Leon Trotsky’s Writings Leon Trotsky

Born: 1879 Died: 1940
Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Leader, with V.I. Lenin, of the Russian Revolution. Architect of the Red Army. Soviet Commissar of Foreign Affairs 1917–1918 and Commissar of Military and Naval Affairs 1918–1924. In 1929, he was expelled from the Communist Party by the Stalinist faction of the Party and then deported from the USSR. In 1938 he helped found the Fourth International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution. In 1940, he was murdered by a Stalinist assassin at his home in exile, in Mexico.

The Trotsky Internet Archive (TIA) hopes to be central clearing house for Trotsky’s writings. We encourage others to duplicate this effort by mirroring this site, copying selected writings from the TIA and otherwise disseminating Trotsky’s writings. Many of Trotsky’s writings remains to be translated from the original Russian. Many of these writings are still buried in the archives of the Russian KGB. Still others reside in various university archives such as the “Trotsky Works” at Harvard. We hope to offer, eventually, ALL these writings in as many languages as possible. This will require the efforts of dozens of volunteer transcribers, translators, etc. To be part of this effort write the Administrator of the Trotsky Internet Archive.

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A complete listing of the writings of Leon Trotsky in e-book format is here. A PDF of a 1959 SWP produced bibliography of Trotsky’s writings is available here


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The Trotsky Internet Archive Subject Indexes/Collected Writings Series
Selected Works: An index to a collection of writings here on the Trotsky Internet Archive selected by the TIA Director and volunteers as representing Trotsky’s most significant political works [Note: this is still a work in progress]
Leon Trotsky on China: A complete collection of Trotsky’s writings on China covering the years 1925 through 1940
Leon Trotsky on Britain: A complete collection of Trotsky’s writings on Britain covering the years 1920 through 1940 with an emphasis on the mid-20s
The Rise of German Fascism: A complete collection of Trotsky’s writings on Germany covering the years 1930 through 1940
The Spanish Revolution: A complete (... but under construction) collection of Trotsky’s writings on Civil War in Spain covering the years 1931 through 1939
Our Revolution: Essays in Working Class and International Revolution, 1904–1917: A collection of Trotksy’s writings – Edited by M. Olgin for the Soviet Government
Literature and Art: A listing of Trotsky’s views on Marxism and the Arts
Letters to Belgium: A collection of Trotsky’s letters to the Belgian Trotskyists
Trotsky on Women: A collection of Trotsky’s articles on women and related subjects
On Black Nationalism: A collection of discussions with Trotsky
Political Profiles: Compilation of articles on leading figures in the European and Russian workers’ movement


1901 — 1910

1900: On the Philosophy of the Superman
1901: On Optimism and Pessimism; on the 20th Century and on Many Other Issues
1904: Report of the Siberian Delegation
1904: Our Political Tasks (book – 6 files)
1904: The Proletariat and the Revolution
1905: The events in Petersburg
1905: Political Letter II
1905: Open Letter to Professor P.N. Miliukov
1906: Results and Prospects
(book) Significant work!
1907: The Year 1905 (book) [Click Here for PDF version 1 megabyte in size] Significant work!
1907: The Soviet and the Revolution
1907: Preface to My Round Trip
1908: Leo Tolstoy, Poet & Rebel
(literary criticism/article)
1909: Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism (article)
1909: The Young Turks
1910: The Intelligentsia and Socialism


1911 — 1917

1911: The Bankruptcy of Individual Terrorism
1914: War and the International (book) [Click Here for PDF version] Significant work!
1915: Why the German Social-Democracy Failed (A 1915 Review of Leon Trotsky’s essay)
1915: First Year of the War
1916: Clemency! (article)
1916: The National Principle
1916: The Big Lie: The Defence of Small Nations
1916: On the Events in Dublin
1916: On the Paris Commune
1917: The Lessons of the Great Year
1917: On the Eve of a Revolution
1917: Two Faces
1917: The Growing Conflict
1917: War or Peace?
1917: Captivity
1917: Peace and Reaction (article)
1917: Democracy, Pacifism and Imperialism
1917: Forward
1917: The Farce of Dual Power (article)
1917: Democracy, Pacifism and Imperialism (article)
1917: The July Uprising (article)
1917: Pacifism as the Servant of Imperialism (essay)
1917: After the July Days: WHAT NEXT? (pamphlet)
1917: The Struggle for State Power (pamphlet)
1917: Blood and Iron (speech)
1917: The Peace Program and the Revolution OR [the redited/translated version from Fourth International]


1918 — 1919

1918: History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk (book)
1918: Chapters from My Diary 1918: The International Will the Allies Throw Away the Last Chance?
1918: Peace Negotiations and the Revolution
1918: Work, Discipline, and Order to Save the Socialist Soviet Republic
1918: Speech on Brest-Litovsk
1918: Lenin Wounded
1918: Soviet Government documents (authored by Trotsky as Soviet Commissar of Foreign Affairs from November of 1917 through March of 1918)
1918: The Principles of Democracy and Proletarian Dictatorship
1918: May Day and the International
1918: Trotsky’s Military Writings, Volume 1 (collection of articles, essays & lectures) For a PDF version, click here.
1919: To the Spartacus League of Germany and the Communist Party of German Austria
1919: Order Out of Chaos (as published in Socialist Appeal)
1919: Invitation to the First World Congress [of the Comintern]
1919: Manifesto Of the Communist International to the Workers Of the World (alternative translation – extract)
1919: Report on the Communist Party Of the Soviet Union and the Red Army
1919: Order Of the Day Number 83 to the Red Army and Navy
1919: To Comrades Of the Spartacus League
1919: A Creeping Revolution
1919: Great Days
1919: En Route: Thoughts on the Progress Of the Proletarian Revolution
1919: A Letter to Our French Comrades
1919: French Socialism on the Eve Of Revolution
1919: Jean Longuet
1919: Rallying the Army During the Civil War (speech)
1919: Report of Comrade Trotzky: Russia (to Class Struggle, article)
1919: Great Times(to Class Struggle, article)
1919: Order Of The Day Number 83 To The Red Army And Navy
1919: Problems the Army During the Civil War (speech)
1919: Trotsky’ Military Writings, Volume 2 (collection of articles, essays & lectures) For a PDF version, click here.



1920: Nationalism in Lenin
1920: V.I. Lenin on His Fiftieth Birthday
1920: Letter to Yugoslav Communists
1920: On the Coming Congress of the Comintern
1920: Speech on Comrade Zinoviev’s Report on the Role of the Party
1920: Manifesto of the Second World Congress
Part I | Part II
1920: A Letter to a French Syndicalist About the Communist Party
1920: On the Policy of the KADP (Communist Workers Party of Germany)
1920: Trotsky’ Military Writings, Volume 3 (collection of articles, essays & lectures)For a PDF version, click here.
1920: Terrorism and Communism: An Answer to Karl Kautsky  Significant work!



1921: Vergeat, Lepetit and Lefebvre
1921: Lessons of the Paris Commune
1921: The March Movement in Germany
1921: The March Revolutionary Movement in Germany (Personal Notes)
1921: May Day Manifesto of the ECCI
1921: The Unemployed and the Trade Unions
1921: Speech Delivered at the Second World Conference of Communist Women
1921: Letter to Comrade Monatte
1921: Letter to Comrades Cachin and Frossard
1921: On l’Humanité, the Central Organ Of the French Party
1921: The Red Army to the General Staff Of the Revolution
1921: Report on the World Economic Crisis and the New Tasks Of the Communist International Part I | Part II
1921: Summary Speech [At the 3rd Congress of the Communist International]
1921: Theses of the Third World Congress on the International Situation and the Tasks of the Comintern
1921: Speech on the Italian Question at the Third Congress of the Communist International
1921: Speech on Comrade Radek’s Report on “Tactics of the Comintern” a the Third Congress
1921: Speech on Comrade Lenin’s Report: “Tactics of the Russian Communist Party”
1921: The Main Lesson of the Third Congress
1921: Report on “The Balance Sheet” of the Third Congress of the Communist International
1921: Summary Speech
1921: A School of Revolutionary Strategy
1921: From the ECCI to the Central Committee of the French Communist Party
1921: From the ECCI to the Marseilles Convention of the French Communist Party
1921: Speech on Comrade Zinoviev’s Report “The Tactics of the Comintern” at the Eleventh Party Conference
1921: Trotsky’ Military Writings, Volume 4 (collection of articles, essays & lectures) For a PDF version, click here.
1921: The Red Army to the General Staff of the Revolution
1921: Summary Speech at the Eleventh Party Conference
1921: Flood-tide
1921: Letter to Olminsky



1922: Paul Levi and Some ‘Lefts’
1922: On the United Front (alternative translation)
1922: The Economic Boom and the International Labor Movement
1922: The Trade Unions and the Soviet State
1922: The Question of the United Front
1922: Resolution of the ECCI on the French Communist Party (alternative translation)
1922: The Georgian Gironde as a Political Type (extract from Between Red and White – alternative translation)
1922: Bourgeois Public Opinion, Social Democracy and Communism (extract from Between Red and White – alternative translation)
1922: Letter of the CC of the RCP, to the Session of the Enlarged ECCI (with Zinoviev)
1922: A Note on Plekhanov
1922: The Communists and the Peasantry in France (alternative translation)
1922: The Lessons of May Day (alternative translation)
1922: Who Are the Traitors? A PDF document from the Early American Marxism archive [Alternative version]
1922: From the ECCI to the Central Committee of the French Communist Party
1922: French Communism and the Position of Comrade Rappoport
1922: To Comrade Ker
1922: Resolution of the ECCI on the French Communist Party
1922: To Comrade Treint
1922: From the ECCI to the Seine Federation of the French Communist Party (Summer 1922)
1922: From the ECCI to the Paris Convention of the French Communist Party (September 13, 1922)
1922: From the ECCI to the Paris Convention of the French Communist Party (October 6, 1922)
1922: The Fifth Anniversary of the October Revolution and the Fourth World Congress of the Communist International (Alternative translation in International Press Correspondence)
1922: On World Politics (responses to press questions)
1922: A Glimpse of Soviet Democracy
1922: Speech in Honour of the Communist International
1922: The New Economic Policy of Soviet Russia and the Perspectives of the World Revolution
1922: The Economic Situation of Soviet Russia from the Standpoint of the Socialist Revolution
1922: Five Years of the Russian Revolution (summary)
1922: Five Years of Russian Revolution and the Prospects of the World Revolution – Supplementary Report (Alternative translation from International Press Correspondence)
1922: The Contradictions of the Soviet Policy
1922: Report on the French Question
1922: Summary of Discussion on French Question
1922: Resolution on the French Question (Alternative translation by John Riddell)
1922: A Militant Labour Program for the French Communist Party (December 5, 1922)
1922: Resolution of the French Commission
1922: Between Red and White (essay) Significant work!
1922: Report on the Communist International
1922: Prospects of Revolution
1922: Communism and Freemasonry
1922: The Position of the Republic and the Tasks of Young Workers (report to Communist Youth)
1922: Political Perspectives (Late 1922?)
1922: Report on the Fourth World Congress
1922: The Economic Situation of Soviet Russia
1922: Trotsky’ Military Writings, Volume 5 (collection of articles, essays & lectures) For a PDF version, click here.
1922: The Contradictions of the Soviet Policy



1923: The New Course (essay)  Significant work!
1923: The 5th Anniversary of the Red Army
1923: To Comrade McKay (March 13, 1923) (as published in Socialist Appeal, also published in International Press Corespondence)
1923: A Necessary Discussion with Our Syndicalist Comrades (Alternative version from International Press Correspondence)
1923: Preface to The Communist Movement in France (March 25, 1923)
1923: To Comrades Cachin, Monmousseou, Treint, Semard, Jacob et al. (on behalf of the E.C.C.I., with Radek, Bukharin, Kuusinen, Gramsci et al.)
1923: The Curve of Capitalist Development
1923: Civility and Politeness as a Necessary Lubricant in Daily Relations
1923: The new phase of the French Communist Party (April 19, 1923)
1923: Theses on Industry
1923: The Anarcho-Syndicalist Prejudices Again! (May 8, 1923) (Alternative version from International Press Correspondence, reply to R. Louzon, Trade Unions and Party)
1923: The relations between Proletariat and Peasantry in Russia (May 9, 1923)
1923: The Struggle for Cultured Speech
1923: Imperialism and Soviet Russia! (June 1923)
1923: All for Peace! (June 1923)
1923: On the Slogan of the “United States of Europe” (contribution to a discussion) (alternative version in International Press Correspondence)
1923: The Tasks of Communist Education (August 1923)
1923: Is the Slogan of ’The United States of Europe’ a Timely One? (June 30, 1923)
1923: Habit and Custom
1923: Vodka, the Church and the Cinema
1923: From the Old Family to the New
1923: The Family and Ceremony
1923: Preface to Anna Louisa Strong’s First Time in History
1923: Can a Counter-Revolution or a Revolution Be Made on Schedule? (September 23, 1923) (alternative version in International Press Correspondence)
1923: Lenin Ill
1923: Communist Policy Toward Art (essay)
1923: The Social Function of Literature & Art (essay)
1923: What Is Proletarian Culture, and Is It Possible? (essay)
1923: The Transformation of Morals (alternative version in International Press Correspondence)
1923: On the German Revolution: A Speech to the Moscow Metal Workers
1923: Man Does Not Live by Politics Alone
1923: Not By Politics Alone ... (different extract)
1923: Trotzky’s Command to the Red Army on the Anniversary of the Russian Revolution (Repeat publication)
1923: Bureaucratism and Factional Groups
1923: The Tasks of Communist Education



1924: How Lenin Spoke on the Platform
1924: Lenin Dead (essay)
1924: The Timetable for Revolution (essay)
1924: Lenin – The Philistine and the Revolutionary
1924: Engels’s War Articles
1924: Lenin Before October
1924: May Day in the East & the West
1924: Perspectives and Tasks in the East Speech on the Third Anniversary of the Communist University for Toilers of the East
1924: Class and Art – Culture Under the Dictatorship
1924: Through What Stage Are We Passing?
1924: Perspectives of World Development [94k]
1924: Literature and Revolution
1924: The Lessons of October (essay – 182k-multi-part)  [Click Here for PDF version] Significant work! [Alternate Translation]
1924: First Five Years of the Communist International Volume I Significant work!
1924: First Five Years of the Communist International Volume II Significant work!
1924: Not by Politics Alone Does Man Thrive
1924: Against Bureaucracy, Progressive and Unprogressive


1925 — 1926

1925: The Letter of Comrade Trotsky to the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party
1925: Jacob Sverdlov [memorial essay]
1925: Dialectical Materialism and Science
1925: Towards Capitalism or Towards Socialism? – The Language of Figures
1925: Twenty Years After 1905
1925: Lenin [book]
1925: Letter on Eastman’s Book
1925: Where Is Britain Going? [book] Significant work!
1926: To the Memory of Sergei Essenin
1926: The Russian Position [From Current History, Feb., 1926]
1926: Theses on Revolution and Counter-Revolution
1926: On the Tempo and Timescale of the Revolution
1926: Europe and America
1926: Brailsford and Marxism
1926: Radio, Science, Technique and Society
1926: An Answer to the Stalinist Critics
1926: Once More on Pacifism and Revolution
1926: Problems of the British Revolution [book]



1927: Class Relations in the Chinese Revolution (letter)
1927: The Four Portraits of Chiang Kai-Shek (letter)
1927: The Struggle for Peace and the Anglo-Russian Committee
1927: The Chinese Revolution and the Theses of Comrade Stalin
1927: Epilogue: The Speech of Comrade Chen Duxiu on the Tasks of the Chinese Communist Party
1927: First Speech on the Chinese Question
1927: Second Speech on the Chinese Question
1927: The Sure Road
1927: Hankow and Moscow
1927: Is It Not Time to Understand?
1927: What We Gave and What We Got
1927: The “Clémenceau Thesis” and the Party Regime [27k]
1927: The Opposition and the Wrangel Officer
1927: The Appeal to Party Members
1927: Platform of the Opposition [Click Here for PDF version] Significant work!
1927: The Russian Opposition: Questions and Answers [Interview]


1928 —1929

1928: The Third International After Lenin (A Draft Criticism of the Communist International) [thesis] [Click Here for PDF version] Significant work!
1928: Who Is Leading The Comintern Today?
1928: On the Canton Insurrections: Three Letters to Preobrazhensky [letter]
1928: A Letter from Exile in Alma-Ata
1928: The July Plenum and the Right Danger
1928: The Theses of Comrade Radek
1928: On Max Eastman
1928: The Strategy of World Revolution [translated and published in English in 1930]
1928: Some Remarks on the Sixth Congress
1928: On the Situation in Russia – A Letter to a Comrade
1928: Crisis in the Right-Center Bloc
1928: Our Differences with the Democratic Centralists
1928: Reply to Stalin
1929: The Groupings in the Communist Opposition
1929: A Letter to the American Trotskyists
1929: Open Letter to the Workers of the USSR (alternative version published in The Militant)
1929: Trotsky on Radek
1929: A Letter to Souvarine
1929: On Churchill
1929: Behind the Scenes in the Russian Party
1929: A Letter on the Capitulators
1929: First of August! What will “International Red Day” Bring?
1929: Two Letters on the Origin of the Fourth International
1929: Once Again on Brandler-Thalheimer (alternative translation)
1929: The Sino-Russian Conflict and the Opposition
1929: An Open Letter to the Editorial Board of La Verité
1929: A Letter to the Editorial Board of La Lutte De Classes
1929: Communism and Syndicalism
1929: The First Contact with Belgium
1929: The Defense of the Soviet Union and the Opposition [essay]
1930: Letter to the Italian Left Communists
1929: Letter on the Opposition Press in France
1929: Disarmament and the United States of Europe [essay]
1929: Greetings to the Weekly The Militant
1929: The Errors in Principle of Syndicalism
1929: The Austrian Crisis and Communism
1929: A Reply to the Chinese Oppositionists
1929: Bessedovsky’s “Revelations”
1929: The “Third Period” of the Comintern’s Mistakes



1930: The History of the Russian Revolution (book) Significant work!
1930: Internationalism and the Theory of “Exceptionalism”
1930: Molotov’s Prosperity in Knowledge
1930: My Part in the October
1930: Notes of a Journalist
1930: Radek’s Novitiate – What is Social-Fascism?
1930: With Lenin Against Stalin
1930: La Verité and The Militant
1930: Opposition Serves the Bolshevik Revolution
1930: The Results Of The Sino-Soviet Conflict
1930: Open Letter to the All Members of the Leninbund
1930: Lessons Of The Capitulations (Obituary Reflections)
1930: Unifying The Left Opposition
1930: As Pure and Transparent as Crystal (essay)
1930: The 5 Year Plan and World Unemployment
1930: The New Course in the Economy of the Soviet Union
1930: Open Letter to the Communist Party
1930: Stalin as a Theoretician
1930: Letter to Revolutionary Age
1930: An Open Letter to the Italian Left Communists (alternative translation)
1930: The Slogan of the National Assembly in China
1930: A Squeak in the Apparatus (A Popular Explanation of Rights and Lefts)
1930: A Letter on the Italian Revolution
1930: The Revolution in India – Its TASKS and its DANGERS
1930: To the Editorial Board of Prometeo
1930: The Party and the Left Opposition
1930: Introduction to The Russian Bolshevik-Leninists on the Present Situation
1930: The Turn in the Communist International and the Situation in Germany Significant work!
1930: Monatte Crosses the Rubicon
1930: World Unemployment and the First Five Year Plan
1930: My Life (autobiography) [Click Here for PDF version – 3.5 megbytes big!] Significant work!



1931: The Problems of the Spanish Revolution
1931: The Mistakes of Rightist Elements of the Communist League on the Trade Union Question
1931: The Bloc of the Left and the Right
1931: Factory Councils in Germany and Workers’ Control of Production
1931: Fragments of Truth from Under the Garbage of Slander
1931: Notes of a Journalist
1931: The Permanent Revolution (book) Significant work!
1931: The Permanent Revolution and the Canton Insurrection
1931: The Question of Trade Union Unity
1931: Russian-German Trade Relations
1931: Stalin and the Chinese Revolution – Facts and Documents
1931: The Strangled Revolution
1931: The Successes of Socialism and the Dangers of Adventurism
1931: Thermidor and Bonapartism
1931: Thermidorianism and Bonapartism
1931: The Trial of the Russian Mensheviks
1931: Very Significant Facts!
1931: What Is to Be Learned from the Moscow Trial?
1931: At the Fresh Grave of Kote Zinzadze
1931: The Revolution in Spain [pamphlet]
1931: The Case Of Comrade Ryazanov
1931: For the Spanish Revolution
1931: Ten Commandments of the Spanish Communist
1931: A New Slander Against D.B. Riazanov
1931: For Communist Unity in Spain
1931: The Spanish Revolution and the Dangers Threatening It
1931: The Catalonian Federation’s Platform
1931: Maurin and the Anarcho-Syndicalists
1931: The Catalonian Federation’s Platform
1931: The Character of the Revolution
1931: Maurin and the Anarcho-Syndicalists
1931: Problems of the Spanish Revolution
1931: A Letter About the Spanish Revolution
1931: The National Question in Catalonia
1931: A New Zig-zag and the New Dangers
1931: Nine-Tenths of Our Activities for the Revolution in Spain
1931: A Slander! Blackguards and Assistants
1931: Tactics Flowing from the Election Results
1931: Trotsky Greets Weekly Militant
1931: Trotsky’s Letter to the Pravda
1931: The Question of Workers’ Control of Production
1931: Workers’ Control of Production
1931: Against National Communism! (Lessons of the “Red Referendum”) (alternative translation)
1931: The Role of Strikes in a Revolution
1931: The Catalonian Separatists, Soviets and the Communists
1931: A Letter To Albert Treint [Letter on the German Revolution]
1931: Factory Councils and Workers’ Control of Production
1931: Trotsky Greets El Soviet
1931: Trotsky on Opposition and the Party in Spain
1931: [1st] Letter to the Communist League (alternative translation)
1931: On The Slogan of Soviets: From a Letter to Andres Nin
1931: Germany, the Key to the International Situation Significant work!
1931: The British Election and the Communists
1931: For a Workers’ United Front Against Fascism (extract published in The Militant)
1931: Tasks of the Left Opposition in England and India
1931: What Is a Revolutionary Situation?
1931: What Is Fascism?
1931: The Impending Danger of Fascism in Germany



1932: Extract from Letter to the National Sections
1932: Family Relations Under the Soviets
1932: “The Foundations of Socialism” (series of articles)
1932: I See War with Germany
1932: Left Opposition and the Brandlerites
1932: Mill as a Stalinist Agent
1932: On the American Economic Crisis
1932: On the Disarmament Question (alternative version)
1932: On the Labor Party Question in the United States
1932: A Political Biography of Stalin
1932: Problems of the Chinese Revolution (collection of articles) Significant work!
1932: Trotsky Discusses World Situation (interview)
1932: What Next? Vital Questions for the German Proletariat (as published in The Militant) Significant work!
1932: The “Uprising” of Nov. 7
1932: Open Letter to the C.E.C. of the U.S.S.R.
1932: German Paper Interviews Trotsky
1932: Interview with Montag Morgen
1932: [2nd] Letter to the Communist League (alternative version from The Militant)
1932: Trotsky Greets Unser Kamf
1932: The Barbusse Congress
1932: Closer to the Proletarians of the Colored Races
1932: Hands Off Rosa Luxemburg! (as published in The Militant
1932: Letter to Alois Neurath
1932: A Letter to the Workers of Zurich
1932: Stalinism in Straits; Opposition on Upsurge
1932: Let Us Reenforce Our Offensive!
1932: Perspectives of the Upturn
1932: The Only Road (as published in The Militant) Significant work!
1932: Peasant War in China and the Proletariat (as published in The Militant)
1932: The Expulsion of Zinoviev
1932: German Bonapartism (as published in The Militant)
1932: Negotiations with Weisbord Suspended
1932: Prinkipo Letter, 1932 (letter) (as published in The Militant)
1932: September Plenum of C.I.
1932: The Soviet Economy in Danger (as published in The Militant)
1932: A Strategy of Action and Not of Speculation, Letter To Pekin Friends
1932: Four Years – Trotsky Greets Militant
1932: In Defense of October (Speech in Copenhagen, Denmark) (as published in The Militant) Significant work!
1932: Perspectives of American Marxism (as published in The Militant)
1932: The Stalinists and Trotsky’s Radio Speech to America
1932: Trotsky Sues for a Literary Forgery (letter)
1932: On the Suppressed Testament of Lenin (essay)
1932: International Pre-Conference of the Left Opposition Presents Thesis
1932: The Passage of Trotsky to Anvers – Open Letter to Vandervelde (as published in The Militant)


1933: Alarm Signal! – Danger Draws Closer in U.S.S.R.
1933: Even Slander Needs Meaning
1933: Foreword to Leninism versus Stalinism
1933: The I.L.P. & the New International
1933: An Interview with B.J. Field (interview)
1933: The Left Socialists and Our Tasks
1933: New Falsifications of the Stalinists
1933: The Platform of the Brandler Group
1933: Problems of the Soviet Regime
1933: Stalin Prepares Treacherous Blow
1933: Stalin Reassures Hitler on Trotsky’s ‘Return’
1933: The Danger of Thermidor
1933: My Daughter’s Suicide
1933: A Note on Max Eastman
1933: “Soviet Economy in Danger”
1933: Stalin’s Denial
1933: Two Articles on Those Who Have Forgotten the ABCs
1933: Before the Decision (as published in The Militant)
1933: Austria Next in Order! (extract)
1933: On Hitler’s Victory
1933: The United Front for Defense: A Letter to a Social Democratic Worker (as published in The Militant)
1933: To the Austrian S.D. Opposition
1933: The Tragedy of the German Proletariat (as published in The Militant)
1933: Germany and the USSR
1933: Hitler and the Red Army (as published in The Militant)
1933: The Collapse of the C.P.G. and the Opposition’s Tasks
1933: Discussion of the German Tasks
1933: Historical Objectiveness ...
1933: Letter to South African Revolutionaries (letter)
1933: Apropos the Foreign Policy of the Stalinists
1933: The German Catastrophe
1933: Lessons of May Day in Austria
1933: On Zinoviev and Kamenev
1933: Trotsky Greets Red Flag, British Organ of L.O.
1933: What’s Happened to Rakovsky?
1933: C.I. Impotence Veils Itself with Parliamentary Cretinism
1933: Hitler’s ‘Disarmament’ and Prospects of War
1933: How Long Can Hitler Stay?
1933: Interview with Georges Simenon (interview)
1933: On “The Fourth of August”
1933: The Party in the Field of Art and Philosophy
1933: What Is National Socialism?
1933: Fascism and Democratic Slogans
1933: Fontamara (book review)
1933: It Is Necessary to Build Communist Parties and an International Anew (as published in The Militant) Significant work!
1933: It Is Impossible to Remain in the Same International with the Stalins, Manuilskys, Lozovskys & Co. (as published in The Militant)
1933: Whither the I.L.P. of Great Britain
1933: About the United Front with Grzezinsky
1933: Left Socialist Conference
1933: More on the Paris Conference
1933: The Trade Unions in Britain
1933: The Spanish “Kornilovs” and “Stalinists”
1933: The Class Nature of the Soviet State (essay) (as published in The Militant)
1933: Trotsky Writes to the British New Leader
1933: Hitler the Pacifist
1933: Maria Reese and the Comintern
1933: Our Present Tasks (as published in The Militant)
1933: Postscript to the Portrait of National Socialism
1933: German Perspectives
1933: On the Saar Question
1933: On the War in China


1934: On the Jewish Question
1934: Notes of a Journalist
1934: Towards the Catastrophe
1934: Notes of a Journalist
1934: Are There Limits to the Fall?
1934: For the Fourth International
1934: On the Eve of the Congress
1934: Revisionism and Planning
1934: Unser Wort a Weekly – A Real Achievement
1934: Two Articles on Centrism
1934: Centrism and the 4th International
1934: A Statement on the Rakovsky Case
1934: A Centrist Attack on Marxism
1934: Once More on Centrism
1934: What is the Meaning of Rakovsky’s Surrender?
1934: Hitler’s Program
1934: A Program of Action for France Significant work!
1934: War and the Fourth International Significant work!
1934: A Greeting to New International
1934: Bonapartism and Fascism
1934: If America Should Go Communist
1934: Nationalism and Economic Life
1934: On the Kirov Assassination
1934: Fontamara (book review)
1934: Trotsky Answers Indictment – Links G.P.U. with Kirov Assassination



1935: How the Stalinists Ruin the Morale of the Red Army
1935: A Trial Balance of the Stalin Amalgam
1935: The Right to Vote for Stalin Is Granted – “Soviet Democracy”
1935: The Workers’ State, Thermidor and Bonapartism (essay)
1935: Bolshevik-Leninists in U.S.S.R. Face New Frame-Up
1935: Centrist Alchemy Or Marxism?
1935: On the South African Thesis
1935: An Open Letter to the French Workers
1935: Luxemberg and the Fourth International
1935: Students at Edinburgh Offer Trotsky Rectorship
1935: Who Defends Russia? Who Defends Hitler?
1935: A Case for a Labor Jury
1935: Chen Tu-hsiu and the General Council
1935: How History Is Written Dished Up to Order by Stalin’s Savants on Frederick Engels Anniversary
1935: “Labels” and “Numbers”
1935: The Church Struggle Under Fascism
1935: ILP and the Fourth International
1935: Increasing Oppression the Path of Bureaucracy
1935: The Internationalists Need Our Help!
1935: On the Seventh World Congress of the Comintern
1935: Russia and the World Proletariat (essay)
1935: Stalin Frame-Up Mill at Work
1935: Preface to the Norwegian Edition of My Life
1935: Engels’ Letters to Kautsky
1935: Romain Rolland Executes an Assignment
1935: Sectarianism, Centrism and the Fourth International
1935: Committees of Action – Not Peoples Front
1935: Edouard Herriot – Politician of the Golden Mean
1935: How Did Stalin Defeat the Opposition? (essay)
1935: Lessons of October
1935: Not Hollow Preaching – But Clear Cut Slogans!
1935: Open Letter for the Fourth International


1936: In the Columns of Pravda ...
1936: Cablegram from Leon Trotsky Hits Hearst and Daily Worker Lies
1936: The Class Nature of the Soviet State
1936: Entry into the Socialists in Poland
1936: Notes of a Journalist
1936: On the Soviet Section of the Fourth International
1936: “Trotsky Cables Denial to AP on Daily Worker Lies” (as published in the New York Times)
1936: Tell Workers the Truth About Stalin’s Hounding of Revolutionists in the Soviet Union
1936: The Treachery of the Spanish “Labor Party of Marxist Unity”
1936: 20,000 Oppositionists Expelled from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Recent “Cleansing”
1936: Alfred Rosmer’s Book
1936: France at the Crossroads
1936: On the Stalin Interview
1936: Stalin Plans Wholesale Persecution
1936: Tasks of The Fourth International In Spain
1936: A Jingle of Lies to Please the ‘Master’
1936: On Dictators and the Heights of Oslo
1936: The Task in Spain
1936: The New Constitution of the USSR
1936: The Lesson of Spain (essay)
1936: How Trotsky Was Expelled From Norway by Trygve Lie (letter)
1936: Statement by Leon Trotsky in Reply to the Charges Made Against Him by the Tass Bureau (statement)
1936: An Interview with Leon Trotsky on the Recent Moscow Trial (interview)
1936: Trotsky in Norway (essay)
1936: The Revolution Betrayed (book)  Significant work!
1936: How Lenin Studied Marx
1936: Notes of a Journalist
1936: The Moscow “Confessions”
1936: Once Again – The ILP
1936: Whither France? Significant work!



1937: The Case of Leon Trotsky Significant work!
1937: The Stalin School of Falsification (book)[Click Here for PDF version] Significant work!
1937: On Democratic Centralism and the Regime
1937: The Lessons of Spain – The Last Warning
1937: Trotsky and the Iron Heel
1937: Zinoviev and Kamenev
1937: Thirst for Power (PDF)
1937: Pages From Trotsky’s Journal
1937: Thermidor and Anti-Semitism
1937: The Trial of the Danzig Trotskyists
1937: The Crimes of Stalin (preface)
1937: The Questions of Wendelin Thomas (letter)
1937: Stalinism and Bolshevism (essay)
1937: I Stake My Life! (speech) Significant work!
1937: London Buro Aids Stalin Frame-Ups by Refusal to Join Probe Commission
1937: On the Sino-Japanese War (letter)
1937: Pacifism and China (interview)
1937: A Tragic Lesson
1937: Trotsky Sees “Jap” Blow-up (interview)
1937: The Beginning of the End
1937: Drive to Aid C.N.T. Is Endorsed by L. Trotsky (telegram)
1937: A Letter to the Editor of the Modern Monthly (letter)
1937: Ninety Years of the Communist Manifesto
1937: Stalin on His Own Frame-Ups
1937: Swiss Police Arrest Assassins of Murdered G.P.U. Man, Reiss
1937: Bertram Wolfe on the Moscow Trials
1937: Coming Trials to Reveal Secret Plans of G.P.U.
1937: Ultralefts in General and Incurable Ultralefts in Particular
1937: It Is High Time to Launch a World Offensive Against Stalinism (open letter)
1937: Moscow-Amsterdam “Unity” – A Diplomatic Maneuver
1937: Not a Workers’ and Not a Bourgeois State?
1937: Once Again: The USSR and Its Defense
1937: Trotsky Urges Backing for Pioneer Publishers
1937: Answers to Questions of Journalists on Verdict of Dewey Commission
1937: Trotsky’s Telegram to the Commission



1938: Listen to Trotsky in English on his radio broadcast on the founding of the Fourth International
1938: The Fifth Wheel

1938: Hue And Cry Over Kronstadt
1938: To the Publishers of De Nieuwe Fakkel and De Internationale
1938: Leon Sedov – Son, Friend, Fighter
1938: Trotsky Nails Fresh Attack on His Asylum
1938: Trotsky Sees Possibility of Foul Play in Death of His Son
1938: Hitler’s Austria Coup Aided by Moscow Trial
1938: The Priests of Half-Truth
1938: Stalin’s Trial as a Terrorist Demanded of League by Trotsky
1938: Trotsky Explains to Kirchwey
1938: Trotsky on Hearst
1938: Trotsky Reviews Elements of New Trial; Cites Efforts to Gag Him
1938: The Mexican Oil Expropriations
1938: On the Labor Party in the United States
1938: Learn To Think Learn To Think A Friendly Suggestion to Certain Ultra-Leftists
1938: “Trotsky Against Sneevliet”
1938: Art and Politics in Our Epoch
1938: Mexico and British Imperialism
1938: On Lovestone – No, It Is Not The Same!
1938: “It Is Necessary to Drive the Bureaucracy and the New Aristocracy Out of the Soviets”
1938: More on the Suppression of Kronstadt
1938: On My Conspiracy
1938: Trotsky Fears Fate of Klement, G.P.U. Victim
1938: Was Leon Sedoff Murdered?
1938: Damning Evidence in Sedoff Murder
1938: Freedom of the Press and the Working Class (pamphlet)
1938: Soviet-Japanese War Inevitable
1938: Trotsky Brands ‘Klement Letter’ as GPU Forgery
1938: Trotsky Tells of ‘Letter’ from Victim of G.P.U.
1938: Anti-Imperialist Struggle Is Key to Liberation
1938: ‘Fight Imperialism to Fight Fascism,’ Trotsky Tells Cuban Press
1938: New War Flows from Versailles Banditry
1938: Trade Unions and the Social Crisis
1938: Social-Patriotic Sophistry – The Question of the Defense of Czechoslovakia’s “National Independence”
1938: The Founding of the Fourth International
1938: On the Character of the Coming War
1938: Trotsky Predicts Stalin Will Now Seek an Understanding with Hitler
1938: Czechoslovakia: Toward a Decision
1938: Karl Kautsky [obiturary]
1938: Trotsky Defends Asylum in Slashing Reply to Toledano
1938: The Decisive Hour in France
1938: Leon Trotsky Hits Back at N.Y. Daily News Slanders
1938: The Transitional Program for Socialist Revolution (Pamphlet – in 3 parts)  [Click Here for PDF version] Significant work!
1938: A Discussion with Trotsky on the Transitional Program (Interview)
1938: The USSR and Problems of the Transitional Epoch (extract from the Transitional Program)
1938: Their Morals and Ours (essay) Significant work!
1938: The Chinese Revolution
1938: On the National Question
1938: Nationalized Industry and Workers’ Management
1938: Twenty Years of Stalinist Degeneration



1939: Correspondence on the Custody of His Grandson [letters written in 1938 and 1939]
1939: ‘Learn to Work in the Stalinist Manner’
1939: The Tragedy of Spain
1939: Clarity or Confusion?
1939: Lenin on Imperialism
1939: Intellectual Ex-Radicals and World Reaction
1939: On the Causes for the Defeat of the Spanish Revolution
1939: Spain, Stalin and Yezhov
1939: Krupskaya’s Death [Obituary]
1939: Why I Agreed to Appear Before the Dies Committee (excerpt)
1939: Forecasts
1939: Letter to Modern Quarterly
1939: Once Again on the Crisis of Marxism
1939: Only Labor Can Stop War (interview)
1939: Stalin’s Capitulation
1939: Their Friend Miaja
1939: What Lies Behind Stalin Bid for Agreement with Hitler?
1939: Where is the PSOP Going? [A correspondence between Marceau Pivert, Daniel Guerin and Leon Trotsky]
1939: Against the Stream
1939: Marxism in Our Time
1939: Problem of the Ukraine (as published in Socialist Appeal)
1939: Trotsky Greets Tresca on 40th Year as Fighter
1939: The Bonapartist Philosophy of the State
1939: A Step Towards Social Patriotism
1939: Moralists and Sycophants Against Marxism
1939: Three Conceptions of the Russian Revolution
1939: Open Letter to the Workers of India
1939: The Kremlin in World Politics
1939: “Progressive Paralysis” – The Second International on the Eve of the New War
1939: “Trotskyism” and the PSOP
1939: Independence of the Ukraine and Sectarian Muddleheads
1939: Democratic Feudalists and the Independence of the Ukraine
1939: Ignace Reiss – The Second Anniversary of His Death
1939: Stalin – The Temporary Holder of the Ukraine
1939: Trotsky Sees Closer Hitler-Stalin Ties
1939: Trotsky Statement to Press on Soviet-German Alliance
1939: Trotsky Writes on the War and the Soviet-Nazi Pact
1939: The USSR and the War
1939: Who Is Guilty of Starting the Second World War?
1939: Why Is Russia Mobilizing?
1939: The US Will Participate in the War
1939: Trotsky Tells British Paper He Will Not Write For It in Sharply Worded Statement
1939: Right of Revolutionary Optimism
1939: Trotsky Gives N.Y. Times Writer a Few Pointers
1939: The ABC of Materialist Dialectics [Click Here for PDF version]
1939: On Lenin’s Program
1939: Statement on Dies Backing Down
1939: Trotsky Raps Press Lies on Dies Query
1939: ‘Why I Consented to Appear Before the Dies Committee’
1939: For Grynszpan: Against Fascist Pogrom Gangs and Stalinist Scoundrels
1939: Behind the Kremlin Walls
1939: Lenin [Submission to The Encyclopædia Britannica on the Encyclopædia’s entry for “Lenin”]
1939: A Great New Writer



1940: Balance Sheet of the Finnish Events
1940: Petty Bourgeois Moralists and the Proletarian Party (as published in Socialist Appeal)
1940: Letter to the Workers of the USSR (as printed in Socialist Appeal and reprinted after Trotsky’ assassination)
1940: The Political Backwardness of American Workers
1940: The May 24th Attempt to Assassinate Trotsky
1940: Trotsky Letter Exposes Stalin Role in Recent Assassination Attempt (slightly abridged version of the above)
1940: Dialectics Catches Up with Burnham and Shachtman
1940: GPU Tried to Cover Murder with Slander
1940: Nation Backs GPU
1940: The Reptile Breed of The Nation
1940: Trotsky Indicts the Kremlin’s Role in Europe’s Catastrophe
1940: We Do Not Change Our Course (Article)
1940: China and the Russian Revolution
1940: Letter to the Herald Tribune
1940: Trotsky Nails Talk of Almazan “Plot”
1940: After Burnham – Macdonald (letter extract)
1940: The Comintern and GPU [One of Trotsky’s last articles]
1940: Some Questions on American Problems (draft article)
1940: Stalin Still Hitler’s Vassal, Writes Trotsky (statement)
1940: The “Tanaka Memorial”
1940: The Kremlin’s Role in the War
1940: The Character of the Russian Revolution as Foreseen by Plekhanov, Lenin and Trotsky (excerpt from Stalin)
1940: Trade Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay
1940: The Second World War
1940: The Class, the Party and the Leadership (unfinished draft article)
1940: Trotsky’s Last Article: Bonapartism, Fascism and War
1940: The Jewish Problem
1940: Stalin Seeks My Death
1940: Manifesto of the Fourth International
1940: Stalin – An Appraisal of the Man and his Influence

The Last Letters of Leon Trotsky:
1940: On Japan’s Plans for Expansion
1940: On A “Socialist” Ally of Chamberlain
1940: Letter on the Manifesto of the Fourth International
1940: On Conscription
1940: Misfortune of an Intellectual
1940: Nipping A New GPU Lie
1940: To Generous Friends
1940: On A Petty Bourgeois Philistine
1940: How to Defend Ourselves
1940: How to Really Defend Democracy
1940: A Letter to C. Charles
1940: On Dewey’s Philosophy
1940: Another Thought on Conscription
1940: Welcome to “Our Small Garrison”
1940: Trotsky’ Last Three Letters

Some Notes Written by Leon Trotsky in August 1940:
1940: On The Future of Hitler’s Armies

Some works published later
but written in or around 1940

1942: In Defense of Marxism (collection of articles, letters) [Click here for PDF version] Significant work!
1944: Fascism (pamphlet first published in 1944)

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