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Jews, Marxism and the Worker’s Movement

The Jewish Bund at the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Jewish Socialist Defence Guard, Odessa

A collection of foundational Marxist texts on Jewish issues as well as materials from and about: the Jewish labor, socialist, and communist movements, Jews in the New Left, Bundism and Socialist Zionism, and left-wing writings on Anti-Semitism.

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Classic Marxist Writers
–––– Dov Ber Borochov
–––– V. I. Lenin
–––– Karl Marx
–––– Leon Trotsky
Fourth International and Trotskyist Groups
–––– American Socialist
–––– Tony Cliff
–––– International Marxist Group
–––– International Socialists
–––– Abram Leon
–––– Revolutionary Communist Party (UK)
–––– Socialist Workers Party (US)
–––– Workers Party (US)
Jewish Labor Movement
Jewish Socialist Antecedents
–––– Moses Hess
–––– Bernard Lazare
New Left
–––– Israel
–––– United Kingdom
–––– United States
Second International and Socialist Parties
–––– Jewish Workers Bund
–––– Karl Kautsky
–––– Socialism in Great Britain
–––– Socialist Labor Party, USA
–––– Socialist Party, USA
Socialist Zionism
–––– Hashomer Hatzair/MAPAM
–––– Poale Zion
Third International, Russian Revolution, and Communist Parties
–––– Canadian Communists
–––– Communist International
–––– Communist Party of Palestine/Communist Party of Israel
–––– Communist Party of Great Britain
–––– Communist Party, USA
–––– Communist Parties, Other Countries
–––– Jews in the Polish People's Republic
–––– Jews in the Spanish Civil War
–––– Russian Revolution



Anti-Semitism: Its Cause and Cure, Daniel De Leon 1903

Anti-Semitism Exposed! Plotting America's Pogroms, John L. Spivak 1934

The So-called "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" Isaac Goldberg 1936

Anti-Semitism and Yiddish Culture Moissaye J. Olgin

Anti-Semitism and Jewish Culture Moissaye J. Olgin

New York Schools Are Invaded. The Coudert Committee: A Spur to Anti-Semitism, A Shield for Pro-Fascists, 1941

Anti-Semitism: What it Means and How to Combat It, William Gallacher, M.P. and Earl Browder 1943

Socialism Answers Anti-Semitism, Eric Hass 1944

Labor's Enemy: Anti-Semitism, Charles B. Sherman 1945

The Roots of Anti-Semitism, Morris U. Schappes 1946

Anti-Semitism: What to Do About It, New Masses 1946

Culture and Anti-Semitism, Morris U. Schappes 1947

Toward the Unmasking of Anti-Semitism, Morris U. Schappes 1948

Resistance is the Lesson. The Meaning of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Morris U. Schappes 1948

Labor and Anti-Semitism, George Morris 1953

Bordiga’s “Auschwitz, or the Great Alibi”, with Commentary by Mitchell Abidor

The Roots of Antisemitism, Raya Dunayevskaya 1960

Anti-Semitism in the USA, Chaim Suller 1966

Anti-Semitism: the betrayal of Marx, Moshe Zedek 1971

Marx and the Economic-Jew Stereotype, Hal Draper 1977

Anti-Semitism & the Beirut Pogrom, Fredy Perlman 1983

Facing Up to Antisemitism. How Jews in Britain Countered the Threats of the 1930s , David Rosenberg 1985

Marxism and Anti-Semitism: Kautsky's Perspective, Jack Jacobs 1985



Miscellaneous Articles and Commentary on the Dreyfus Case

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Jewish Workers' Victory, Di Arbeiter Zeitung 1890

Samuel Gompers, Karl Kautsky 1909

From The New Review magazine (1913-1915):

The Garment Worker's Strike, Vol. 1, No. 3, January 18. 1913

The Garment Workers' Strike, Isaac A. Hourwich, Vol. 1, No. 14, April 5, 1913

Termination of the "Protocol", Isaac A. Hourwich, Vol. 3, No. 8, June 15, 1915

The Protocol "On Again", Isaac A. Hourwich, Vol. 3, No. 10, July 15, 1915

* * *

"Colored and Jewish Workers" A. Philip Randolph and Chandler Owen 1920

The New Unionism in the Clothing Industry J.M. Budish and George Soule 1920

The Message of Internationalism [on solidarity with Soviet Russia] Benjamin Schlossberg 1922

Red Roses for Hillman Michael Gold 1922

From The Labor Herald magazine (1922-1924):

Constructive Radicalism in the Needle Industry. Problems Before the Coming Conventions of the I.L.G.W.U. and A.C.W. of A. Analyzed J.B. Salutsky

A Tale of Two Cities. The Conventions of the I.L.G.W.U. and A.C.W. of A. in Cleveland and Chicago J.B. Salutsky

The Program of the Needle Trades [from the First National Conference of the TUEL]

The Clothing Workers Stir Joseph Manley

Needle Trades Alliance vs Amalgamation Needle Trades Section of the TUEL

The Needle, Shoe and Leather, Textile and Eastern District Conferences William Z. Foster

T.U.E.L. Progress in the Needle Trades Joseph Zack

Reactionaries Smashing Ladies Garment Workers Earl Browder

Expulsions Please Clothing Bosses I.L. Davidson

The "New Unionism" of Sigman & Co. J.W. Johnstone

Reaction in the Needle Trades J.W. Johnstone

The Second Conference of the Needle Trade Workers I.L. Davidson

Ladies' Garment Workers in Struggle I.L. Davidson

The Needle Trades Convention J. W. Johnstone

Amalgamated Clothing Workers Resist Reaction Earl Browder

Madmen Control the I.L.G.W.U.

Socialist Reaction Rules Furriers S.C. Cohen

"Socialist" Union Wreckers Harrison George

Ferment in the Needle Trades A. Simon

From The Workers Monthly magazine (1925-1927):

Left-Wing Advances in the Needle Trades, Earl Browder

The Ladies Garment Workers Awaken, William Z. Foster

The Left Wing in the Needle Trades, William Z. Foster

The Left Wing at Two Conventions. I. The I.L.G.W.U. Convention, William F. Dunne

The Left Wing at Two Conventions. II. The Furriers' Convention, William Weinstone

The Furriers Strike - A Victory for the 40-hour Week, Ben Gitlow

The Struggle in the Needle Trades, William Z. Foster

* * *

The Needle Trades Left Wing Program, TUEL 1926

A History of the Amalgamated Ladies' Garment Cutters Union, Local 10 James Oneal 1927

From Labor Unity magazine (1927-1928):

The Needle Trades, a Center of Struggle Joseph Zack, Secretary, Needle Trades Section, TUEL January 1927

A Showdown in the I.L.G.W.U. Hits Sigman Joseph Zack February 1927

Reactionaries of Needle Trades in Dire Straits

Sigman's Cossacks Joseph Zack April 1927

The Open Shop Drive in the Needle Trades Joseph Zack June 1, 1927

New York Furriers Go Over the Top Joseph Zack June 15, 1927

Notes on the Furriers Strike Jack Harvey June 15, 1927

Struggle in Ladies Garment Union is Reaching Climax - Rose Wortis October 1927

Amalgamated Efficiency Unionism Louis Hyman March 1928

Late Developments in the Needle Trades Phil Aronberg June 1928

New Needle Trades Unions September 1928

The Garment Workers Struggle Enters an Organization Phase H. Koretz September 1928

One Needle Trades Union December 1928

* * *

Who Are the Murderers? The ring of racketeers in the fur industry exposed, Ben Gold 1933

Fur Workers - Condemn A Shameful Provocation!, March 1934

The Effects of the New Deal on Jewish Labor, V. Charney Vladeck 1934

Structure and Functioning of the I.L.G.W.U., 1934

The Labor Movement and the NRA (The Standpoint of Progressive Unionism), [presentation to the 22nd ILGWU Convention on behalf of Dressmakers Local 22] Charles S. Zimmerman 1934

Communists in the Textile Strike. An Answer to Gorman, Green & Co. C. A. Hathaway 1934

The Clothing Workers. A Study of the Conditions and Struggles in the Needle Trades, Jack Hardy 1935

A History of the Chicago Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, Wilfred Carsel 1940

Convention Proceedings, Fourteen Biennial Convention, Fur Division, International Fur and Leather Workers Union 1942

The Case Against David Dubinsky, William Weinstone 1946

The Jewish Labor Movement in the United States, J. C. Rich 1948

We Ask Justice for Our Union Leaders!, International Fur and Leather Workers Union 1948

Socialist Traditions of Jewish Labor, Morris U. Schappes 1950

Jewish Labor in the Nineties, Morris U. Schappes 1950

History of a Militant Union, [the International Fur and Leather Workers Union] Morris U. Schappes 1950

ILGWU News-History, 1900-1950. A Chronicle of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, Done in the Manner of a Newspaper Comprised Chiefly of Accounts and Illustrations Drawn from Contemporary Sources, Prepared and Edited by the Staff of Justice, the Official Publication of the I.L.G.W.U., 1950

The Jewish Labor Movement in the United States, Will Herberg 1951

David Dubinsky: A Pictorial Biography, John Dewey 1951

What's Happening to Ladies' Garment Workers?, Part I, Part II, Part III, Rachael Roth 1953

Jews and the American Labor Movement, 1850-1880, Morris U. Schappes 1954

The Heroic Period of Jewish Labor, 1909-1914, Morris U. Schappes 1955

World War I and the Jewish Masses, Morris U. Schappes 1955

The Attitude of Jewish Labor to World War I, 1917-1918, Morris U. Schappes 1955

The Jews and Post-War Reaction After 1918, Morris U. Schappes 1955

The Thirties - And the Jewish Masses, Morris U. Schappes 1955

Jewish Labor in the United States, Will Herberg 1955

The Jewish Labor Movement in America. Two Views, Israel Knox, Irving Howe 1958

The Jewish Labor Movement: A Living Legacy, Gus Tyler 1966

The ILGWU: A Union That Fights for Lower Wages, Michael Myerson

Ben Gold: Unforgettable Labor Leader Max Perlow

Five Who Led. A Tribute to Five Jewish Labor Leaders, Jewish Labor Committee 1977

The Roots of Jewish Labor: Will the Vision Be Renewed?, Paul Buhle 1983

The First Jewish Trade Union Kalman Marmor

The Arbiter Ring, the Growth and Decline of the Socialist Labor Movement in the Pittsburgh Jewish Community 1904-1947, Leon B. Scoratow 1997

Writing the World of Our Fathers and Mothers: The Fall and Rise of American Jewish Labor History, Susan Roth Breitzer 2011

sweating for Democracy. Workingclass Media and the Struggle for Hegemonic Jewishness, 1919-1941, Brian Craig Dolber 2011

Visions of a Jewish Future: the Jewish Bakers Union and Yiddish Culture in East Los Angeles, 1908-1942, Caroline Elizabeth Luce 2013

Jews, Labor, and Local Politics in New York City Daniel Soyer 2013

SHTARKER; The Convergence of Organized Crime and Organized Labor in New York Garment Industry, 1920-1940, David Yee 2014

Servants of Two Masters: The Dilemma of Grassroots Communist Leaders in the Cloakmakers' Strike of 1926, Jonathan Michaels

A Short History of Jews in the American Labor Movement, Bennett Muraskin



The Jewish Labour Movement in Palestine. Its Aims and Achievements, Poale Zion 1928

Revolutionary Constructivism. Essays on the Jewish Labor Movement in Palestine, Berl Katznelson 1937

The Histadrut. A Labour Commonwealth in the Making, Abraham Revusky 1938



The Jewish Labor Movement and European Socialism, Moshe Mishkinsky 1968

Jewish Labor in Interwar Poland Jack Jacobs 2013

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Historical Works

Karl Marx and Moses Hess, Sidney Hook 1934

The Life and Opinions of Moses Hess, Isaiah Berlin

Moses Hess, First of Modern Zionists, David Flakser [Israel Horizons] March 1962

Hess: Forerunner of Socialist Zionism, David Flakser [Israel Horizons] May 1962

Selected Works

Rome and Jerusalem. A Study in Jewish Nationalism, 1862



Jewish Solidarity, 1890.

Jews and Israelites, 1890.

Antisemitism: Its History and Causes, 1894.

Jewish Nationalism, 1898.

Anti-Semitism and Revolution, 1899.

The Social Conception of Judaism and the Jewish People, 1900

Writings on the Dreyfus case:

How to Condemn An Innocent Man

France at the Parting of the Ways

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On the Jewish Question, 1844

The Holy Family, 1845

Karl Marx and the Jewish Question, Louis Harap, Jewish Currents 1959

Marx and the Economic-Jew Stereotype, Hal Draper 1977

Marx and the Jewish Question: A Response to Julius Carlebach, Gary Ruchwarger 1979

Eleanor Marx: ’I Am a Jewess’, Henry R. Rosenthal



To the Organizing Committee, 1903

The Position of the Bund in the Party, 1903

Does the Jewish Proletariat Need an "Independent Political Party"?, 1903

To The Jewish Workers, 1905

The Nationalisation of Jewish Schools, 1913

"National-Cultural" Autonomy, 1913

Anti-Jewish Pogroms, 1919.

Lenin on the Jewish Question, 1934

What Lenin Said About the Jews, Andrew Rothstein

Lenin and the Jewish Question, Ben Joseph [A.B. Magil], Jewish Currents 1970

When Lenin Fought Anti-Semitism, Ruvim Groyer 1972

Books About Jews In Lenin’s Library G. Fraind

Lenin on the Jewish Question: The Theoretical Setting, Yoav Peled 1987



Report of the Siberian delegation, 1903

The Problem of Nationalities, from Trotsky’s “History of the Russian Revolution.”

The White Guards, 1919 (concerns anti-semitism of the White Army)

On the Jewish Problem, 1934

Thermidor and Anti-Semitism, 1938

On the Jewish Problem, 1937-40

Leon Trotsky on Zionism, 1950



Background Materials

The Theories of Ber Borochov and Their Place in the History of the Jewish Labor Movement, Abraham G. Duker 1937

Ber Borochov. Selected Essays in Socialist Zionism, S. Levenberg 1948

Borochov for Our Day. The Socialist-Zionist View of the Jewish People, Richard Yaffe, editor 1958

Borochovism, Moshe Zedek 1971

Ber Borochov. Towards a Portrait of a Socialist Zionist, Mitchell Cohen 1977

Selected Works

The National Question and the Class Struggle, 1905

The Question of Zion and Territory, 1905

Our Platform, 1906

Anti-Zionist Front, 1911

Difficulties of Poale Zion, 1913

Hebraismus Militans, 1913

Jewish Anti-Semitism, n.d.

Two Currents in Poale Zionism, 1915

National Helplessness versus National Self-Help, 1915

The Economic Development of the Jewish People, 1916

Nationalism and the World War, 1916

Reminiscences, 1916

The Terrorist and the Shomer, 1916

The Jubilee of the Jewish Labor Movement, 1916

Poalei Tziyon Peace Manifesto, 1917

Eretz Yisrael in Our Program and Tactics, 1917

Facing Reality, 1917

A. Lieberman: Father of Jewish Socialism, 1917

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The Jewish Labor Movement in Russia and Poland (from the 1870's to the founding of the Bund in 1897), Abraham Menes 1948

The Jewish Labor Movement in Russia and Poland (1897-1919), Raphael H. Abramovitch 1948

The Jewish Labor Movement and European Socialism, Moshe Mishkinsky 1968

Jewish Socialism in Eastern Europe: An Annotated Bibliography, Daniel Soyer 1980

Avraam Benaroya and the Impossible Reform, [on Jewish socialism in Salonika] Spyros Marketos 1999

The Tradition of Jewish Anti-Zionism in the Galician Socialist Movement, Rick Kuhn 2002

Jewish Socialism in Ottoman Salonica, H. Sükrü Ilicak 2002

Empire, Nationalism and the Jewish Question: Victor Adler and Otto Bauer, Wolfgang Maderthaner 2015

Tsum Folk Vel Ikh Fund Keyver Zingen: I Will Sing to the People from the Grave: The Emotions of Protest in the Songs of Dovid Edelshtat, John Samuel Lorber 2015



On the Problems of the Jewish Proletariat in England, 1904

Foundations of Christianity, 1908

Samuel Gompers, 1909

Are the Jews a Race?, 1914

Marxism and Anti-Semitism: Kautsky's Perspective, Jack Jacobs 1985



Background Materials

The Martyrdom of Hirsch Lekert, Sholom Levine 1948

Bund, Galuth Nationalism, Yiddishism, C. Bezalel Sherman 1958

A Great Collection. The Archives of the Jewish Labor Movement, 1965

The Last Battles of Old World Ideology in the Race for Identity and Communal Power: Communists vs. Bundists vs. Zionists in Mexico, 1938-1951, Adina Cemet-Singer 1967

The Jewish Bund Revisited, Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Louis Harap 1974

Folkszeitung, a Jewish Socialist daily, J.S. Hertz [from The Jewish Press That Was] 1980

Bundism and Terrorism: The Hirsch Leckert Affair Leizer Janklewicz, Shmate, Vol. 1. No. 4 January 1983

Book Review: A Soviet Version of Bundist Histor, Harry Shukman 1985

Six Million and One. The Life and Death of Szmul Zygielbojm, Barry Smerin, Jewish Socialist #2 Summer 1985

Beneath Gathering Clouds [the Bund in Poland] Majer Bogdanski, Jewish Socialist #3 Autumn 1985

Bundism in England Benjamin Nadel, Jewish Socialist #6/7 Summer/Autumn 1986

An Interview with Victor Erlich Burton Levine, Shmate, Vol. 1. No. 14 Winter 1986

A Revolution in Jewish Life. The History of the Jewish Workers' Bund, Clive Gilbert 1987

The Bund - Like All the Jews, With All the Jews , Matitiahu Minc 1989

Purged from history [on the murders of Erlich and Alter] Majer Bogdanski, Jewish Socialist #24 October-December 1991

Socialist Mass Politics through Sport: The Bund's Morgnshtern in Poland, 1926-1939, Roni Gechtman 1999

Was the Jewish Labor Bund in Czarist Russia a "National Movement"?, Joshua Zimmerman 2003

National-Cultural Autonomy and 'Neutralism': Vladimir Medem's Marxist Analysis of the National Question, 1903-1920, Roni Gechtman 2007

Historiography on the General Jewish Labor Bund. Traditions, Tendencies and Expectations, Frank Wolff 2009

Eastern Europe Abroad: Exploring Actor-Networks in Transnational Movements and Migration History. The Case of the Bund, Frank Wolff 2012

The rise and fall of the Jewish Labour Bund, Sai Englert 2012

"Brothers and Sisters of Work and Need": The Bundist Newspaper Unzer Tsayt and its Role in New York City, 1941-1944, Saul Hankin 2013

A Party of Naysayers: The Jewish Labor Bund after the Holocaust, David Slucki 2013

Relations between the Bund and the Polish Socialist Party from a micro-historical perspective: Tarnow in the interwar period, Agnieszka Wierzcholska 2013

The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Labor Bund, Philip Mendes 2013

Between Socialism and Jewish Tradition: Bundist Holiday Culture in Interwar Poland, Daniel Mahla

Lost Worlds of Labour: Paul Olberg, the Jewish Labour Bund, and Menshevik Socialism, Håkan Blomqvist

Primary Works

Emigration and Immigration. A Report to the International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart, 1907 Boris Frumkin 1907

Report from the Delegate in the Emigration Commission at the International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart Shimon Ginzburg 1907

By K. Boris:

The Jewish Proletariat in Russia – Ten Years of the Bund, October 1907

The Electoral Manifesto of the Jewish “Bund” , October 1907

4,000 Stocking Workers in Wilno and Witebsk (Russia) on Strike, May 1908

May Day in Russia. Manifesto of the “Bund.”, May 1908

* * *

On Terror Vladimir Medem 1918

The Struggle for Revolutionary Socialism Heinrich Ehrlich 1934

Stop Them Now. German Mass Murder of Jews in Poland Szmul Zygielbojm 1942

The Last Letter From Szmul Zygielbojm, the Bund Representative With the Polish National Council in Exile 1943

Zygielbojm's Last Letters Jewish Socialist #35 Spring 1996

The Murder of Heinrich Erlich and Victor Alter is a Blow Against the Soviet Union 1943

Murder As A Political Weapon Albert Glotzer 1943

Protest Ehrlich-Alter Murder Susan Green 1943

Jewish Labor Bund Bulletin, 1947-1953

The Position of the Bund on the Creation of the State of Israel, 1947-1948

Statement on Palestine and Zionism Issued by the New York Bund Organization 1947

Statement of the Jewish Socialist Organization in England, August 1947

Jewish Labor Bund and the Jewish-Arab War in Palestine April 1948

The State of Israel June 1948

The Jewish Labor Bund and the State of Israel Statement of the Executive of the Bund World Coordinating Committee June 1948

Truce in Palestine July 1948

* * *

The Bund, Emanuel Scherer 1954

Jewish Labor Bund, 1897-1957 1958

Perspectives, Issue #1, Winter 1964

The Other Way, Issue #1, Spring 1971

For the rights of Jews in the USSR. Statement of the Co-ordinating Committee of the Bund on recent changes in the Soviet Union and their impact on Soviet Jews, Jewish Socialist, #12 Winter/Spring 1988



Anti-Semitism and the A.P.A., Daniel De Leon 1894

Plain Words to Boston Workingmen, Jew and Gentile, Daniel De Leon 1897

Butchers and Anti-Semitism, Daniel De Leon 1899

The "City of Zion", Daniel De Leon 1902

Anti-Semitism: Its Cause and Cure, Daniel De Leon 1903

The Bluff Called, Daniel De Leon 1904

The Garment Workers' Strike, Daniel De Leon 1913

Vampire Cahan, Daniel De Leon 1913

Socialism Answers Anti-Semitism, Eric Hass 1944

Daniel DeLeon, "Wandering Jew" of American Socialism: An Interpretive Analysis, L. Glen Seretan 1976



Historical Works

Abraham Cahan and the "Forward", Paul Novick 1951

Yiddish Speaking Socialists in America, 1892-1905, Bernard H. Bloom 1960

Yiddish Socialism: The Early Years, Paul Buhle 1977

Primary Works

Abraham Cahan: Socialist, Journalist, Friend of the Ghetto, Ernest Poole 1911

Report Submitted in Behalf of the Jewish Socialist Agitation Bureau to the Socialist Party National Convention, Jacob Panken May 1912

Report of the Jewish Translator-Secretary to the National Committee of the Socialist Party of America, J. B. Salutsky May 1913

Jewish Socialist Federation Endorses Majority War Resolution: Calls for Expulsion of Russell, Walling, & Stokes - To Establish Socialist Schools, 1917

Casino Crowd Cheers Hillquit, Not Slobodin: Jewish Socialist League Has Stormy Session When It Invades Harlem District, 1917

Abraham Cahan, William M. Feigenbaum 1918

Meyer London Urges Workmen's Circle to Support President, 1918

A Dream No Longer, Abraham Cahan 1918

The Jew and American Ideals, John Spargo 1921

Jewish Group in Party Will Convene Today, 1921

Jewish Group Seats Enemies of Party Unity, 1921

Loyal Jewish Socialists Quit Seceding Body, 1921

New Alliance is Created by Jewish Group, 1921

Can We Work for Socialism Outside the Socialist Party?, William M. Feigenbaum 1921

Cahan Says the Forward Supports the Party: Editor of Great Jewish Daily, Back from Europe, Declares Seceders Will be Fought - Praises Germans and Scores Communists Abroad,William M. Feigenbaum 1921

What the Workmen's Circle is Doing for its Unemployed Members , P. Geliebter 1931

Anti-Semitism in Italy, Angelica Balabanoff 1938

British Policy in Palestine, Bezalel Sherman 1939

Baruch Charney Vladeck, John Herling 1940

Songs of Freedom, Workmen's Circle 1975



Jews, Boers and Patriots, II, Belfort Bax 1899

B.S.P. In East London, Fineberg 1913

Jewish Social-Democrats and Zionism, 1918

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The Life and Death of Socialist Zionism, Jason Schulman 2003



Historical Works

Be Strong and Brave! A small youth movement in a sea of history. The Hashomer Hatzair Antwerp (1920-1948) , Janiv Stamberger 2013

Primary Works

Comintern Dances Into Pact, [on the Hitler-Stalin pact] 1939

The Path I Follow, Moshe Sneh 1948

Critique of United Workers Party Platform, Esther Valenska 1948

Interview with Dr. Sneh, L. Bruck 1949

Peace Front in Israel, 1950

Who Threatens Israeli Independence?, Moshe Sneh 1950

Outlook for Mapam, Freie Yisroel 1950

Editorial: The Prague Trial, [on the Slansky case] Israel Horizons January 1953

Al Hamishmar Editorial: "We Will Be Faithful to Our Vision", [on the Slansky case] Israel Horizons January 1953

Editorial: With Jewish Responsibility, [on Soviet anti-Zionism] Israel Horizons February 1953

Editorial: The Break in Soviet-Israel Relations, Israel Horizons March 1953

Israel Is In Danger, Moshe Sneh March 1953

Sneh's Defection from MAPAM, Israel Horizons March 1953

The Logic of Our Time, Meir Yaari [reply to Sneh] Israel Horizons March and April 1953

Socialist Theory and Jewish Territorial Concentration, Peretz Merhav Israel Horizons April 1953

What Faces Our Generation, Meir Yaari [Theses for MAPAM's Third Convention] 1957

Borochov for Our Day. The Socialist-Zionist View of the Jewish People, Richard Yaffe, editor 1958

B.Z. Goldberg's "Jewish Problem in the Soviet Union" [book review], Israel Horizons March 1962

Thoughts on the Soviet Jewish Position, Avraham Schenker, Israel Horizons April 1962

Ten Years Later, [on the murder of Soviet Jewish cultural leaders] B. Z. Goldberg, Israel Horizons October 1962

Background Material on the United Workers Party of Israel MAPAM, 1962

From Vision to Reality, Meir Yaari [Preparatory Theses for the 4th MAPAM Party Congress] 1963

Political Resolutions of the 4th MAPAM Party Congress, 1963

MAPAM, 1965

Israel 1968: On the Road to Socialism, Meir Yaari [for the 5th MAPAM Party Congress] 1968

The U.S. Communist Party Cracks the Whip, Israel Horizons 1969

What It Took to Make the Alignment, Dan Leon Israel Horizons 1969

The New Left, Israel and the Jewish People, Avraham Schenker Israel Horizons 1969

The Reality of American Jewry, [a Borochovist analysis of the American Jewish scene] Judd Teller Israel Horizons 1969

The Expulsion of Israel From the UN – What Purpose Would It Serve?

Profile of MAPAM, April 1984

Progressive Israel

MAPAM: The Middle East, International Affairs, June 1985

Young MAPAM: Program for the '80s, August 1985

MAPAM: Economic Program, The Middle East, International Affairs, January 1986

A Nation Under Siege: Nicaragua's Struggle for Survival, Avraham Rozenkier January 1986



The Jews and the War: Memorandum of the Jewish Socialist Labor Confederation Poale-Zion to the International Socialist Bureau, 1916

Poale Zionism: An Outline of Its Aims and Institutions, H. Fineman 1918

The Aims of Jewish Labor. Memorandum to the Socialist and Labor Democracy of the World, The Jewish Socialist Labor Party Poale-Zion of America 1918

Zionism and Socialism, Lewis Rifkind 1918

The Jewish Labour Movement in Palestine. Its Aims and Achievements, 1928

Essays on Socialist Zionism, Dr. Nachman Syrkin 1935

The Communists and the Arab Problem, Marie Syrkin n.d. [mid-1930s]

Revolutionary Constructivism. Essays on the Jewish Labor Movement in Palestine, Berl Katznelson 1937

Three Centuries of Growth. The American Jewish Community Today, C. Bezalel Sherman 1954

Bund, Galuth Nationalism, Yiddishism, C. Bezalel Sherman 1958

Periodicals of the Zionist Left, Moshe Erem [from The Jewish Press That Was] 1980

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Joseph Berger (1904-1978): The Comintern's and Münzenberg's Expert on Middle Eastern Affairs

East German Communists and the Jewish Question. The Case of Paul Merker Jeffrey Herf 1994

The Soviet Union and the Creation of the State of Israel, Prof. Gabriel Gorodetsky 2001

Moscow's Surprise: The Soviet-Israeli Alliance of 1947-1949, Laurent Rucker

Under the Red Banner. Yiddish Culture in the Communist Countries in the Postwar Era, Edited by Elvira Grözinger and Magdalena Ruta 2008

Jewish Communists in Paris between Local and International, Gerben Zaagsma 2009

Jewish National Communist Parties and the Comintern: A Non-Mutual Association, Serhiy Hirik 2013



Jewish Massacres and the Revolutionary Movement in Russia, Abraham Cahan 1903

From Emma Goldman's [“My Disillusionment in Russia” (Concerns fate of Jews in the Ukraine during the Civil War)]:




Karl Marx and Frederick Engels An Introduction to Their Lives and Work, Chapter 2, by David Riazanov 1927 (Discusses contribution of Jews to the formation of Communism).

Where the Ghetto Ends. Jews in Soviet Russia, Leon Dennen 1934

The Jewish Problem in the Soviet Union. An Analysis and a Solution, B.Z. Goldberg 1961

B.Z. Goldberg's "Jewish Problem in the Soviet Union" [book review], Israel Horizons March 1962

Critical Look at B.Z. Goldberg's Book, Louis Harap 1962

"Judaism Without Embellishment", [on the Kichko book] Jews in Eastern Europe 1964

The Soviet Book that shook the Communist World, [on the Kichko book] 1964

Jews in the Soviet Union, Solomon Rabinovich 1967

Caution Zionism!, Yuri Ivanov 1970

Zionism: Instrument of Imperialist Reaction, 1970

Anti-Semitism and the Soviet Anti-Zionist Campaign, Dave Davies 1980

Israel as a Factor in Soviet Anti-Semitism, Umberto Terracini 1984

From Soviet Jewry and Human Rights by Isi Leibler (2008) :

Reaction to Anti-Jewish Discrimination by Communists and Progressives Since 1958

Australian Communists, Progressives and Soviet Jewry



Appeal from the Executive Committee of the Communist International to the Workers of the Union of Jewish Communists (Poale Zion) Bulletin of the Executive Committee of the Communist International, #2 September 20, 1921

Appeal from the Executive Committee of the Communist International to the Members of the All-Jewish Workers Union ("The Bund") in Poland Bulletin of the Executive Committee of the Communist International, #2 September 20, 1921

On the Jewish Question, Frumkina at the Second Congress of the Communist International, 1920

Discussion of Poale Zion at the 4th Comintern Congress, 1922

Extracts from a Resolution of the ECCI Political Secretariat on the Insurrection Movement in Arabistan, 1929

Communism and the Jewish Question in Germany, The Communist, May 1933

Speech by Ridwan al Hilw (Yusuf), the Palestinian Delegate, to the 7th Comintern Congress, 1935

The Fighting in Palestine, Communist International January 1939



The Naftali Botwin Company, Mitch Abidor

Against Fascism - Jews who served in The International Brigade in The Spanish Civil War, Martin Sugarman

Jews in the International Brigades, Albert Prago 1979

Jewish Currents Readers' Forum on Jews in International Brigades, Alvah Bessie, Albert Prago, Morris U. Schappes 1980

Jewish Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade: An Oral History John Gerassi, Shmate, Vol. 1. No. 5 April 1983

No Pasaran [Jews in the Spanish civil war] Mike Gerber, Jewish Socialist #6/7 Summer/Autumn 1986

Jewish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. A case study of the Botwin company, Gerben Zaagsma 2001

Fighting for What?: Why Jewish Palestinian Volunteers Made Their Way to Spain, Rotem Herrmann 2012



General Historical Materials

The Jew and Communism. The Story of Early Communist Victories and Ultimate Defeats in the Jewish Community, U.S.A. 1919-1941, Melech Epstein 1959

Commitment and Crisis: Jews and American Communism, Tony Michels

A Voice on the Jewish Left, [on the Morning Freiheit] Arthur J. Saban 1987

Red Paradise: A Long Life in the San Diego Communist Movement, Toby Terrar

What We Did: The American Jewish Communist Left and the Establishment of the State of Israel, Dorothy M. Zellner

Portraits of Individual Jewish Communist Leaders

M. J. Olgin: Leader and Teacher, staff of Morning Freiheit 1939

From Melech Epstein's The Jew and Communism:

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Jews for Urban Justice

The Oppression and Liberation of the Jewish People in America

Medem Jewish Socialist Group

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Jewish Solidarity Caucus, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

DSA Jewish Solidarity Caucus 2017



The New Reasoner

Document: Gramsci on the Jews, 1959

Universities & Left Review

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Jewish Socialist Group

Articles from Jewish Socialist magazine:

Six Million and One. The Life and Death of Szmul Zygielbojm, Barry Smerin, #2 Summer 1985

Soviet Jews: Myth and Reality, Stephen Shenfield, #2 Summer 1985

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90 years on Julia Bard, #11 Autumn 1987

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To be Jews among socialists ... and socialists among Jews [on the history of the Jewish Socialist Group] David Rosenberg, #19 Spring 1990

"I'm hated therefore I am" [on assimilationism on the Left] Michael Rosen, #21 Autumn 1990

Purged from history [on the murders of Erlich and Alter] Majer Bogdanski, #24 October-December 1991

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Learning to Live without Zionism [on Jews and Socialism in the '90s] David Rosenberg, #25 January-March 1992

95 years young [Bund anniversary] Mike Heiser, #28 January-March 1993

You go your way and I'll go mine [beyond Zionism. An alternative Jewish identity] Mark Levine, #31 Spring 1994

Quotation marks and the Jewish question [postmodernism and Jewish identity] Stanley Mitchell, #32 Autumn 1994

Manchester's Red Army [young Jews in the Communist movement in the '30s] Mike Waite, #32 Autumn 1994

'If we were starry-eyed, it was because our eyes shone with faith in the future' [young Jews in the Communist movement in the '30s] Aubrey Lewis, #32 Autumn 1994

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Facing Up to Antisemitism. How Jews in Britain Countered the Threats of the 1930s , David Rosenberg 1985

A Revolution in Jewish Life. The History of the Jewish Workers' Bund, Clive Gilbert 1987

Jewish revolutionaries, revolutionary Jews Daniel Randall, 2015



General Background

The New Left in Israel, Reuven Avinoam 1973

The Palestine question analyzed in the light of marxist politics, Reuven Kaminer

Background Materials

Matzpen: A Short History

Matzpen: Fundamental Principles

Matzpen: Revolutionary anti-Zionism in Israel, Doug Enaa Greene 2014

Primary Materials

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Changes on the Left

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