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List of Uploaded Writings

(Last updated: 13 November 2002)

abbr: A.T = “Archive of Trotsky: Communist Opposition in USSR (1923-27)" (1990); B.O = “Byulleten’ Oppozichii"; F.Y.C = “Five Years of Comintern”(1924); H.R.A = “How the Revolution Armed”(1923-24); S.F.G. = “The Struggle Against Fascism in Germany"(1971); S.R. = “The Spanish Revolution (1931-1939)” (1973); W.R. = “War and Revolution”(1922). C.M.F.="The Communist Movement in France"(1923).



Oct 1900 Some Words about the Philosophy of “the Superman" (“Sochineniya”, vol.20)

22 Apr 1901 Hertsen and “The Young Generation" (“Sochineniya”, vol.20)

Jun 1901 On Ibsen (“Sochineniya”, vol.20)

19 Apr 1902 V.A.Zhukovsky (“Sochineniya”, vol.20)

Nov 1903 Reports of the Siberian Delegates (pamphlet)

1 Jan 1904 Disintegration of Sionism and its Successors (“Sochineniya”, vol.4)


1905 -1909

1906 Results and Perspectives (book)

Jun 1907 The Duma and the Revolution (“Die Neue Zeit”)

Apr 1908 The Third Duma (“Die Neue Zeit”)

30 Dec 1908 The Struggle with Unemployment and Hunger (“Sochineniya”, vol.4)

22 Mar 1909 Cockroach in the Soup: On the “Azef Affair" (“Die Neue Zeit”)

27 Mar 1909 Before May Day (Vienna “Pravda”, no.3)

May 1909 The Failure of Terror and its Party (“Sochineniya”, vol.4)

2 Jun 1909 Our Party and its Tasks (Vienna “Pravda”, no.4)

21 Nov 1909 The Coming Industrial Upturn (Vienna “Pravda”, no.7)

8 Dec 1909 The National Struggle and the Unity of Proletariat (Vienna “Pravda”, no.8)



January 1910 Resolutions of the Paris C.C.Plenum

12 Feb 1910 On the Party Road (Vienna “Pravda”, no.10)

3 Apr 1910 For Unity: Beyond all Obstacles! (Vienna “Pravda”, no.12)

1 Aug 1910 The Balkan Question and Social Democracy (“Sochineniya”, vol.6)

28 Aug 1910 The Russian Social Democracy (“Vorwarts”)

9 Sep 1910 Tendencies of the Development of the Russian Social Democracy (“Die Neue Zeit”)

29 Jan 1911 Conditions in the Country and our Tasks (Vienna “Pravda”, No.1819)

8 May 1911 Evno Azef (“Sochineniya”, vol.8)

25 Jun 1911 Freedom of Coalition and the Petition Campaign (Vienna “Pravda”, no.21)

1 Nov 1911 Terrorism (“Der Kampf”)

Nov 1911 Urgent Problems (“Nasha Zaria", no.11)

14 March 1912 Raid on the Party (Vienna “Pravda”, no.24)

14 March 1912 Problems of the Election Campaign (Vienna “Pravda”, no.24)

23 April 1912 To all the Members of the Party (Vienna “Pravda”, no.25)

14-15 Mar 1913 The Balkan War and Socialism (“Sochineniya”, vol.6)

Mar-Apr 1913 The Budget and the Working Class (“Sochineniya”, vol.4)

2 April 1913 Letter to Chikheize

Feb 1914 Parliamentarism and the Working Class (“Bor’ba", no.1)

9 April 1914 Problems of Unity (From the Editorial Board) (“Bor’ba", no.3)

6 July 1914 The Struggle for Unity and a Marxist Center (“Bor’ba", no.78)

Nov 1914 War and the International (book)



6 Jan 1915 "Japan’s" Problem (“Sochineniya”, vol.9)

15 Feb 1915 Parvus (“Nashe Slovo0”)

23,24 Feb 1915 Our Political Slogans (“Nashe Slovo", no.22, 23)

4 Jun 1915 Open Letter to the Editors of “Kommunist" (“Nashe Slovo", no.105)

3,9 Jul 1915 The Nation and the Economy (“Nashe Slovo", no.130, 135)

Sep 1915 The Manifest of the International Socialist Conference in Zimmerwald (from W.R.vol.1)

17 Oct 1915 The Struggle for Power (“Nashe Slovo", no.217)

29 Jan-13 Apr 1916 Peace Program (“Nashe Slovo", no.411, 412, 415, 416, 473, 474, 475)

27 Feb 1917 On the Threshold of Revolution (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

4 Mar 1917 Two Faces (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

6 Mar 1917 The Growing Conflict (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

7 Mar 1917 War or Peace (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

8 Mar 1917 How and from Whom to defend the Revolution (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

5 May 1917 Speech at the meeting of Petrograd Soviet (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

9 Jul 1917 The Period of Test (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

28 Jun 1917 From Word to Deed (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

Aug 1917 When Will This Slaughter Come to an End? (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

Sep 1917 What’s Next: Results and Perspectives (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

19 Oct 1917 We Need Peace (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

Oct 1917 Speech at the Second All-Russian Congress of Soviet (“Sochineniya”, vol.3)

5 Aug 1919 Letter to the Central Committee on the Eastern Problem (“Trotsky Papers", vol.1)

18 Jan 1919 Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg (“Sochineniya”, vol.8)



Feb 1920 Fundamental Problems of Food Supply and the Land’s Policy (“Sochineniya”, vol.17)

23 Apr 1920 Lenin’s National Characteristics (from “On Lenin”)

31 Oct 1920 More Equality! (from H.R.A. vol.2)

16 Jun 1921 The Party’s Tactic in Relation to the Left Block (from C.M.F.)

1 Nov 1921 Opening and Closing Speeches in the Discussion on Military Doctrine (from H.R.A. vol.3)

Nov-Dec 1921 Military Doctrine or Pseudo-military Doctrinairism (from H.R.A. vol.3)

25 Dec 1921 Flood-tide (“Pravda”)

26 Feb 1922 The United Front (from C.M.F.)

2 March 1922 On the United Front (from C.M.F.)

Mar 1922 On “Roman Theses"

1 Apr 1922 Report and Concluding Remarks at the meeting of Military Deligates to the Eleventh Congress of the Russian Communist Party (from H.R.A. vol.3)

11 Apr 1922 Japan at Genoa and Vladivostok (from H.R.A. vol.3)

8 Jun 1922 The United Front abd the Left Block (from C.M.F.)

14 Nov 1922 The New Economic Policy of Soviet Russia and the Perspectives of the World Revolution (from F.Y.C.)

30 November 1922 The Worker’s Government in France (from C.M.F.)

20 Mar 1923 The National Question and Education of the Party Youth (from “Tasks of Twelfth Congress of RCP”)

5 Apr 1923 The Tasks of the Twelfth Congress of the Russian Communist Party (Pamphlet)

21 Jun 1923 On the Curve of Capitalist Development (“Vestnik sochialisticheskoi akademii”)

29 Jun 1923 The Newspaper and its Readers (“Sochineniya”, vol.21)

30 Jun 1923 Is the time Ripe for the Slogan: “The United States of Europe"? (from “Europe and America”)

17 Aug 1923 How to Approach? (“Sochineniya”, vol.21)

21 Apr 1924 Tasks and Perspective in the East (from “The West and the East”)

23 Apr 1924 From Reminiscence of Lenin (pamphlet)

24 Apr 1924 The USSR and Japan (“Izvestiya”)

28 Apr 1924 On Tasks of the Youth in the Country, and About a New Everyday Life (Pamphlet)

18 Jun 1924 Soviet Russia and Japan (“Izvestiya”)

23 July 1924 The Worker Correspondent and its Cultural Role (“Sochineniya”, vol.21)

5 Nov 1924 The Development of World Militarism and Our Military Tasks (from “Europe and America”)



Jun 1925 To the Problems of Stabilization of Europe Capitalism (“Planovoe khozyaistvo”)

28 Aug 1925 Towards Capitalism or Towards Socialism? (book)

8 Dec 1925 Tasks of Workers of the Cultural Construction (“Sochineniya”, vol.21)

15 Jan 1926 Notes on the Economic Problems (from A.T. vol.1)

18 Jan 1926 To the Problems of Tendencies of the World Economic Development (“Planovoe khozyaistvo”)

15 Feb 1926 Europe and America (from “Europe and America”)

2 May 1926 Laws of the Socialist Accumulation, the Principle of Planning, Tempo of the Industrialization, and No Principle (from A.T. vol.2)

26 November 1926 Theses on Revolution and Counterrevolution

9 Dec 1926 Speech in the Seventh Enlarged Plenum of the ECCI (minutes)

12 Dec 1926 The Theory of Socialism in a Separate Country (from A.T. vol.2)

28 Feb 1927 On Siberia (pamphlet)

Mar 1927 Can We have an Economic Independence? (from A.T. vol.2)

24 Apr 1929 Interview by the “Oosaka Mainichi" (B.O, no.1)



8 Jan 1930 The ’Third Period’ of the Comintern’s Errors (B.O)

13 Feb 1930 The New Course in the Soviet Economy (B.O)

Mar 1930 The Spanish Revolution (B.O)

14 May 1930 A Response to Comrades of the New Italian Opposition (B.O)

30 May 1930 The Revolution in India (B.O)

18 Sep 1930 On the Declaration by the Indo-Chinese Oppositionists (from W.L.T)

26 Sep 1930 The Turn in the Communist International and the Situation in Germany (B.O)

Dec 1930 The Successes of Socialism and the Dangers of Adventurism (B.O)

15 Jan 1931 Critical Remarks About Prometeo’s Resolution on Democratic Demands (from W.L.T)

Mar 1931 The Five-Year Plan in Four Years? (B.O)

4 Apr 1931 Problems of Development of the USSR (B.O)

9 Jun 1931 The Italian Opposition and the Spanish Revolution (from W.L.T)

20 Aug 1931 Workers’ Control of Production (B.O)

25 Aug 1931 Against National Communism! (Lessons of the “Red Referendum”) (B.O)

15 Nov 1931 What is Fascism? (from W.L.T)

26 Nov 1931 Germany, the Key to the International Situation (B.O)

30 Nov 1931 The Japanese Invasion of Manchuria and the Possibility of the War with Japan (from W.L.T)

8 Dec 1931 Letter to the German Communist Woerkers: For a Workers’ United Front Against Fascism (B.O)

14 Dec 1931 The Foundation of SAP (from W.L.T)

29 Feb 1932 Interview by the Associated Press: Japan, China, and the USSR (B.O)

Jan 1932 What Next? : The German Revolution and the Stalinist Bureaucracy (Book)

Apr 1932 I See War with Germany (from S.F.G.)

12 May 1932 Interview with Montag Morgen (from S.F.G.)

19 May 1932 The Labor Party Question in the United States (from W.L.T)

13 Jun 1932 The Coming Congress Against War (B.O)

23 Jun 1932 Closer to the Proletarians of the “Colored" (B.O)

15 Jul 1932 Declaration to the Antiwar Congress at Amsterdam (B.O)

4 Aug 1932 Pilsudskism, Fascism, and the Character of Our Epoch (B.O)

Aug 1932 German Puzzle(from S.F.G.)

25 Aug 1932 Intensify the Offensive! (B.O)

14 Sep 1932 The Only Road (B.O)&(S.F.G.)

20 Sep 1932 The Spanish Kornilovs and the Spanish Stalinists (B.O)

22 Sep 1932 Peasant War in China and the Proletariat (B.O)

3 Oct 1932 For a Strategy of Action, Not Speculation (B.O)

6 Oct 1932 Preface to the Polish Edition of Lenin’s “Left-Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder" (B.O)

13 Oct 1932 15 Years! (B.O)

13 Oct 1932 The Twelvth Plenum of the Comintern (B.O)

19 Oct 1932 The Expulsion of Zinovieev and Kamenev (B.O)

22 Oct 1932 The Soviet Economy in Danger (B.O)

22 Oct 1932 Preface to “The Soviet Economy in Danger" (B.O)

30 Oct 1932 German Bonapartism (B.O)

Autumn@1932 A Suppressed Speech by Lenin (B.O)

Autumn@1932 Stalin Again Testifies Against Stalin (B.O)

4 Nov 1932 Perspectives of American Marxism (B.O)

27 Nov 1932 In Defense of October (Copenhagen)

3 Dec 1932 Answers to Journalists’ Questions (B.O)

5 Dec 1932 Open Letter to Vandervelde (B.O)

5 Feb 1933 Before the Decision (B.O)

23 Feb 1933 The United Front for Defense: A Letter to a Social Democratic Worker (from S.F.G.)

3 Mar 1933 Alarm Signal! (B.O)

10 Mar 1933 Hitler’s Victory (from W.L.T)

14 Mar 1933 The Tragedy of the German Proletariat (B.O)

12-29 Mar 1933 KPD or New Pary? (1-3) (B.O)

17 Mar 1933 Germany and the USSR (B.O)

21 Mar 1933 Hitler and the Red Army (B.O)

23 Mar 1933 Austria’s Turn Next (B.O)

23 Mar 1933 A Congress Against Fascism (from W.L.T)

30 Mar 1933 The Economic Onslaught of the Counterrevolution and the Unions (B.O)

1 Apr 1933 What is Historical Objectivity? (B.O)

April 1933 A Declaration to the Congress Against Fascism (B.O)

9 Apr 1933 The Collapse of the KPD and the Tasks of the Opposition (B.O)

10 April 1933 For the Youth Movement (B.O)

21 Apr 1933 In Reply to the German Draft Resolution (from W.L.T)

27 Apr 1933 The Left Opposition and the SAP (from W.L.T)

7 May 1933 After May Day in Austria (B.O)

12 May 1933 On the Diplomatic Policy of the Stalinist Bureaucracy (B.O)

22 May 1933 The Platform of the Brandler Group (B.O)

28 May 1933 The German Catastrophe: The Responsibility of the Leadership (B.O)

2 Jun 1933 Hitler and Disarmament (B.O)

4 Jun 1933 "The Fourth of August" (B.O)

6 Jun 1933 An Interview by Georges Simenon (from W.L.T)

10 Jun 1933 Waht is National Socialism ? (from S.F.G)

13 Jun 1933 The Diplomatic and Parliamentary Cretinism (B.O)

22 Jun 1933 How Long Can Hitler Stay? (from S.F.G.)

12 Jul 1933 Japan heads for Catastrophe (B.O)

14 Jul 1933 Fascism and Democratic Slogans (from W.L.T)

15 Jul 1933 It Is Necessary to Build Communist Parties and an International Anew (B.O)

20 Jul 1933 It Is Impossible to Remain in the Same International with the Stalins, Manuilskys, Lozovskys & Co. (B.O)

27 July 1933 For New Communist Parties and a New International (from W.L.T)

17 August 1933 The Collapse of Both International: Declaration of the Bolshevik-Leninist Delegation at the Conference of Left Socialist and Communist Organizations (B.O)

26 August 1933 The Declaration of Four: On the Necessity and Principles of a New In ternational(B.O)

1 Oct 1933 The Class Nature of the Soviet State



20 Apr 1935 On the South African Theses (from W.L.T)

Sep 1935 How Do They Write a History and a Biography? (B.O)

23 Jan 1936 The Treachery of the POUM (from S.R.)

12 Apr 1936 Tasks of the Fourth International in Spain (from S.R.)

27 Jul 1936 Letter to the International Secretariat (from S.R.)

30 Jul 1936 The Lesson of Spain (from S.R.)

16 Aug 1936 Letter to Jean Rous (from S.R.)

19 Feb 1937 Interview with Havas (from S.R.)

22 Feb 1937 Termidor and Anti-Semitism (from “The Crimes of Stalin”)

24 Apr 1937 The Agrarian Question in Bolivia (from W.L.T)

30 July 1937 Japan and China (B.O)

24 Aug 1937 A Test of Ideas and Individuals Through the Spanish Experience (from S.R.)

14 September 1937 Answer to Questions on the Spanish Situation (from S.R.)

May 1938 The Transitional Programme (B.O)

14 Mar 1939 On Mexico’s Second Six Year Plan (from W.L.T)



27 Feb 1940 Testament

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