MIA: Soviet History: Documents and materials

Documents and materials of the Russian Revolution


Note that until February 1918 Russia used the Julian Calender, which was 13 days behind the calender in the rest of the world.


October 25

To the Citizens of Russia!

To Workers, Soldiers, and Peasants!

Decree on Peace

Decree on Land

October 26

Decree on Abolishment of Capital Punishment

Decree on Transfer of Power to the Soviets

Decree to Form the Workers' and Peasants' Government

October 27

Decree on Elections for the Constituent Assembly

Decree on Suppression of Hostile Newspapers

October 28

Decree on Transfer of Food Control to Municipalities

October 29

Decree on the Hours of Labor

October 30

Decree on the Right to Issue Laws

October 31

Decree on Social Insurance

November 2

Declaration of the Rights of the People of Russia

November 3

Decree on Organization of Volost Land Committees

November 4

Resolution on the Right of Sovnarkom to Issue Decrees

November 5

Decree on Transfer of Power and the Means of Production to the Toilers

November 7

Decree Proclaiming Advertising a State Monopoly

November 10

Decree on Abolition of Class Distinctions and Civil Ranks

November 14

Decree on Workers' Control

November 17

Resolution on Relation of the Central Executive Committee to the Sovnarkom

November 23

Decree on the Right to Call for Re-Elections

November 24

Decree on Abolition of Existing Legal Institutions

November 28

Proclamation Declaring the Cadet Party an Enemy of the People

Decree on the Arrest of the Leaders of the Civil War against the Revolution

November 29

Decree on Dismissal of the Electoral Commission

November 30

Decree Declaring Agricultural Tools and Machinery a State Monopoly

December 1

Decree on Establishment of the Supreme Council of National Economy

December 3

Manifesto To The Ukrainian People

Appeal to the Moslems of Russia and the East

December 7

Decree on Establishment of the Extraordinary Commission to Fight Counter-Revolution

December 13

Decree on Appropriation for the Support of World Revolution

December 14

Decree on Nationalization of Banks

Decree on Safe Deposit Boxes

December 16

Decree on Institutions for Investigation and Arrest

December 16-17

Decrees on Democratization of the Army

December 18

Decree on Independence of Finland

December 19

Decree on Revolutionary Tribunals

December 24

Decree on Organization of Local Food Commissions

December 25

Decree on the Rights and Duties of Soviets

December 29

Decree on Discontinuance of Interest and Dividend Payments

Decree on State Publishing House

Decree on Turkish Armenia


January 3

Declaration of Rights of the Working and Exploited People

Resolution giving All Power to the Soviets and the Soviet Institutions

January 13

Decree on Breaking Relations with Rumania

January 14

Resolution on the Terms of Peace Proposed by the Central Powers

January 15

Resolution on the Federation of Soviet Republics

Resolution on Nationalities

Decree on Formation of the Worker-Peasant Red Army

February 5

Decree on Separation of Church and State

February 8

Decree on Nationalization of the Merchant Marine

Decree on Confiscation of Capital Stock of Private Banks

February 10

Decree on Annulment of State Loans

February 15

Decree on the Extraordinary Commission on Food and Transport

February 19

The Fundamental Law of Land Socialization

February 21

Decree: The Socialist Fatherland is in Danger!

March 3

Resolution on Administration of Nationalized Industry

March 15

Resolution Ratifying the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

March 26

Decree on the End of Workers' Control over the Railroads

April 2

Decree on Exchange of Commodities to Increase the Supply of Grain

April 10

Decree on Consumers' Co-Operatives

April 12

Decree on Monuments of the Republic

April 22

Decree on Nationalization of Foreign Trade

Decree on Compulsory Military Training

May 13

Decree on Food Procurement

August 1

Appeal to the Toiling Masses of England, America, France, Italy, and Japan on Allied Intervention in Russia

August 2

Decree on the Call-up for Compulsory Military Service of Persons Who Have Served in the Forces as Non-Commissioned Officers

September 3

Decree on the Don Cossack Host

November 30

Resolution Establishing Workers' and Peasants' Defence Council