spearhead Protest Against Supersonic Airport
    Report by Major Raul Castro on Activities of Anibal Escalante Group

Vol. 6, No. 11, March 22, 1968

    Rose Karsner Cannon — Sixty Tears of Service to Socialism — by George Novack
    PHOTO: Rose Karsner Cannon
    Johnson’s Projected Troop Increase Meets Widespread Resistance
    Khalil Touame Sentenced to Nine Months by Israeli Court
    Moscow Levels Hew Attack Against Trotskyism
    Notes and Comments on the Basmanov Article

Vol. 6, No. 12, March 29, 1968

    DRAWING: Robert Kennedy
    Why Kennedy Is Challenging Johnson for the Democratic Nomination — by George Novack
    Novotny Forced Out as President of Czechoslovakia
    Student Clashes with Polish Regime Resound Through East Europe — by George Saunders
    PHOTO: Young Revolutionaries in West Berlin Demonstrate in Support of Polish Students
    Respite for Washington: The Two-Price Gold System — by Dick Roberts
    20,000 March in London to Protest Vietnam War
    Indian Trotskyists Hold National Conference — by Magan Desai
    Bolivian Peasants Revere Guevara
    A New Issue of “Arab Revolution”
    Torture of Greek Prisoners Reported
    Soviet Collective Farm Chairman Protests Trial of Intellectuals
    The Free World: Greece
    The Free World: “China”
    Hugo Blanco Tells of New Repression in Peru
    Revolutionary French Youth Solidarize with Polish Students
    The Crisis in Algeria: Its Meaning and Perspectives — by Larbi Hamdane
    Solidarity with the Polish Students! [Statement by International Executive Committee of Fourth International]

Vol. 6, No. 13, April ,1968

    DRAWING: A Vietnamese Refugee
    General Westmoreland Goes — US Troops Stay in Vietnam — by George Novack
    Gomulka Answers Student Struggles with Reprisals Against Professors — by George Saunders
    Indians in Brazil Victims of Genocide
    Dominican Communists Denounce Escalante Group — by Antonio Valdes
    Czechoslovak Regime Under Pressure from Soviet Bloc
    Help for London Bankers
    Report on the Marc London Vietnam Protest — by Ernest Tate
    Vietnam Solidarity Campaign Answers Right-Wing Tory Charges
    Valentin Campa Denied Parole
    Report of Sumulong’s Death Unconfirmed
    Is Rehabilitation of Stalin a Possibility?
    Lev Kopelev Expelled from CP
    A Canadian Study of Education in the Soviet Union — by Ross Dowson
    Vietnam War Protest Deepens in Japan
    The Arab-Israeli War: Yost’s Analysis — by Peter Buch
    Economic Downturn in West Germany and Its Political Consequences — by Gerhard Werner
    Oginga Odinga Barred from Leaving Kenya
    Worldwide Support Mounts for April Actions Against Vietnam War

Vol. 6, No. 14, April 12, 1968

    PHOTO: Dr Martin Luther King Jr
    Dr Martin Luther King — the End of an Era — by George Novack
    Uprisings Rock Cities in US — by Joseph Hansen
    Johnson’s Bid to “Negotiate” the War in Vietnam
    The Dollar Crisis — by Ernest Mandel
    Bourguiba Answers Student Demonstrations with Terror
    Greek Resistance Movement Girds for Long Struggle — by T.N. Themistocles
    West Bengal — What Next?
    PHOTO: In Paris several hundred youth demonstrate in front of Polish embassy
    100,000 in Rio de Janeiro Protest Police Killing of Student
    Mexican Political Prisoners to Join Demetrio Vallejo in Hunger Strike
    Anibal Escalante, Mike Banda, and Whitewash for the Kremlin — by Ernest Germain
    Text of Vietnamese Answer to Johnson

Vol. 6, No. 15, April 19, 1968

    The Triple Crisis Faced by America’s Rulers — by George Novack
    What Stokely Carmichael Really Said About Slaying of Dr King
    Racist Officials Aim New Blows at Black Leaders — by Les Evans
    Mexican Intellectuals Appeal for Solidarity with Demetrio Vallejo
    When I met Rudi Dutschke in Berlin — by Mary-Alice Waters
    PHOTO: Rudi Dutschke
    Bertrand Russell Sees Complete Defeat for US in Vietnam
    Venezuelan Pastor, Friendly to Guerrillas, Assassinated
    Johnson Once Again Breaks Troop “Ceiling” in Vietnam
    DRAWING: Rusk, Westmoreland, Johnson, Clifford
    “While Winning Johnson’s War”
    Zengakuren Leads New Demonstrations at Army Hospital and Airport
    The Socialism Antoni Zambrowski Wants for Poland
    Widespread Sympathy in Brazil for Student Demonstrators
    Kosygin-Brezhnev Threaten Dissenters in USSR with Police Club — by George Saunders
    The Small Farmers in Cuba

Vol. 6, No. 16, April 26, 1968

    PHOTO: Student rally at Columbia University in Solidarity with Rudi Dutschke
    Another Civil War in the US?
    The Debate Over Daley’s Order to “Shoot to Kill” — by Joseph Hansen
    DRAWING; Mayor Richard J (“Shoot to Kill”) Daley
    Demotrio Vallejo Ends Hunger Strike
    DRAWING: Demetrio Vallejo
    New Admissions on Pentagon-CIO Intervention in Capture of Che Guevara
    Behind the Shooting of Rudi Dutschke — by Gisela Mandel
    American Indian Youths Demand Student Rights
    Russell Appeals to Gomulka to Release Nina Karsov
    DRAWING: Wladyslaw Gomulka
    In Reply to Maurice Duverger — by Pierre Frank
    French and German Revolutionary Youth Groups Call Joint Meeting
    The Canadian Maoists “Analyze” the Cuban Revolution — by Phil Coumeyeur
    Hugo Blanco Case:
    Life in El Fronton
    The Belgian Elections — by Ernest Mandel
    Pirated Editions of “Cancer Ward” Slip by Soviet Censors — by George Saunders
    Baltimore Clergymen Convicted for Protesting Vietnam War


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